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The Fear Mongering of Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones

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The Fear Mongering of Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones

Before I get started with this article, I want to make it very clear that I am in no way anti-conspiracy theorists.

In fact, the entire reason I started TopSecretWriters was to dig up and expose very real, and very troubling corruption and conspiracy theories created and pursued by government entities, corporate elitists and anyone else that seeks to diminish American freedom, and abuse human rights.

This is why we’ve devoted a weekly feature to the abuses of the Chinese government.

It is why we dove so deeply into the government’s potential role in the creation of Lyme disease.

It is why we’ve tried to create awareness surrounding the very real dangers of HAARP and the power imbalance that could come from it’s technology.

It is also why we’ve focused on the possibility that the FBI most likely lied about the Iceland tipster in the Whitey Bulger case.

The truth is, there is very real corruption out there, and there are very real conspiracies.

True researchers not only track down leads in FOIA documents and by conducting interviews – but more importantly they do not jump to conclusions based on shabby evidence.  True conspiracy researchers remain honest with readers and viewers regarding what is actually known, and what remains unknown.

Unfortunately, these are lessons that Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones have never learned.

Conspiracy Theory Episode on the Future “Police State”

In a 2010 Conspiracy Theory episode, host Jesse Ventura explores the possibility of a “police state” being planned for in the United States in the near future.

Alongside Alex Jones, Ventura explores potential sites set up as future “concentration camps”.

He and Alex Jones show viewers huge piles of “coffins” that are being stored for future mass genocides, and they attempt to convince viewers that the post 9-11 “fusion centers” are spying on every American that dares to speak a single word against the government.

They are all lies. And I am sick of it.

It does legitimate conspiracy researchers, like many of you reading this article today, a great disservice to spread fear-mongering and disinformation in an effort to increase ratings and create misdirected fear among the American population.

At a time when it is critical that the American people receive the most accurate and authentic information regarding the actions of their government and of corrupt corporations, spreading this kind of shoddy investigative filth is anti-American and plain wrong.

It’s as simple as that.

jones and ventura

Dismantling the Jesse Ventura Police State Lies

It is unfortunately that we should have to waste time providing evidence that Ventura and Alex Jones are delivering misinformation.

After all, efforts should be focused on exposing true conspiracies and corruption throughout the government and throughout the corporations that maintain a stranglehold over the American political system.

However, it is important to set the record straight. By debunking these two disinformation goons, we will all come one step closer to the truth.

There were three core theories (among others) that Ventura offered to his viewers in the 2010 Conspiracy Theory episode on the allegedly planned future police state.

(1) The idea that the 72 “fusion centers” set up after 9-11 are unmanaged intelligence collection centers that are gathering intelligence about American citizens and placing any “subversive elements” – including you or I – on the government watch list if we so much as speak a word against “big brother”.

(2) That massive concentration camps are being built in preparation to house (imprison) American families in the future police state scenario.

(3) That there are plans for the release of a massive plague among the U.S. population, which will be used as a precursor for enacting the future police state.

I want to make it clear, right now, that hardly a single claim offered in Jesse Ventura’s “Police State” episode held up to even the least bit of honest scrutiny.

In fact, they were all either outright lies, or a gross manipulation of the truth meant as nothing more than fear mongering. Both Ventura and Alex Jones should be ashamed of themselves.

kentucky fusion

The 72 Fusion Centers

In the eposide, Ventura claimed that the fusion centers across the country are not being managed by the federal government, nor is there any sort of watchdog group enacted to protect American civil liberties.

According to information TopSecretWriters obtained from Department of Homeland Security documentation:

“Since the beginning of 2010, the Department of Homeland Security Office of Intelligence and Analysis (I&A), the Department’s lead for support to fusion centers, deployed an additional 18 personnel to fusion centers, bringing the total deployment to 64 Intelligence Officers and 9 Regional Directors in the field. I&A also worked aggressively to deploy Homeland Secure Data Network (HSDN) to a total of 56 fusion centers. HSDN provides SECRET-level connectivity to enhance the ability of state and local partners to receive federally generated classified threat information.”

Apparently, Ventura and Jones do not consider the Department of Homeland Security to be “the federal government.”

In fact, the effort by the DHS in creating these centers was to allow local law enforcement to respond more quickly whenever someone is spotted casing out a bridge, a bank, or a highrise building as part of planning for another terrorist attack.

Ventura and Jones would like you to believe that by staying vigilant for suspicious people taking pictures of bridge support structures, or taking measurements of building foundation footings, that the fusion center personnel are also somehow monitoring every American citizen that dares to take a photo in a public place or that speaks a word against the government.

If that were the case, honestly, I would have been locked up 3 years ago, as would most of the conspiracy theorists that I know.

In fact, the fusion centers are far less secretive or hidden than Ventura and Jones would like you to believe. You can learn about the locations of all of them right on the DHS website.  No one is trying to hide them!

Furthermore, the Department of Homeland Security tried so hard to respect civil liberties that in 2008 the agency asked for review of the Civil Liberties impact of the fusion centers. The impact assessment was reviewed by Daniel Sutherland, the Officer for Civil Rights and Civil Liberties and is openly available to the public. All important matters of civil rights are taken into account in the review.

fusion center

The T. Don Hutto Residential Center

In probably the most comical part of the episode, Jesse Ventura and Alex Jones offer panning camera views of the sprawling T. Don Hutto Residential Center in Taylor, Texas.

The view of the main sign for the facility was a mere half a second…in fact I had to put the video in slow motion in order to catch the name of the facility that Jones and Ventura were portraying as a future concentration camp for Americans in a future police state.

The facility that they were portraying as such was nothing more than the T. Don Hutto Residential Center for female illegal immigrants that have been detained pending processing and possible deportation to their home countries.

The size of the complex can be explained by the sheer size of the immigration problem in this country. The fact that it is a “residential center” is obvious from the fact that the facility was set up as a way to offer the female inmates a relatively comfortable place to live while awaiting trial for deportation.

don hutto

In the film, Jones and Ventura portray the facility as part of some massive human rights conspiracy. The irony is that the very existence of the facility was an effort to provide these immigrants with even greater human rights than they would have otherwise had available.

The CCA describes the facility as a: “Female, Minimum-Security, Owned since 1996”

The DHS describes the purpose of the facility as:

“In keeping with the director’s call for civil detention reform, TDHRC represents a clear departure from historical detention settings. Residents experience expanded services that include free and open movement, recreational and educational participation, food services and medical and mental health care.

TDHRC’s person-centered philosophy guides every interaction with the residents by understanding the often complex circumstances surrounding their detention. TDHRC continues to fulfill the mission of ICE while at the same time recognizing and valuing the dignity of the individual.”

The most idiotic part of Ventura’s “Police State” video was when he and Alex Jones went up to the front doors to confront the staff about the facility.

A spokeswoman came outside to talk to Alex and Jesse. The surreal conversation revealed just how clueless Jesse and Alex really were concerning the facility….actually it revealed just how clueless the are overall.

outside facility

Ventura to the spokeswoman: “…..I’ve never seen a ‘residential center’ that has two sets of fences going around. It looks identical to a prison to me.”

When asking the spokeswoman why the doors were locked and why he couldn’t get in to talk to a receptionist, the spokeswoman respectfully answered that it’s to, “Protect the identities of the residents that are inside.”

She continued, “I’d be more than happy to forward your questions to the folks at ICE.”

Ventura: “And ICE is?”

Spokeswoman: “Immigration and Customs Enforcement”

Ventura: “Ah…”

Alex Jones: “And that’s part of the Department of Homeland Security?”

Woman: “Yes Sir…”

I’m completely serious….you can’t make this stuff up. This transcript was taken directly from the video.

Alex and Jesse not only appeared completely clueless that the facility housed Illegal immigrants awaiting deportation, but they didn’t even know what ICE was.

For Alex Jones, so long as ICE is a branch of DHS, that’s all he needed to confirm his delusions that the facility has some sort of other, darker purpose.

grave liners

The Mountains of “Coffins”

In an even more comical scene, Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura creep through the forest to the edge of an open storage area where there are very large, black plastic containers piled about 25 containers high all in rows.

The location was Madison, Georgia on the side of Interstate 20 near train tracks.

While staring at the containers, Alex Jones explains to Jesse that the “coffins” are part of the CDC effort to make preparations for “plagues and mega-death” scenarios.

So what were the containers?

In April of 2009, Popular Mechanics had already published a fantastic expose that revealed these “coffins” were nothing more than black polypropylene burial vaults made by Vantage Products of Convington, Ga.

The vaults are used by many cemetery managers to prevent the collapse of the ground around the buried caskets, ultimately as a way to protect the casket itself from collapsing and getting destroyed after burial.

Ventura filmed the Vantage storage lot in Madison in an effort to present the “prearranged” units as some vast storage facility utilized by the CDC in their genocide conspiracy efforts.

What Jones failed to tell Ventura is the fact that over 900,000 such units are used in the United States each year and that nearly 50,000 units need to be stored at any given time.

The company confirmed to Popular Mechanics that they often manufacture and store 50,000 such vaults at a time in Madison in preparation for the orders. All product sales are well-accounted for and documented.


Why do Ventura and Jones Fear Monger With Lies?

I would be hypocritical to say that creating fear is wrong. In exposing many of the conspiracies that we uncover here at TopSecretWriters, we unfortunately do create fear. Fear of corruption. Fear of human rights abuses. Fear of civil liberties abuses.

There are plenty of examples of very real abuses throughout the government, throughout corporations and throughout the world, so it seems inconceivable that Alex Jones and Jesse Ventura see the need to fabricate these sort of outlandish conspiracy theories.

I’m not sure I really understand their motives.

I suppose it’s possible that they are serving the interests of the Corporate entities that own the media companies that fund the production of their shows (Time Warner runs TruTV, in case you’re wondering).

Maybe by making Americans fear lies and myth, it is a perfect distraction to keep Americans from seeing the truth.

By fearing the shadows, Americans will be too preoccupied to uncover the true corruption and conspiracy.

That may be what they hope, anyway.

The real question is how many Americans are willing and able to see through the hype and the lies distributed by these corporate puppets?


(1) WikiLeaks
(3) T. Don Hutto Residential Center
(5) Popular Mechanics

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  • Trublueyedqueennyc

    You sir are NOT an investigative “journalist”… and I shouldn’t even address you… but you are the one who is INCORRECT. I have been listening to Alex Jones for almost 5 years… I have also watched the majority of his DOCUMENTARIES. If this episode was so incorrect then why was it not shown more than once? It is the ONLY episode of Conspiracy Theory that was taken off the regularly scheduled re-run… So I will thank you because the public will now do their own research… NO PUBLICITY IS BAD PUBLICITY…

  • Thanks – appreciate your opinion, but other than opinion, you failed to comment on any of the facts laid out in the article. Did you even read the article, or did you race right down to the comment area to comment without even reading the evidence that’s available?

    Furthermore, is lack of “reruns” seriously your best evidence that there’s some kind of “cover-up”? Everyone and their mother can view the video online, Time Warner does everything it can to promote it, and also to keep the video off of any other site other than the two that it supports – Alex Jones site and TruTV.

  • Guest

    Epic fail… Popular Mechanics??? Exchanging ‘coffins’ for ‘vaults???
    Da Homeland Security…

    Is it a joke article?

  • I guess it’s true – you can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it drink. You’ve got the truth right in front of you, my friend. Read the facts. Whether or not you decide to remain a cool-aid drinking Jones-lemming is completely up to you.

  • Jonyboy_246

    I gotta say, though. In a world where you gotta fight corruption, it gets harder and harder to find real truth…. I guess it wouldn’t make any sense to have thousands of “coffins” stacked up in 2010, considering that they would still not be in use today.

  • So you are OK with the existence of fusion centers? How about the Patriot Act? You like that too? Well that’s a matter of opinion, isn’t it? I’d say opinion is pretty much the only thing you are actually railing against here, and everyone is entitled to theirs.

  • Reube – good questions. Actually there are things about both fusion centers and the Patriot Act that bother me. Yes, that’s a matter of opinion. What is a matter of fact is when you start making up things about both that are, in fact, not true. Just like they presented the Immigration detention center as something that it clearly wasn’t, and failed to either research the true history of the facility as well as failed to inform readers as to the truth. That’s not opinion, that’s fact.

  • Jonyboy – I agree 100%…it is extremely hard and I’m always impressed by those individuals that are able to see the forest for the trees.

  • The problems with this episode were summed up by Ryan quite well. Ryan is a very good journo by the way. He has an eye for details, that even while I was re-watching the show recently trying to figure out and note why it was bugging me.

    Boooom he’s stepped in and hit it outta the park.

    What people really have to remember here is that there is good information out there. Why go for the Ventura and Jones line? Ventura’s TV show sadly did little justice to the work he has done with Dick Russell. Russell is an astute sensible guy.
    I respect Ventura, for his work with Russell. Indeed, thats the Ventura stuff I’d advise people take a look at.

    But why Ventura’s show didn’t follow the lines set ou in their books together is one of the biggest mysteries and dissapointments I have about his series. It really could have been a hell of a lot better. Also Ryan is clearly concerned about Homeland Security. He just wants the facts straight so no ones going to piss themselves laughing at him.

  • Fishycrackers99

    Well, with local constabularies all over then nation beating on/hauling off hundreds off to jail the protesters of the growing financial disparity in the nation and the government’s decisions on the bailouts, etc, a right with which I assume we all agree whether we agree with their stance or not (lest any one of our right to protest be the next to be nay-sayed) can the concept of camps being created with a potential contingency for holding any groups that any level of the government finds to be a nuisance, I wonder?

  • Guest

    Well, in a country that ostensibly guarantees one’s right to protest countenancing the beating and hauling off to jail protesters by the bus-load, (it doesn’t matter whether one agrees with their stance, just that we all can exercise the right to protest perceived wrongs) is it any wonder that rumors that there are camps being built that might be used as a contingency against any group any level of the government decides is a nuisance?  We see the militarization of the constabulary, police being used in much the same way that third-world countries use mercenaries, watch news clips of employees of financial institutions   joking and smirking about foreclosing and the people foreclosed on at Halloween parties, while many of those foreclosed people might well be in tents, and so much more.  Why should the public not feel alienated, disenfranchised, and ready to believe that if protests get too big that jails won’t hold the protesters and the FEMA camps will be commissioned to hold the protesters (and reunite them and their dependent families within those fences?)  After what I have seen over the past month and a half in the news, I don’t even wonder why people think the way they do.  Maybe they ought to congratulate themselves on being so far-sighted because I tell you if things get any worse for people, there will be hundreds of thousands joining those protesters and where are they going to put thousands after beating them and hauling them off?  I sincerely hope that things will get better soon, but I wasn’t born yesterday, either…

  • yawn…  Nothing good here

  • Yes, if you’re looking for the excitement of lies and make believe, you’d best go back to your Alex Jones fan club.

  • Isted64

    Protesteth too much, Mr Dube?

  • Think for myself too much. You should try it.

  • Rositafloresta123

    At first, I began to watch Ventura, I thought he was a serious guy. Then, watching more than once his shows, seems many are staged, like meetings with people. Like the time he went to wall street and broke into the meeting, how the camera was filming from inside? Many times the conversations dont have back up. His statements get lost at the door of buildings and his own theories of what is going on.  I think that Ventura and Jones dont lie, they believe their own delusions and paranoia. They need help, they just instigate fear and bs. I stopped watching it. Not for me.

  • I agree 100% – great post.

  • Davida Alexandrea

    I’ll admit I didn’t read the entire article. After the first half I became, well almost fusturated. As it reads as any coverup would. Only the obvious was pointed out. The articles of support read as an excuse and gave nothing concrete debunking what Ventura claims is going on.
    Not to mention Jesse has even claimed his show is ‘Entertainment’ while on with Pierce. Asking I suppose stupid questions as to what ICE is ect ads to the feel of the show.
    However people still need to do their own research. If I were to watch that episode and read this article I’m sorry but the show gave way more compelling info. I have not read any of your other articles and I have no opinion on your style. Just this one.
    And from the picks of the coffins there seemed to be a lot more than the required 50 000.
    As for the women he encountered at the door of the compound. She was acting as dumb as a Walmart greeter. Smiling away without anything of importance to say. Unable to even respond in a calm, cool manner, very simple questions. Her reaction alone made me question the motives of this place.

  • I can understand your frustration, but that is our motive here. We want people to not only learn to properly question government stories, but to also question the fabricated stories from entertainment sources like Alex Jones and Ventura – actually to question any “researcher” that doesn’t back up claims with solid, verifiable research. Showing images of objects or buildings and claiming they are something that you know perfectly well they are not – that is wrong, dishonest to the public, and it needs to be stopped if the truth about any real conspiracies out there are going to be truly revealed. This entertainment nonsense does nothing but harm toward legitimate researchers, and it’s too bad. You are free to believe what you like, but if you want to get closer to the truth, I highly recommend you go with the people that focus on evidence right here, not on baseless speculation on these ridiculous shows.

  • Rosita – I think you’re right. It’s probably not intentional, it’s just an issue of maybe not even knowing how to properly research a claim – instead focusing on speculating and convincing themselves that some “answer” to a mystery must be the truth without following a truly scientific method to trace down and verify claims. Thanks for your comment.

  • Thanks for this piece! Great debunking

  • fact. when he asked if the people there are free to leave the worker said yes. fact. coffins and burial vaults are the same thing. vaults hold more but both go in the ground. and as for immigrants the government feeds then with a silver spoon. welfair license medical and work free of charge in the open whats the point for centers. here is another fact. kids on the playground was american. kind o strang. fact the government banned that eppisode for some reason. sounds like you need to watch this episode again and this time get all the facts. then again maybe you wont if your being paid by the government.

  • fact. when he asked if the people there are free to leave the worker said yes. fact. coffins and burial vaults are the same thing. vaults hold more but both go in the ground. and as for immigrants the government feeds then with a silver spoon. welfair license medical and work free of charge in the open whats the point for centers. here is another fact. kids on the playground was american. kind o strang. fact the government banned that eppisode for some reason. sounds like you need to watch this episode again and this time get all the facts. then again maybe you wont if your being paid by the government.

  • fact. when he asked if the people there are free to leave the worker said yes. fact. coffins and burial vaults are the same thing. vaults hold more but both go in the ground. and as for immigrants the government feeds then with a silver spoon. welfair license medical and work free of charge in the open whats the point for centers. here is another fact. kids on the playground was american. kind o strang. fact the government banned that eppisode for some reason. sounds like you need to watch this episode again and this time get all the facts. then again maybe you wont if your being paid by the government.

  • fact. when he asked if the people there are free to leave the worker said yes. fact. coffins and burial vaults are the same thing. vaults hold more but both go in the ground. and as for immigrants the government feeds then with a silver spoon. welfair license medical and work free of charge in the open whats the point for centers. here is another fact. kids on the playground was american. kind o strang. fact the government banned that eppisode for some reason. sounds like you need to watch this episode again and this time get all the facts. then again maybe you wont if your being paid by the government.

  • What makes you think that the kids on the playground were American? Remember that they shot clips all over the place, so unless you’re talking about a clip showing kids at the playground behind the facility gates, it’s meaningless. Gosh, I wish I was getting paid by the government, it would sure pay better than what I’m getting paid today providing this free service to try and help people see past the b.s. spouted by so-called “documentaries” like this.

  • JTL

    I am a friend of this editor in chief of TSW, and can tell you for a fact, that he is as you stated “an investigative journalist” I have know him since we were kids, and he has always had this as a passion of his. He was always looking for extra truth, or the truth behind lies…. Don’t get me wrong, I listen to and like Alex Jones, But sometimes you need to look further into things. I really side /c Ryan, with the topics he covered on this article. I honestly think Alex and Jesse jumped the gun a little and did a misstake we all do them… look at the way I spelled mistake…, and I believe that is why they did not play this episode of Conspiracy Theory again.

  • David

    We can all argue about our “beliefs” when the necessary is the truth. There can only be one, so we all need to search for that, unbiased, and accept the truth no matter what.

    The government may have FEMA detention centers and they might not. Reading through this article I find you to be just as biased as anyone else saying “They are all lies and I am sick of it.” You may be right, but I don’t see any reason and justifiable proof I should believe you 100%. Jesse Ventura may be right off in his video, but bills signed by our own congress and president do NOT lie. Read H.R.’s 144, 347, 390, 645 (covered in Police State), 1022, 3590, Executive Order 1867 (NDAA), Executive Order 13603, Internment Resettlement Operations Act, and then read through our own Constitution to see if it adds up.

    Basically in all these bills the government goes against the Bill of Rights completely, blinding America by ignorance. They can break and enter homes and seize any property without warrant or court order, take away all guns without reason or warrant or court order, detain any citizen for up to 20 years without court address or authority, fine or imprison for no less than 10 years just for protesting during a formal government assembly or at the White House or Vice President’s grounds, or engaging in “disorderly conduct” (So if the First Amendment already protects from unpeaceful protests, “to petition the government for a redress of grievances,” why is that necessary?), and give the president his own unchecked and regulated by any body of government to do whatever he wills.

    So by collecting credible information as this, we can all conclude that the government is corrupt and not holding true to the duties they swore in to: “I do solemnly swear (or affirm) that I will faithfully execute the Office of President of the
    United States, and will to the best of my Ability, preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.” -Article II Section I U.S. Constitution.

    Don’t believe me, look it up.

  • Gordon Jenkins

    PRISM and NSA are lies. They don’t exist.
    The United States isn’t going to war against Syria and Iran, or Libya, or Iraq or Afghanistan. No Americans died in Iraq. There is no such thing as Navy Seals team 6. I totally agree with you. NOT!

  • Gordon Jenkins

    The U.S. dollar is awesome strong and will never, ever fail as long as Barak Obama can get China, Iran, Syria, Bolivia, Ecuador, Canada, Australia, and Russia back to using the U.S. dollar as an international reserve currency (petro dollar). It ain’t gonna happen! War WILL happen!

  • Tommy Flores

    I guess the question is, will the real disinformation agent stand up. You sound like a government spokesman to me. I know the scenes on Ventura’s TV show are set up, that’s the nature of the beast. If they don’t make the show interesting it doesn’t get broadcast. It doesn’t mean the facts are incorrect. You seem way too eager to regurgitate whatever the government says, I’m more leery of what the government says than what Jesse and Alex say.

  • Tommy Flores

    They have a team of investigators and a budget, you have a website…

  • Just because it’s “entertainment” and they need to make the show interesting is not an excuse for knowingly lying about a facility. Please read more of our website before you make the erroneous claim that we’re “disinformation” agents. Every single believer that comes here and doesn’t like the facts, says the same exact thing nearly every time.

  • And I work two good-paying jobs to pay for it completely out of pocket, because I believe in the truth THAT much. AND I have all the tax records to prove that I’m forced to run this website in the red every month. What do YOU do for the truth, my friend?

  • Tommy Flores

    I saw the episode with the Hutto Residential Center, with the double fencing and the razor wire facing inward, I don’t know what lies you are referring to, I didn’t see any. I saw the congressmen, one who flew the coop and wouldn’t even talk with Jesse about the bill authorizing FEMA camps, and the other consignee who didn’t even know the camps were in the bill. I thought your article was government propaganda.
    Why didn’t you publish excerpts from government documents confirming the camps detainees were to give their SSAN, meaning they were American citizens being interred there, not illegal aliens. Why didn’t you publish excerpts from the military manual governing the camps?

  • We have. We focus only on true, verifiable facts. Not unsubstantiated claims. TV shows like that are more propaganda than anything else – they are spreading rumors and blowing things out of proportion to try and hide the reality of the real facilities from the general public. They’re pointing you in the wrong direction.

    We seek to point people in the direction of truth, supported by evidence.

  • Please read the links. If you had, you’d see that we focused exclusively on that manual for one of the articles. The fact that you posted this and instead spammed another website’s link tells me that you didn’t even bother reading the articles I shared.

  • Craig Withers

    Maybe it’s an attempt to de-legitimize the field of government conspiracy theories by making the loudest voices in the segment spout fallacies. By making Jones & Ventura seem like the mainstream conspiracy theory they diminish the credence of all people who hope to expose uncomfortable truths. The intelligent and skeptical are too quiet on these issues because they wait in vain for undeniable proof but these fools rush into conspicuous territory and scream bloody murder. It’s important to keep a dialogue going about real issues. Thanks for supplying a place for that.

  • You bet – thanks for your comment Craig. It’s a very tough balance to maintain, but you’re right – the intelligent/skeptical do remain silent in the face of the stigma that’s created by folks like Ventura and Jones. I don’t know – maybe that’s the ultimate goal of this kind of entertainment, to keep the subject in the gutter, rather than something that academics and scientists should be focusing on and researching. It’s really too bad, but I hope through intelligent dialog, over time, we can change that.

  • Rife machines are pseudoscience and the stuff that scammers will use to sucker poor, unsuspecting cancer patients or other ill people out of their money. Ionized water, on the other hand – there’s much to be said on that topic and some promising research to be discussed. What do you want to know?

  • norman

    if i get this right you people are saying that nothing is going to happen i hope you are not serious all the coffin liners they are getting ready for something big to happen weather its isis doing something here or ebola something is going down

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