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UC Davis Lt John Pike Cares More About Hamsters Than Your Kids

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UC Davis Lt John Pike Cares More About Hamsters Than Your Kids

On Friday, November 18th, a group of UC Davis students were taking part in an “Occupy” movement in support of the Occupy Wall Street movement in NYC.

Throughout various Occupy Movements in other cities and towns, occasionally video surfaces where police push or otherwise scuffle with protesters, and sometimes there are even cases of police using pepper spray as a form of crowd control.

But never before has a video surfaced that has created such an uproar. Over the weekend, a video of UC Davis police officer Lt. John Pike spraying a group of peacefully protesting college students has gone viral, setting off a wave of outrage both on and offline.

Supporters around the country are now mounting a movement to overwhelm UC Davis and Lt. John Pile with phone calls and letters of outrage.

They, as well as a number of UC Davis University professors, are also calling for resignation of UC Davis chancellor, Linda P.B. Katehi for calling for the police action to remove the students.

Who Exactly is Lt. John Pike?

Upon seeing the video, TopSecretWriters investigators set out to learn more about the man, Lt. John Pike – to determine if he has a history of using violence, or otherwise acting abusively toward the kids at UC Davis.

Ironically, John Pike himself had made a scathing statement in 2010 about two students that had abused hamsters in their dorm room and posted the video on YouTube.

When journalists interviewed John about the incident and arrests, Lt. John Pike responded:

“It’s unfortunate. It’s very disheartening to listen to the extent of, and to read, what these young men did to the animals.”

The two students – Henry Nguyen and Josue Melendez had used a cigarette lighter to burn two hamsters – so extensively that one of the hamsters died.

pepper spray

John Pike’s Police Brutality Against UC Davis Students

Given John Pike’s public statement speaking disparagingly about the abuse of animals, it is surprising to see the man walking in a matter-of-fact manner, aiming the canister of pepper spray directly at the eyes of the students.

He was walking barely 3 or 4 feet away from where the row of young students were sitting on the pavement.

The application of a very high volume of pepper spray directly at the students faces represents a clear form of torture of these students, simply to get them to leave the area. The manner in which John Pike performed the act was cold and particularly brutal.

It is clear from the manner in which Lt. Pike administered this act of violence against the students, that his former statement about the torture of animals was nothing more than lip service – a hypocritical statement from a man that is far more bully than he is a public servant.

john pike

Defend the Students of UC Davis

TopSecretWriters stands with the students of UC Davis during this difficult time.

We’ve heard from countless readers that are appalled and disturbed at the police brutality represented in the video.

Up until this point, many Americans have been hesitant to join with the Occupy movements across the country, uncertain whether there is enough evidence that there is a problem in the country – after all, there is the illusion that Americans enjoy immense freedoms and independence.

However, the true test of freedom is how authority responds to peaceful public demonstrations against leadership. The test of independence and liberty, is how a government reacts to the dissent of the populace.

This incidence clarifies that state of the country – in crossing over the line into police brutality, Lt. John Pike proved to the country that there is something seriously wrong with America. And it’s something that only American citizens – not politicians or the President – can fix.

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  • wONDERFUL summation.

  • wONDERFUL summation.

  • souleclipse81

    It’s so shocking how quickly it had to come that. It seems like a drastic measure and he pulled out the cannister like he couldn’t wait to use it. I also felt the other cop was just as bad, going to the students on the grass, a few of whom seemed to be female(and already screaming). He shouldn’t get a pass if Pike is going down.

  • Terranova

    The other coppers present empowered this man by their inaction. They are just as culpable. I am amazed that a campus in the USA would employ its own police force rather than uniformed security and wonder if they have the same or similar credentials and security checks applied?

  • Mikeg151

    If you know a police officer or have ever been a police officer this is really not a story at all.  Pepper spray is a much safer way to move people or to get them to comply than physically touching the person.
    None of us know why he actually felt the need to use the spray but I can only say if they were asked to move and refused to comply then he picked the best alternative he had to help get the job done.
    The public always wants to judge but none of us were there to know what really happened.  Most of the times in these instances when the officers need to move a large crowd you see them with their batons in hand.  I for one would much rather be sprayed than hit with a baton.
    The pepper spray has no harmful effects.  It hurts like hell for about 20 minutes and your mucus membranes run like crazy.  If you can get to water or something to decontaminate the pain goes away even quicker.
    Needless to say until we know all the facts in my view and with my past experience as an officer he has done nothing wrong!!!!

  • H82BPike

    I guessing when all the details surface, you’re opinion is going to be in the 1%

  • Stinky_ray_jackson

    You mean John Pike, not John Davis.

  • Thank you for catching that! I’ve made the edit in the last paragraph. Thanks.

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