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Investigator Says Possible Sasquatch Cover-up Afoot | Top Secret Writers
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Investigator Says Possible Sasquatch Cover-up Afoot

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Investigator Says Possible Sasquatch Cover-up Afoot

As if Bigfoot evidence wasn’t already difficult to obtain, one investigator is accusing the U.S. Government of intentionally covering up proof of the elusive creature.

Washington State Sasquatch researcher William Jevning has been using popular social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and Myspace to level accusations that the creature’s existence is possibly being concealed by the U.S. Forest Service.

Author of “Notes From the Field: Tracking North America’s Sasquatch,” Jevning claims that hunters in Washington State contacted him to inspect possible Bigfoot tracks, only to have his efforts hindered when Forest Service personnel intentionally washed them away.

Jevning is now asking Bigfoot believers to contact him with any personal stories of government schemes to obscure proof.

He recently tweeted:

“I have been making more contacts around the country and as far away as Russia, this business of covering up Bigfoot evidence seems to be more common than I ever would have believed.”

Jevning isn’t sure if concealment is occurring at the community level, or if it is being authorized by the federal government.

On December 9th, he tweeted:

“I still am not sure what the covering up of evidence from Sasquatch encounters is all about, if it’s just local officials or if it is more.”

Jevning’s posts reveal several supposed Sasquatch cover-ups, including an alleged 1999 capture of one creature that was discovered in Nevada during a forest fire. The animal was allegedly treated for his burns and then later released into the wild upon healing.

One of the most unusual theories among Bigfoot researchers: that confirming Bigfoot’s existence would hurt big business.

If proof of Sasquatch was established and labeled as either a threatened or endangered species whose habitat needed protection, the logging industry could be negatively impacted.

Drumming Up Big Publicity?

Some of Jevning’s critics accuse him of trying to drum up publicity for his published book as well as the one currently in production.

One critic responded online:

“Tons of red flags (regarding Jevning’s allegations): one person’s story, no corroboration, promoting a book, a bogus argument of motive by the government and, finally, TOO MUCH CREDIT given to government agencies.”

But Jevning insists that his commitment to discovering the mysterious animal is very real. According to his blog, the Sasquatch searcher says he’s a true believer. (1)

classic bigfoot

He claims to have discovered the footprints of 3 ape-like creatures near Graham, Washington as a teenager, and wound up within 15 feet of 2 animals back in 1974.

Jevning considers himself to be a serious 30-year veteran investigator of Bigfoot who “is attempting to resolve the issue so that science can take over and put the proper focus on these little-understood creatures.”

Jevning is one of many researchers hoping to formally document the animal’s existence. Some investigators hypothesize that the creature may be Gigantopithecus, an ape-like creature that stood nearly 10 feet tall and lived during pre-historic times.

While Jevning and others continue their search, no scientifically supported evidence of any Bigfoot, Sasquatch or Yeti creatures have yet been documented.

Bigfoot Heads to Court

Jevning isn’t the only person complaining about the government’s treatment of Bigfoot.

Jonathan Doyle is suing the State of New Hampshire after authorities chased him from Monadnock State Park in 2009 for attempting to make a Sasquatch movie on Mount Monadnock. In the film, Doyle is decked out in full ape attire.

Officials claim the amateur filmmaker was required to have $100 special use park permit as well as a $2 million insurance bond.

Barbara Keshen, a New Hampshire Civil Liberties Union attorney, says her client’s First Amendment rights to free speech were violated.

Doyle claims the prank was all good fun and that park visitors who saw him dressed as Bigfoot “laughed and hoorayed”, but park rangers claim that visitors were frightened off by the actor’s performance art.

Doyle asserts that special permits hinder his artistic expression.

Described by his attorney as “a sometimes landscaper, sometimes janitor and a full-time free spirit, filmmaker and performance artist,” Doyle lost his case at the trial level, but he is now attempting to have the case heard by the New Hampshire State Supreme Court.

References & Image Credits:
(1) BigfootEvidence
(2) Jevning’s Blog

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