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Pahlavi Reports Iran Leader Ali Khamenei Crimes Against Humanity to UN

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iran crimes against humanity

On January 24th, author and Iran exile Reza Pahlavi submitted a full report to the United Nations Security Council accusing Iran’s Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei of crimes against humanity and detailing those crimes to the council.

In the report, Reza describes the attacks against unarmed civilians during the popular uprising following the fraudulent re-election of President Mahmoud Ahmadi Nejad in June of 2009.

Mr. Pahlavi called upon the Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court to initiate a full investigation of those crimes, and to fully prosecute Iran’s “Supreme Leaders” under Article 13 (b) of the Rome Statute.


The 2009 Iranian Uprising

Oddly enough, there were not many U.S. media reports covering the 2009 Iranian uprisings and the subsequent bloodbath. Short of the Huffington Post’s coverage – one of the few U.S. media outlets with it’s origins as an independently owned media blog – published a report on the Iranian blogger posts on the massacre. The Daily Beast also published numerous amateur videos from the civilian Iranians suffering under the attacks.

The BBC, the Guardian and many other non-U.S. media outlets did cover the event in detail.

In a June 2009 article titled “Iran Uprising Turns Bloody”, covered the initial shooting, where it was estimated that 500,000 Iranians had converged in Azadi Square to protest the results of the election, which most believed to be fixed.

Leaked photos of the scene showed one man shot and several other Iranians covered with blood and suffering from bullet wounds. Witnesses claimed that the attack came from Basij militiamen loyal to Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

iran crimes against humanity

Reza Pahlavi’s Report on Crimes Against Humanity

In Mr. Pahlavi’s report (see footnote 2), he detailed the events leading up to and following the 2009 elections, and how there were many facts that were blocked or covered up by the Iranian regime.

For example, according to Pahlavi, on June 16th of 2009, the Iranian regime forced foreign journalists to cease all coverage of the post-election demonstrations through indimidation tactics and outright threats.

Pahlavi described how the Islamic Republic’s security forces murdered, arbitrarily imprisoned, tortured, raped, and “disappeared” numerous Iranian civilians that publicly spoke out against the election results.

The report is not comprised of propaganda, but instead includes pages of hard facts and evidence describing the atrocities against the Iranian people by the current regime.

One example included a statement from the former senior officer of Iranian security forces, Shahid Hemat, who reported that Colonel Pasdar Khancherly had organized a security meeting on how to control public unrest, which Shahid believed was in anticipation of the public dissent against upcoming election results.

The report provides details about events like the June 2009 attack of about a hundred students at Tehran University, where several students were beaten to death.

It also provides video evidence of attacks, like those of the June 2009 shootings of protesters after video footage showed members of the Iranian security forces positioning themselves on rooftops carrying weapons and live ammunition.

iran crimes against humanity

About Reza Pahlavi

Mr. Pahlavi was born in Tehran in 1960. His parents were the late Shah of Iran and Empress Farah Pahlavi.

After leaving Iran at the age of 17 to attend school in the U.S., obtaining a political science degree, the Iranian regime refused to allow him back into the country.

Under exile, Pahlavi remained in the U.S. and completed the U.S. Air Force Training Program at Reese Air Force Base. During the Iran-Iraq War, he volunteered to return to Iran to serve his country as a fighter-pilot. Again, the regime refused him.

Today, Reza continus to fight for the freedom and liberty of his people. It is his love of his country, and its citizens, that motivated him to develop the report on the 2009 atrocities committed against Iranian civilians, and to submit that report to the U.N. for consideration and investigation.

It should be noted that Pahlavi is a son of the former Shah of Iran, with political motivations of his own – which have also come under attack by some Iranian writers. However, the report he has produced stands the test of truth with the detailed evidenced contained within it. Regardless of Pahlavi’s own motivations – whatever you believe them to be – the report is a stinging expose of modern day human rights abuses of the current Iranian regime.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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