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Part VIII – Scamming and Divorcing David Icke

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david icke

A few weeks ago, I thought we had probably finished with Icke here at TSW. I was actually glad to finally be rid of him myself.

However, after our thorough savaging of Icke, let it be said that TSW is not completely without mercy.

I recently discovered the reason why Icke had been promoting his tours (discussed in the last installment) so aggressively lately.

Folks, it turns out that David Icke has recently been going through a rather nasty divorce settlement.

I hasten to add that I am hardly the one with the scoop. It has been a rather heated topic of conversation on conspiracy forums for quite some time now, before I came across it after writing the last part of this David Icke series.

However, as one can see from the Daily Mail report on it, a once acrimonious split has gone toxic and quite public.

The Integrity of a Martyr Meets the Mind of a Cabbage

Like any commercial entertainment vehicle, conspiravangelism is fueled by the mighty moolah. What being fueled by moolah does is to draw in any and all types of people seeking to cash in.

Of course, like any creative artists (let’s be honest here, guys like Icke have great imaginations), the higher they climb, the more vulnerable they are to the aforementioned gold diggers and carpet baggers.

Hence, Pamela Leigh Richards, Icke’s ex, is now regarded as the Heather Mills of conspirahypocrisy.

To be honest, I can actually see why. Icke met Richards in 1997, during a gig in the Bahamas. They both married in 1998. 1998 was also a significant time for Icke’s business ventures. He now had America pining for him and needed a publisher.

Richards, however, knew just the person. It was a guy named Royal Adams.

Icke soon entered into a gentleman’s agreement with Adams, which gave him a very generous 25 percent stake in all of Icke’s book and DVD sales in the US. Icke and his gang were so impressed that they never signed anything, and never hired any lawyers to iron out the proceedings.

It turns out that by 2004, when Icke finally woke up to the scam, the guy that Richards had endorsed would end up embezzling Icke for what many believe was well over a million dollars US.

Icke never saw a red cent. In the Daily Mirror article linked above, Richards discusses how things came to a head in 2006, when Icke and his ex-wife Linda Atherton (the brains of the operation and the main reason Icke has overturned his massive losses) had to seriously overhaul their business.

Apparently, Richards wanted a greater say in the way the business was being run. Further, she wanted more income from the Icke website that she had created, and it seems that she resented her demotion to more domestic chores in the Icke household.

Now, what part of “deluded flake” does this woman not get?

The demotion is quite understandable, given the circumstances. Hence, by the time of her cornball starring role in “David Icke”, was Icke right in 2006?

Richards was sliding down a slippery slope, and by the next year she was gone. By 2008, they had officially split.

pamela richards

A Tale of the Talentless

Now, while I don’t know the exact details of their original divorce settlement, it appears that Icke and Richards didn’t do much within the court system.

Indeed, it seems that he actually paid her out quite handsomely. Testament to this are her sickeningly corny appraisals of Icke “changing her life”, which she started singing around the internet in the aftermath.

According to Icke, this all turned into cries of “emotional abuse” once her money ran out.

Part of the reason for Richards going to the press is that she’s a performer, and a Jolly bad one. Richard’s background with Icke was in editing and production. If you take a peek here, you will see how she spent her initial divorce settlement with Icke “telepathically bonding with Dolphins”.


Not only that, it’s little wonder she got much work after Icke at all. Icke’s live productions and videos during her time with him were very cheap. Additionally, after taking a look at her editing and camera skills on her YouTube Channel, it’s no wonder she can’t get a job, as her work is well below professional standards.

It appears to any casual observer that Richards wanted to get out from behind the scenes and in front of them instead. In doing so, it appears that she grew very jealous of Icke’s success in whipping up all manner of lunacy.

She also seems to have deluded herself into thinking that she was as popular as her husband, and thought she could ride the kook gravy train that he had laid out for her.

The problem for Miss Richards is resoundingly clear to anyone unfortunate enough to have listened to her interviews or read her hideous rambling poetry blog.

So, Icke is in a rather unique situation, which when considering his ill health, may well be the end of him as a major force on the conspirahypocrite circuit.

The clincher for Icke is this – he has made a lot of money since 2006 in the UK and US. The stinker is that Richardson involved herself in the production of a number of Icke’s works. Icke could well be set to lose even more money from the period between 1998-2004, when she was at her most active with him.

Thus, a divorce lawyer will be licking their lips at the prospect here. What this will do will occupy his time, and in the coming year and a bit beyond, I can imagine that he may well have to cancel a few gigs.

david icke

The Charles and Diana of Conspiranoia

What’s happened to Icke can of course happen to anybody. The dissolution of any relationship can be difficult and emotionally draining.

Further, it would be petty of me to gloat over Icke’s problems.

Indeed, it’s a shame this has happened. No one needs Icke playing victim here. Furthermore, no one needs the rubbish calls that are going to come out from Richards about the authorities setting Icke up. Why would they need to set Icke up, and why would they fear him?

In fact, they love having people like Icke around to discredit the rest of us.

Folks, the reality is that it was simply a case of a flaky new-age gold digger who married the king of conspirahypocrisy.

While Richards denies saying that Icke believed she was turning into a Reptilian, it’s odd that she has never considered attacking the Daily Mail for libeling her.

Furthermore, Icke hasn’t launched a counter suit yet for her libelling him. Boy oh boy, when lunatics collide.

Though it will make for some extremely humorous reading, what is funny and deeply ironic is that Icke now looks set to become the Charles to Richard’s Diana. Playing victim has always been the last bastion of the talentless, thus I have no doubt Richards will relish her role.

Nonetheless, she clearly has little idea of the backlash she will receive from Icke fans. When you consider the sheer amount of garbage both Icke and Richards have spread about these figures, not to mention other people and events during their disastrous time together.

One can’t help to feel that they both deserve what is going to happen to them.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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