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National Security Archive Researcher Kate Doyle Wins ALBA Puffin Award

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kate doyle

For any researcher out there that feels their efforts could never make a big difference in the world, one only needs to look at Kate Doyle to gain a bit of hope.

Kate Doyle, the director of the Evidence Project at the National Security Archive has been awarded the prestigious Abraham Lincoln Brigade Archive (ALBA) and Puffin Foundation Award for Human Rights Activism.

The award is one that is well known as well respected throughout the world of human rights activist. It is offered to anyone that works hard as “indefatigable defenders of human rights”.


Kate Doyle and Human Rights

It only takes a quick glance at Doyle’s work to see why she was given the award. Her research has led to numerous cases of former military and civilian officials being brought to justice for human rights abuses and crimes committed in the past and documented deep inside declassified government documents.

The following are just a few of Doyle’s impressive accomplishments while conducting research for the National Security Archive.

–> 2009 Guatemalan army documents revealing Operation Sofia which revealed massive massacres of Mayan civilians in the early 1980’s. By pouring through declassified CIA, Pentagon and State Department documents, Doyle was able to prove which officers and specific military campaigns that involved the massacres. She provided expert witness testimony during Guatemala genocide hearings in Spain in 2008. Her work on the project led to the recent indictment on January 26th of General Efrain Rios Montt for the role he played in those human rights abuses.

–> In 1999, Doyle uncovered the Guatemalan “death squad dossier” – a logbook that contained the murder or “disappearance” of over 100 Guatemalans throughout the 1980s. Doyle spoke before a criminal court in 2001 in the case of a Guatemalan military officer responsible for the murder of Myrna Mack, a Guatemalan anthropologist.

alberto fujimori

–> In one of the most impressive cases of research toppling even dictators, Doyle’s work into the human rights violations in Peru helped the Peru Truth Commission to assemble “The Search for Truth: The Declassified Record on Human Rights Abuses in Peru.” The report became an important piece of evidence in the case against former president Alberto Fujimori. The dictator was eventually convicted for crimes against humanity and sentenced to 25 years for his crimes.

Doyle Offers Murdered Victims a Voice

These are only a few examples of the list of cases involving human rights abuses throughout the world. Other parts of the world Doyle’s research helped to bring abuses to light included El Salvador and Mexico.

Doyle’s tireless crusade against human rights abuses – even in some of the most difficult cold cases in history – has finally led to some important recognition.

The ALBA/Puffin award is well deserved, and Top Secret Writers would like to congratulate and applaud her lifelong efforts to right the wrongs of the past.

We look forward to following all of her future efforts and disclosures at the National Security Archive. She is an inspiration to human rights researchers around the world.

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