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New Jersey Ignores Fluoride Dangers in New Legislation

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fluoride dangers

On February 11th, the Fluoride Action Network (FAN), a citizen watchdog group, reported that the New Jersey legislature is in the process of putting together a new law that would force mandatory fluoridation to public water systems across the entire state.

While public water utilities use numerous techniques to remove sediment and bacteria from the public water supply, fluoride represents one of the few chemicals that public water utilities add to the water supply in an effort to affect human health.

The proposed legislation includes Bill S-959 in the NJ Senate and Assembly Bill 1811. It will require New Jersey cities to add the chemical fluoride to the public water systems.

With research showing the detrimental effects that fluoride has on kidneys, in June of 2008 the National Kidney Foundation was forced to dropped it’s support for fluoridation of public water systems. Previously, in 1981, the NKF had written that there was insufficient evidence to recommend removing fluoride from drinking water. The 2008 retraction was a small step in the right direction for public health.

Unfortunately, the New Jersey legislature seems to be ignoring more recent scientific studies in favor of a strange policy to force the ingestion of the chemical fluoride by many thousands of New Jersey residents, including small children and infants.


NJ Senate Appears Ignorant of the Science

Here at Top Secret Writers, we’ve covered public fluoridation policies before. For example in May, Jim provided a preliminary view of the dangers that fluoridation poses to communities throughout the U.S. – including lowered-IQ scores in children, the US CDC report of a 9% increase in dental fluorosis since 1987, and the NKF admission of a potential link between fluoride and kidney damage.

In December, Kathleen examined some of the latest research that could potentially link fluoride ingestion to symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

In April of 2011, I interviewed an activist by the name of Golda Starr, who reports that she was able to completely reverse the symptoms related to her failing kidneys be removing all fluoride from her diet – and in particular by avoiding drinking her tap water, which came from a fluoridated public water system.

While scientists are still working diligently to provide a clear and inarguable connection directly linking public fluoridation of water to illnesses like kidney failure, most communities throughout the world have already recognized the overwhelming case against fluoridation of public drinking water.

The fact that the New Jersey Senate is moving forward with a new fluoridation program, despite the fact that other communities across the world are looking at removing fluoride from drinking water, betrays a certain level of scientific ignorance on the part of lawmakers. That ignorance is scary, considering they are responsible for protecting the public health.

fluoride dangers

The Move Away from Fluoridation

Skeptics that argue fluoridation isn’t dangerous point to the fact that many communities “regulate” fluoride by also reducing levels of naturally occurring fluoride in drinking water.

This argument is deceptive, because it combines the practice of removing harmful chemicals from the water supply with the practice of intentionally adding chemicals to the water supply.

It ignores the fact that public water utilities have, and will continue, to remove harmful chemicals – as the case for doing this has always been strong. However, adding fluoride to the water supply is not supported by sound science – which shows that the only true dental benefit to fluoride is the external application of fluoride, such as by using (and then spitting out) fluoridated toothpaste.

It also ignores the science that even the NKF now recognizes – showing that there is enough of a potential scientific link between fluoride and kidney damage, that the Foundation removed it’s support for public fluoridation. Clearly, there’s a very real danger.

fluoride dangers

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Author Paul Connett, who wrote “The Case Against Fluoride”, has thrown in his support for the citizen groups that are fighting the New Jersey Bill. In a press release, he describes the results of his own research into fluoridation.

“Even promoters of fluoridation now agree that fluoride works through contact with the tooth surface rather than by incorporation into developing enamel. So this dispute comes down to whether the government should put fluoride into everyone’s water so that fluoride might eventually end up in the saliva to deliver this topical action or whether people should apply it themselves using fluoridated toothpaste. The first approach exposes every tissue of the body to a toxic substance and the second approach avoids that and also avoids forcing it upon people who don’t want it.”

The dangers to children in New Jersey from this potential legislation can not be understated. In a fluoride toxicology review by the National Research Council in 2006, it was revealed that there are very real effects on the thyroid and the ability of fluoride to damage the brain.

Connett reports that no less than 25 studies have shown that fluoride can lower a child’s IQ at levels as low as 1.9ppm. The safety of margin between the level in drinking water and the potential for brain damage is frighteningly small.

The Fluoride Action Network and other activists are calling for the New Jersey legislation to wait for the EPA’s latest health risk assessment regarding the maximum level of fluoride allowed in drinking water, before making a final decision.

Anti-fluoride activists are hopeful that the EPA is likely to conclude that no fluoride is considered safe in public drinking water.

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  • Anonymous

    It is pure propaganda for the dental groups to claim savings of $38 for each $1 invested.

    Even if fluoride was helpful to teeth, distributing any drug in drinking water is the most expensive and wasteful method. As a Civil Engineer, I know that people drink only 1/2% (one-half percent) of the water they use. The remaining 99 ½ % of the water with this toxic fluoride chemical (Hexafluorosilicic acid, which is waste material flushed directly from industrial smokestacks) is dumped directly into the environment through the sewer system. The company CEO would be arrested if they dumped this toxic waste into a river. The only way they can do it legally is to run it through the community water systerm first.

    For example, for every $1000 of fluoride chemical added to water, $995 would be directly wasted down the drain in toilets, showers, dishwashers, etc., $5 would be consumed in water by the people, and less than $0.50 (fifty cents) would be consumed by children, the target group for this outdated practice.

    That would be comparable to buying one gallon of milk, using six-and-one-half drops of it, and pouring the rest of the gallon in the sink.

    Fluoridation surely is in contention as the most wasteful government program. Giving away fluoride tablets free to anyone who wants them would be far cheaper and certainly more ethical, because then we would have the freedom to choose which prescription drug we take.

  • Ron Fluoride Poisoned

    They want to mandate fluoridation in the very state where studies show:

    Fluoride & Osteosarcoma – Analysis of National Cancer Instiute’s
    National Data & New Jersey Health Department’s Data
    (Yiamouyiannis 1993):

    Fluoride & Osteosarcoma – New Jersey
    Department of Health Study (Cohn 1992):

    It’s A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD !!!!!

  • Ron Fluoride Poisoned

    They want to mandate fluoridation in the very state where studies show:

    Fluoride & Osteosarcoma – Analysis of National Cancer Instiute’s
    National Data & New Jersey Health Department’s Data
    (Yiamouyiannis 1993):

    Fluoride & Osteosarcoma – New Jersey
    Department of Health Study (Cohn 1992):

    It’s A MAD MAD MAD MAD WORLD !!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Paul Connett has no credibility.  Connett’s website cites “research” done by John Yiamouyiannis.  He’s the looney guy who co-wrote a book falsely claiming that HIV does not cause AIDS.  Yiamouyiannis even predicted that people who received childhood vaccines would have a higher rate of AIDS — a claim that is not backed up by the evidence.  Years ago, Consumer Reports magazine criticized the junk science behind Yiamouyiannis’ anti-fluoride “research” papers.  But Connett and FAN have praised him as a fluoride expert and “a man of true honor and integrity.”  Consider this whenever you hear Connett talk about fluoride.

  • Anonymous

    Notice that Ron has cited research from John Yiamouyiannis, the same quack who co-wrote the book saying that HIV doesn’t cause AIDS.  It is a “mad, mad world” when you base your conclusions on a misguided man like him.

  • I don’t know Jake – I mean, just intellectually does it make sense to pump what is – and I’m pretty certain everyone knows this – an industrial waste by-product, into the public water system….with full knowledge and obvious scientific evidence showing the negative effects that fluoride ingestion has on the human body, particularly the kidneys? It just seems counter-intuitive to support putting fluoride into drinking water, doesn’t it?

  • Fddf2SDSD

     jwillie6 nailed it.

  • Jessicacoco2005

    If you live in NJ, we need to organize now. Environmental groups are not concerned with this battle, because its not chic& doesn’t bring in money in the forms of donations. We need to start a grassroots movement now. Please email at

  • This is good to see – thanks for actively organizing Jessica.

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