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Shark Tank Attacks Business Owner For Not Selling Out America

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shark tank

In one of the most impressive examples of American patriotism I’ve ever seen, Donny McCall of Invis-A-Rack rejected demands by the wealthy investors of the Shark Tank TV show to consider having foreign workers produce his products.

Shark tank investors repeatedly grilled McCall on why he wouldn’t consider off-shoring production in order to lower his costs, but McCall refused, saying that he wouldn’t go there.

It was a shining example of the problems within the leadership of American big business. The investors explained to McCall how he should focus on “growing the business” so that he could get back to the ethical and moral matters of taking care of his own people and communities “later”, when the business is large and healthy.

But is that the reality?

Donny McCall Is a Rare American Businessman

There was a time when working in America was an opportunity sought after by people across the world. America was the land of opportunity.

Over the last 200 years, American has mutated into the land of Corporate greed, entire communities surviving only on government welfare checks, and immigrant workers getting paid “off-the-books.”

Although factory labor jobs were primarily affected by global outsourcing of jobs early on in the 1980s and 1990s, Americans were still able to compete by obtaining more technical degrees in engineering and the sciences.

However, after 2000, major western corporations even started ditching those technical workers for foreign technical staff based in countries with smaller economies that demanded lower wages for workers.

The sharks rebuffed Donny McCall for suggesting that quality would suffer by off-shoring production, but the reality is that Americans see evidence of this every day.

Countless manufacturers have resorted to purchasing cheaply made products from China, and so it should be no surprise that Western buyers are starting to find their children playing with toys that are tainted with dangerous imperfections like lead paint – dangers created by short-sighted and sometimes unethical shortcuts that foreign manufacturers like those in China use to slash their production costs.

Americans have also seen the drastic drop in quality after companies started off-shoring call-center staff to countries like India, when you couldn’t call the 1-800 number on the back of your credit card without it being answered by someone that could barely speak English.

Is it ethno-centric of Donny to suggest that the American dream should still exist in America?

shark tank

Shark investor Robert Herjavec nearly agreed as he recalled the struggles that his own immigrant father faced. Robert stated that his father – a Croatian that had immigrated to Canada, and had passed away only a month before the show – always said he was most proud of was his first job at a factory.

Despite this heart-wrenching realization, Herjavec’s sense of corporate profit overrode his sense of morality and patriotism, as he quickly finished his story with, “…but I can’t support something where you don’t take care of the business, so I’m out.”

Donny should have responded to Herjavec with, “…that’s okay Robert, I don’t need your money, because I can’t have an investor that doesn’t care about his own country, so I’m out.”

You Get What You Pay For

You are of course free to buy some cheap aluminum throw-away truck rack contraption from China, if you want. That’s your right.

However, I would highly suggest that if you’re looking for an innovative way to haul equipment over the bed of your pickup while leaving the bed itself free and clear for even more gear, you really should check out Invis-a-Rack.

It’s an American product, and an American business, that you can be proud to be involved with. Because no matter how large the company gets, you can be certain that patriot owner Donny McCall will never be willing to sell out his own country for a fast-track to riches.

In my book, Donny McCall is a true American hero.

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  • Love it. I use only American companies, mostly small family run businesses, to produce the Artist Resin horse models I sell at EquinArt Creations, one of my companies.  As a business owner and entrepreneur I applaud this guy!

  • Guy

    Robert Herjavec and Dennis O’Leary are both Canadians, so I don’t know where they get off with that crap. I’m very disappointed in them.

    I wonder of Herjavec outsources his Internet Security work to China. Never mind not being secure then, it would at least be cheap.

  • This guy was an idiot… instead of paying a few Americans $8 an hour to make his things he could have paid Americans $12 an hour to package, ship, distribute, sale, market his product… the problem is that you make money by taking someone’s money from them… so in order for America to make money we need to take it away from someone else… i have a business in which my things are made in China and South Korea… the parts are sent to Southern California, they are assembled here (SoCal), then I sell them on the internet… about half my business is done in Europe, and Latin America… and I can tell you this most of my employees make $40k a year

  • as an American I am slightly proud as an entrepreneur I’m disgusted… he ignores the greatest gift America has to offer and that is capitalism…. by “helping” others he is just hurting himself and some people he doesn’t even know he is hurting

  • Tangledweb1969

    Just to make myself clear on your statement…you’re calling Donnie an idiot for keeping American jobs in American when there are so many Americans out of work?

  • Tangledweb1969

    Just to make myself clear on your statement…you’re calling Donnie an idiot for keeping American jobs in American when there are so many Americans out of work?

  • Doughtonhall

    Proud to know Donnie and have him as our home town boy.  Makes all of us in Sparta, NC very proud….

  • Kjoines

    We need more companies standing up for America. We stand with you all the way. Made in the USA, we don’t see that often. Way to go Donny!

  • Bravo to Donny. I’m willing to bet this company finds a way to make it here in the US and become a healthy company!

  • Guest

    The Shark Tank guy should go f**k himself. Good job Donny, glad to see the American spirit is still alive.

  • Hey everyone, just heard back from Donny and thought you would all appreciate his response. Thanks for all that you do Donny!

    ***Start Email***


    Thanks for the write up. I don’t think I’m anywhere close to a hero. I know my priciples run deep and mostly rely on Faith and Coke Zero. I’m a Navy veteran and just proud of my country. It is my only hope that people will start looking at labels of fine American brands that are made other places. Just like my belief that if we would all turn the talking heads off for about a month, we could see what a great place we live in, if everyone would buy only American made products for about a month, profits would plummet for those off-shoring and they would come back. But, we as a people have to be willing to save our money for a better product made locally, than buy the crap we know will break soon. Or not be caught in the excitment of the next _phone (insert your own letter) and stand in line for days while they shake their fists at the ivory towers to throw down their riches.

    Anyway, enough of my soapbox. Thanks again.


    Donny McCall

  • Anonymous

    Just came across this article and I will say that at that time, his costs were a lot and it probably was holding the business back. The business was either losing some money or barely staying afloat when he went on that show. I think the sharks were biting on the fact that he wanted to jump all the way to doing the greater good and keeping jobs in a place where people needed them, but he didn’t take care of his business first. He refused to think from a perspective that would put his business first and he just wanted to make that grand leap to keeping jobs in American at all costs to his business. Gotta help yourself and put yourself firmly in position first before you can help your community

  • Well he must have been doing something right because he sold out of all of his units and has just established a contract with a large manufacturer to fill the demand for his product – a manufacturer filled with American workers.

  • That’s fantastic to hear – I hope you’re doing well!

  • Doing great, in talks with a major USA company for distribution. As a veteran of the USAF we also are enjoying the chance to keep all production of our second toy within the state of Florida.

  • joe smoe

    Great article! and he seems like a great man with a unwavering integrity! True hero!

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