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Undercover Activists Expose Duck Abuse at Foie Gras Farms

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duck abuse

It was like a scene out of a horror movie – a metal tube shoved down the throat of one duck at a time, food forced down into the stomachs, and the duck tossed aside.

Many survived to become lethargic up until slaughter, while a few fell ill and died.

This true story came to light after activists from the Animal Protection and Rescue League infiltrated duck factory farms that produced the ducks from which the “foie gras” appetizer is made.

Foie Gras is fattened liver, and it is produced by using a compressed-air feeder tube that “shoots” food into the duck’s throat in what can only be described as force-feeding.

Activists infiltrated the dark farms in California and New York, and video-taped the horrid health conditions the ducks had to survive after suffering through the force-feeding sessions.

Clear Animal Abuse

Activists posing as farm workers captured troubling video of the farm conditions, and the degraded health conditions of the ducks after being force-fed with an air gun shoved down the throat.

Bryan Pease, an attorney for the group, stated that the activists should be regarded as heroes, rather than being charged with crime as previous activists have been after rescuing some ducks from these same locations.

“These young activists took great personal risk to expose cruel conditions at these factory farms. Activists who previously rescued ducks from these same locations were charged with felony burglary.”

The Animal Protection & Rescue League has posted the full video of the abusive conditions at The video includes very graphic footage of the force-feeding process, where an air-gun is shoved deep into the throat of each duck, as food is “shot” into the stomach.

According to a press release from the group, the activists point out that the ducks huddle in the corners of the pens as workers pull them over to the force-feeding tube. This is in stark contrast to previous claims by Hudson Valley Foie Gras that ducks don’t try to escape the force feeding process.

duck abuse

Why Force Feed?

The reason the farms force-feed the ducks several times a day for the last month of their lives is because the process causes the duck’s liver to swell nearly 10 times larger than normal.

During the force-feeding process, many of the ducks die – clearly evidenced in the activists’ video showing several ducks lying motionless on the ground.

The force-feeding also causes the ducks to become completely lethargic. In one clip of the video, one duck is so slow to respond that it can’t fend off a rat that starts to attack it.

The process produces a large liver, which is extremely high in fat content. The surviving ducks are then processed to produce the “gourmet” foie gras appetizer.

The War Against Activists

Earlier in January, Top Secret Writers reported on the Butterball Turkey abuse case, where Activists infiltrated Butterball Turkey farms to show workers kicking, throwing and abusing the turkeys there.

This duck force-feeding investigation wasn’t the first time the APRL discovered such abuse. The organization also discovered and exposed animal cruelty from 2002 through 2004.

duck abuse

In 2011, agricultural companies started fighting back by lobbying state legislatures to pass laws that would prohibit animal rights activists from investigating and reporting on those abuses.

According to the NY Times, in April of 2011, Iowa legislators presented a bill that would make it illegal to distribute or even possess videos or photos taken at an agricultural facility without permission.

Both Florida and Minnesota explored similar measures after agricultural company lobbyists pushed hard to have such laws proposed and passed.

Wayne Pacelle, the president of the U.S. Humane Society, made it very clear what the motives were for States that were attempting to pass such laws.

“It’s because they don’t want you to see what’s going on that we’ve [the companies] resorted to employee investigations.”

The efforts of the agricultural lobbyists fly in the face of new laws being passed by U.S. Congress that seek to protect whistleblowers from being prosecuted for reporting wrongdoing by their employers.

Clearly, the lobbyist activity to create such laws is an effort to cover-up questionable actions taking place on agricultural farms that the industry would like to keep hidden from the general public.

There are some businesses that recognize public sentiment against such practices, and have banned serving the food. The APRL reports that hundreds of California restaurants have banned foie gras from the menu.

To see the video of the abuse captured at the two farms, check out the activist website

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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