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Princess Diana Part V – Myths of Marriage and Pregnancy

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princess diana marriage

This part of the essay concerns Al Fayed’s allegations following his media campaign that he and his pals had helped cook up on the French Riviera. It is in two parts. A) Discusses the marriage myths. B) Involves itself with allegations of pregnancy, but before I begin I have something of a treatise concerning Martyn Gregory.

In the last four installments, my articles have criticised Muhammed Al Fayed. I also said in Part II that one cannot blame Gregory for focusing on him.

Nonetheless, Gregory – for all his salient points concerning the man – is guilty of not examining Al Fayed nor the Diana controversy in a broader focus.

When I discussed David Icke, I also discussed how conspiracy arguments are framed within the parameters of a dominant paradigm. That being, sceptics like Michael Barkun and Daniel Pipes target conspirahypocrites like Icke and Alex Jones to prove their thesis, which are based on extreme conspirahypocrite cases.

Martyn Gregory, a man I believe who is much smarter than both Barkun and Pipes combined, has done much the same thing by ignoring alternative views from more legitimate sources and real researchers.

One of his central targets has been Al Fayed’s claims of an imminent marriage and pregnancy to Spencer.

If Gregory really wanted to take Al Fayed to task, why has he not discussed the little known fact that Al Fayed’s spin-doctoring in the media prior to the events on August 31st 1997 could well have provided potential plotters with an itch to scratch?

Why didn’t Gregory criticise Al Fayed for making up stories about Spencer’s pregnancy and conjuring up a convenient false sponsor, like the Royal Family for the crime?

Regardless of what was floating around in Diana Spencer’s head about the Royals, and despite the hype that Al Fayed has since stoked, if there was a conspiracy, there may well have been dark clouds gathering around Spencer and Al Fayed from another quarter.

Namely, those in the conservative elite circles of Britain, with contacts in intelligence and munitions who had far more reach and organisational nous than the much vaunted Royal family would ever have.

Myths Created About Diana

Regardless of Gregory’s positioning however, Al Fayed has handed him some fantastic opportunities. The statement below on Al Fayed’s website really has to be seen to be believed (1).

Throughout the seven weeks duration of their love affair, Dodi and Diana were with each other almost every minute.

While Dodi and Spencer had known each other off and on for years, according to pages 20-25 of the Paget Report, the couple’s relationship began on the 14th of July 1997 and ended on the 31st of August that year.

They had known each other for 47 days.

Apparently, their schedules allowed them to have seen each other on a possible 35 days. As it stands, they were together for 23 of them. This is hardly time for a mature couple to bond and make plans.

As we shall see, stories adding doubt or increasing the weirdness factor of the claims circulated well before the Operation Paget inquest headed by Lord Stevens began in 2008.

According to the Mail Online 14/06/06, ‘Timeline of events leading to Diana report’, Al Fayed first mentioned Dodi’s and Spencer’s impending marriage on the 1st of September 1997. His first public pronouncements of conspiracy seem to have occurred in March 1998.

It is hard to pinpoint precisely when he started making allegations of pregnancy. Nonetheless, it appears to have been in the period between mid-1998-1999. The first major attacks on Al Fayed came via Martin Gregory’s June 4th 1998 ‘Princess Diana: The Accident’ on BBC1.

Gregory systematically destroyed Al Fayed’s claims that an unidentified nurse had told him Diana’s final words in the hospital. Secondly, he further destroyed the claim that he saw the body of Miss Spencer.

The next major attacks on Al Fayed’s marriage claims came from his ex head of security at the Villa Windsor, Ben Murrell, on the 2nd of September 1998 in the Sun tabloid headlined ‘Fayed’s Diana Lies’.

While Murrell’s reasons for stealing the footage were less than honourable, the footage showing Dodi and Spencer at the Villa effectively destroyed Al Fayed’s claims that his son, Spencer and an Italian interior decorator had visited the house for two hours.

The footage clearly showed it being more like 24 minutes, and no interior designer was present. Al Fayed later claimed that there was footage of a separate visit. Unsurprisingly folks, as of 2012, this has never been seen by anyone.

A number of people have asked what I believe to be a very pertinent question. Why on earth would Spencer want to make this homage to the Nazi-Windsor’s, her own love nest with Fayed? Baring in mind her bitter split with the ex-occupant’s family.

There is a comprehensive diary of people denying her marriage to Al Fayed at I challenge anybody to tell me these people were all ‘MI5 or 6’.

princess diana pregnant

The Pregnancy Myth

Lucia Flecha de Lima, a very close friend of Spencer’s told Gerald Posner via a Talk Magazine interview in September 1999, that Spencer was not going to marry Fayed, nor was she pregnant. Of course, Posner himself is an extremely dodgy individual on the topic of assassination, not to mention libel.

However, Mrs. de Lima came across as a pretty reliable source. It was de Lima’s tapped phone lines that inadvertently picked up on her conversations with Spencer.

In March of 2000 Trevor Rees Jones, her bodyguard in the car that night, hit the headlines with his own criticisms of the Dodi- Spencer engagement myths. On January the 7th 2004 ex Royal coroner, John Burton stated to the London Times that Diana was not pregnant.

By 1/12/04, People Magazine Vol.61 No.1 quoted her ex butler Paul Burrell in the same manner. In Ian Sparks’ bizarre Mail Online article in 23/08/07, he wrote, “Diana was pregnant when she died but Dodi was not the father.” He notes that French journalist Chris Laffaille had seen reports from the coroner that Diana was indeed pregnant.

The twist is that it was Hasnat Khan and, apparently, Diana was 9-10 weeks pregnant.

Hasnat Khan features again, this time after a USA Today article on 03/03/08. This time Hasnat stated that while they had talked marriage, he had never seriously entertained it, as his life would turn into hell due to the attention Spencer would cause.

He also said he doubted Diana’s pregnancy to Al Fayed (or indeed himself), because of her regular use of birth control.

Rosa Monckton, a person with some curious familial connections to MI6 (which she admitted to reluctantly under oath), also denied that Diana was pregnant, claiming that she had her period while holidaying with her some ten days before her death.

Now, Monckton may well come under suspicion. With close relatives in MI6, this is understandable. While I do not believe for a jot she was not informing back to MI6 on Spencer, her claims do not necessarily make her a liar in so much as the pregnancy angle and Spencer’s relationship with Al Fayed is concerned.

The lion’s share of the evidence – independent of her statements and Al Fayed’s ever changing stories – give her a semblance of credibility at least on this issue.

princess diana pregnant

More Evidence Against Pregancy

On the 11/02/09 Erin Moriarty, a correspondent for CBS noted in ‘Diana: Secret Documents Revealed’ a rather interesting anomaly.

When the first stories of Diana’s pregnancy seem to have emerged, somewhere around mid 1998, Al Fayed always said the news came via his son. However, it was not until around 2002 that he bought up the angle about talking on the phone to Diana about it. Further that, the photo Al Fayed was running around with, showing a stomach bump as evidence of Spencer’s pregnancy, had been taken month’s before Spencer and Dodi were even together.

For any baby bump to be visible, it would have to be at least 3 months old.

Before I leave this zone, there has been a very big deal concerning the embalming of Spencer as a means to destroy evidence of her pregnancy to Fayed.

I am totally gobsmacked anybody could entertain this, as the evidence is extremely underwhelming. One would think that it would also be far easier to simply have a pathologist lie about her not being pregnant at the autopsy, which rather humorously, is what everyone claims anyways.

For all its purported illegality, the embalming of Diana was A) Not entirely without precedent, and B) It appears to have been done for legitimate reasons, in pressing circumstances. The following statements, thoroughly ignored by the rabid conspirahypocrite crowd, compound the ‘embalming’ as a cover up of pregnancy angle.

“Despite a categoric statement by John Burton, former royal coroner present at the post-mortem examination on Diana, who said: ‘She wasn’t pregnant. I have seen into her womb.'”

Another pathologist Robert Thompson had also stated:

“It was only after the autopsy had been completed in Fulham that Princess Diana’s body was actually fully embalmed elsewhere in London.” (2)

This is important, because according to the London coroner’s report, it had only been Diana’s top half that had been embalmed (3).

Even if it was a full embalming, any standard autopsy would still determine if she was pregnant or not most of the time. Just go and ask your local coroner.

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