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The Mythical Death Threats Illuminati Members Allegedly Make

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death threats illuminati

In this update on my Illuminati research, I’m going to cover an odd phenomenon I’ve noticed, where people make claims of death threats from Illuminati elements.

Those of you that followed along with my early research into the original founding of the real Illuminati, and my interview with Terry Melanson, the author and researcher of Illuminati history, then you know that when it comes to this mythical “secret” society, I am not very tolerant of nonsense.

Unfortunately, when you delve into this topic, most of what’s out there is nonsense. I’m not sure why this particular conspiracy theory – which often includes references to the New World Order and the Bilderberg Group – nonsense is pretty much all you find.

In this article, I’m going to cover a few cases I’ve spotted where people have made claims of death threats that Illuminati members have allegedly made against them, or against other people they know. What all of these claims have in common is that (1) the people that make the claims offer no evidence, (2) they stand to gain something if people believe them, and (3) they are very bad at lying.

So, without further ado, it’s time to take out the trash.

Death Threats by Illuminati Believers

Jay-Z isn’t the first pop-star musician to use occult references and images that have been connected through dim-witted conspiracy theorists to the mythical Illuminati group. Artists make use of the pyramid image, the all-seeing eye, and other images they believe make their videos and their work appear more “artistic” and creative.

What many of these musicians don’t realize, until it’s too late, is that the fans that truly believe in the Illuminati take those beliefs very seriously – many of them literally hate the Illuminati. Some are literally mentally ill, and anyone or anything they consider as somehow “connected” or a part of that hateful, “evil” group, they want to attack or threaten. This is the danger of what the symbolism and the entire concept of the Illuminati and the New World Order has become.

To take a sane approach in this surreal world where crazy people rule is nearly impossible. Every time Jay-Z makes the triangular sign with his hands that represents the diamond logo of his Roc-Nation label, Illuminati freak-believers around the world start having heart-palpitations – believing that he’s making the pyramid-sign of the evil Illuminati. (1)

Jay-Z tries to create a bit of publicity, and mentally-unstable fans assume he’s somehow connected to the Illuminati.

To make matters worse, when Jay-Z and Beyonce had their baby and named it Blue Ivy – those low-IQ fans immediately drew all sorts of loose connections between the name and the Illuminati. How can you draw such connections….oh, never put it past an Illuminati believer.

death threats illuminati

Check out this dubious logic – “Ivy” apparently refers to “I-lluminati’s V-ery Y-oungest”, and Blue means “B-orn L-iving U-nder E-vil”. Apparently, a few folks even spelled her name backwards – Eulb Yvi – which is apparently Latin for “Lucifer’s Daughter.”

Isn’t that a nice way for fans to welcome the little girl into the world – calling her Lucifer’s Daughter? The baby was born on January 7th, 2012, and there were immediately rumors throughout the Internet that some fans planned a hospital “takeover” and that there were Illuminati-related death threats made by unruly and unstable fans. (3)

Fun stuff – and we’ve only gotten started. This example was when Illuminati believers make death threats against people they believe are members of the Illuminati. In my opinion, there’s a worse category of folk – scammers that claim they’ve had death threats from Illuminati members themselves.

Illuminati Death Threat Claims

Daniel Estulin is a Lithuanian author and public speaker who has researched the Bilderberg Group for years. He wrote the book “The True Story of the Bilderberg Group” and makes his money by traveling around the world, speaking at conferences filled with even more dim-witted Illuminati believers, describing how the Bilderberg Group intends to eventually control all natural resources of the planet.

Apparently, even Cuban dictator Fidel Castro is a Bilderberg-believer, calling Estulin’s book “a fantastic story.” (4) I think it’s fair to say that Castro’s own conspiracy-theory leanings and his gullibility in accepting the claims in Estulin’s book imply a certain weakness for counter-intelligence that might exist within conspiracy-laden books like Estulin’s.

Estulin has claimed in an Alex Jones interview to have “received information from sources inside the U.S. intelligence community”, and of course no one – especially not someone like Jones – has bothered to confirm his claim (5).

According to the book “The Illuminati: Facts & Fiction” by Mark Dice, Mark reported that:

“Daniel Estulin and his family have received death threats and worse as a result of his investigations into the Bilderberg group.”

Of course, Mark Dice does not offer a source for that claim, and it’s probably safe to assume that the source is Daniel Estulin himself, and once again, no one has bothered to ask for evidence supporting that such threats ever actually took place. (6)

Threats make for great drama, and drama sells books.

death threats illuminati

David Wilcock Cries in Interview About Illuminati Threats

For those of you that have never heard of David Wilcock, you’re in for quite a treat. David is yet another lecturer and filmmaker, and most telling, according to his site, he is, “a researcher of ancient civilizations, conciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy.”

Apparently, his book “The Source Field Investigations – The Hidden Science and Lost Civilizations behind the 2012 Prophecies” published September 11, 2011, reached #18 on the New York Times Bestseller List. (8) Apparently the whole area of “divine” cosmos and human consciousness is very, very big business these days. Wilcock is milking it for everything he’s worth.

Speaking of milking it – in an interview with the highly-gullible researcher Kerry Kassidy of Project Camelot, Wilcock – a last-minute guest on her radio show – started to tearfully tell the audience how he had been threatened by Illuminati elements, telling him that he had to post a follow-up to his recent “expose”. As Kerry tries to comfort him by telling him that listeners are showering him with “white light and protective energy,” Wilcock weaves his tale and ropes in all of the readers with his little game, sniffling and pretending to cry the entire time.

“…they have sent me hundreds of documents. These documents have apparently put a bounty on my head. I have now seen the book of…codes. I have seen the exact documentation that will bring these people [illuminati] down.”

He goes on to claim that if he is killed, he’s provided explosive illuminati documents to people that will expose everything. (9)

His acting is absolutely horrible. His entire story is completely lame and poorly-fabricated. It’s totally hilarious.

Check out the interview and just try not to laugh.

The alleged death-threats were nothing more than a gimmick to draw in believers (like Kerry Kassidy and her listeners) so that they would buy his future publications revealing this big, shocking, dramatic expose of the Bilderberg group.

Of course, the big “expose” is nothing more than a book filled with loose connections, dreamed-up conspiracies and half-truths – the sort of Dan Brown-style fiction that people like Wilcock like to sell to the portion of the public that are gullible, ignorant and incapable of differentiating fact from fiction.

Both Wilcock and Estulin are modern day scam artists like those that sold miracle-pure potions and snake oil to unsuspecting common-folk.

Trust me when I tell you, friends, that the only real threats that ever take place related to the mythical Illuminati are from mentally-ill believers themselves.

As far as the “real illuminati” – I still maintain that such a group once existed many, many years ago in Europe, and that it’s ideals and people did in fact spread around the world. However, you will not learn about it by following any of these snake-oil salesmen.

You’ll learn about it by studying the history books, and by tracing the true family genealogies of the original Illuminati membership. This is the sort of work that historians like Terry Melanson have worked through, and which a select few other historians continue to dig through today. I follow their work closely. You should too – and leave the snake oil and drama behind.

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  • I love your line: “you’ll learn about it by studying history books.”!!
    Now *that’s* hilarious.

    And we see you “investigate declassified documents.” Where do I begin..? Why do you think they’re declassified..?

    But you admit “we’ve only gotten started..”

    Yes, Ryan, you *have* only just started. Hardly even that. You haven’t even found the surface to begin *not* scratching..!

    Re-reading your article in a few years time will make you cringe with embarrassment. I don’t envy you that.

  • Why are they declassified – well, in some cases they’ve made it past the statute of limitations for classification and don’t meet the standards for being exempt, in other cases they were requested via FOIA. btw – it’s impossible for anyone to investigate classified documents, because you go to prison for that.  And by “history books” I meant the actual documented history of the illuminati, not some fairy tale some conspiracy theorist dreamed up on their website.

  • Jfarris4417

    It’s all well and good to call people mentally ill because they have certain beliefs contrary to yours, unless of course there really is a conspiracy going on…then you’ve really got yourself a problem.  Then you Ryan Doobie, are the mentally ill one.  Personally I don’t think its as cut and dry and you’d like it to be with your increadibly mentally stable self, you mental giant you.

    There is a reason they’re called “secret societies”, they’re especially secret when they get into organized crime.  Are you going to call people who believe in organized crime nuts and kooks?

    Its a slippery slope this hot button word “conspiracy theory”…conspiracies happen literally everyday, there are hundreds of them going on right now, look up conspiracy in the dictionary.  To deny conspiracies is truly mentally ill, and very gullible.

  • It doesn’t take a mental giant to see how gullible it is to buy into stories that aren’t supported by any evidence. And if you read my past articles on the Illuminati, you’d know that I believe in Illuminati-theories, just ones that are supported by proof, not fantasies dreamed up based on nothing at all but loose connections. Secret societies are not secret forever.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t think it is fair to put Daniel Estulin in the same boat as the Jay-Z illuminati camp and David Wilcock. Estulin says that all seeing eye illuminati stuff is garbage – thats what he tells the people at those conferences – I have seen it myself… Estulin does not get into bigfoot territory at all. You are sadly mistaken, he even tells people not to rave on about a new world order. He says “there are men behind the curtain”.

    If you do not think there are men behind the curtain running the show and you do not think they are trying to expand their power you are a complete and utter dunce. This article is either displaying your ignorance or it is disinfo.

  • Raptor

    This guy is an idiot. Weather you’re convinced the illuminati exists or not, there’s no denying there is some sort of conspiracy going on in terms of manipulating world events. There is more evidence to prove this conspiracy theory than there is to disprove it, and this guy basically writing everyone off as psychos who believe in it just clearly shows that he hasn’t done much research into it.

  • An idiot would be someone that claims there’s “more evidence” to prove it and then doesn’t offer even a single one. How about this – search this site for “illuminati”, check out the research and interviews that have already debunked many of the long-held illuminati claims. Then, when you’re done that, try to find where I describe my own beliefs about whether or not there are conspiracies. Then come back and correct the mistakes you made in your initial comment. No apologies required – they are easy mistakes to make when you make premature comments.

  • You Sir, do NOT know a whole lot it seems. Only brainwashed babble coming from this corner. Instead of throwing everyone in the same hole calling the mentally ill and what not, you should take a long look at yourself, and REALLY do some research on this issue. Your attempt of dicrediting other researchers for drawing other conclusions other than those made by you seems pathetic to me. Alright, some con-theories might be a bit farfetched, but there is also alot of them which ha benn proven and documented. You really need a new hobby.

  • YouWish

    I was actually considering the possibility to write for this website after finding your ad. After reading many articles on here, I have come to the conclusion that your title on the job board “Reliable Conspiracy Writer and Journalist Blogger Needed” is a misrepresentation of this website and your knowledge of anything at all. I do agree that there are a lot of far fetched “conspiracy theories” and many seem to see a conspiracy in everything but this site seems to be more delusional than “the dim-witted Illuminati believers” that you seem to resent. As an educated person and someone who has a website, you lack the ability to express your views in an appropriate manner. By calling people names, you display a very low self esteem, and lack of business sense. Shouldn’t your job be to keep people on the site, not alienate others by your bias and slanderous mentality. This site could use a lot of work by removing this cheap template and actually hiring people who would be more creative, keep it interesting. What has made me laugh is your comment about JayZ and his hand gesture as not being an Illuminati symbol, but in fact being his label. Where did he get the idea for his “label”? The very foundation of humanity is being shaken and their safety nets they call “America, the land of the free”, have become worn out to the extent that many holes are visible. Human beings like to feel secure and to see their government as becoming a mirror image of China or Nazi Germany, would cause their little world as Atlantis. Obliterated! What did George H. Bush mean when he said “New World Order”. Are the Bilderbergs part of this plan or are they just GOD fearing, caring and loving citizens of the planet earth? Their actions are treasonous, just by meeting with other leaders in an informal arena, especially an American government official attending is corrupt, treasonous and a conspiracy out right. Are there not bankers in this group? Have you missed the past 6-10 years? What has the government done about the corruption on Wall Street and the Financial Industry? They did nothing good, but did do some naughty things. They gave them billions of dollars, so that they can line their own pockets and those of their preferred investors. As we go back, we see more corruption, theft and some lies too. Lets not forget about the lies! What happened to congress and their okay to invade a country, kill and slaughter innocent people, knowing that there were no Weapons of Mass Destruction? Iraq had absolutely nothing to do with 9/11. You see, Saddam did not want to play ball with the U.S any more, so they tossed him out. Do you deny this? Now they have taken 400 acres of prime land, built 6 apartment buildings, daycare, swimming pool and running water and toilets, and built themselves an embassy that cost $750 million to build, plus to maintain, its estimated to cost 1 billion dollars a year. Back in America, people are suffering with no jobs and Hurricane Sandy relief is still no where in site, but the embassy is a must. And then there’s the mother of all corruptions, conspiracies, 9/11. If you think nothing is going on with that one, man your the one who is “dim witted”. It is literally impossible for a building like the WTC, to collapse the way it did by a plane hitting it at the top. The fuel of the plane will not heat the metal to the point of melting it. Remember the pictures? The very high majority of the planes fuel burned “outside” of the building. The structural steel would have to be connected to each one below it and it would have to be so hot for a very, very long period, continuously at that temperature. But you know what? Its still impossible! Maybe the top part would have toppled over, but not straight down, exactly like a “controlled demolition”. I was on board at the beginning, with people like you I mean, but after researching and finding many conflicting testimony from witnesses, media broadcasts, I decided to wake up and see that the U.S was covering something up. The whole point is that they did because the 9/11 commission should have never come to the conclusions it came out with and the president/government would not have allowed such a demonic lie and action sweep through the world. This was the “magic bullet” that killed Kennedy all over again, with regards to cover up and dismissal of facts and truth. Did you read the decision of the Commission that oversaw the Kennedy assassination? That case should be reopened but they don’t do it. How can the land of the free, continue to allow that lie to continue after so many decades and so much evidence? People do not want their little world to be shaken or to be a complete and utter fraud. The founding fathers would have never allowed this, nor would they have allowed the media to be hijacked by Corporate America, or any other self serving, corrupt entity because the First Amendment would be waisted ink on toilet paper. Worth Shit! And to allow someone from another country, another belief other than the American Dream to own these media entities is a horrendous crime on its own. Like I said, not all things are a conspiracy, but living in todays world, I do not blame anyone for believing that they all are. I could go on and on with actual facts but since I wrote this with no effort and already concluded that this site is not worth any more of my time, I will say adios va con satan, because you are a part of the problem. One last thing. Rethink your title, your objective and your claims because it does not make any sense with what seems to be your view point and direction. Oh ya(lol), be nice to people. For someone who wrote on the ad for a freelance writer “However, my dream as the owner is to grow the site and to keep sharing in the success of the site with all of our authors through future salary increases.” is headed in the opposite direction. Reading the comments on here is a good way to see how your satisfying the reader and the what direction your site is headed. Its getting so corrupt in this world that I wouldn’t blame people for thinking your “One Of Them” lmaooololol
    “Those who control the past, control the future”
    Lets see if you even keep this on here. lolololoooooloooool

  • Lots of delusional people apply to write here, you wouldn’t have been the first.

  • Great feedback and intelligent thoughts. Thanks.

  • go fuck your mama RYAN u cunt

  • ryan is a satanic robot

  • dick face

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