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Was Diamond-Shaped UFO Over California a Top Secret Drone?

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Was Diamond-Shaped UFO Over California a Top Secret Drone?

diamond shaped ufo

On Tuesday, April 10th, the Huffington Post released a report about an anonymous motorist in the Costa Mesa region of Californa that reported to MUFON that he had seen a strange diamond-shaped UFO hovering “about a mile away from him.” (1)

The witness reported an object hovering in the sky that was “much too big to be a helicopter”.

The description offered of the object itself was very odd, with the witness stating that it was made of up “two diamonds connected in the middle”. The witness included that the object was making a humming noise that could be heard even nearly a mile away.

Just from the general description of the craft that the witness offered to MUFON, there are already discrepancies, such as the fact that the witness stated that it didn’t have aviation lights, yet later he stated that the UFO had four lights on it that were “brighter than the sun lights.”

Another point against the case is the fact that it was published in The Examiner, a magazine renowned for publishing just about any sensational story without an ounce of evidence to support it. The good news is that MUFON is in fact on the case (depending on your opinion of MUFON of course).

MUFON’s director of public relations Roger Marsh offered a few quotes to Huffington Post as well about the history of diamond-shaped sightings being fairly common, and the fact that the witness on the ground heard a humming sound. According to Marsh, that makes the case unusual, because “in most good UFO cases, the object is completely silent.”

I’m not sure where Marsh draws this conclusion, but setting that small point aside, a more important issue is what the witness most likely saw on April 5th.

Most Likely Scenarios

Whenever I hear about any UFO sighting, the first thing that comes to mind is that the witness saw something completely conventional and mundane, but misunderstood what they saw.

I’ve witnessed this first-hand with family and friends, who saw a light in the night sky doing strange aerial acrobatics and flashing or solid bright lights, only to realize once the object came close enough, that it was a helicopter or a private plane, with the flickering light between the tree branches creating strange observational effects (looking like dancing lights).

Speeding lights traveling at “abnormal speed” turn out to be satellites. Hovering UFOs are very bright stars on a clear winter night. A bright fiery flash crashing down to Earth turns out to be a rare sighting of a meteorite. The list goes on.

However, setting aside the possibility that this witness simply misunderstood what he was seeing, another factor to take into account is the location. California is a hot-bed of military activity, with above top secret and regular military bases just scattered up and down the coast. The first thing that’s always good to check is which military bases or facilities are in the immediate vicinity.

diamond shaped ufo

In the Costa Mesa region, you’ve got two obvious candidates, both relatively “next door” to where this sighting took place. Those are the Naval Weapons Station at Seal Beach to the North, and of course the Marines’ Camp Pendleton, with an airfield right there on Vandegrift Blvd.

Naval Weapons Station

There were no official news reports coming out of the Naval Weapons Station about any unusual activity taking place on or around April 5th that would produce this kind of odd sighting.

However, there were at least “noise generating events” released as a noise advisory by Camp Pendleton on April 5th. Those were listed as follows:

-Mortar Live Fire=0600-2359
Firing High Explosive munitions into the Whiskey/Zulu impact areas.
-Artillery Live Fire=0600-2359
Firing High Explosive munitions into the Whiskey/Zulu impact areas.
-FW Aircraft AV8B Harriers 500lb. bombs=1400-1800
Dropping 500lb. High Explosive munitions into the Zulu impact area.
-Artillery Live Fire=0600-2359
Firing High Explosive munitions into the Whiskey/Zulu impact areas.
-FW Aircraft AV8B Harriers 500lb. bombs=1400-1800
Dropping 500lb. High Explosive munitions into the Zulu impact area.

The witness reported seeing the object in the “Eastern sky” from Costa Mesa, which puts the object approximately 20 to 25 miles north/northwest of Camp Pendleton. The location description could put it in the direction of Modjeska Canyon, or the Mountains to the East.

Aside from guesswork regarding the exact location of the object that the witness saw, there is always the issue of whether or not the object itself was one of the many drones currently being developed and tested by the U.S. military for use around the world.

As we’ve previously reported, drone development in both military and public services is increasing significantly.

diamond shaped ufo

Strange Drones in the Sky

There are in fact some interesting oddly-shaped drones that could create a strange sighting experience similar to this one. In fact, there are a number of interesting drones that have flown out of Camp Pendleton in the past.

For example, in 2007, the Killerbee 3 (KB3) UAV was demonstrated out of Camp Pendleton on February 17th of that year.

The press release announcing the flight after the fact stated,

“Looking forward, the slightly-larger blended-wing KillerBee 4 (KB4) UAS will be Swift’s entry in the Navy/USMC Small Tactical UAS/Tier II competition. The KB4 will provide tailored and more cost-effective support to Navy and Marine units prosecuting missions at sea and ashore.”

Another example is the BQM-147A Exdrone Dragon Drone. It is approximately 8 feet wide wingtip to wingtip, and according to a description provided at

“The air vehicle is gyro stabilized and capable of programmed autonomous flight. It uses microwave energy to downlink information to the ground control stations.”

What is particularly interesting about this drone are the experimental payloads mentioned in the article.

“Experimentation and testing continue for additional payloads. These payloads include a communication jammer, communications relay, deception decoys, mind detection capabilities, and an airborne nuclear, biological and chemical detection suite.” (2)

In a vertical or side/banked position, the shape of this triangular craft could potentially look like a pretty strange sight in the sky.

Furthermore, deception decoys such as flare or other experimental types could potentially look very strange to someone unaware of what’s going on. Even standard flare decoys can appear very bright in the sky under the right conditions.

Other UAV’s that have flown out of Camp Pendleton include the RQ-4 Global Hawk, the RQ-7B Shadow 200 in 2009 (3), the RQ-11A Raven (5) and likely other experimental UAV’s not publicly announced.

We’ll have to wait for MUFON to complete it’s investigation of the sighting to get the perspective of the Ufology community on this sighting, but as it stands – given the location and known military activity in the area – this case was likely nothing more than a top secret (or maybe even not top secret) aircraft or UAV.

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  • Justan American

    When you talk about military bases on the California coast you always over look San Nicholas Island off the coast amost due west of this location.It is a Navy airfield and a facility known to have classified activities.I worked for a military contractor that did work there.One time when a group of my co-workers were there base security came and rounded up all non essential base workers and sequestered them in the base theater all afternoon!

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