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FBI Releases John Hinckley Prosecutive Report on Reagan Shooting

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reagan shot

Last month, the FBI released a 900-page Prosecutive Report on the botched assassination attempt on President Reagan by John Hinckley.

Hinckley shot President Ronald Reagan and several others in a failed assassination attempt on March 31, 1981. The recent FBI release is the result of an extensive FBI investigation dubbed REGAT. The report was delivered in May of 1981 to provide Justice Lawyers information into the matter, while they considered how to prosecute the failed presidential assassin.

The report is a fascinating read because it includes a synopsis of the president’s medical treatment, crime scene information, and evidence lists along with other information.

The report starts off with a rough timeline of the movements of the President and Hinckley leading up to the assassination attempt.

According to the report, Hinckley arrived a day before the shooting. He traveled alone and ate alone. Several of the tourists who were interviewed also stated that Hinckley was sighted at the fence of the South Lawn asking tourists where the president could be seen.

The report continues with the timeline up to and through the shooting. The information also includes crime scene maps and evidence lists of items obtained from Hinckley by the FBI.

Not only is a timeline of events continued after the event, but a synopsis of the medical treatment administered to the president and the others who were injured during the shooting is also included in the report. The report names the doctors who removed the bullet from the President’s chest, along with the bullets that were removed from the other members of the President’s party.

Unfortunately, much of the medical synopsis is missing. Each doctor who treated the President and the other victims of the shooting were interviewed, but it is these portions of the report that are heavily redacted. What was not redacted from the medical reports was the fact that everything belonging to the President and the other victims in the emergency room was immediately collected and sent to the FBI.

A Detailed Description of Events After Reagan Shooting

The report describes the event when Reagan was carried into the emergency room by a secret service agent, and he collapsed. The President was placed on a gurney and his clothes were “ripped off” by doctors. The report notes that the special agent present immediately collected the torn clothing and sent them to the FBI for analysis.

Another interesting fact laid out by the report was the evidence collected from John Hinckley. Just from the contents of Hinckley’s pockets, it would be difficult to ascertain that he was planning an attempt to assassinate the President of the United States.

The contents of his pockets and wallet consisted of common items found in many Americans’ pockets. However, the evidence from his hotel room turned up much more damning material.

Aside from the gun box and extra ammunition, the evidence from the hotel room also consisted of scores of reading material; including a paperback copy of Taxi Driver, a People Magazine with pictures of a young Jodi Foster, and an issue of Esquire Magazine with 36 sheets of notebook paper containing handwritten poetry.

All of that evidence would later be used to paint the picture of an insane and obsessed individual who set out to impress the young actress at all costs.

The report is a very interesting read. It provides the reader with an inside view of the FBI’s method of investigating the failed assassination attempt. The shear amount of evidence that was collected in such a short time was remarkable.

Furthermore, the quick action taken by the FBI and the secret service as outlined in the report offers the reader a rare glimpse of what happens when those agencies are called upon to protect the President.

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