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Getting Started With Modern Survival

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modern survival

So, the other day I sat down to write up a self/family-evaluation, a supply inventory and a survey of my surroundings. My big plan was to compile a list of all this information and turn it into part of an article.

As I attempted to compile this list, it hit me that the more I wrote about what I do have, the more I realized what I don’t have.

I believe this insight came from my constant sense of worry. No matter what the circumstance, I can always convince myself that I don’t have enough or I’m not doing enough.

Hopefully, writing this column and compiling my Top Secret Survival Guide will finally put some of my own worries to rest. Hopefully they’ll help put some of yours to rest too.

Let’s Get Organized

Since my evaluation/inventory/survey is still in the works, I have decided to break it down into a less insurmountable task. I’m sure this will help you as well.

First, the self/family-evaluation can be completed easily and in a small amount of time. Secondly, the supply inventory, while very important, will take days, possibly weeks, to complete. I have realized that it’s best to compile a list of the supplies and resources already available to you in a very organized, deliberate way.

I am planning to re-organize and simplify each room and the basement of my house, the garage and the out-buildings first. Once that is finished, I will write the official Top Secret list. Lastly, I will do a survey of my surroundings.

Again, this is a task that will benefit from a more organized approach. This initial survey should include an evaluation of your surroundings within a 5-mile radius.

Official maps, a list of available resources and a self-made map of important locations are a few items that will be included in this section. All together, your entire list may take more than a month to complete.

modern survival list

In the Meantime

Meanwhile, I realize that it is important to possess an immediate sense of safety. Don’t hesitate to make sure you have the following before you even start the evaluation/inventory/survey:

• A list of important phone numbers and a locked-box with your important documents.
• A good supply of bottled water.
• Enough non-perishable food to last at least a week.
• Flashlights, batteries, candles and lighters.

These items should allow you to rest easy if you must face a power-outage, blizzard or any other short-term difficulty.

Next week, I will share my self/family-evaluation with you and this will be the first section of our Top Secret Survival Guide.

As we compile the inventory and survey, I will also be researching and trying out new skills and ideas. I’m looking forward to sharing these experiences with my family—and with you.

Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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