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Evaluate Yourself – Is Your Family Ready for Survival?

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survival evaluation

To complete a self-evaluation, you must first imagine yourself in a real emergency situation.

There you are, doing your laundry, and all of a sudden your power goes out and you are stuck in your house in the middle of a week-long blizzard.

Now, some of you may have a family at home with you. Some of you may live in an apartment building, or you may live alone. Each case is unique and calls for a certain set of skills.

In my own scenario, I’m lucky because my family is home with me. However, I still need to possess a number of skills in order to survive. My self-evaluation is as follows:

• Basic cooking skills
• Camping experience
• CPR/first aid certification
• Good physical fitness
• Sewing/knitting ability
• Ability to make a fire
• Mothering instinct

Self-Improvement Plan

Now, those skills will not be of any use if there are no supplies or tools available to me. That is where the inventory and the survey of my surroundings come in.

However, my self-evaluation assumes I have all that I need to survive. My next step is to take those skills and build upon them to make myself truly invaluable to myself and my family if we find ourselves in a survival situation.

Here is my self-improvement plan:

• Basic cooking skills: (1) compile a collection of recipes that would come in handy when there are a limited number of ingredients available. (2) learn and practice how to make a good fire for cooking and how to actually cook over this fire. (3) try cooking on our wood stove.

• Camping experience: go camping! (without the usual luxuries)

• CPR/First aid certification: practice what I have learned and keep the certification up to date.

• Good physical fitness: (1) step-up my fitness routine to the point where I could easily hike 5 miles at a moderate pace. (2) go on hiking trips with my family as often as possible this spring/summer.

• Sewing/knitting: (1) find instructions for knitting and sewing projects that would come in handy in a survival situation. (2) start making those projects that I can also give as gifts at Christmastime.

• Ability to make a fire: have a bonfire weekend with the family and discuss plans for researching and trying out survival skills.

• Mothering instinct: this grows on its own everyday! Just need to thinking in survival-mode and follow through with plans.

survival evaluation

Until Next Time…

As I said above, I am planning to have a bonfire this weekend and I will practice boiling water, cooking food and either making candles or soap. That should be interesting.

I have a lot to do, so I’d better get started.

Get your own Top Secret Survival Guide started… do your self-evaluation now, and get ready to make a survival self-improvement plan for your own family!

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