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Princess Diana Death Part VIII – Suspicious Evidence

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Princess Diana Death Part VIII – Suspicious Evidence

We leave behind much of the Al Fayed and Gregory stew now, and start focusing, slowly but surely, on a possible murder scenario that attempts to be independent of both.

Did I just say possible murder scenario? Well yes I did.

Despite all of the rubbish cooked up by this horrific duo and their pals, there is a chance in some people’s opinion that something may well have happened. It is those more rational views and opinions that, as I said at the start, have never really been given a fair shake.

Do I have direct evidence of an assassination – no I don’t. However, there are some shoddy denials and interesting circumstances, coincidences and unanswered questions that may or may not make an assassination attempt plausible.

The first step in doing this is to briefly discuss the three most prominent British intelligence whistle blowers who have commented on the Diana case.

British intelligence figures like Annie Machon and David Shayler of MI5, and controversial New Zealand born Brit, Richard Tomlinson of MI6 have claimed that their respective agencies were likely involved in plots to kill Spencer.

In my experiences, not to mention those of more experienced researchers in the Diana field like Drago, Hassan, and Klimkowsy, just because someone says they are ex-agency or have intelligence “contacts” does not mean they know any more about a case than you or I. So do not be fooled by their alleged credentials.

Without authenticated and verifiable documentation, their insight and information is often as limited and misinformed as anyone else’s. They could very well even be intelligence plants. In this regard, let us start with Miss Annie Machon. Machon is perhaps the weakest link of the three.

Annie Machon

Machon, for a time, became one of the more prominent ex-intelligence agents advocating various Diana theories. She, like Tomlinson and Peter Wright (Spycatcher), has often discussed the curious cross-pollination of Britain’s establishment with the intelligence services.

This sort of thing is nothing new. The intelligence services of the United States, for example, have long had close contact with corporate America (1). Speaking in Chicago at the 2006 “9/11 Revealing the Truth, Reclaiming our Future” conference, Machon stated that she and her partner David Shayler had prevented Al Fayed from making a fool of himself with fake CIA documents (which supposedly implicated MI5, Prince Phillip, and the Queen).

What is interesting is that the conversations that eventually took place between the forger, Oswald LeWinter, and John McNamara, Al Fayed’s head of security, ended in a sting operation to arrest LeWinter. LeWinter was offering Al Fayed’s aid with the document for some 15-20 million pounds.

While Machon discussed LeWinter’s bizarre ties to intelligence as a disinformation figure, she got it wrong when she called LeWinter an MI6 agent. I have no idea how on earth she came up with this assumption. All evidence indicates that LeWinter has claimed he is CIA.

Oddly, neither Machon nor Allen ever discussed the fact that in the sting, Al Fayed’s intermediary contacted the CIA, FBI and the Austrian authorities. LeWinter (a man worthy of an article at TSW himself), was arrested, charged and jailed. The big irony here is that Al Fayed worked with the very CIA that he has invariably accused of aiding and/or keeping information on the murder of his son. He has claimed also claimed that the CIA may very well have used LeWinter unwittingly or not to dupe Al Fayed, or waste his time. (2)

The final act of this bizarre story is that Machon seems to have since distanced herself from Al Fayed. Maybe she realised that while LeWinter may have been setting up Al Fayed as a ‘straw candidate’, it didn’t stop Al Fayed from going along with the accusations implicating Prince Phillip and, at times even the Queen.

This quite clearly shows that even after his staff had proven LeWinter’s tale false, Al Fayed was still unwilling to part with his old theories, or at least modify them.

Machon for all her purported nous, seemed to support the idea of Spencer’s pregnancy to Fayed (an utterly marginal call at best). Not only that, but she also came out in support of the dubious idea that her death was because of her getting involved in the Palestinian issue. However, there is very little evidence of this, bar comments made by author Nicholas Davies.

Davies’ source was apparently an ‘unnamed MI5’ agent. Machon seems sincere, but the fact that she could flat out make such huge errors of judgement in front of a paying audience proves that ex-spooks are just as fallible to ill judgement and disinformation as anyone else.

princess diana death

David Shayler and Richard Tomlinson

David Shayler was Annie Machon’s offsider at MI5, and eventually became her lover. Shayler’s claim to fame was that he went public with his knowledge of MI6 plans to assassinate Ghadafi, who was incidentally also a big target for British Weapons sales.

Shayler, who is on record discussing the unaccountable ‘gung ho’ attitude of MI6, also believed that Spencer herself had been murdered by that very agency via car tampering. Sadly for Shayler, unlike Machon, the exertions of his time spent out in the cold and then the public eye seem to have traumatised him deeply.

He now advocates that no planes flew into the World Trade Centre, and calls himself ‘Dolores’ (3). Despite all of his problems, Shayler has had corroboration for MI6 running roughshod, and he also has some form of corroboration for the car plot scenario. These come in a roundabout fashion from Richard Tomlinson.

Of the three agents discussed in this essay, it appears that Richard Tomlinson is the most credible.

His comments regarding Diana’s friend Rosa Monckton’s familial connections to MI6 led to her to admit the connection during the Paget hearings. It is doubtful that had he not pressed this issue, the question would never have been asked.

As said earlier, while Monckton may well be credible on the pregnancy issue, and the likelihood of her reporting back on Spencer’s movements to MI6 are very high. Her becoming friends with Spencer in 1992 (at the time she split from Charles) is often viewed with suspicion.

Tomlinson’s unorthodox accuracy within his allegations has been overlooked by people like Gregory. Instead, Gregory chose to ignore Monckton’s connections (and the fact that he had used her frequently in his books and documentaries) to score Tomlinson on the car issue.

Tomlinson stated that he saw an MI6 memo in which they had planned a car crash using a bright flash in a tunnel to kill Slobodan Milosevic in a similar fashion to the Diana accident.

princess diana death

Richard Tomlinson

Tomlinson admitted that his memory had been sparked when he saw the allegations presented in ITV’s “Diana: The Secrets of the Crash” in June of 1998.

The show’s central premise discussed the possibility that Spencer’s driver, Henri Paul, was incapacitated by a blinding flash from a high-powered bulb via hit men disguised as paparazzi. While Gregory skewered the show’s star, French con man Paul Levistre, who claimed that the suspiciously bright flash had blinded Paul, causing a collision some years before (4).

The Paget Report uncovered an American by the name of Brian Anderson, who had also seen a blinding flash of light in the very tunnel (5).

After attacking Tomlinson for this, Gregory found more time to discredit Tomlinson (or at least attempt to) over the car tampering scenario. A memo detailing a plot on a Serbian leader (not Milosevic) was later unearthed, and during the Paget hearings Tomlinson agreed that this was probably the one he had seen.

While Gregory rejoiced in pointing out that the scenario was quite unlike what Tomlinson had described, he ignored the aforementioned fact that David Shayler had long discussed MI6 plots to assassinate Ghadafi of Libya, not to mention the fact that Tomlinson, and now the public, were privy to a document confirming that MI6 had indeed plotted such murders using such tactics.

Regardless of the media sideshow, this is very important information which makes something of a mockery of Richard Dearlove’s comments that MI6 had not killed anybody in his 40 years. They had certainly at least planned to do just that.

Tomlinson, is thus in an interesting situation. Even if incorrect in some recollections, his allegations invariably opened up more important issues that Gregory could only diffuse with mockery or by ignoring their implications.

A classic case of this has been Gregory’s haranguing of Tomlinson for admitting in the Paget Report that he had no evidence of an MI6 plot. The problem here for Allen is that Tomlinson is hardly in denial about anything. He has always been very public about his lack of evidence against MI6 in the Spencer case.

Yet, it is Tomlinson’s interesting claims concerning Diana and Dodi’s driver Henri Paul that night, which leads us even further into the weird world of the Diana case.

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  • Ken

    Shayler and Machon, with whom I spent years, do not even claim to be privy to anything on Diana; yet they grab the spotlight. Personally, the Diana thing is suspicious – but evidence needs to have a better provenance than Shayler, who claimes he is Christ and da Vinci; or his sidekick, who I told to get a real job and stop trying to live off other people.

  • Ken

    Shayler and Machon, with whom I spent years, do not even claim to be privy to anything on Diana; yet they grab the spotlight. Personally, the Diana thing is suspicious – but evidence needs to have a better provenance than Shayler, who claimes he is Christ and da Vinci; or his sidekick, who I told to get a real job and stop trying to live off other people.

  • Ken

    Shayler and Machon, with whom I spent years, do not even claim to be privy to anything on Diana; yet they grab the spotlight. Personally, the Diana thing is suspicious – but evidence needs to have a better provenance than Shayler, who claimes he is Christ and da Vinci; or his sidekick, who I told to get a real job and stop trying to live off other people.

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