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The Real Story Behind Nome Alaska Missing People

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The Real Story Behind Nome Alaska Missing People

“The Fourth Kind” is an American science fiction thriller that was released in 2009. Set in Nome, Alaska, the story is based on the mysterious disappearances of 24 people in Nome from the 1960s through to 2004.

According to “Box Office Mojo”, The Fourth Kind was a box office hit, making $47.46 million worldwide, from an estimated $10 million budget. (1)

Despite enjoying considerable box office success, The Fourth Kind was panned by critics with some deeming it has being insensitive to the families of the missing victims. (2).

In an analysis of The Fourth Kind, Rotten Tomatoes, a website devoted to reviews, information and film news, summed the film up as follows:

“While it boasts a handful of shocks, The Fourth Kind is hokey and clumsy and makes its close encounters seem eerily mundane.” (3)

Nome Alaska Missing People – Truth vs. Fiction

The true part of the story is as follows.

In 2005, FBI homicide detectives did in fact investigate the mysterious disappearance of 24 people that had taken place in Nome between the 1960s and 2004, which caused locals to initially think there was a serial killer involved.

According to the Anchorage Daily News, most of the victims were native men who had travelled to Nome from surrounding villages. The FBI determined there was no real reason to suspect a serial killer and instead came up with the explanation that, “Excessive alcohol consumption and a harsh winter climate,” were to blame for the disappearances. (4)

However, The Fourth Kind is based on a conspiracy theory from the movie producers as to why those people went missing from Nome, and that they were actually abducted by aliens.

The footage in the film that shows hypnotherapy sessions taking place between “Dr. Abigail Tyler”, played by Milla Jovovich, and the patients who claimed they had been abducted. The movie was dubbed as being, “the most disturbing evidence of alien abduction ever documented.” (5)

Between the FBI dismissing the Nome missing people’s case as being due to “excessive alcohol and a harsh winter climate”, and movie producers ‘cashing in’ on the story by producing a fabricated tale about alien abduction, it is hardly surprising that the families of those who disappeared are upset about the lack of case closure.

nome alaska missing people

UFO Sightings in Nome Alaska

Being located on the very edge of the continent, local UFO “watchers” feel a special kinship with Nome. And according to, there are “regular UFO sightings in the Nome region throughout the year, with ufologists thinking this may be a region for a sort of command centre for alien life on Earth.” (6)

Despite the so-called “UFO sightings” that regularly take place in Nome, proof that the alien “explanation” behind the Nome missing people was fabricated was made in 2009 when Universal Pictures, the company that made The Fourth Kind, had to pay a settlement for creating fake news accounts to promote the so-called “documentary” film.

A report made by Fox News stated that Universal Pictures agreed to $20,000 to the Alaska Press Club to settle complaints that fake news archives were used to promote the movie. (7)

According to the report, Universal Pictures had created a series of fabricated online news articles to promote the alien-abduction movie, and the articles posted had the appearance of coming from real Alaska newspapers.

These fake news reports included an obituary and news story allegedly taken from the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner, about the death of one of the movie’s leading characters, Dr. William Tyler. Besides being forced to pay $20,000 in compensation, Universal was also required to remove the fake news articles from the Internet. (8)

The problem at that point is that the damage had already been done. The originals had gone viral, and there were many thousands of “believers” that continued to believe the story was real, even though the fake evidence had been removed from the Internet.

nome alaska missing people

The Real Nome Alaska Missing Persons Cases

So with the alien abduction story behind disappearances being a proved fabrication, what is the real story behind the missing people of Nome?

In an article published in the LA Times, titled, “Alaska, Land of the Lost,” Alaska is described as follows:

“In its rugged, lonely vastness, there are so many ways and places for people to disappear, so many reasons the missing are never found.” (8)

According to the article in 2004, 3,323 people were reported missing in the state of Alaska, far higher than anywhere else in the country. Since police began recording numbers in 1988, they have received at least 60,700 reports of missing people in Alaska. (9)

Comprised of 39 mountain ranges, Alaska has 3,000 rivers, 5,000 glaciers and more than 3 million lakes, all of which, according to the LA Times, “offer nooks and envelopes for bodies to slip in and remain hidden forever.”

In Alaska, there are many ways to get lost and never found.

nome alaska the fourth kind fact or fiction

Getting Lost in Nome

As the Alaska, Land of the Lost” article states:

“People vanish by accident and by design, by fluke of nature or quirk of circumstances, by foul play, misstep and bad luck.” (10)

As states, Nome is located about 2,000 miles north of Bray’s Point, sitting on the ‘very edge of the continent’. (11) erroneously implied that it is because of Nome’s isolation, wilderness and vastness that it has experienced a “rash of alien abductions”. This was a theory that was grossly exploited by Universal pictures for the movie The Fourth Kind.

However, a more logical explanation behind the mysterious disappearances in Nome between the 1960s and 2004 is that Nome, being situated on a particularly remote edge of a state that is defined by its “rugged, lonely vastness”, is a place where there are many ways for people to disappear.

Because of that, there are many reasons the missing are never found. The odds are very good that none of those reasons have to do with aliens.

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  • vijay

    I think NOME abudation was real

  • Al-Anon

    Who edits these articles? You have the movie title spelled wrong right next to the image of the movie with the correct spelling. Good job Frenchie! Go ‘Forth’ & Prosper Pickard!

  • Thanks for picking up on that – it’s not always easy to catch everything on my schedule, so I do appreciate it. Of course, I’d *really* appreciate somewhat more intelligent, thoughtful comments than simple spell-checking, but hey – I’ll take what I can get. Not all readers have the ability to be insightful.

  • Mindi

    The writer of this article obviously doesnt do their research. How much did the gvmt pay u to write this crap article that has no real facts cited to back you up. If anyone thinks we r the only ones in this universe the you are very closed minded individuals go look at the ancient artifacts left from the Egypitians or go read a Zecharia Stitchen book instead of the lies u read in the newspaper and the lies u listen and see on tv

  • Mindi

    Im with u on that i dont like close minded people who think we r the only ones in the whole universe even if the Fourth Kind is legit or not

  • Where did anyone say we’re the only ones in the universe? The point of this article is to show how important it is to DO good research, not buying into all of the crap you read about stories like this that offer no supporting evidence. Just because a story supports your personal beliefs doesn’t mean that it’s true.

  • Mindi

    with the way the article is written it is fair to say that it is a biased, persuasive writing instead of just being non-biased. I never said that anything I read is absolutely true because everything I read is someone’s theory based on their research. The way this article was written was completely to bash on those people who believe that their is more out there than just us. I don’t take to kindly to closed minded individuals, who know those who believe everything the t.v. tells them. Live and learn for yourself and don’t just look one way because your following the sheep who tell you to go that way.

  • Mindi

    With the way the article is written it is fair to say that it is a biased, persuasive writing instead of just being non-biased. I never said that anything I read is absolutely true because everything I read is someone’s theory based on their research. The way this article was written was completely to bash on those people who believe that their is more out there than just us. I don’t take to kindly to closed minded individuals, who know those who believe everything the t.v. tells them. Live and learn for yourself and don’t just look one way because your following the sheep who tell you to go that way. Stating my opinion I thought that is what you do in response to someone else’s?!?

  • Of course – and it’s my job as the writer to inform you that you misinterpreted the article. All of the writers here will agree that the odds are good there are aliens in the Universe. What we do in fact bash is someone stating publicly that aliens are HERE and have definitely already killed humans. There’s no evidence at all to support that.

    Furthermore – if you’re talking about sheep following what they’re told – most of the mainstream media made no mention of Bigelow’s ridiculous claims, so it would appear that it’s your support of Bigelow that actually follows the rest of the sheep telling you what to believe about NASA and Bigelow.

  • cmr

    Nome Alaska being 1 of the nuWhy would number 1 places in the world to be ubducted by UFO’s Doesn’t do too well for prospective population growth or Any tourist activities at all . With obvious police dash cam footage Used in the movie. And all of the other evidence I witness testimony excetera.What would B. The motivation For telling the truth.When the tr ucth

  • tommygun

    curiously how do you explain away the real footage and stuff. much of what the movie based on in the first place

  • tommyguns


  • rach

    its all fake! theres no real footage in the entire film! the woman who plays the wheelchair bound abigail tyler who by the way is a fictional character (look it up) is called charlotte milchard. im not saying there is no aliens out there but come on people this is complete shit and so disrespectful to the 20 peoples families who have died over the years in nome

  • rach

    do some research! look it up! visit! if you come back with proof ill believe u! if not then the fact that there well known actors in the “actual footage” is good enough proof its a load a bollocks 4 me

  • cmr

    The facts in the move and actually facts about how many people have gone missing over a bout ten or twenty years and most have no chance of being resolved do to lack of evident. Plus.the actually police dash cam along with allot of video and audio is more than proof.Why are us humans so arrogant to think that we are the only intelligent life form ever created.If thats a fact that it’s not saying much about whatever created us.We are now just having the ability to explore on galaxy with rockets in and Rovers. How to stupid is it to think that there is no other life forms for much more advanced than us.Out of endless time in space the possibilities of life on other planets is A given. Just a few short years ago the Vatican came out in public and told is Parisian ers that is OK to believe that God created other life forms and human….Now that is more evidence than anything else I could ever come across….Knowing how oppressive the Catholic religion has been from the past.Less than 100 years ago people were getting stoned and put up at the stake just for speaking against the religion…

  • Ivana

    The “writer” doesn’t even know how to spell “fourth” correctly.
    That doesn’t do her credibility any good.

  • tyrone

    i think we should worry about the illegal aliens in the us and the overdue counter productive race of monkeys / niggs if you will, look at the facts statistics . open your minds

  • Fixed – spelling errors have nothing to do with credibility. Although, if that’s all a believer has left to attack, then that’s pretty good. Luckily, this past year we’ve hired a professional editor, so these sort of typos are less likely to make it through the busy editing schedule. Thanks for mentioning it, and I’ve gone through and updated the article. Cheers.

  • Fixed – spelling errors have nothing to do with credibility. Although, if that’s all a believer has left to attack, then that’s pretty good. Luckily, this past year we’ve hired a professional editor, so these sort of typos are less likely to make it through the busy editing schedule. Thanks for mentioning it, and I’ve gone through and updated the article. Cheers.

  • google_me

    Show some kind of evidence, we have thousands of claims yet not one evidence posted (show me something). Like Mulder from the science fiction series The X-Files, “I want to believe”, show me something. Give the people something! 🙂

  • Mindi

    i agree that we do need to crack down on the illegal immigrants that are here taking our jobs and sending the money back home but I’m not racist our ancestors brought African Americans over here and they belong here the ones who don’t are the ones who are here under illegal names and ssn because they are just trying to make a quick buck to send home to their families and live comfortably in their country….the American dollar has no value anymore we are a joke to other countries…..

  • Mindi

    me too…..too many FBI agents going to a small town doesn’t make sense and I believe that the real footage that was shown on the movie is just that real footage…they just don’t want us to know that there are other species in this universe….and anyone who think we are the only ones are completely closed minded individuals……The World and Universe was not made for man….Man was made for the World……Look at the ancient artifacts we were put here to mine for the ones who put us here…..Zecharia Stitchen explains it well in his series of books…..He is the one who broke the Sumerian Code…

  • Did you not hear, in the first part of the movie, that the names have been changed, and their professions… Of course it’s fictional.. You can’t just say it’s fake.. I can base my opinion that it is real based on the evidence i have been given.. What evidence do you have? They gave the women a fictional name to protect her real name? Wow, great evidence.. How can you say there is no real footage in the entire film? Why am i even talking to someone of your biased mindset??

  • Very Well put.. I love how you can show skeptics evidence, and then they say “Show me some evidence” What more do you need?? Do you need to get a CE of the fourth in order to finally believe??

  • You said it!!

  • Kat

    Okay, let’s pretend for a moment that the movie is REAL and these videos are all real footage.
    Since when is it okay to publicize a man killing himself and all of his family in a movie?!?! Isn’t there parents or friends or brothers or sisters of this guy who maybe don’t want that footage to even exist? That has GOT to be breaking so many human-rights laws. There is no way that Universal could even get their hands on footage like that.

    To be honest, I do believe that there is intelligent life outside of Earth, but I do NOT believe in little green people who float around in UFOs, abduct people, study them and erase their memory. That’s just.. ugh. So cliche.
    I guarantee that atleast half of the so called “UFO Sightings” listed in the end are lying and the other half are schizophrenic (Meaning that they have a mental illness which causes them to see and hear things that are not really there).
    Now if there were really aliens that for some reason decided to come to our shitty planet out of all the other infinante planets, do you really think they would be dumb enough to get caught? And why would they only erase most of our memory instead of all of it? Why would they even bother erasing our memory? We certainly don’t erase the memory of animals that we take out of their habitats to study (Even if we had the technology, there would be no purpose). And why would they bother killing us when they were finished studying us? What’s the point?

    Okay I’m sorry, I went a little crazy with my questions. My point is though, the movie is not backed up and supported very well at all. And when they tried to create a fake website to support their movie, they were sued $20,000 by the town of Nome, Alaska.

    The girl claiming to be the real Abigail Tyler is an actress, her name is Charlotte Milchard, you can look her up.

    If you google “The Fourth Kind”, Wikipedia has is down as a “mockumentary science fiction-thriller”.

    I completely support this Ryan Dube guy, for standing up for Alaska and the poor families who have suffered great loss and to have it publicized like this is completely unfair.
    To have their home portrayed as an alien-abduction hotspot is extremely insensitive and I wish they had sued them for more than $20,000.

  • Wonderful comment Kat – thank you. I agree…I also believe that there’s intelligent life outside of Earth (probably PARTICULARLY outside of Earth), but not – as you say well, “…little green people who float around in UFOs, abduct people, study them and erase their memory.”

    I think if one is to take the experiences seriously, it should focus on more likely, Earthly causes for those experiences.

    Thanks so much for your support.

  • Eye Witness

    Sadly, the jackasses who hoax sightings cause normal people with real sightings to be labeled as liars or nuts. I can assure you, real sightings by sane and honest individuals do happen. I am someone who saw a UFO, once, for about a minute. I have NEVER hallucinated in my entire 47 years of life, nor taken drugs and I don’t
    drink. I was both sane and sober at the time I witnessed the event. I have never seen another UFO since that one time.

    I have a high IQ, a college education, have raised four children and held steady
    employment in well paying jobs for 20 years. I have no history of mental
    illness or hoaxing people. Does that make me a credible enough witness for you?
    Or will you dismiss my experience simply because it contradicts your belief that aliens have never been HERE? Either way, I know what I saw.

    Here’s my story. If you have a logical, rational explanation, I’m all ears.

    My husband and I were driving from Tracy CA to Half Moon Bay, CA to take our then 2
    year old son to the beach. He’s 18 years old now, so this was 16 years ago. It
    happened on June 30th. I know this because the date was stamped on the photos we took that day at the beach. It was broad daylight around 11:00 am. My
    husband was driving the car down the freeway. I rode in the front passenger
    seat. As we passed SFO (San Francisco International Airport) a large
    intercontinental jet was near to landing and passed over the road. As we intersected, I craned my head to look up at the bottom of the jet through the passenger side window. I was excited because it was an amazing view of an impressive aircraft from an observational point rarely afforded.

    My husband has worked for the airlines for twenty years and we travel by air on a
    regular basis, taking advantage of our free flight benefits. He is also a small aircraft pilot. As an airline family, we have special appreciation for aircraft, and I am acutely aware of the FAA regulation requiring that a two mile separation between any two aircraft be maintained for safety. Nothing should have come anywhere near that jet. But something did.

    While I was looking up at the landing gear, a large “silver ball” for lack of a better term, buzzed directly beneath the jet. The UFO came within a foot or two of the jet’s wheels. Zoomed right underneath the landing gear like Maverick doing a “fly by.” That, my friend, can be classified as a “near
    miss.” That’s a very bad thing. Had that object hit the jet, many people would have been killed. As a frequent flyer, I don’t take that lightly and neither should you.

    Of course, I freaked! Any sane person would.

    Immediately I started pointing and shouting to my husband, “What the hell was that?
    Look! Look! Right there! Right there! It’s in the sky, it’s in the clouds, never mind – it’s gone!” He was driving and paying attention to the road, so he didn’t see it. He didn’t have the same vantage point to view the object and he couldn’t crane his head to look up the way I had. Not wanting to be the only one who saw it, I made a huge effort to help him catch sight of it by pointing
    where it went in the sky. But it shot up into the clouds and vanished. It was incredibly
    fast and changed directions so quickly that it boggled the mind. It was also completely
    silent. Basically, the object defied the fundamental laws of aerodynamics and physics, as we define them. It definitely should have made a sonic boom.

    Sadly, my husband can only attest to the fact that he saw me see “it”, whatever it was. I can’t identify what it was, hence the term UFO. But I can tell you what it wasn’t. It wasn’t an optical illusion. It wasn’t a
    hallucination. It wasn’t a reflection or swamp gas balls of light, or a misidentified
    airplane, or any other commonly known object that traverses our skies. It was a
    solid object, having clearly observable mass, navigating dangerously close to a
    commercial aircraft, traveling at high velocity, not limited by normally
    accepted rules of inertia, and apparently under intelligent, if somewhat irresponsible,
    control. That’s my eye witness observation.

    In fact, not long after I saw this “silver ball” there was a documentaryon TV about UFO sightings at air shows. Multiple witnesses captured multiple identical “silver balls” buzzing multiple aircraft at several shows, filmed from multiple angles using multiple cameras. These witnesses also saw these
    objects during broad daylight and in more than one location around the country.
    It stretched credulity to believe that so many people are in collusion with one
    another to hoax the public in this manner. The video documentation was analyzed
    and no evidence was found to indicated these people knew each other or worked
    together to manufacture an elaborate hoax. You can believe what you want.

    People have suggested that maybe these objects are some top secret drone craft that
    belong to the US government. Or maybe top secret drone craft from a foreign government. But I don’t believe that is a plausible explanation. Primarily because I do not believe humans have mastered a means of propulsion that would mirror what I witnessed. Even if we do have such advanced technology, why would a highly
    classified drone be flown within feet of the landing gear of a jet full of civilians
    over San Francisco? Those kind of vessels are relegated to Area 51 or elsewhere
    in the desert where they test classified craft. There simply is no plausible scenario
    where our government would fly such a thing over a major city.

    I believe a rational explanation is that the object was a space probe from elsewhere
    in the universe, sent out to explore and gather data by another intelligent civilization
    that likewise studies space. Just in the same way we here on planet Earth explore
    space by launching our own probes. I readily acknowledge that my theory about
    this object could be mistaken. However, I assure you that I am neither lying
    nor suffering from mental illness. Nor did I miss identify a well known terrestrial object
    of Earth origin.

    Outside the US, Commercial airline pilots, who are highly credible witnesses, routinely
    report UFO craft violating their airspace. Unfortunately, inside the US, reporting such sightings can quickly cost pilots their highly lucrative jobs. But they talk unofficially. Thankfully, pilots in the UK and in other more honest countries, are encourage to report what they see. Without fear of reprisal, those pilots report disturbing sightings.

    It’s despicable what is done to pilots
    here for telling the truth in our so called “free country” where in reality, secrecy is par for the course, instead of honest disclosure. The same censure exists for scientists who endeavor to study the phenomenon. We should be ashamed of such practices and demand more of our elected representatives.

    When it comes to the subject of this film, I have no idea what happened in Nome. I
    think the movie was crap, and I resent the studio and filmmakers for
    misrepresenting their product. But I believe there is some credible evidence that people are abducted and consequently harmed, both physically and psychologically.
    Read the book The Walton Experience
    if you want to learn more about that terrifying phenomenon. It’s a well
    documented case of abduction that took place in Arizona. There were multiple
    witnesses and law enforcement was involved in the case.

    If you want more credible evidence, read up on the report produced by the Belgian
    government. There are plenty of reliable and credible sources of information
    about what is really going on. Reports from law enforcement people, high ranking military officials and pilots from around the world, just to name a few credible sources. Even the former governor of Arizona finally admitted he saw the huge aircraft that floated over Phoenix. It’s known as the Phoenix Lights.

    The evidence is there, you just have to be willing to see it. Time to pull your heads out of the sand people. We are not alone in the universe or even on our own little rock.

  • Danielle Kaye

    If anyone can give me the contact information for Dr.Abigail Tyler, Or her son Ronnie Tyler. Please email me

  • james

    i think this article is shallow and subjective… the explanation of how people were missing simply due to the geographical factor of Nome is absurd considering the fact that many other parts of the world, lets say Africa which is even wilder, vaster, even more isolated does not simply cause the people to disappear….i personally believe in the existence of alien though i never witness their appearance… This article, to some extents, might hurt the feeling of those who had the alien-related experience…

  • Aranha Negra

    I really don’t know what to think any more. Today there is so many information and misinformation that is very hard to know the truth. Do I believe we are alone in universe, I do not. It is difficult to believe in that with so many life forms on are own planet. Is this story true or not, well I do not know that with certainty. What I do know with certainty is that we experiment every day on animals for many different reasons. I really don’t see reason why someone more intelligent wouldn’t see us like those animals that we experiment on, and plenty of times we behave worse than the animals. If this really happened I am really sorry for the loss of this lady and the people that have lost the beloved. Sorry if I misspelled certain words, English is not my first language.

  • ok the assertion that people disappear due to “excessive alcohol and a harsh winter climate” is crap and illogical. Are they saying people get drunk and wander off and fall of into some lakes or rivers during a blizzard”? Come on they could come up with something better?

  • gerardo apaza

    I recently watched the movie again and I really wanted to know the truth about the characters, after going through some articles, I think this one is the most accurate to real facts.

    I don’t believe we are alone in the universe, and real proof that we have been visited before exists everywhere, with all the constructions around the world, impossible to be made by our ancient civilizations.

    I also became aware that in 2011, or maybe a little bit early, the FBI released some documents about the roswell incident, giving proof that an actual agent codename “Hotel Guy” was sent to asses the situation. I remembered I saw it in their official web page, I recomend the writers from this site to look it up, I will be paying atention to your articles.

    I personally liked the comment from “Eye Witness”, it is true that real and logical explanation for some sightings are hard to state



  • martian

    take me to your leader

  • Eli

    Hahahahaha, I didn’t think anyone actually thought the movie claimed to be a documentary. It’s clearly just a technique to add a little immersion, like in Paranormal Activity. Both the “believers” and the skeptics here are hilariously off-base.

  • How are the skeptics off base?

  • Wraith

    Okay, first I was happy to find a piece that took it’s self seriously and that tried to sort out the facts; but the childish way that you’ve responded to a few ‘reviews’ has shaken my resolve in the article’s integrity. Consider showing a little more compassion and tact if you want anyone to ever take your work to heart.

  • I doubt most people that know my work here would fault me for defending myself from the trolls. With that said, I am working harder at turning the other cheek rather than responding in kind – although I admit it goes against my nature.

  • anon

    also… three MILLION lakes? really!?! no. not accurate at all.

  • There are over 3 million unnamed natural lakes according to the Alaska Hydrologic Survey. “Alaska has about 3,197 officially named natural lakes,C[›][1]B[›] out of over 3,000,000 unnamed natural lakes,[2] approximately 67 named artificial reservoirs,C[›][3] and 167 named dams” –

  • The government will tell you nothing even if they found sth.

  • matt

    At the end of the movie The Fourth Kind they mention Abigail Tyler was in poor health hence Charlotte Milchard actress to protray Abigail Tyler.i.e. An alias used to protect individuals identities which is also stated in the film. Real or not it offers questions and any logical person who is skeptical or a believer would ask a question in order to seek the answer. ignorance is bliss when it is folly to be wise.

  • You can sure say that again! It’s getting so ridiculous I’ve gotten to the point where If I don’t empirically verify it it’s mythology to me. There’s just so much information out there. Ridiculous!

  • disappointed

    The problem with this article and most of the comments is a lack of focus. Let’s stop debating if there is alien life…etc… and talk about what is real and what is not. After watching the film and reviewing these posts my impression (which I admit is clouded because of this article, movie, discussions…) is: 1. the video clips represented in the movie as ‘real life’ are valid… because the article on this site does not dispute the authenticity of those clips (at least not the way I read it)… 2. the disappearance of the little girl, suicide of the Father, chronic injuries to one of the ‘abductees’, family murder/suicide of one abductee… are all accurate… that is the first question your article should answer clearly. If those ‘facts’ are hoax then this is all hogwash but if those ‘facts’ are true then something very disturbing has happened. Why cloud the issue… my question is, was this all a hoax or are those basic facts accurate?

    The original article on this site does seem like intentional misinformation… confusing the issue with bits and pieces of solid information designed to discredit the entire film. And yet they don’t address the real issue. I don’t care how many lakes Alaska has or even how many people go missing… yes those are accurate facts but what about the clips in this movie? Was that actual footage? You never say… who cares about the obit lawsuit??? Crazy… the way misinformation works.

    ps – a smaller issue… the spelling errors have everything to do with the author’s and this site’s ‘credibility’. This is your product and if it’s put together (and ‘edited’) in haste… it directly reflects the amount of thought and care put into the article. How could you say it has nothing to do with credibility??? Are you crazy?

  • ray

    they’re saying believe what you want just dont lie to millions expecially if peoples love ones are being wrongfully justified and bought for a good book.

  • The video clips are absolutely not valid. They are all part of the fake documentary. I realize that people have a deep need to believe this whole story is real – but brushing aside all of the facts that discount the claims made in the movie and clinging to the clips seems like grasping at straws, to be honest.

  • Gavin


  • Carl Hendershot

    Thank you for sharing. This was a great share and find.

  • leticia

    This is real. Open your eyes. Do YOUR research if the creation of bears, fish, people, powers, magic exist why wouldnt this.. Its logical anything is possible

  • Mark

    Well said Ryan. Entertaining film but no basis in fact. While I’d love for there to be evidence for extra terrestrial intelligence, the evidence that exists just isn’t that compelling.

    Sure the whole UFO ( its true meaning ) phenomenon is certainly well documented, it seems to point to something very terrestrial in origin.

    Sad thing is we may have had an answer by now if the word UFO wasn’t now so toxic to credible researchers.

  • Heckayellow

    You’re a freak!! My gosh talk about closed minded! The whole movie was a fake! You must be a 5 year old who believes everything they see and read -.- smh

  • What evidence?

  • George

    I am on voicemail so it may type or misinterpret what I say so please don’t criticize this just interpret it for what it is. I research ancient texts and manuscripts pertaining to our religious beliefs. when I have come to believe is that this Wholel world has a negative military leader has because it to military type lEader. after my research I believe we are all here because of the war that took place in a different dimension. we are plAced In These avatars according to what we did during that time. so from the beginning of the human race both the negative and positive plans are taking place. the negative started in what we call the Garden of Eden with the seduction of Eve. the second influx took place in Genesis chapter 6 when the angels came down from the heavens and took them wives. if anybody cares to think about it ironically the story of Noah states to take to unclean pairs and 7 pairs of clean of every species. if you look at the blood types of human beings it’s approximately 80 percent 20 percent Rh negative and Rh positive. the negative influx was Rh negative the negative military general has been using these Rh negative individuals to accomplish a plan throughout the world in several key positions these Rh negative individuals who have been breached and controlled have infiltrated religion politics and the monetary system as well as education. the alien abductions that you care about all pertain to this situation. and on End situation soon arriving. you want statistical proof check to see what every single president of United States blood type at least in recorded history is. there’s records of this because they have to have blood ready in every hospital the president’s visit. each race has a different percentage of Rh negative. throw in the fact that President Obama is also Rh negative even know that leSs then 1 percent of Kenyons are Rh negative. why don’t you just looking to Vegas odds and see what the chances of that are. and then start researching the truth. these beings have been able to infiltratee religion to the point where we believe in science rather than religion this is intentional because of how they were able to portray religion to people about invisible angels and so on and so forth when the ancient manuscripts and text actually speak of physical dimensional beings. but just like the tooth fairy story their plan was to have you put religion away also who just like the tooth fairy story. believe me or not I don’t care statistics do not lie. the beaNgs life expectancy Rx each human 1000 times one day times 365 times 120. in other words they won’t just come down and attack they are infiltrating and fighting against each other for an end result. hey victory. and a disaster will happen to the earth soon and here come the alien race to save us all when in fact the disaster will be set up for this alien race to come and hEal. and watch the people of the earth faLl for this. that’s these beings are negative dimensional beings. if you are Rh negative this doesn’t mean you’re evil it means you made a mistake before don’t make the same mistake again. if you are being tormented my alien abduction start using the name the ancient name Jehovah and Yashewa to order these things away from you as well as have some holy water available and have some virgin olive oil blessed by a pastor anoint your front door and entrances sounds crazy but this was ground rule set up that the negative beans cannot pass it’s basically a type of magic since we are in a physical generated imaginary but real world. being tried for what we did back then. let us not make the same mistake we have done let’s follow the pOsitive military general this Time time

  • Ammiemarie

    Actually you’re the freak and so are all the other people who claim we are the only beings in this universe. We are NOT ALONE!! And I believe there have been abductions all over the world and especially in Nome! Why else would so many FBI be going there?? I think its to make the people who know the truth about Nome be quiet. And people who write articles LYING about the truth of other beings being here or real footage being fake are just being paid by the government to not reveal the truth to the citizens of the US. Answer this for me: If there is NO such thing as UFOs and Aliens, then why has every other government other than the US released the information to its citizens that there is truth to and evidence that there are Aliens and UFOs? The US is the only country that has not released this to there own citizens.

  • Ammiemarie

    And isn’t alcohol illegal in a lot of Alaska?

  • J P

    The battle of LA and the airforce pilot who died chasing a UFO are just two cases of people dying as a direct or indirect result of UFO’s. You may be a writer but you know crap about UFO history. Seriously these two cases I mentioned are real and can be researched by anyone not making assumptions based from their limited knowledge fo the subject. You must write fiction.

  • susan garrett

    thinking about doing a tour of alaska and taking in Nome – seems an interesting place. Any idea the time of year best to visit and are there any festivals etc I shouldn’t miss?
    From Sue Garrett Brighton England uk

  • Anonymous

    Says the racist coward “Tyrone” lmao your a joke

  • Ken

    It isn’t a bogus article, people. the author simply makes the fact driven point that everything in the movie, to include the so called “actual footage” is all part of the fictitious storyline. He isn’t trying to debunk the whole alien doctrine, just inform people that the movie is just that, a movie and not some record of factual events as it was presented. All this is a simple marketing ploy to draw in believers, make new believers and scare the crap out of everyone else, people. Obviously it worked because the MOVIE grossed nearly $50 million. Just READ the article, don’t read into it.

  • Wow…that’s the most refreshing comment I’ve had the pleasure of reading in a long while Ken. Hope you remain a reader with us – you clearly understand what we’re trying to do here. Thanks for your comment – greatly appreciated.

  • CoolAlex

    Hi Folks.. .I don’t really care if it is real or fake. Or if there are other intelligent being in the universe, like Millions of things happen everyday around the world. It an Alien life form exists and not play coward by hiding and ducking, and reveals themselve to you or I that would be another experience, if not then not.. no point arguing about who is right or who is wrong with no evidence either way, and get all stressed out unecessarilly..

  • kev

    just like the blair witch project methinks………

  • ryan

    im not sure wot to belive ive just watched the film agen 2nyt the only thing tht makes me fink there a cover up goin on is doesnt ne1 else think twenty thousand pound for damages seem a bit low for a film tht made millions

  • james r

    its real ..

  • Jake

    Well i wasnt sure i should leave a comment or not. There are many closed minded people out there. I will start by saying that i have done much research into ufo’s and uso’s. Most ufo researchers are moving toward the idea that “aliens” are in fact hear and among us. Fact. We have only discovered about 5 percent of the ocean. Also too deep for anything man made to travel. Most ufo encounters are near water. Many surround the hudson river. Alaska has more coastline than the lower 48 states combined. Alaska is remote and surrounded by water. I do believe that alaska does encounter many ufo’s maybe more than just sightings. There was a battleship during ww2, that was the only nuclear powered battleship in the world at the time. They and by they i mean the captain and all of its 1000 or so crew had reported seeing many many uso ‘s during their deployment. Something may have attracted them to that nuclear powered ship. All that i have said can be found with easy research. On another note i thank the writer for showing people that evrything they see on tv is not true. And debunking all the trash that this world tried feeding people these days. I will continue to read your blogs and will prolly subscribe. Anyone can believe what they want, thats the beauty fo it. I believe that aliens do exist and are living in the waters of earth. Maybe for their own researching purpose. Who knows. All i know is that there is alot of space out there n we are a grain of sand in a very large desert. Hard to believe we are the only life.

  • enigma

    I simply have one question with all the arguing baseless points the real question is DO you or NOT believe in Extra Terrestrial Life? Do you also believe this to be a true or false story? Having seen it several times I personally am not sure however I can say that I have seen things I cannot explain however until I see an Alien face to face I cannot disprove this story.. Just looking for heart felt feedback…

  • iEatPixels

    Not true… In Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Germany (And the other countrys i do not know about) its the same way. I believe that theres coverups in each and EVERY country all over the world.. atleast to some extent. Not only in the US. The US cover most of it up cause they want the technology for themselfes. (Or reversed engineering if you want).
    If not, why would FBI/CIA be connected to EACH AND EVERY report or evidence ever seen by public eyes? Its redicolous.

    Its just sad that half the planets inhabitants are so close-minded to believe we are the only ones in the entire universe. BUT, we/they have no real proof of neither.

    I just hope they DO come and contact us directly some day. >:)

  • Brad

    it’s funny how people say the government covers this stuff up, but yet they help fund NASA research for life on other planets, and yet have found nothing. All government documents are public knowledge. There are too many people watching, and too many wiki leakers out there. I 100% believe in other life, but I believe aliens don’t just fly around earth taking people. Sick fucks, drugs, and natural accidents take our love ones.
    Personal thought about alien sightings, people in our society can’t even tell the difference two automobile besides color. that’s every day occurrences. Now, imagine how many times you see a jet, or any military aircraft never right? unless your in the military or live real close to one, Right?

  • Harley

    Ok everyone calm down lets just all take a road trip to nome and see if this is all true. Anyone want to volunteer to get abducted??

  • Jason

    You are crazy! I read and study old historical manuscript, centered around mans, manmade religions too! But, I have never came across anything that backs up your assertions of dimensional warfare and Rh negative beings sent here for bad behavior! Wow, the things people believe and these same people are allowed to operate motor vehicles, raise children and roam free upon this planet! I believe, in your right to believe what you want, but man, you guys sure come up with some doozies!!!!

  • Former Nomeite

    Having lived in Nome for 4 years and St. Lawrence Island (off the coast) for 3, I laughed hysterically all through the movie. There are NO trees in Nome. I served on a Coroner’s jury while in Nome for 3 people who had been missing some time. 2 guys had headed from Wales to Tin City in a blizzard. Snow machine ran out of gas. They walked away..probably into the sea ice and a crack in it. Another, was last seen drunk and down on the rocks by the sea. Currents pull bodies out to sea there. The last poor guy was reportedly knifed and thrown into the river. We listened to tapes by the guys who confessed. Body never found. No one, in any way suggested that we say anything but what we believed had actually happened to these guys.

    The movie had no basis whatsoever in reality. Yep, there may well be aliens. But I doubt that they are causing people in Nome to disappear.

  • Former Nomeite

    Obviously, I can’t count. It was 4 people missing in 3 incidences.

  • GetAJobLowLife

    So you accuse the writer of not looking up facts and calling them a sheep. Yet you blindly follow that trash media know as talk radio spewing anti anything not vanilla. Immigants contribute more in to healthcare whereas citizens like you take out more than they put in. My source? Havard study look it up before you regurgitate the trash Rush & Co. spew.

  • No UFO in any where!!!

    whatever happens secretly, amusingly, mysteriously in the world! there is only and only one reason: the Secret Studies of USA on secret weapons for the future.
    there is no UFO or any other creature in the world but human, all animals that we know on the Earth, Spirits and Devils (which are not visible for us but live with us) and Angels.

  • No UFO in any where!!!

    whatever happens secretly, amusingly, mysteriously in the world! there is only and only one reason: the Secret Studies of USA on secret weapons for the future.
    there is no UFO or any other creature in the world but human, all animals that we know on the Earth, Spirits and Devils (which are not visible for us but live with us) and Angels.

  • ALI

    Bravo Kat,I definitely Agree with you. I do NOT believe that there is other intelligent life outside of Earth, and NOT believe in little green people who float around in UFOs, abduct
    people, study them and erase their memory and more over and funny they are wiser and more intelligent than Human. That’s just.. ugh. So cliche.

  • ALI

    Bravo Kat,I definitely Agree with you. I do NOT believe that there is other intelligent life outside of Earth, and NOT believe in little green people who float around in UFOs, abduct
    people, study them and erase their memory and more over and funny they are wiser and more intelligent than Human. That’s just.. ugh. So cliche.

  • Agent Scully

    Let me preface this by saying that I genuinely believe that there is life outside of on other planets or in other dimensions/solar systems, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…those of you who actually believe that The Fourth Kind is “solid proof” of extraterrestrial life are fucking morons. Do your research, and you will soon find that EVERYTHING in the movie is a fabrication. The movie was filmed in Bulgaria, for Christ’s sake. It’s safe to assume that, because of this naivety you all seemingly possess, you also believe that both The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are real. Production companies hype up these storylines with changed names to “protect” the identity of those involved and the whole “based-on-a-true story” bit to SELL MOVIE TICKETS.
    One last thing, if this were in fact real, do you honestly think that the GOVERNMENT would let such information out?

  • Agent Scully

    Let me preface this by saying that I genuinely believe that there is life outside of on other planets or in other dimensions/solar systems, but Jesus, Mary, and Joseph…those of you who actually believe that The Fourth Kind is “solid proof” of extraterrestrial life are fucking morons. Do your research, and you will soon find that EVERYTHING in the movie is a fabrication. The movie was filmed in Bulgaria, for Christ’s sake. It’s safe to assume that, because of this naivety you all seemingly possess, you also believe that both The Blair Witch Project and Paranormal Activity are real. Production companies hype up these storylines with changed names to “protect” the identity of those involved and the whole “based-on-a-true story” bit to SELL MOVIE TICKETS.
    One last thing, if this were in fact real, do you honestly think that the GOVERNMENT would let such information out?

  • JustAnotherHuman

    If the videos are real (I can’t say they are or are not I didn’t research it) it seems to be of a more demonic nature to me. You know, the devil proclaiming to be God, possession and things of that nature.

  • QuantumCroquet

    Question authority. Think for yourself. Accept that other people have a right to their own opinion. Don’t tread on them. I like the movie because Mila is sexy as hell. The end.

  • Vanessa Aldeberon

    Ryan, there IS evidence to support that. And Bigelow is a paid government SHILL. no one think Bigelow is anything. Believe me. But if all you wanna say is ‘the odds are good’ then you as laughable as Bigelow only in a diff way. WAKE THE HELL UP MAN

  • I love it when people say there IS evidence, and then when asked what the evidence is, they have absolutely nothing to show for it. What….shaky, grainy, fuzzy YouTube videos? Pictures of blobs of light bouncing in the sky? Where’s all your “evidence” that aliens are HERE Vanessa?


    OMG I cant believe so many people are arguing over this!! Sure I do believe that there probably is life on other planets etc I even do believe in some of the ancient aliens stuff too but this film was not true, the so called real footage that was played along with the film footage is not real. The woman in it is an actress and is not a real person shes an actress. Here is her IMDB page lol as you can see shes not in a wheelchair and bedbound and that the so called real footage was in fact just directed filmed footage that was made to look real. Its not real people!!! fgs

  • william

    ryan dube and “martian” and “henry” your fear is showing ,

  • fear of what?

  • Suzy

    Until an “alien” steps up to a microphone and introduces itself, this is a topic that will incite controversy. Even then I’m sure some will say its Hollywood at work, another “war of the worlds” adventure. I think just looking up on a cloudless, moonless night, at the shear volume of worlds there, statistically it would be hard to think we are all there is.

  • Initial K

    Let me spell this out for all you idiots.

    The movie is fake. Even the supposed footage was played by actors and actresses.

    The point of the article was to prove that the movie was a movie, not a documentary as it purported to be.

    I believe we are not the only life in the universe. I believe aliens may have made contact with humans before.

    That does not change the fact that the movie is just short of fraudulent, and angers me for the misrepresentation not just of the facts, but also for purporting to be anything but fiction.

    Thank you Gabrielle, for your well-written article.

  • Rick

    Because people would panic;national security. How would you feel about a species that is for more advanced then you and not knowing what they are capable of?

  • Vanessa Aldeberon

    Maybe i’m one. 🙂 Maybe…maybe not. You wouldn’t believe proof anyway. You would call it false. Your type needs to be taken and not forget so you HAVE EVIDENCE. How’s that?

  • Try me. You might want to read up on the definition of evidence first though…

  • chris

    This articule isnt biased ir persuasive. Its telling you what really happened. And based on nome alaskas scenery its more lijely that the people disapeared by natural means. It doesnt really make sence that aliens would come thousands of lightyears just to abduct peopke so they can sexually assault them wipe their memory and send them back. Study us ok ill beleive that but rape us? No you missed me with that one. Why would more intelegent beings come that far to rape us?

  • Max

    Ryan it is sad that you take your opinion for fact and dare come here tell anyone they have to be imagining things because you don’t believe what they say. It’s like you call them liars and deluded and it is rude. So, in turn I’m gonna be rude to you. Don’t come here you are not needed. Go back to your ignorance. Keep your skeptical narrow minded opinion to yourself and stop pretend you hold universal truth that there isn’t anything out there. Prove us there isn’t!!! You show us hard proof and not lame denial without basis. Instead bring us YOUR evidence. I believe things as stated by people on basis of trust in their good faith. Why in the world would anyone want to invent something knowingly and expect being rejected by people like you and yet still tell what they have experienced? I hope you will meet people that won’t believe you when you tell the truth and I will pray on it so that you meet your match and ridicule yourself in your own eyes. Because in your heart and mind you will know why you got to where you will be. It’s funny how life will throw things right at you when you hold arrogant views as yours. It is a matter of time. In the meantime leave people alone. They are more worthy than you can be right now. I have trust in them over you. I believe they are courageous to tell what happened to them and share their experience. Keep in mind that : Absence of evidence is not evidence of absence.

  • #1 – Please show me where I ever said there’s nothing out there. I believe aliens exist. I also believe there’s no evidence they are visiting us. If you think otherwise, please show the evidence you believe proves aliens are visiting us.

    #2 – Let me put it this way. If I tell you purple rabbits visit me every day, the onus is on me to show you evidence of that. It would be completely ridiculous of me to say to you, “well, screw you if you don’t believe me without evidence. prove to me purple bunnies don’t exist”. Please explain to me how you are supposed to prove something doesn’t exist.

  • Henry

    That is so incredibly stupid I don’t know where to start.

    *If* there was a species more advanced than *us*, how can some of *us* presume to ‘cover them up’.

    It seems you have a very specific fantasy not so much about aliens, but more about the capabilities of your government. It’s like you think they are some sort of transcendent shady justice entity.

  • Henry

    Mindi seems to really, really, want there to be some kind of species that would want to do something sexual to her.

  • haha…be nice Henry. 🙂

  • I’ve removed the YouTube link, which I don’t want to promote because it also promotes Greer in the comments, who is a fruitcake.

    The event was obviously related to a nuclear test in a remote location gone bad. To call it extraterrestrial is asinine.

  • haha – good one. 🙂

  • I hesitated with this comment because I’m aware of many of the sources you cite here and know for a fact that some are not credible. For example, Linda Moulton Howe got taken in by Rick Doty at the end of her cow mutilation research, and he strung her – as well as a number of other researchers – along, and convinced them that information surrounding the MJ-12 documents were true, when they were fabrications. Doty was later revealed as a fraud, and in my opinion Howe’s reputation was tarnished, because she failed to properly vet her sources. A lot of the other sources you mention are also not entirely credible – they aren’t blocked form publication because people fear for their careers – that’s silly and that’s not how science works. They aren’t published in scientific journals, because the findings do not hold up under the scrutiny of actual scientists.

  • Thanks – we’ve updated the photo of Nome to be more accurate per location. Interesting regarding the alcohol and corruption! Can you elaborate on the corruption?

  • ohh gosh

    so incredible biased it´s actually hard to read, yeah cause people who know cold climates just the suddenly start getting lost over a few years then go back to normal again?

    STUPID guys, STUPID!!

  • As previous commenters noted, during the time period there were other circumstances going on. It is just as ridiculous to assume the cause is ET, rather than explore more Earthly and likely circumstances.

  • That’s like saying that we would never have sent men to the moon, or we never would have explored Mars, without some outside catalyst driving us.

    In fact, using your same argument, if ET was already visiting us, the US and other governments would not be wasting money looking out to the stars and distant planets for life.

  • ohh gosh

    No my friend not blaming the ET, sure ET could be real for all know there is literally thousands of new evidence in form of video, picture, audio, witnesses (way more then what is required to be sentenced to jail in court).

    But I do not know what these glowing things are, I strongly suspect they are electromagnetic machines but any guess is just as good as mine. They are there we cannot discuss that part cause it´s there, only question is what are they? Who built them (if they are machines at all?), physical or not who control them and for what purpose? Not a single intelligent person can longer say they are all balloons, planes, planets etc we are beyond that at this point!

    Perhaps the Bible is correct and the signs mean we are close to the end? You know signs in the sky etc.. Not sure I believe that but I don´t suffer from hubris either and think I know everything and can explain it, I just do not know what they are and therefor I do not eliminate any theory at this point? Perhaps they are some natural phenomena not yet discovered? Some of them are natural phenomena I´m sure? I suspect some are man made in secret military projects based on top secret technology but no proof other then witnesses, former military men. In fact there are some many high level military leaders that have spoken out about them I for one cannot think they all lie cause they are respected people.

    What I meant when commenting was that men who know their environment do not just suddenly start “getting lost in the snow/ice” or “forgot where they live” and get lost or whatever. That is not fiction, people who know their environment are prepared in a way most city folks can not even begin to understand, they do NOT get lost like this, not that many just like that.

  • sherri

    Did you not read what Eyewitness wrote completely? She gave several examples of why she believes what she does, not just based on the fact of what she saw alone. I don’t recall her identifying this object either, other than just calling it a silver ball buzzing underneath and around the landing gear causing a near miss.
    I, too, saw something similar to what Eyewitness saw earlier in my life too. I was young and still remember it clearly to this day. I will never forget it. Something like that, you just don’t forget.
    I was a young girl about 6 years old. It was raining outside and I had just walked out onto our front porch. This bright silver round ball was hovering just above the trees across the street from us. It was really silvery and bright and it moved slowly at first coming closer onto our property, it looked like. I screamed and I think I ran into the house. When I turned back around I saw this thing shoot so fast in another direction like it went to the side of our house. I ran around back to see if I could see it but it was gone.
    No one believed me. My parents told me it was ball lightning, but ball lightning runs across power lines. This was up above the trees and moved with purpose. I have never seen anything like it since. I wish I could see something like it again. Anyway, I don’t know what I saw. I have no idea what it was. It just looked like it moved with purpose and not random. It scared me as a kid but I was so curious at the same time. I remember this object was not very big…maybe about 8 feet or so in diameter….it wasn’t huge. Just one of those things that I will probably never know.

  • sherri

    Ohhh, yes I forgot about the battle of LA. That was really creepy to learn about when I was reading up on it. Military and police were involved in that case and they shot at the UFO many many times which didn’t even phase the craft. Then the craft eventually flew off in the direction of the ocean. I wonder how many witnesses saw that as I can’t remember now. It had to be in the hundreds if not thousands.

  • Follow the Truth

    Max, I find it rather ironic that you would assert Ryan as being Ignorant. I haven’t read once of Ryan saying that there isn’t anything out there. Anyone that understands the vastness of our universe and how many galaxies it harbors (which are trillions) would realize that there is a pretty darn good chance that there are other life forms out there. Just because he isn’t convinced, based on the lack of evidence to support, and NO just because someone reports of having seen an Unidentified flying object (U.F.O) or being abducted by aliens doesn’t make it plausible evidence that aliens are here, we need solid evidence. Ryan is not ignorant, he’s quite the opposite actually. Just because something can’t be explained doesn’t make it whatever you want it to be. Here’s something for you to think about; maybe people who have claimed to be abducted by aliens, were actually abducted by the government for military and intelligence projects, why not? Seems far more likely and realistic than aliens travelling many light years( just one light year is equivalent to 6 trillion miles by the way!!) to our little planet. But of course someone like you would probably call me nuts for suggesting such a thing, the government would never do something like that(seeing the irony here?) I don’t think some people realize how vast space is and how long it would take even our nearest neighboring star system, Proxima Centauri, which is 4 light years away, in miles this star is 25 trillion miles away, to get here. Even if they could travel at the speed of light it would take them about 4 years to get here. Maybe there are aliens that have and still continue to come here to our earth but without there being any real solid evidence to support it why should I or anyone else blindly believe it? The burden of proof is on the shoulders of the people who make these extraordinary claims of aliens visiting earth, if those people can’t bring forth solid evidence to support what they say, again why should I believe it? Not believing something to be true based on no solid evidence doesn’t make someone close-minded either, they are actually open minded after all they are looking for any convincing evidence that could support what these people are saying. You’re the one spreading ignorance, at this rate we may as well teach astrology in schools to our children.

  • Russel Dark

    Nope i believe they created us or helped in our evolution and r watching their ‘toys’ plz go do research

  • Russel Dark

    Ancient aliens hell ya

  • Russel Dark

    Omg duee REALLY? No trees r snow or ANYTHING was disturbed besides their bodies man nuke attack sry no itdwipe stuff OUT

  • Russel Dark

    But u believe in a invisible man in the sky who u think is real based on a book with stories PROVEN to b stonlen from other countries OK? lmfao

  • Not a nuclear bomb, a nuclear TEST.

  • Tailor

    so many people could not all be stupid drunk or got drogs
    anyway if we look up to the sky there are no alien spaceships
    the evidence that something strange is going on is this repugnance

  • dufe

    Haha, this article is a joke. I think the alien abduction theory holds more ground than “people just get lost”. Lol are you kidding me?

  • You’re laughing at a very mundane theory about a person getting lost, as you openly accept a lunatic theory that little green aliens are traveling through space, landing without being detected or even seen by anyone else, sticking probes inside of human beings and performing all forms of human experiments, and YOU’RE asking if WE’RE are kidding you? Really?

  • Calista

    If you’re gonna put your opinion on the internet and try to prove why you’re right at least use real launguage an spelling out please! Not plz. Please do you’re research an get off “texting language”

  • Calista

    *24 deaths*

  • Calista

    Damn learn how to spell to must be 11 if you’re saying “u” and not you..

  • A.Romani

    @disqus_05cXRxOP05:disqus: Real language?? “Please do YOUR research”… You’re is “you are”… If “you’re” going to judge someone for their grammar, you should really check “yours” first…Just FYI.

  • Elizabeth Jackson

    Hi Henri , i will mention first that i am french since everyone seems to discredit each other over spelling ! I tought everyones opinions over this discussion was fair.. For each is own! But you Henry are the most ignorant person i have ever got to cross! First … I am no scientist but i do know that the universe is infinite, where does it end? It never ends… How can you think we are the most intelligent form of life on this whoooole universe or that we are the only kind of humain being ?! That is the most absurd thing i have ever hurd! Second, the persons you keep on objecting, are far more intelligent than you are, they have mention names, books, research etc that you would probably wouldnt even be capable of understanding… Third when you open the light in your bathroom to look at yourself in the mirror in the morning. Do you think electricity does not exist because you dont know how to create it or how it really came to be invented … Yah stay in your bubble world where all there is is eat shit and die… Sorry but you are really an insignificant person! Bravo to those who battle for their opinion with respect!

  • Joseph Silveira Asamoah

    so it has become an established pattern that once you get drunk in Alaska you have to wander off to a lake and fall in it?

  • Henry

    > i do know that the universe is infinite, where does it end?

    How do you know?

    > How can you think we are the most intelligent form of life on this whoooole universe or that we are the only kind of humain being ?

    I never said that.

    > the persons you keep on objecting, are far more intelligent than you are

    How did you quantify that?

    > they have mention names, books, research etc that you would probably wouldnt even be capable of understanding

    Like what?

    > Do you think electricity does not exist because you dont know how to create it or how it really came to be invented

    Uh no, I understand how electricity is created just fine thank you. I recommend you have a look on wikipedia if you don’t understand.

    > eat shit and die

    Thanks. You are a truly impressive person.

  • Terence Perring

    You said-
    “Are you seriously one of those people that really thinks humanoid aliens would travel through space in order to probe us, or whatever your fantasy is?”
    I say- who are you to dictate any reason aliens would be here? Think- your saying that another species would not send probes. Which is exactly what we would do if we had the technology. You imposing your own thoughts and ieas on something you dont know. Its like saying to me- ‘why on Earth would you drive all the way to New York, just to buy a fishing rod?” when you have no idea of my reasons. Or my interests in fishing, if there are any….

  • Henry

    Why do you believe that?

  • Henry

    Eyewitness is really shitty evidence.

  • Henry

    Read this, and try to be slightly more educated.

  • Henry

    Share that evidence if you want people to believe you. Otherwise we are just taking your (worthless) word for it.

  • Henry

    Oh yeah, hypothermia in an isolated, freezing cold location is an awful explanation. Lucky those aliens like to attack people in really isolated places so no one can notice them. Fortunately we have all these super smart detectives like you to figure out that aliens really exist.

  • Henry

    So best explanation is aliens. Don’t understand it? Aliens. Don’t know how gravity works? Aliens. Not sure how time works? Aliens. Not sure how the door got opened? Aliens. Not sure why you are so dumb? Aliens.

  • Henry

    The point of being tenured is that they don’t have to worry about their careers.

    Science is updating all the time. It’s completely normal for old stuff to be proved wrong.

  • Henry

    Pyramids are hardly advanced technology. It’s a bunch of rocks. The computer you are using right now is grotesquely more complex.

  • Henry

    Choosing to say ‘u’ instead of ‘you’ does not mean that you don’t know how to spell.

  • Henry is a bellend.

    Henry, you truly are an aggressive little twat. I do hope aliens visit us, and should they want a specimen to examine, I’m sure the rest of the earth population would be glad to put your name forward. Now shut up, learn the English language and please do not bother to try and respond, you lack both the intellect and practical ability to conjoin coherent sentences and I really have better things to do then decipher your pathetic rantings.

  • John Rogers

    “they shot at the UFO many many times which didn’t even phase the craft.”: Why when Americans/Canadians find something “ENDANGERED-UNIQUE SPECIE-ALIEN-“The first thing you do is assume it is deadly/or dangerous; “AND KILL IT OR SHOOT AT IT ” This really shows friendship! If aliens are so advanced to travel light speed to our planet; don’t you think they would have the same intelligence to produce something a little more advanced or deadly than a bullet gun?

  • Henry

    Hahaha, you made a new account to try and insult me? Seems I hit a nerve. Feeling a little insecure about your alien pals?

  • Henry

    By ‘why would they probe us’ I mean why would they probe humans. As in insertion of an instrument into an orifice.

    I have nothing against the concept of aliens attempting to observe other planets.

  • June

    I must say I agree with Henry at this discussion…. I’m not saying that aliens don’t exist though, but at times like these it isn’t very hard to fake evidence that confirms the existence of aliens, you know. I just like to think that, if extraterrestrial life does decide to come and visit our planet, and with the assumption that this can’t be a very easy job, it would be rather odd that this visit remains fairly unnoticed. Because, when they do come then we’re talking about a species that is far more advanced than ours.. So why should they come all this way and than hide? That just doesn’t make any sense I think. For the record; I’m not saying that people who say they have seen a UFO are liars, at least not all of them.. But until further notice the things that they have seen remain Unidentified Flying Objects. They can’t be sure of the fact whether it was extraterrestrial… Which means that I can’t say it wasn’t extraterrestrial… We just don’t know. PS. I’m sorry if I wrote a few mistakes, but I speak Dutch :).

  • sigher

    Charlotte Milchard look her up

  • The Elite Grey

    the reality is far behind the truth , actually , results of my research have lead me to believe in the connection of Nome incidents , Ladakh incidents and Germans incidents with the puerto rican region(south side of bermuda triangle). You may be unaware of these , but these are the ones,the real ones, as they have been kept hidden not by the government but the people who have experienced these . I have been researching the matter from long time . I cannot reveal the details as it can cost me , but i can assure you of 1 thing————
    What is god. (word used in fourth kind)
    according to combination of ancient Sumerian as well as ancient Sanskrit , i have found something ,god are not those whom we prey , we have not actually seen, meet them, but believed on our elders, non-human intelligence are god , according to Sanskrit script found from monks in ladakh . ancient astronaut theories are true , those now so called aliens were part of our history and having possessed some supernatural powers refer them to as “god” , here god refer to just a word . it can be the name of their civilization. and we home sapiens , small minded concluded the presence of god as super controller .
    I am a researcher from India .
    I contain proofs .
    I had uploaded a materials because of which i was in trouble , so sorry i may not be able do so again.

  • Smile

    Hello, I appreciate your courage to share your story with everyone. This is my first time to take part in a “UFO” discussion, other than with my friend who was with me at the time of our sighting and my husband whom-of-which we told our sighting to when we arrived home (Dublin, CA). Last August, as we drove (late night) from Niagara Falls to Virginia/Dulles Airport, we saw a white UFO… it was motionlessly hovering over powerlines, seemingly vibrating. As I drove toward it, on a one-way narrow road, realizing in a split second that I can either make an obvious U-turn which would probably alert whatever’s inside the UFO and prompt them to take a closer look at us, or, continue driving as casually possible… the top part had an eventual protrusion toward the middle of UFO, and as we drove under it, I rubbernecked forward, as to look above through the front windshield (which prompted my friend to look up as well… she also continued to ask me what “it” was) it was flat with small craters and mild flowy-wavy edges. There were no lights resonating from it what-so-ever. I continued to drive by, speechless. Quite frankly, if my two sons and my friends’ two kids were not with us, I would’ve pulled over and monitored it.

    I must say, that was by far, thee closest encounter I’ve had. Since then, I keep an even more vigilant eye out!

    Before this, I’ve (also witnessed by person with me) seen blasts of “something” come out from the Ocean and a “star” move horizontal, stop for a few minutes and then move vertical and continue to shine “like a star”.

    I’m a wife of one and mother of 3 sons (eldest in USAF, 10 yr old and 6 yr old) and my career has been with serving the public… Federal Government; Military (Army), DHS & DOJ (Federal Law Enforcement Officer).

    God Speed… Peace.

  • Pat McGroin

    Let me gues….you’re on voice mail because it’s impossible to type in a straight jacket?

  • AreWeAlone

    Have you actually been paying attention? Now that everyone has cameras, there are actually videos posted on an almost daily basis. Not just blury photos but clear video of things that both look unusual, move in ways that are not possible based on our understanding of physics and which don’t produce sound, not even sonic booms when they are quite obviously breaking the sound barrier. I suggest you do some actual research and offer your explanations. Check out ***spam removed*** or some of the declassified documents at

  • First last

    Any book by Zecharia is a total piece if crap he never had anywhere close to enough knowledge to call himself a Sumerian expert and any real expert will call his books and ‘theories’ to be total crap.

  • Shilldodger

    Apparently have not updated your physics lately. Space is not something you Travel / Space does not Exist / it is a Holographic Optical illusion. Quantum Entanglement?

  • shilldodger

    sorry falling asleep, comment was for Henry

  • Maria

    Wow, I’ve seen this in the small country town I grew up in. NSW Australia. A ball of silver light slowly descending towards the trees then hovered above the grass closer toward me then it just dropped down into the grass in the paddock disappeared for a minute then shot so fast, like a rocket, directly into the sky until it was gone. It only took seconds to shoot into the sky and disappear and it made no sound at all. This same thing was reported by people in a my town and two neighbouring town all witnessed on the same night.

  • Andy

    Sooooo, what about the video evidence? Is there someplace that gives an actual researched answer for the footage?

  • John

    We are not alone. This Nome, Alaska story may be fictitious, however, there are events taking place on our planet that cannot always be explained.. I, personally, had a close encounter of the first kind. On a Friday night, I left the house at 6:45pm to pick up my date, at 7pm. Something in the sky followed me from my home for about a mile and a half, till it put a very bright spotlight on me. I drove a bit more, till I finally pulled my car over into someone’s driveway, as the object, (which I thought was a police helicopter,would not let up on the spotlight. It was when I turned my car off, and got out, that I saw it was not a ‘copter. It turned off the spotlight when I got out. Dead silence. I could see the object very clearly. It was less than forty foot from me, and was only about 5o ft. up in the air.. It just hovered there as I stared at it. It had portholes around it, and the craft was about the size of a single story house. Had very colorful, rotating lights on it’s bottom. I stared at it for a few seconds, when it then sped away, up into the sky, at about a 90 degree angle. Was gone in about three seconds. Not a sound came from it. It scared me bad enough to just go back home. My mother and sister were there when I walked in. It’s only a three or four minute drive to where I was pulled over by the UFO..It was When my mom told me my girlfriend called wondering where I am, is when I looked up at the kitchen wall clock and saw it was past 9:00 PM. Where did the last two hours go? This event happened over 40 years ago. I still remember it as it it were yesterday. It’s not my only UFO sighting, but, the only one I know of where the thing followed me and pulled me over, and where did those two hours go?

  • ahadino

    she can be helped i think i know a some guyz if its a true story…

  • Chiniquy

    Some of those missing people were most likely murdered and their bodies buried.

  • Garrick Clark

    See, that’s not how it works.. The evidence is in the film.. You are the one trying to discredit it, so it is your responsibility to show evidence, not mine.. Otherwise we are just taking your (worthless) word for it. I’ll take your last comment as a bad attempt to continue the argument..

  • Garrick Clark

    Can you show some proof that there isn’t any real footage??

  • vinb

    how about the movie did a good job of entertaining us and all this hype and arguing is what they want….to attract people and get more publicity you dumb dumbs.

  • Henry

    Now we have a debate over what constitutes evidence. You see evidence in the film. I do not.

    People claiming they saw something is not good evidence. If we considered that good evidence, then we should be overrun by unicorns and dragons by now. Not to mention about a thousand different gods.

  • Henry

    Eh? That would only further convince me that it is poor evidence.

    Think about what you are saying before you say it.

  • Henry

    Are you just fishing for ‘woowoo’ viable terms as an excuse to claim anything you want exists?

  • Henry

    How about linking to some of these videos, then? Or the relevant documents.

  • Johan Wyckmans

    Well. I will not make any judgement on this article, neither the dissapearances. But I have to tell you that my eyes turn from Blue to Green when I stop my medication. Nobody knows the cause for now, but I can tell you that I have some sightings daily, and when I was a year of 3 during 1997, I saw a special sighting consisting of 3 “things”. I told my parents that there was someone. “Dad, wake up. There is someone.”
    Despite the encounters and my medication I still feel a daily fear to the bone with an unkown cause. Probably I am not only seeing these things”, but also feeling their presistance. I am now a 19 year old boy, but when I was young and that special sighting came, just a few days before the sightings an old lady knocked at our door telling my dad he had to lay a blanket below my bed. After the first sighting he did that, and they never returned. Don’t ask me how or why. I can’t answer that. A parapsychologist investigated my case, and told us we could be very sure “something” happened. When I was 18 years and 18 days old, on the 21 of December 2012, we arrived on holiday in America Florida.
    I just stopped medication for about a week. We bought a Fly and Drive, so we where able to drive wherever we wanted in Florida. Sometimes I randomly wokeup. When we returned home, thing where getting worse. I went in a psychose a few weeks later. Accoarding to what I saw, it seemed as a copy of this world where I came in. It was like living in your own dream, not being able to return to reality. My dad received messages from strange numbers, which I seemed to have sent. I can’t remember this. Everything inside my psychose, was pointing me to awareness, and the reality of life. It was freaking scary to see how rude the world actually is. Accoarding to my dad, I told him I saw the light, but more freaky… My eyes weren’t blue anymore as usual. My eyes turned green. First the color in my eyes completely dissapeared, and then my eyes turned green, I am loaded with questions, because in 1997 I had some strange sightings as I already said.
    What am I suppose to believe? Who am I suppose to believe?
    What is reality? How did my eyes change color? How can I be sure you people are real?

  • Cathy L. Robinson

    If you truly believe the words you wrote regarding the missing people of Nome, Alaska, then how do you explain why the FBI sent several agents to Nome over a period of 3 years in the amount of 5,000 times?? Explain that away! I can assure you that the FBI would NEVER invest that many man hours and monies for no other reason than simple disappearances. I am NOT stating that aliens are responsible for these disappearances, that would be absurd, and also I am not privy to any type of FBI nor military intel. I do believe it is a major concern for all citizens of Nome and surrounding areas in Alaska, if not the World. As was stated earlier, people CAN disappear in Alaska very easily, if they don’t wish to be found. But for this MANY to have disappeared raises major RED FLAGS!!! Just my observation and opinion.

  • I actually agree with this Cathy. One question – where do you get the number 5,000? Were all of those visits documented somewhere?

  • Cathy L. Robinson

    Not only was it written at the end of the movie “The Forth Kind” (of which I DO realize was very loosely based on the occurrences there) , but a friend of mine, (who chooses to remain nameless for security reasons) is closely tied to the Federal Government who knew even more about this information. Can you tell me exactly WHO you are, and how you fit into

  • Sure – I’m an independent journalist and freelance writer. I’ve been researching these sorts of stories for nearly a decade now and have written about some pretty interesting findings (and exposed a number of scam artists) along the way. As far as, that question is so odd that it makes me think maybe you are slightly unbalanced….lol.

  • Geo

    It’s true, just ask Eric Cartman. It’s well documented.

  • Geo

    LOL, yeah Henry, why so aggressive and forceful in your need to be right? Butthurt? This discussion bringing back memories of anal probing? lol. Sorry, you’re about as ridiculous in your need to convince others or calling them stupid as my own comments in this post.

  • Vanessa

    Please send me the link to the report produced by the belgian government. I am belgian and very curious what they have to say. Thanks

  • Michelle Donovan

    People from Nome Alaska should send reports to “UFO I want to believe group” for further, more open investigation and with details about where and when exactly it happened. If FBI cannot solved then just because they dont want to solve it. Cause its top secret.

  • Michelle Donovan

    This group is on Facebook.

  • Michelle Donovan

    Not if 100 people see it together or separatedly. Lack of explanation to what it is cannot be an excuse to an assumption all eyewitness lie just to make the hoax real? They are in pain, lost someone and they lie? Police is thinking they kill someone from family because its a depression thing and they lie? Maybe if U look at sumerian plates in the Facebook “UFO I want to believe” U will know You are wrong. This entities existed long before we humans were born and they either visit us from outer space or they are hidden here, all the time since many years. Whatever the explanation, its not an hallucination. Thats what its called logic and reasonable, not to think about gods and angels. Its not Stargate.

  • Torbot

    I agree w/ this mans arguement.. The FBI chalked off the missing (mostly Native Americans) from harsh winters and alcohol.. I dont remember the aeticle stating that they came from Florida, and werent use to the extreme weather, thsy came from a few villages away, so I’m sure they were use to the harsh climate and in my recollection, Native Amwricans know how to live off the land better than most people… So aeriosly that sounds like lazy FBI agents bored with the small and islolated town, secondly, yes things do happen, however people from smal town are creatures of habit.. Meaning they get into a routine like people in the city do.. They know the land, and the dangers.. most people statisticaly who go missing and die or are murdered is due to one major cause, their new to an area (passing by, recently moved to a strange town environment ment when they’re use to the city, etc.. So I do bellive something very strange has happened their, and I bet if you dug deeper into the town of Nome, you would find alot more people that disappeared from their.. I cant speak for all Indians but I do know that their a close knit group, and for many of the 24 missing just to disappear without a word doesnt sound normal, and that goes for any family.

  • Erica

    Henry is right. There are a million ways to die in Alaska. People freeze to death. Get lost. Drown. Get mauled by bears (polar bears in this case). Drive snow machines off into the dark of winter and are never seen again (some fall off sea ice). Drink too much. Commit suicide. Hunting accidents. Homocide. Just disappear. I live in Juneau – a far cry from Nome, but I see it all the time.

  • sonny

    I like how this doosh bag author tries to portrait the movie as being fake, but doesn’t comment at all on the strange ashley tyler disappearance (daughter), all the real footage and recordings in the movie, and has no facts what soever to discredit all the people that corroberated her story, as well as the condition she mysteriously had after her hypnotism of breaking her own neck and back from the trauma and now being bedridden, who tells you what to say bud, or are you a robot?

  • sonny

    and keeps just talking about the 24 missing people, the movie clearly states there have been over 2000 cases in Nome, but the author doesn’t say anything about that

  • John Tubb

    It’s obvious who controls the media and absolutely nothing I read anymore is ever taken without a huge grain of salt. Truth in the news or reporting in general these days is only done by independents like RT or TYT outfits one can easily look for on Youtube. The intellect of the masses are quickly reaching a critical mass point where what we read and see with mainstream news is usually less than half the truth.

  • Semper Fido

    Agreed. I do indeed believe there is more than what we see out there, but when facts are laid forth, they must take precedence. Rumor and innuendo have no place in paranormal and UFO research.

  • critic

    by an you mean “and”?, and you spelled language wrong,
    and it your not you’re, for fucks sake

  • critic

    thanks for removing links based on what you believe, id rather make my own mind up,as to whether someones a fruitcake, or if somethings eligible or not, im kinda going off you just for that.

  • Patrick Donahue

    This is a crap article. Exhibit A, they already concede that it is a hotbed for UFO sightings. Exhibit B, this is a typical classic move by someone ( the government, or a faction there of) to discredit the story, so they can keep lying to the public about ET’s ETV’s and various encounters. ( there is much documentation that there is regular contact between the ET’s and world powers) Exhibit C, there is no mention of the main characters abduction / disappearance of her daughter, which is profound. So you want to say that they are hurting families with said nonsense, yet you have no problem hurting her feelings after what she suffered by discrediting her. Exhibit D, one thing that is key and 100% fact is the languages & history of the ancient Sumerians. That civilization predates Genesis by thousands of years which proves that so called God’s and religions are a lie, only to control others. Also, ancient Sumerian sculptures and artifacts indeed point to another intelligence. This article is poorly written and clearly has done no research or is just a subservient to others. You should be ashamed of yourself. You can’t even stand up to those that would have you lie to everyone else to hide their secret , which is not a secret anymore. What a spineless coward.

  • Right — exploring the actual evidence (not made-up/fabricated footage) is what you call trying to “discredit”. I doubt that you’d accept the truth about this situation in Alaska even if it provided to you on a silver platter and spoon fed to you. Why? Because you’ve already made up your mind, and anyone exploring the truth is apparently a government/cover-up shill. Whatever, man.

  • john

    this is dumb i live in nome and there is no trees here in nome
    this is fake

  • Thor

    So according to the facts people just drink to much fall off a cliff or in a lake or river and never seen again. Its so easy to just ignore the fact that there could be other life out there visiting earth. Ancient cultures have depicted other life forms since the dorn of time, we believe in the existence of God with very little evidence except brief. Why can it not be true that aliens do exist and have been abducting people.

  • Anon

    Wow haha just wow so u think in canada we love going out and killing endangered animals i forgot we canadians are fucken crazy been a peace keeping country since for fucken ever but now we love to kill animals that have already been slaughtered? No ur a fucken idiot and next time u wanna fucken insult canada and put us in the same damn sentence with the states like were even remotly similar u better have some damn good facts that prove we are the type of country to just shoot at whatever we arent sure about

  • friendly abductor

    its silly to argue if aliens are here, a better discussion is what the heck are they doing? There actions and craft maneuvers resemble a drunk or lost person, or maybe a teenager learning to drive. Would we send a probe to Uranus to zip past the natives super fast and zing around without ever landing and grabbing one of them? I guess we could assume that one super fast zing past the landing gear of an all important passenger jet would be enough time to scan the craft and glean the knowledge they are seeking, but, how many repetitive zings does it take till they understand what an airplane is? This can only be described as ” Dicking” with someone, they are just trying to irritate or confuse us.
    They could take a few people from Nome Alaska and no one would notice or be concerned because people do get lost and die there a lot, but people get lost and die all over the world all the time, they don’t need to concentrate on Nome for any particular reason.
    I truly believe that our races are so far removed from each other that their method of interaction is about as normal as a computer programmer wedding, very awkward at best. There way of saying hi may be to avoid contact and circle you like a shark for a few thousand years, and this is totally common in their galaxy, the older aliens are probably goffing and snorting, ” these young kids today, making contact at the drop of a glark spawn! Hell in our day we waited a good million years before making contact! Hooligans!”
    I mean seriously, when we discover some new race right here on Earth out in the jungle, we immediately send some German in little shorts out there to just walk right into the camp and kick it with em, they end up basket ball stars within a year!
    So i think most ufo sightings that are real space craft are the equal to earthlings driving down the wrong street in some new neighborhood, we see that it the wrong house and we immediately make a u-turn and leave, aliens bust into our zone and go ” Oh crap! Were right back at Earth, turn around Larry, wheres the map? You idiot how did you get a galaxy license? Whoa!! Watch it, you almost hit one of their shiny blob machines up in the air!”

  • john

    You saw it for about a minute but your husband didn’t had the time to see it?
    Ever timed how long a minute lasts?
    I can assure you that a minute is long.
    Point for one minute a biker boy and don’t get bashed on your face.
    Try it tomorrow.

  • Blank page

    Facts about theories. Theories about how people possibly can disappear isn’t “The real story…” It’s theory. It’s a possibility. It probably could have happened. So speaking in “theory” you cannot deny alien abduction; it’s a possibility. Just like falling of a cliff into the ocean or being eaten by cannibals. This article states “real story” with no real story in mind. Only ideas but obviously aliens don’t exist, it’s just not possible is it? Only believe what you see…. Wait only know what you see. Belief isn’t enough. I guess if you don’t see someone’s brain, it must not exist.


    Just seems like everything else that gov. don’t want us to dig to deap into..too big of an area?They drink to much? That’s just crazy. THEY DON’T HAVE AN ANSWER..OR THEY DON’T WON’T TO GIVE IT..

  • jumpoffabuilding

    Wow. This country is a joke because of all the disgusting people who are just like you. I came to this page to learn about a movie. I started reading some of the comments, but all I see is your name everywhere! Why do you feel the need to comment under every single username? You are just another stupid atheist who thinks he knows more than everybody. Do you have a job? How do you have so much free time? Is it because you have a mental disorder called Liberalism? Your snotty remarks are so ignorant and ridiculous. Clearly, you have to have the last word. If we want you to go away, we have to stop posting. Leftists are annoying little mosquitoes, buzzing in everyone’s ear. You sir, are a closed minded pest. I think you get off on it. Please, do this world a favor and do NOT reproduce.

  • Quay

    blah blah blah here’s the truth do you believe in God yes no if so you believe in aliens if you don’t you still got ghosts aliens demons aliens well i leave it to you to decide or just continue blah blah

  • IsawWhatiSaw

    Those who don’t believe, in my VERY humble opinion, are the ignorant among us. They are the “unchosen” ones, both thankfully and sadly. Just a week ago, dear friends/fellow humans/unbelievers, I was, beyond defiantly, a skeptic as well as you. But, as of March 17, 2015, I was given NO CHOICE but to become a believer (or “knower” as the title best suits). The details are mine to keep, but not at ALL to cherish, though I don’t mind explaining the circumstances which led to my bi-partisanship. Being “chosen” as an abductee (as I TRUTHFULLY know myself to now be) or even just as an eyewitness is quite the opposite of a blessing. In fact, it is most definitely terrifying, and you should count yourselves among the lucky to have not experienced such a horrific occasion . Know that in no way, shape, or form will it benefit myself nor the other “believers” (as you like to stereotype us) to tell you of our experiences, as I assure you we are ALL aware. HOWEVER, as one meek human to another, we desperately feel the need and want to (at least) know that we did whatever little we could to warn you. I assure you that although each and every one of us, believers and nonbelievers alike, has most likely experienced the human emotion deemed “loneliness” at sometime throughout our lives, however depressing and miserable it may have seemed, you should truly count yourself among the “lucky” or “divinely favored” (blessed) that you have not had to feel what true helplessness and hopelessness is, which most assuredly comes with being “taken.” I do not need for any one person to deem me SANE, nor the likes thereof. I do not need feel the need to be either proved right nor debunked. What I do need, however, is to know within myself that I’ve not let this horrific enemy of my species defeat me by silencing me via whatever fear can be instilled within my weakened emotional human state-of-mind.

    So, once again, fellow mankind, believe or do not believe. KNOW or DO NOT KNOW. Take your precious time on this earth to ridicule the MILLIONS of us who have witnessed your own enemy attempting to take control of you. Regardless, I shall sleep well tonight (assuming “they” don’t come back for me) knowing that I’ve done all that I can do. Live and Rest Well In Paradise, My Friends…

    (Oh, and you should Google the Dulce Base in New Mexico, as well as the Alien-Human Pact…might “illuminate” things a little more for you…)

  • Ashley

    Don’t you think its kinda weird that many people say the same thing, many across the world, before any of them knowing other people saw the same object, they can’t all be mental.

  • Tina Tews

    Ok I know this story is old…. But I ve been doing a lot of research on this topic of other life out there and of course this movie and story pop up a lot and I finally took the bite too read about it no I have not watched the move… But I do know none of it is real they are all well known actors down to the “real footage” all actors……. I VE BEEN SO INVOVED IN LOOKING AT STORES READING News WATCHING VIDEO S HERE ING INTERVIEWS WITH PEOPLE that as a non believe I can no longer say I don’t belive….. I do believe there is other life out there now… Do I think k they hurt humans no… Do I think k they want to takeover the world no…… I belive like us there wanting to learn about us….. I FEEL IF THEY WANTED TO HURT HUMAN KIND THEY WOULD HAVE DONE IT ALREADY…. BUT I WOULD NOT WANT TO MAKE MYSELF KNOW TO US EITHER LOOK AT WHT we do to our own planet people animals etc…….. In the end it s up to us to make our own decisions on this… Government cover ups IA Fri bla bla bla.. In the end we must look for our self and find our own beliefs in this subject.

  • The whole movie, even the “real” tapes, are fake. There is no Dr. Abigail, that was also an actress. None of the crimes in the movie ever happened. Why is this so hard to understand for some people. This is like the Blair witch project, even after the actors came out and said it was fake people still argued that it easy real… smh.

  • Tomas Samot

    so you did the research? 😀 get lost Ryan. There is always a bit truth in all stories.

  • Tomas Samot

    also you said Universal pictures paid some money to make few fake in this blog… SO what? The movie never had any of those news.. or im wrong? If we were aliens – we do the same – kidnap other creatures o study them. that’s looks very plausible thing. I dont see any reason why people should pretend they were abducted and look like f!@#$ crazy people. There ALWAYS in history of humanity was deniers who say’d Darwin theory is bullshit, that Earth is flat and so on..Those people was called crazy and so on..and now they are right after all.

  • No there’s not! Sometimes fiction is simply whole-cloth fiction, such as in this case.

  • In the case of the movie – they weren’t pretending to be abducted, they were actors.

  • Mariajose

    I think the author of this article didn’t have sufficient arguments to state her point. It’s inconclusive as she doesn’t give the readers any clear info for us to believe that the “real” documenting we saw on the film were in fact not real; I still believe Ashley was really abducted by aliens XD

  • Ufologist

    This movie could be a complete fiction. It could be based on truth. At the start of the movie, the director giving the interview was listed as the director. The only thing about this film that makes it appear to be a ruse is the actress for Abigail Tyler. Otherwise, it looks completely authentic.
    i draw no conclusions, it’s a great movie. However, to conclude beyond doubt that aliens are not here and have not been abducting people worldwide is ridiculous. There’s over 4million reported cases of abduction worldwide since the 50s. That’s a big number.
    There’s a lot of ready footage available to the public even on youtube. Of like the person in the hoodie who saves the rickshaw driver from the truck recorded on cctv. The insect like creature climbing buildings caught on camera. The original footage of the MacPherson family abduction. There so much evidence that’s it’s impossible to not believe.
    But with Americas government saying it’s impossible, people don’t believe. It can’t possibly be true people say.
    Well, multiple presidents of the USA have been caught on film talking about aliens and the UFO problem. That footage is readily available also. The American Military is on the record with UFO battles, “The Battle For Los Angelas”, a week after Pearl Harbour I think it was.
    In 2012, China confirmed fighting UFOs with American Navy off the coast of San Francisco. The Russian Prime Minister on multiple news broadcasts stating that aliens are here and living in Russian borders, that each President is given a big file upon taking office with the listings of them. So to say they aren’t here or they aren’t real…
    Well you either work in covering it up like the MIB (video proven to exist), or you’re willfully ignorant. Do the research, the evidence is there.

  • Lizz Huie-Fulks

    They basically promoted this movie the same way the “Blair Witch Project” was promoted.

  • Daniel “db a.k.a Danimal” Barr

    I agree with Ryan, you have definitely misinterpreted this article about the situation in Alaska and made it sound like the article is talking about UFO’s or other beings on a whole!

  • Mark Yobel Gervoso

    There Were Really An Alien don’t Listen to this website can’t you notice that this may have been Wroted By aliens sow we won’t beilive in aliens?

  • Heidi Steindel

    I have seen UFOs. I do not openly talk about it but I will post one of my stories here. On the way home from work one night i saw what looked to be a triangle of lights moving very low( treetop level) and slow. It was moving towards where I live so when I got home I stood by my car and waited and this triangle ufo very slowly moved over my apartment. it was low enough that I can see the metal ( light reflecting off of it) and it was completely silent. It made no noise. it was moving slow enough it took it several minutes to pass over my building. it was a triangle craft and it was small. maybe a two person capacity. There is no way anything human made can move this slow and make no noise and no visual method of pulposion. I got the impression it was looking for something given it was flying low enough to touch the roof. Surprisingly I was not at all scared. It was so low there was no mistaken what this was. I am not looking for attention. I do not care if anyone believes me or not. I just felt the need to tell this.

  • Heidi Steindel

    I do not think he was disapproving Aliens but saying there could be other reasons for the peoples disappearances

  • Philip Hartry


  • Bill Dung

    I am a very open minded individual, but EVERY single book written on “ancient spacemen” use each others books as “proof”, and the older books of the tradition where based on no research, or very shoddy research. Remember, there was no Google or Wikipedia in those days. So was much easier to exploit what people don’t know and can’t research.
    Like the south American ancient ruins, and how the rocks they are built from have incredibly accurate stone masonry which would not have been possible in those days. Not by humans.
    Well, it simply was true.
    You go there, or look at research photos by archaeologists and other academics. There are REALLY big gaps between many of the stones.
    There as masons marks, and many other pieces of obvious close-up evidence of human workmanship. Also, the means of lifting and moving large stones has existed for thousands of years, and many modern traditional stone masons STILL employ these means.

    So, the ancient spaceman tradition of books are simply exploiting the fact, knowingly or not, though I suspect KNOWINGLY, that most people wouldn’t know enough about this to effect their own balanced opinion that isn’t just a blond predecided one.

    This being the case, then the ground is ripe for writers and journalists who take either stance to get some good pay. And when you have news networks which as dumbed down as american ones are in regards to the common people it is hardly surprising that this sort of stuff can take root in society.

    But then…. I am probably a government agent, dressed in black, and out to make you dissappear if you say too much.
    Mwoo ha ha ha ha ha!

  • Scottiemom

    I was never really sure about UFOs until 1980. I was home visiting for a holiday in the Pacific Northwest. My dad, step mom, me, two step brothers, one friend, two brothers and one step sister were heading home in my dad’s Chevy van when we all saw something extremely unusual in the sky. My step mom got my dad to pull the van over. We all watched what was happening and guessing at what that was. Nothing we knew of would be able to make the moves we saw in the sky. What ever they were made patterns in the sky and then dove, one at a time, into the river. My step mom and I got out of the van to take a better look. We climbed up the embankment next to the road to get a better look. There were no engine sounds. I wondered what could be powering those lights. At that point that is what they looked like…lights making odd patterns in the sky. My step mom yelled, Look! One is hovering above the van. My dad and the others in the van panicked. Dad yelled for us to get back in the van. It was something to see. A round flying object, making no sound was just above the van. If I had been standing on top of the van I could have touched it. The object was a soft brushed silver color with a glowing white dome on the bottom and greenish-blue rotating, blinking lights going around the sides. It was not very large, maybe large enough for a young child to fit in it. It stayed above the van for less than a minute and then took off in an instant without making any noise. It was thrilling to witness. We were able to watch the lights in the sky until we reached the highway. There were more events a few weeks later, but it would take forever to type it here. That same flying object was seen again near my father’s home during the daylight. So, there is something going on. I am sure our government is keeping it quiet.

  • Arnold Rimmer

    I’ve been less than 100 ft of floating fireballs, seven of them in single file formation, coasting overhead at about 10 or 15 mph. There are so many credible and well-shot videos showing similar things to what I’ve witnessed with my own eyes and more.

    Floating fireballs made of gold/orange plasma shouldn’t be floating over neighborhoods. The problem with your type are you’re not into real science and objective analysis. You just like to only expose yourself to things that back up your bandwagon science approach. Your little consensus you buy into with the mainstream.

    The problem isn’t the absence of proof, it is the laziness in people like yourself, or your own ineptness in searching it evidence.

    Also, I hate people who use their dim-witted conjectures as reasons for backing up a viewpoint. Travel through space to probe us? Apparently you have trouble having a civilized adult conversation without spewing retardation everywhere.

    As for the movie, I think it’s fake. It doesn’t seem to coincide with the typical accounts of abduction and seems to insert a sinister force simply to keep you on the edge of your seat, and if they had to pay a fine over it, that sounds like a good chance it’s fake. I try to withhold judgement though, since a lot of the reasoning we’re given are things like “the video goes blurry whenever something happens”, to play devil’s advocate if it were real, this could be and is meant to be even from an entertainment viewpoint the reason is whatever technology they’re using is so advanced that our simple recording devices go haywire in the presence.

    A better reason to disbelieve is the all black ufo that appears over Abigail’s house. Since when have you ever seen footage of discs that have zero lights on them? Seems like it was just easier to do the CGI that way.

    Aliens are an absolute reality, but this film appears to be just entertainment.

  • BuyGuns

    The Fourth Kind? Clearly demonic activity. Satan’s cover as aliens. The ‘actual’ footage is no doubt demonic possession, and should wake anyone up to that reality. All these naysayers? You will regret your ignorance one day. Good luck with that.

  • Kelsey Hoursey

    Unless the original Video footage shown in this
    film has been ” fabricated” which I doubt… then…the evidence is pretty much, obviously revealed.. no need to try to “sugar coat” that “ISH”.. the word of GOD alone teaches, explains & reveals to us that..the enemy comes to kill, steal & destroy..which seems to be manifesting in NOME.. so to the writers of this article.. I give you an “E”..for your effort in trying to deceie everyone who took the time to read
    your subliminal message..ima pray for yall! Promises kept!

  • KiltedSavage

    I’m coming late to the party but, after watching this movie a second time alone in my own home instead of a packed theater, I have to say I do believe what was being told in this flick. I also understand what Mindi was trying to say and she’s spot on. This article is clearly biased, trying to dismiss the movie on the fake articles put out by Universal Studios alone. Aside from the fake articles, it offers the reader nothing in the way of proof but it does ignore a lot of the evidence shown in the film, as well as eyewitness accounts from the area over the past several decades.

    Its his article, the author and Mr. Dube are all blatantly biased and there’s no doubt they’re more comfortable dismissing the eyewitness accounts, the documentation and the opinions of believers than actually trying to get at the truth. To announce “I’m a writer” and then follow up with a condescending manner, offering ZERO proof to back up your claims immediately proves you have no credibility, journalistic integrity or even relevance. You’re making your own opinion part of the story rather than simply reporting, offering proof and documentation.

    As for the movie itself, it was then and still is one helluva ride and it really makes the viewer think.

  • bc

    unfortunately you are wrong… there is alot of evidence supporting alien abductions, experiments and traumatic injuries, physical and psychological?..i feel yor response to film weighted heavy on a close minded bias…agree with commenter

  • HAmdija

    So the movie is fake now.hmm

  • David Collins

    The most likely cause of paranormal disappearances are demons.

  • Henry

    > I’ve been less than 100 ft of floating fireballs

    Well, we are done here I think.

  • Henry

    What’s your point?

  • Henry


  • LoRider_WV

    Yes, in the late 80’s along Interstate 81 where it connects to Interstate 77north at the TA Truckstop UFO’s were sited. Well, there were also pics taken and I have seen them, being the 4th time, and also have pics which copies of them were released to Unsolved Mysteries years ago to collaborate the sightings. Now, some may cll me a fruitcake or a liar, but, I have the proof. Do you?

  • Madelyn Pedroza Casiano

    I personnly know that we are NOT NEVER EVER alone in this universe.. We have our life here in our blue planet and in ALL OTHER PLANETS I know they have their OWN WAY OF LIFE..As we grow in tecnology I know they also grow in theirs and as we visit the moon and mars I’m pretty sure they have visited us.PLEASE BE OPEN MINDED TO EVERY THING….INCLUDING RELIGION…..

  • The Bokie

    I am sorry up front to tell you, but must inform all of you that, there is no such thing as Ghosts, Bigfoot, or Aliens, UFO’s or whatever you want to call it/them. There is however Heaven and Hell, God and the Devil, and what you may see, or sense from time to time, could be(not for sure) demons that Satin loves to use to make you believe in something else other than God. I don’t want backlash or bullshit from this statement, just know that the truth is hard to run from, and may even hurt your little ears to hear it….but there it is.

  • Faizhusein Arsiwala

    I am just going to get abducted by aliens so if anybody has any message to give to them tell me I have direct contact with the head of the aliens. So if anybody is interested in getting abducted contact me I may be able to help you.

  • Eevie

    There are just as many and more missing on the mainland and around the world. These millions of missing people are rarely reported and never found. Yes, aliens are taking them. What you have written is insensitive and gives people a false sense of well being. Abductions are real. The fortunate ones are taken by benevolent beings but these are few. The malevolent aliens take people for slaves and food.

  • dawhoda

    How are the video footage throughout the movie ‘including the abduction scene’ with the officer police car video recording the whole thing including him!? just because this article is crying fake doesn’t mean the guy in bed ”ON CAMERA” who levitated and broke his back in the process was fake!?


  • baconbitz

    Very well said…I believe you 100%. When I was about 14 or 15 a friend and I were walking home from another friends house and for some reason we both looked up at the sky at the same time. What I saw I will never forget. It was somewhat round, it had a lot of lights, some were spinning and some were stationary…we stopped walking and stared at this object. We both asked each other if it was a plane or a chopper or some kind of military experiment. No sooner had we stopped talking and started walking again, this “thing” started to follow us.

    We started walking faster both of now getting a bit afraid. The faster we went this “thing” kept pace with us as if it was watching us! I know that sounds crazy but that’s what I felt like.

    We then started running like two crazy people and it was STILL THERE FOLLOWING!!!! We ran into the house and my parents thought we were crazy! I told my parents something in the sky was following us and they of course said “Yeah, OK” do your homework.

    We went into my room and peaked through the blind and DAMN if that thing wasn’t still in the sky at a dead STOP! We couldn’t believe it, we were shocked! We had never seen an object that did that! Then in one quick movement, it disappeared! Poof!

    It went straight up so fast I don’t even think my eyes blinked, that’s how fast. I know in my heart of hearts it was a UFO…It left us so shaken and I had an eerie feeling for the longest time. I’ve never seen another and I PRAY I never do again.

  • baconbitz

    I guess I’m confused, what actors said it was fake? The ones that starred in the movie?

  • baconbitz

    I believe you, read my post above….

  • baconbitz

    Until you’re an “eyewitness”

  • Russ Bell

    Manuel, exactly.

  • Henry

    > I know in my heart of hearts it was a UFO

    Well, what’s the point of science when we can just know something in our heart, right?

  • Henry

    The point is that witnessing something with your eyes is not a very reliable way to determine exactly what something is.

  • Randy Wagner

    Mindi, you are the one not doing your research. Brazil has far more statisitcally for sitings and the news? articles and the fourthkind movie are both hoax-mentary, by self admittance of the studio.



    Get this. The national,average is 2 people disappear out one every 1000 . Does the media tell it.? We don’t have a goddamn media. They’re trash. In nome, 24 people have disappeared out of 3000… Fxxx that, the government knows… The people of the us are absolute rats in a cage

  • For every Truther there’s a thousand assholes spewing misinformation and hoaxes

  • Michael Plemmons

    UFO’s are just that…An unidentified Flying Object. Doesn’t mean it’s an alien. If it’s unidentified it could be anything. So many elaborate hoax’s and so many people looking at the night sky every night. Until an alien space ship lands in front of you and it’s no longer unidentified, then we know you saw something worth mentioning. Just my 2 cents

  • Alex Spakousky

    Thanks for sharing this amazing story. I had had the same experience with multiple witnesses in Belarus, Central Europe. The ball was about 100 meters in diameter, of silver light color It was in slow movement above the ground during about 15 minutes at the altitude of about 200 meters. Then it ‘exploded’ with a few moments colorful flash and vanished in the night. This ball saw the whole team of workers returning from the night shift from Belarusian Automobile Plant (by the way, current model range is BelAZ-7571, 450 t (since 2013).
    On the regular bases, we can see also this kind of ufo movements – incredibly fast and changed directions so quickly – on the night sky of Belgium.
    The main direction is to the North — Holland, Norway, Sweden.

  • Dan Johnson

    A person could disappear easily in Nome after staggering out of its many bars in the winter. Used to ride my bike down it even in blizzards, but had to have a serious down jacket and a destination. Most city folk don’t know what wilderness is, and on the edge of Front Street, you enter wilderness. Really liked the people there and the assortment of characters was always entertaining!

  • ruth kebede

    i saw the movie a couple of times, you now what admire beside being terrified is that it actual have point. the isolated place plus being surrounded by wild there are opportunity that could be the perfect place for the abduction. all over the world it is happening whether you believe or not. you do believe in GOD we don’t see but here we have them and their doing with us. we have choice to believe and not to believe!

  • ruth kebede

    first of all i agree with the usage of the term ” unidentified flying object” we just need another word to come up with the phenomena but the craft or a piece of machinery that 45% people in the world are clamming to experience is that is REAL buy book, read them, do your own little research and believe what you choose but before that if you are logical person might need to start with the following list
    1. drake’s equation
    2. whitley strieber-communion
    3. ancient Mesopotamia

  • Anything new came up in this topic since then?

  • #1 and #3 maybe. But Whitley Strieber’s Communion? Seriously?

  • Thanks for the feedback from someone who actually lived there Dan — really appreciate it! I really wish there weren’t so many gullible people in the world — of course that is the most likely and probable answer. It’s just common sense!

  • Dan Johnson

    The story should highlight the tragedies of drunkeness among the native people. I personally know of Eskimo women so drunk after coming out of Front Street bars, they fell into snowdrifts on the streets, slept for hours in the snow, and woke up with their hands or feet needing amputation. People getting high, getting on their snow machines or 4 wheelers in winter and thinking they could easily make an overnight trek to a neighboring village…and the machine breaks down, they panic, get cold, and die overnight. This is the tragedy of Nome, which could be solved by having a life of hope, courage, good behavior, right living, a job, and joy to experience God’s wonders that surround them in the Bering Sea region with mountains and ocean! Nome is often described as a place where you either go to the bars, or the churches.

  • Big Sarge

    I know right I just watched this movie AGAIN! I’m so fascinated and just WISH the govt would just tell us already!

  • Liz Chapman

    Oh lord have mercy. I can see the effects on budget cuts of education more and more every day. One person didnt know what a canine was another a money order huh? Or is it duh? Anyway I hav seen two and been abducted once. Although I cant be sure og the abdnuctio since all I remeber is seeing three greys short ones at the end of my bed then its a blank untill I am set back o to my dead and then they are gone.
    Those of u that are confused about the movie the movie is based on the same premise of “The Blair witch project”. That doesnt mean these things have not happened to people in some form or another.

  • Amanda Violette Bartholomew Mc

    ?.. I remember something that happened to me on August 22, 2001 in Lewiston, me.. I lost 2 hours.. I remember what I saw up until then..then my mind is a blank for 2 hours.. I talked to my b.f at the time when I left to go get was a 20 minute ride.. When I should up there he asked me were I have been? I said.. I told you I was coming right here.. That is what I did.. He said.. Do you know how long ago it was? I said yes.. About 20 minutes.. He said no.. It has been over 2 hours!!I I remember seeing a light right over my truck, it was like the moon was right on top of it. hearing what I thought was a train..then remember pulling up to get my b.f.. It was really strange!! Don’t remember how I was at one place, then don’t remember anything of the drive between.. Can someone plz help me with this?

  • Amanda Violette Bartholomew Mc


  • John Tomlinson

    i believe in UFO’s only because ive seen a few myself, for those of you that dont believe its ok i dont believe in you either, after all ive never seen you before so to me you dont exist.

    im now retired military, i will only say this once, our government knows volumes more than they want you to know but that will change in the next 20 years.

    something big is coming, is it aliens or God or both, we will just have to wait and see?

    God gave me a message for this Planet it is as follows: Love your neighbour as you love God and you will have the peace you seek.

    i hope you share this message with everyone that you know.

    now a message from me, the people of this Planet are killing it all because of greed and i for one am sick of it.

    killings everyday over drugs or power, im sick of this too.

    children selling themselves in the streets for food because their parents are to doped up to take care of them, im sick of this too.

    if the people of this World wont make a stand for what is right than you truly deserve what is coming and the clock is ticking.

    if you are like me and you dont like the way things are then contact your congressman and let them know how you feel and you want them to make things change for the children because WE THE PEOPLE DEMAND IT.

  • Blastypowpow

    You are referring to a Discovery Channel mockumentary about the Dyatlov Pass incident called Russian Yeti: The Killer Lives.

  • Danii

    At the end of the day each individual is entitled to believe what they want to believe.

  • Joshua Byers

    If people can believe in god when there is no evidence to suggest is real then why is it so hard to believe in extra terrestrial beings walking among us under our nose?

  • Nick Lee

    Correct me if I’m wrong but in Alaska isn’t alcohol very expensive and outlawed in allot of the state especially for the native areas?

  • My understanding is that “dry” locations cause people to travel very long distances to “wet” locations to buy their booze (or drink it at a bar). From the stories I’ve heard so far, the distance these people have to travel (many of them in an extremely drunken state), cause a lot of them to wander off into the forested areas and get lost.

  • Reese Daniel

    Trouble with society is they are under mind control.

  • Because you can’t interview fictional (fake) people. They aren’t real.

  • thetruthasiseeit

    I would ask the same of school children and teachers why dissect Frogs and other small animals?

  • Thank you for sharing. Awesome.

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How FOIA Exemptions Affect Ufology Research

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