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Upcoming Movie to Explore the Strange Winchester Mystery House Story

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winchester mystery house

The Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California is a huge mansion, full twisting staircases leading to brick walls, rooms and doors that when open guide visitors through yet more irrationality and confusion, and a maze of erratic corridors.

Although the Winchester Mystery House’s fame does not rest solely on its mind-boggling, bewildering structure, for the house’s renown is primarily based on the fact it is an alleged home of the supernatural, and has been dubbed as being “the world’s most haunted house.” (1)

Similar to how children squeal with excitement when on a ‘ghost train’ that takes them through a ‘haunted castle’ at a fairground, adults also can’t seem to resist a good story about the supernatural as well as standing in awe at spectacular buildings of less ‘conventional’ construction.

When you put these fascinating and intriguing factors together, the net result is a hugely successful tourist attraction, which brings in thousands of visitors each year, all eager to become acquainted with the mysterious, supernatural history of the house.

Hollywood Movie about Winchester Mystery House

In fact, so famous and popular is the Winchester Mystery House that it is to be the setting for a big-budget Hollywood movie produced by Exclusive Media, which is to be based on the life of the mansion’s legendary eccentric owner.

Talking to the San Jose Mercury News, Tobin Armburst, President of Exclusive Media, said that the tale of The Winchester Mystery House is, “One of those great, untold stories. The history alone makes for a great drama.” (2)

So what exactly is the ‘mystery’ surrounding The Winchester Mystery House that makes it such a popular Californian tourist attraction, and now the setting for a potential Hollywood blockbuster?

According to Prairie Ghosts, a website dedicated to exposing ‘American Hauntings’, the story of the Winchester House began in 1839 when Sarah Pardee was born in New Haven, Connecticut. Sarah grew up an attractive, well-read and charming young lady who attracted the attention of William Wirt Winchester, the son of a prominent local businessman.

William became the heir of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company, a company that developed the repeating rifle, which could be shot and reloaded extremely quickly.

In 1862 the couple married and four years later, Sarah gave birth to a baby girl, Annie. Annie died in infancy and, according to the story, Sarah was so devastated by her daughter’s death that she “teetered on the edge of madness for some time.” (3)

winchester mystery house

A Life of Tragedy

In 1881, further tragedy struck. William Winchester died from tuberculosis.

Her husband’s death left Sarah extremely wealthy, but nothing could ease the pain of her two losses. The tale goes on to say that in a state of devastation, Sarah went to see a spiritualist, who told Mrs Winchester that as a result of the weapon her husband had created, her family was cursed and that the people’s spirits who had been killed by this weapon were “seeking revenge”.

Not only this, but the spiritualist told Sarah that in order to prevent dying herself, she must build a new home and never stop building.

“You must start a new life,” the medium is reported to have told Sarah, “and build a home for yourself and for the spirits who have fallen from this terrible weapon too. You can never stop building the house. If you continue building, you will live. Stop, and you will die.” (4)

And so the building of Winchester House began, and with Mrs. Winchester serving as her own architect, went on continuously, day and night without interruption from when Mrs. Winchester bought the house in 1884 until she died in 1922, when the work was immediately stopped. (5)

winchester mystery house

A Massive Confusing House

At the time of her death, the Winchester House had 160 rooms that were built over seven floors.

The legend continues that the reason behind all the pointless nooks and crannies, staircases leading to brick walls and doors leading nowhere was that Mrs. Winchester was attempting to confuse the evil spirits so they would get lost and stop haunting her. (6)

The Winchester Mystery House certainly holds a fascinating story, which has all the makings for a Hollywood blockbuster.

Although the spookiness and intrigue of the Winchester story has likely to have been made more intense by the fact that several visitors to Winchester Mystery House have reported seeing some ‘unexplained sights’ whilst on a tour of the house, including ghosts of animals and people, as well as hearing ‘unexplained sounds’.

There’s nothing quite like a ‘haunted house’ to make one’s imagination work into overdrive so that they start seeing ghosts themselves!

Whether or not the Exclusive Media President’s so-called “sighting of a ghost of a woman at the mansion during a trip there as a child” (7) was a fabricated, imaginative ploy to attract greater attention to the film remains to be seen.

One thing is for certain – combining a story about love, tragedy, spookiness and the supernatural, the Winchester Mystery Hotel movie has all the markings of an epic.

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  • Jenisuesmith

    I watched a documentary on this house and was hooked.  It is one of the destinations on my bucket list.

  • Anonymous

    Well done Gabrielle!

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