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10 of the Worst Nazi Concentration Camps

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10 of the Worst Nazi Concentration Camps

With the President’s recent faux-pas concerning Nazi concentration camps, these horrific places are once again in the news.

Many Nazi concentration camps were located in Poland, but to call them “Polish death camps” is an error that the President of the United States should have known not to make. These Nazi-run camps were designed as prisons, labor camps, death camps, and human experiment laboratories.

Not every concentration camp was considered a death camp, meaning that not all were specifically designed and built to kill hundreds of thousands of Jews and other “undesirables,” but every camp was riddled with death and disease.

Below is a list of some of the most infamous Nazi concentration camps.

The 10 Worst Nazi Concentration Camps of WWII

1. Auschwitz-Birkenau. Also known as Auschwitz I and II, these camps are probably the most infamous camps of World War II. The complex was made up three smaller sub-camps. One was a work camp. When the prisoner was too old or too sick to work, he was sent to the death camp. Once murdered, slain prisoners were sent to the final facility – a crematorium. Auschwits had the capacity to murder 20,000 prisoners per day. It is estimated that at least 1.1 million people died there.

2. Treblinka. This complex was another extermination camp. Like Auschwitz, one portion of the facility was a forced labor camp while the other was death camp. The workers were forced to work in the gravel pits and irrigation areas. When they could no longer work, the prisoners were sent to the death camp; Treblinka II. It is estimated that at least 870,000 Jews and Roma people were killed at Treblinka.

3. Ebensee. This camp was established in November of 1943 in Austria. This was another forced labor camp that provided slave labor to build underground tunnels for Nazi armaments. The prisoners were literally worked to death. Due to the death rates there, Ebensee was considered to be one of the worst concentration camps in the Nazi network.

4. Sobibor. Sobibor was another Nazi extermination camp located in Poland. It is estimated that 200,000 to 250,000 prisoners were murdered there. On October 14, 1943, the prisoners revolted, killing several guards. Nearly 600 prisoners were able to escape. Almost immediately after the revolt occurred, the Nazis destroyed the camp and planted a huge number of trees in its place in an effort to conceal the camp’s former location.

nazi concentration camps

Lesser-Known Concentration Camps

5. Majdanek. Located near Lubin, Poland, Majdanek was considered to be a forced labor camp. However, it is estimated that nearly 80,000 people died there. The prisoners were forced to work the Steyr-Daimler-Puch weapons/munitions factory. However, the camp was also used a morbid sorting facility. Prisoners were forced to sort the property and valuables taken from the murder victims located at the Belzec, Sobibor, and Treblinka extermination camps.

6. Belzec. This camp is another Nazi extermination camp located in Poland. It is one of the first camps built and used in Operation Reinhard, the Nazi’s systematic plan to exterminate Polish Jews. It is estimated that more than 500,000 Jews were murdered at Belzec; however, little is known about the facility because there are only two known survivors of the death camp.

7. Chelmno. This extermination camp was infamous for its use of gas vans. Prisoners were herded into air-tight compartments located in the back of vans. The doors were sealed and the van’s exhaust system was pumped into the air-tight compartment until the prisoners died of carbon monoxide poisoning. It has been estimated that more than 150,000 people were killed at Chelmno.

8. Bergen-Belsen. This prisoner of war camp was located in Germany was used primarily for hostage exchanges. It is estimated that about 50,000 prisoners died in the camp, mainly of typhus, which caused the prisoners to become feverish and often deteriorate into a state of delirium.

nazi concentration camps

Final Camps of Death

9. Buchenwald. Buchenwald was a forced labor camp located in Germany. Prisoners were forced to work in weapons and armament facilities. However, the camp was also used as a Nazi research facility for typhus. While at the camp, prisoners were commonly exposed to the disease to allow Nazi scientists to test various experimental vaccines. It is estimated that more than 55,000 prisoners were killed at Buchenwald.

10. Dachau – Dachau was located in Germany and was the first concentration camp of the Nazi regime. This camp was also the longest operating camp in the Nazi network and was used as a prototype facility that all future camps would be designed after. It also served as a training facility for concentration camp guards.

Scientists at Dachau experimented on the prisoners as well. Their terrible research covered high altitude effects on the human body, and making sea water drinkable; among other experiments. These experiments usually resulted in the crippling, disfiguring, or death of the subjects.

These are only glimpses into the horrific events that took places in the Nazi concentration camps. There were about 15,000 Nazi extermination, forced labor, and concentration camps throughout Germany. The full extent of the atrocities that took place in those camps may never fully be known.

References & Image Credits:
(1) BBC – Auschwitz
(2) U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

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  • Anonymous

    Why not get a jump on everyone else and start tagging our FEMA camps for which one will win the superior atrocities award?

  • Alfred Hitchcock made a documentary about these so-called “death camps” BEFORE any of them had been liberated.

  • OMG!!!!! WHY KILL ALL these people?!?!?!?! I can’t STAND THIS!!!!!!  Probably more than 1,000 people die!!! Let tem live!!! I’m NOT trying to cause trouble I’m JUST saying. 🙁

  • Nimbunje

    Still you gotta ask how the Germans were able to avert the MSDS risk of the chemicals used and how they were able to make a non airtight gas chamber and open drain under the camp prevent everyone in the camp being poisoned .Let alone everyone unloading all those poisoned bodies without PPE’s .No ones game to answer that one ,so what’s the go ?

  • Well, my understanding of MSDS risks is that it’s all about long-term exposure…the sorts of manufacturing issues people face after 30 to 40 years of working somewhere. That isn’t exactly applicable here…

  • Fantastic job. I didn’t anticipate this. This is a excellent story. Thanks!

  • Jordan

    About 3.5 million died in actual death camps and about 6 million Jews died in the Holocaust all together. 11 million is an estimate of all the people (Jews, Gypsies, Disabled, etc.) who died in the Holocaust. Way more than 1,000, kiddo. Plus they already died, these no longer exist, so don’t worry.

  • izo

    the worst concentration camp by cruelty is jasenovac in nazi croatia…much worse then auscwitz, there were killings only by knifes and hammers and all kind of torture, this was real hell where guards were sadistic psychopats, even germans were shocked by their crimes, half milion serbs died there, 35.000 gypses, 30.000 jews, 10.000 antifascicst croats, 10.000 muslims and many others, even some 5.000 slovenes

  • Truth Be Known

    I wish we had one of these so-called “extermination” camps hidden away in the US somewhere today – there’s a good number of politicians holding dual citizenship that are in need of a good short vacation at one!!!

  • Which ones?

  • Sara

    Why is Jasenovac not on this list??

  • Sara

    Why is Jasenovac not on this list??

  • Hi Sara. Great question. Jasenovac is not on the list because it was not (technically) a Nazi concentration camp. It was the only concentration camp that was not operated by the Germans. Izo is right in that it was one of the worst extermination camps that emerged, but it was actually established and operated by the Croatian governing body known as the Ustaše regime. Though this regime had the support of the Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy during its operation, the camp’s main purpose was to exterminate ethnic Serbs from the Independent State of Croatia. That is not to say the regime did not murder Jews. In fact, they did, but it was not the main purpose of the camp.

    However, even though Jasenovac was a Ustaše concentration camp, it was still one of the most brutal. Because of the enigmatic history of this particular camp, a follow-up article focusing on Jasenovac may be in order.

    Thank you for reading!

  • 7th grader

    Well we did have mourn,entry camps for the Japanese Americans but they weren’t exterminated

  • Britton Thompson

    I’ve always heard that despite the Hell that the camps were to the inmates, medical science made enormous leaps in bounds during this time due to Nazi doctors having no compunction over conducting human medical testing. Can anyone tell me what these gains were? Which fields of medicine in particular saw the most advancements?

  • Kelvin Yuan

    All of the camps that were showed were ruled by pyschopats just like the Germany chancellor Hitler. You have to think that if he was never born all of those souls would still be here today. Most of the population would be alive if @@#$@#$ Hitler and his crazy ass Nazis were never born. Really think about that. Now its time for you to make a decision. If you think that what Hitler and his Nazis did was good, then you are just another pyschopat like them. THERE.

  • gram parsons

    i’ve read quite a lot on the camps and its generally felt very little worth while came out of them in purely medical terms.general consensus is there was never any coherent structure or emphasis on “saving” life to really amount to any real medical gains

    i’d be interested to know if you find anything that contradicts me.

  • gram parsons

    yip!and it premiered on tv last night!

  • mreichard7

    I didn’t know that, and I’m a Hitchcock fan. Thank you; I’ll look for it.

  • cleaner

    Where are you getting your figures?

  • Jacob Allred

    I know and I was reading some were that 10,000 were killed omg

  • Sweet C

    why one earth would you wish for an extermination camp, at which innocent people were killed at, in America?!?!?!

  • DB Cooper

    Agreed. Not questioning your claim, but sourcing is always appreciated if possible. In any case, thanks for sharing what you know and educating others.

  • DB Cooper

    The most important thing is that good people ALWAYS speak out against evil, regardless of the consequences. The moral of the Nazi story is that conformity, apathy and lack of courage can be very dangerous things.

  • taylorRod

    Hitler is dead. So are his lieutenants. We should be worrying about the next Hitler, one whose mannerisms are affable and reassuring and whose ideology sounds humane but will in fact lead to mass murder.

  • pedro

    This really was a messed up person, Hitler of course, why would someone have this in mind. In his speeches he speaks of what was wrong with his country and what they needed to do to fix the problem. As everyone knows mostly everyone started to go with his flow, he basically said what the citizens wanted to hear, not all ……. but as we know there will be another person like this. As we know history tends to repeat itself….. many believe that hitler was the second anti- christ & that there may be another one… One that will say everything, everything that his citizens want to hear and support, but some don’t. He will be elected and start with what he said , but will do it in a smarter way exactly the same way hitler did only way smarter… just like napoleon did then hitler whose next we don’t know. … most believe that he already was born and has started his journey. Or I am just dumb with conspiracies/ theories … whatever you want to call it, but I believe that this will repeat. It will. Who is the next him/her to do this? I simply believe that it is donald trump, why you may ask. He simply is different same as hitler & napoleon, they said something that the most majority of the people wanted to hear and where influenced by it. At the end they did what the said they will do but they did it differently they killed in big numbers and both started a war. I do not know if trump will be presented, but if he is then we are SHIT. Why the U.S is a free country where immagrants came for a different life.hitlers parents where half jews napoleon same with his family trump same with his …. just saying in my mind/ thoughts etc.. history is repeating itself. . Who agrees??

  • pedro

    Hitler.. he was a messed up person. In his mind jews were the problem in his country Germany. And the needed to be deported. Doesn’t this sound similar to the pass and present. Well napoleon did the same mass deportation what happened people agreed mass deportation happened, but in mass murders. Same with hitler mass deportation people supported him thought that he was doing the best why because he said things his speeches like no other person in the country before him, napoleon same. People took them both as leaders yeah they brought jobs food later they started a war that lasted and many killed this is why people like us are dumb no offense to anyone that may read this. We choose the person that says things differently and mostly say what we really want to hear. Hitler/napoleon ” take away people that are not legal in our country ” mass deportation. People said yeah them illegals take our jobs and mostly start our problems in the country. This had to do with jews for both. Well jews where there already before they where there why would they do that? Nobody knows except that hitler wanted a museum that deals with the extinction of a human species one specific or religion you may say. It’s true you can search it up. And he also wanted to start a country with blonde people with blue eyes. But here is the thing napoleon & hitler said everything the same way did many of there things same way. Mass deportation ended in deaths and a war. Many believe that hitler was the second anti -christ. I believe in these conspiracies/theories. Why they make sense to me and they think that there is a third one to await. I belive that it is donald trump why? He is saying everything exactly the same way as hitler and napoleon ” we don’t want these illegals in our country, they only bring problems with them and make it ours”. “So what I am going to do is to deport them back where they came from” . Hitler took jews to the east of Europe & around to kill them napoleon did the same . Donald well its just a guess. Never forget History repeats itself . We are doomed so. It’s is only my opinion and some facts.

  • phatmama

    What about Darfur? Rwanda? The Jews are treating the Palestians puting them in Ghettos..restricting food people….sounds
    like Hitler to me!,

  • Arkadius

    Majdanek was in Lublin not Lubin. These are two different cities in totally different parts of Poland.

  • David Parker

    Key word “innocent”.

    Does the federal government have a right to directly tax we the people and take our homes when we don’t pay them what they demand?

    Answer: No, the Constitution for the United States stipulates that representatives and direct taxation shall be by apportionment. The “income” (trick word income, legal definition is not what we learned in school) tax is not apportioned. Apportionment means:
    Con-gress has to name an amount they want to raise above the duties, excises, and imposts they are already taking,
    Congress then has to conduct a census,
    Congress then is to apportion according to the census an amount for each State to beat out of the people living within the State and the
    State is supposed to beat that amount out of the people living within State boundaries and hand it over to the treasury
    Apportionment is the only lawful means the federals have to directly tax we the people.
    So, I would suggest that the hundreds of thousands if not millions in government “service” are guilty of armed robbery who should be in a prison camp awaiting trial. Can anyone at the IRS, FBI, ATF, NSA, CIA be innocent of crimes and bear in mind that I mean felonies with criminal, not civil trials? Crime is defined as injury to body or property: Theft, extortion, signing a W-4 “Agreement” under threat of not getting that job (duress), and having a third party called a bank with fiduciary responsibility to depositors stealing a man’s earnings (no trial and no court order) and giving them to the IRS are all crimes by definition and punishable with prison. However, restitution to the victims is more like it. Every IRS agent is a criminal and should be forced to pay restitution to everyone they took payment to defraud. Remember what comes out of their own mouths: Ignorance of the “law” is no excuse. Ditto to them.
    So, I am all for fair trials but let’s start with actual criminals. I would say start with that cabal known as the governors of the “federal (not) reserve (nothing) system (it is a racket)”, work down to the managers of the ten federal reserve banks, shift over to the federal agencies who have been the iron fist in the velvet government glove, and then start thinning the ranks of congress. It goes without saying that the CEO who did not uphold the Constitution should be hanging around somewhere in public view.
    David Parker

  • David Parker

    I don’t like the word “died”.

    They were murdered, they didn’t just spontaneously give up the ghost. They were brutally murdered, just like the people at Waco, just like the FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi murdered Randy Weaver’s wife and infant with one bullet, just like the false flag government terrorists mined the Alfred P. Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City with the high explosive necessary to cut through nine or so ten-foot diameter steel reinforced concrete columns and murder children and blame it on Timothy McVeigh and his U-haul full of low yield ammonium nitrate fertilizer that wasn’t even powerful enough to knock down a neighboring brick building, and the big one, 9/11 rigged to sacrifice 3,000 and provide a pretext for very lucrative invasions and perpetual war in Iraq and Afghanistan to say nothing of gutting all the remaining rights and freedoms from the Constitution and being the excuse to saddle us with DHS and the TSA. However, the Constitution was gutted lawfully we the people just need to take it back. The sold-out Congress doesn’t have the lawful authority to amend the Constitution which is the organic law itself and supersedes all else.
    David Parker

  • stiles stilinski

    I indeed agree with this, Trump seems like the exact opposite of someone who’s about to save a country. Nevertheless, I just wanted to add that Hitler didn’t only go after jews, but also after homosexuals, physically and mentally ill, people of color, homeless, people who were against his party (who were the reason why the KZs were used the way they were in the first place, that’s how he brought himself up to the top) and people who didn’t have jobs. Though jews were definitely the prime victims when it came to torture and who the guards were against the most. I might have missed a “category” but these are the ones I can think of right now. My point is, he wanted to exterminate and was stopped soon enough before even bigger changes happened, memories should linger on, the third reich is a terrifying subject and people should open their eyes.

  • stiles stilinski

    He didn’t create those camps for the Jews, at first he locked up the people who were against his party so he could win at all. Afterwards he started going after Jews but also locking up disabled, mentally ill, people of color, homosexuals and even more, though Jews definitely got the worst part of it, it’s an often made mistake

  • FastNick0001

    FEMA are starting one already. So, this guy got his wish.

  • Spartacus

    Interesting list …. although in a top of 10 worst camps I would replace Ebensee with Mauthausen. The sheer brutality in this Austrian camp on the Danube resulted in the largest numbers of death sentences handed out to camp personnel in camp trials after the war – indeed far in excess of Auschwitz. And I would also replace Bergen Belsen with the women’s camp at Ravensbruck. It existed for the full duration of the war, some 90 000 are thought to have died there and ghastly experiments were carried on women prisoners there. In “defence” of Belsen it was a collection point of prisoners from other camps (including Anne Frank and her sister Margot) which were over-run by the Allies in the closing stages of the war and the numbers became unmanageable in terms of any kind of resources to sustain life. Terrible, unarguably so but it was an accumulation of everything that these poor souls had suffered before

  • Olen

    Donald Trump perhaps?

  • OhSoRight

    Yeah, if you don’t agree with someone, he’s Hitler.

    That is some seriously lazy intellect you’re revealing.

  • Lory J

    Britton, the surgical experiments had absolutely NO medical use whatsoever. None. The only experiment that was significant were the elevation and atmospheric pressure examinations, you know, where the prisioners lungs exploded in their chest.

    The Nazis were excellent note takers and picture takers, and as a result, when Allied troops found this documentation, it was sent senior government officials and used this information to advance by leaps and bounds, the science of aviation.

    However, the government thought it would be in their best interest if they omitted the detail that this technological breakthrough was the direct result of torturing men, women, children, and babies.

  • Lauraaa

    He wasn’t a messed up person. He was from Satan. He was a psychopath. They are empty and are hell.

  • gone or rea

    Really ? because the average Nazi leader was concerned about firearms rights for ALL citizens. Hillary, the gun grabber, mirrors more of the nazi mentality, only police and military having guns.

  • gone or rea

    Hitler, like Trump, was pro gun rights for all citizens ? I don’t think so. Supporting gun freedom for citizens says alot, which every dictatorship was against. First came the propaganda, then the gun confiscation, much like todays democrat party.

  • Dillon Aafedt

    Your an idiot Donald trump wants to save our gun rights and never said one thing bad about any race. We want people to come here legally Not illegally. Simple as that.

  • BigNate

    I read about this in “The Secret War against the Jews” by Loftus and Aarons. Jasenovac was rated #1 for cruelty. The guards there used to play a “Gaem” where they would roll down Jewish babies and shoot their head s for target practice. Hell of Earth.

  • Casey Baxter

    I’m not saying that Trump is as bad as Hitler, but the comparison is not as ridiculous as it seems. Just one example is how Trump put the Muslim ban in place. He also dislikes people who practice a certain religion

  • G Johnson

    Muslims are a problem keep killing innocent people

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