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3 Interesting and Unproven Conspiracy Theories about Queen Victoria

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queen victoria

It is inevitable that once someone becomes famous, rumors and theories will begin to circulate around the world about them. This is definitely the case if the person in questions is the descendant of a powerful family.

These rumors and theories are started for various reasons, and some even do hold a shred of truth. However, most of the time, these theories are totally unfounded and are not supported by any sort of verifiable evidence. Nevertheless, believers of these theories continue to spread the rumors.

One such powerful person who has been a victim of such wild speculation was Queen Victoria, the monarch of Great Britain from 1837 to 1901. Below are three of those unproven conspiracy theories about Queen Victoria.

The Fenian Plot to Kill Queen Victoria

In 1868, rumors that the Fenian Brotherhood was plotting to assassinate Queen Victoria ran wild. On face value, it seemed to be a plausible accusation. The Fenian Brotherhood’s primary goal was to end British rule in Ireland.

The most reputable of these rumors was that of a cable dispatch from Swiss authorities. It was reported that the Swiss authorities arrested a member of the Fenian Brotherhood who confessed to the attempted assassination. However, upon closer investigatioin this turned out to be a farce.

The story was traced back to an attempt made by a “crazy Englishman” to force his way in to the Queen’s apartment. From there the story was blown out of proportion. Turns out there were no conspiracy, no members of the Fenian Brotherhood involved, and no attempts made on the Queen’s life. However, the papers ran with the story anyway.

queen victoria

Queen Victoria Kept Secret Slaves

Some theorists have eluded that the Queen kept slaves even though slavery was illegal during her reign.

Furthermore, she was often quoted opposing slavery. For example she is quoted as saying, “As slavery cannot exist on British soil, no runaway who reaches Canada would ever be returned south.”

It has also been reported that when Queen Victoria read Uncle Tom’s Cabin, she broke down in tears. There is much documented evidence that Victoria was not only against slavery on a political level, but on a very personal level, as well.

The queen did have a number of servants, but these differed from slaves in that they were paid. However, more interesting than the farce that she had secret slaves were the accusations that Queen Victoria had a fondness for certain servants, such as John Brown.

However, how fond she really was of Brown or how close the two really became is still controversial even today.

queen victoria

Queen Victoria was the Matriarch of the Black Nobility

Some New World Order theorists contend that Victoria was the matriarch of a secret group that was in a constant power struggle with another secret group.

It has been theorized that Victoria headed the Black Nobility (aka Black Guelphs), which was in a secret war with the Ghibellines. Basically, the Geulphs are allegedly in control, and the Ghibellines are trying to seize control. According to the theory, after her death, the power families of the world created a secret society known as the Committee of 300, which is presently in control of the world.

However, Queen Victoria’s involvement of anything such as this was never proven. Like most secret society or New World Order theories, the evidence is just not present to support the claim. Many theorists would argue that the lack of evidence is evidence enough. However, actual documentation does not exist to date.

It seems that it is just human nature to speculate, theorize and even spread unproven rumors about those in positions of power. This is as true today and it was at the end of the 19th century. Queen Victoria was the subject of many rumors and theories, many of which are still debated today.

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