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How the FBI Fell Victim to Hitler Survival Conspiracy Fever

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hitler survival conspiracy

In 1945, at the end of World War II, Adolf Hitler committed suicide.

As the story goes, with his wife Eva Braun by his side, the two committed suicide.

Hitler died by gunshot wound to the head, and Braun via a cyanide tablet.

However, because of the Fuhrer’s instructions to his staff on how to handle the remains, along with the Soviet political agenda, rumors and conspiracy theories ran rampant following the end of the war. Those rumors included reports that Hitler was not actually dead.

Some of these theories were quite outlandish, while others were somewhat plausible. Many of the plausible rumors and theories were so believe that they made it into a file maintained and investigated by the FBI.

Hitler Requested His Body Be Cremated

Hitler had standing orders that upon his death, his and Braun’s remains were to be taken outside and cremated. His subordinates followed his instructions to a “T”. Eyewitnesses to the aftermath of the double suicide claimed to have seen both Hitler and Braun dead in the Study of the Fuhrer’s bunker.

They also contend, as per the wishes of Hitler, that his remains, and those of his wife, were taken outside, doused in gasoline, and set on fire. Though the fire did not completely cremate the remains, it did destroy enough to make them unidentifiable, at least by the forensic standards of the day.

The lack of immediate evidence opened the floodgates for the FBI to receive calls and letters claiming that Hitler was actually alive and living somewhere else in the world. The letters were kept in a file that have recently been declassified and posted online.

The file, located at the FBI “Vault”, ranges from 1933 through 1947 and chronicles the FBI’s investigation into Adolf Hitler.

hitler survival conspiracy

Hitler in Argentina

The first page of the file, labeled “Report on Hitler Hideout”, documents the rumor that Hitler was being hid by 6 officials in Argentina. The report states that Hitler arrived in Argentina by submarine, and was being hid somewhere in the foothills of the Andes mountains.

According to the source in the report, Hitler and his entourage arrived in Argentina approximately 2 weeks after the fall of Berlin. The FBI did actually follow up on this rumor, but the report states:

“Because of lack of sufficient information to support the story advanced by [Name Redacted], it is believed impossible to continue efforts to locate HITLER with the sparse information obtained to date.”

However, this was not the only “Hitler’s Alive” theory in the file.

hitler survival conspiracy

Lots of Hitler Conspiracy Theories in FBI Files

The file, which consists of more than 700 pages, is filled with theories that Hitler was alive and well in locations all over the globe. One hand written letter stated, “I’ll bet you a dollar to a doughnut that Hitler is located right in New York City!”

Another writer believed that Hitler was living in Switzerland. Another hand written letter claimed that the author had seen Hitler in the background of a photograph published in Time magazine. Yet another account described a disguised Adolf Hitler living in Madison, Wisconsin. And the list goes on.

However, the file contains a lot more than just “tips” from concerned citizens. Hitler sightings were also being published in local papers around the country. The file is filled with articles about Hitler sightings across the globe.

Rumors of Hitler’s survival perpetuated for nearly 30 years. However Hitler’s death was finally proven in 1973.

During this time, two forensic scientists decided to put the rumors to rest once and for all. The two scientists were experts in forensic dentistry. They compared Russian medical reports to confirmed X-rays of Hitler’s teeth. With that comparison, they were able to conclude that the remains that were burned outside of the bunker were truly the remains of Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun.

To read the file for yourself, visit the Adolf Hitler file at the FBI vault.

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  • So are you refuting the cremation claims made by the eyewitnesses of the time and the research made by the two forensic scientists conducted in 1973?

  • Charles Mercuri Jr.

    Consiracies abound, enough to keep the History Channel churning out one show after the other; NO one could accuse that Channel on UNBIASED reporting.
    The dental records should be enough but, Hitler’s stage of health IS enough to shut these theories die . Basically he was a mess, a paronoid drug addict who shock like an earthquake!
    Yet many of these stories claim he was present at, of all things, a Ballet gala at some hotel in Brazil.
    Instead of including his health in relation to his survival, these theories go out of their was not to even mention it; he of course would have to have been accompanied by a “Dr. Feel Good”. However, all of Hitler’s medical team are accounted for after the war.
    Starting ANY investigation by excluding vital information is no investigation at all; at least not a scientist one.
    Why should such “trivialities” stop investigators, especially in this lucrative business of Hunting Hitler.
    We need to stop romanticising this devil, anything less is an insult to the multitudes who died feeding his insane whim. For shame.

  • Charles Mercuri Jr.

    There are so many speculations in your rant that one died nitvknjs were to begin.
    Just one note, we Americans were not even in Berlin at its fall.
    Then there is the fix g that gunshots were heard. Yes, there were, INSIDE the bunker by the remaining staff that were there,
    Nothing was ignored after the war, the FBI files are filled with reports; wild and wacky reports.
    Why should we let a thing like dental records bothers us though.
    How much Nazi memorabilia did you say you had?

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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