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When Communists Defect – The US Welcomes Them

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communist defectors

On May 24th, the communist party issued an edict restricting the international travel of cadres or members (1).

The fear is that in the run-up to the leadership changeover, the ‘have nots’ may flee. In a year filled with tension and intrigue, the communist party is hanging on by a thread and would like to minimize defection, which would mean even more loss of face.

Communist China is under tremendous pressure this year. The economy is stagnating, which could lead to civil unrest should unemployment climb. In addition to this, Bo Xilai, the man who propagated the Chongqing model, has been placed under house arrest and his wife is on trial for murder.

Aside from this, Chen Guangcheng, the blind lawyer and rights activist, escaped house arrest under the noses of twenty to thirty security guards and a multi-million dollar security system meant to keep him home bound.

Communist China Tightens the Reigns

Consequently, the communists are tightening the reigns. They have expelled a foreign journalist (2) for the first time in 13 years and will change how the standing committee – its power brokers – are structured. China knows that a dictatorial rule cannot endure, and is doing what they must to maintain control.

The restriction on international travel by cadres is just one more hole in the leaky system of governance that plagues China today. The problem is ‘naked officials’ (3), or those members of the communist party who abscond with the cash (4) and then run off with the ill-gotten gains to places such as Australia, the US and Canada.

While the measure is intended to staunch the flow of wayward cadres, it is merely a symptom of a faltering system. When the US issued their annual human rights report, the Chinese acted in kind.

Interestingly enough, however, the Chinese took exception to the high level of communist party children and grandchildren studying in the USA. If the US is really for human rights protection, then why are they so ready to accept the sons and daughters of these communists into their school systems?

And the Chinese are right. Over half of the standing party members have kids or grandchildren studying overseas (5). While the communist party condemns the west in public, what they do in private is a different thing altogether.

But what about the US? Behind all the anti-communist bluster you hear from politicians, what is really happening?

communist defectors

Why Communist Officials Send Their Kids to the US

The reason that the children of communist officials wish to come to the West can best exemplified by the case of Bo Guagua, Bo Xilai’s son.

Bo Guagua recently graduated from Harvard and will not be returning home any time soon. With both of his parents under house arrest and suspected of murder, he would prefer to remain in the security of the USA.

What the Chinese would like to know, however, is why he is allowed to stay.

It is rumored that Bo Xilai had up to $1 billion (6) in ill-begotten funds, which he has entrusted to his son. And if this is true, then Bo has broken the law. And if Bo Guagua has broken the law, then why would an institution like Harvard, or a country like the US for that matter, not send him home?

Although the case of Bo is exceptional, it is not the exception. Chinese communist party members have been fleeing the homeland for decades.

“18,000 Communist Party and government officials had fled China between 1990 and 2008 with more than $123 billion in stolen money. The missing funds were generally funneled into the United States, Canada, Australia and the Netherlands through offshore bank accounts or as property investments.” (7)

Their family members have done so as well. As a matter of fact, after the Tiananmen massacre of 1989, over sixty thousand Chinese were granted political asylum, while most of those defectors did not merit such a thing (8).

communist defector

Giving Political Asylum to Corrupt Communist Officials

Even more worrisome, as highlighted by Bo Guagua, is when political asylum is granted to those whose parents were the cause of China’s problems. Those sons and daughters who have benefited from the sins of their parents can and will be granted a free pass, when those who suffered the most – the poorest of the poor in China – are left behind.

Although Bo Guagua has not officially applied for political asylum, one has to wonder why such a thing would even be granted?

The pattern of communist defection, however, has changed. According to the Chinese, communist party members first send their children and then perhaps a spouse overseas. The child is then a conduit to overseas bank accounts and recipient of illicit cash out of China. The party member waits until he is free of suspicion and then defects to the U.S., taking the cash with him.

The question on the minds of many in China is why the West allows this.

If it is true that communism is a repressive regime that thinks nothing of human rights, then the leaders of communism must be allowing, if not perpetuating, such injustices. And if the leaders of communist china are doing this, as the US alleges, then how is it that so many foreign officials end up in the United States?

While the Chinese communists do their best to ensure that few, if any party members escape, the West seemingly awaits those corrupt officials, and their families, with open arms.

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