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An Interview with Dorset Earth Mysteries Group

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dorset earth mysteries

Our planet is a mystifying place, which despite all the scientific understanding and technological advances, many occurrences remain unexplained.

From cattle mutilations in Kansas to unexplained low-pitched humming in New Mexico, from crop circles in China to fish falling from the sky in Ethiopia, and strange clouds spinning in the sky in France – unexplained earth mysteries continue to baffle and perplex and delve pleasurably deep into our imaginations.

Some parts of the world remain more ‘mysterious’ than others. Roswell in New Mexico immediately springs to mind being the ‘UFO capital of the world’. The county of Dorset, which lies along the south west coast of England, is another such mysterious place that is steeped in unsolved folklore and legends.

This stunningly beautiful county, made up of wild heather-strewn downs, undulating hillsides, ancient monuments and tiny villages, forms part of the ancient kingdom of Wessex.

Often referred to as ‘Thomas Hardy’s Wessex’, Dorset, with its intriguing and mystifying folklore heritage and breathtaking scenery, was the setting for Thomas Hardy’s legendary novels.

Focusing on Dorset Earth Mysteries

Part of Dorset’s uniqueness and why it is a nucleus for intriguing earth mysteries is the fact that it is scattered with sacred sites.

There, you’ll find sites such as the Nine Stones, a complete circle of Bronze Age stone, the Grey Mare and Her Colts, a Neolithic chambered long barrow, with three huge megaliths and a collapsed chamber, and the Cerne Giant, a famous chalk figure at Cerne Abbas, north of Dorchester.

All of these sites enable visitors to observe and experience earth mysteries at their most compelling.

Having been on holiday in Dorset myself on several occasions, and having visited many of Dorset’s mysterious sites, it is hard to deny that you do feel a spiritual link with the Dorset landscape. It is also not difficult to gauge why this mystical setting has inspired several ‘earth mystery’ orientated groups to form in Dorset.

One such organisation is the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group, which was formed in 1998 to ‘promote and explore various earth mysteries’. Every month speakers are invited to share their opinions about various subjects related to earth mysteries and the ‘unexplainable’.

For example, in April 2011, author Peter Knight gave a presentation about his then new book, ‘West Kennet Long Barrow: Landscape, Shamans and the Cosmos’. Having spent literally hours at the barrow inside its ancient dark chambers meditating in order to ‘connect with his ancestors’, Peter Knight’s talk for the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group explored the folklore and mysteries of the 5,700 year old Neolithic site and its surroundings.

dorset earth mysteries

Dorset Earth Mysteries – An Interview

Top Secret Writers caught up with Peter Knight, the founder of Dorset Earth Mysteries, to ask the author several questions on what was the motivation behind creating such a fascinating organisation.

Gabrielle Pickard: What inspired you to start the Dorset Earth Mysteries Group?

Peter Knight: A need to spread the word about looking at sacred sites and the landscape in a more spiritual way, as people did thousands of years ago.

Gabrielle Pickard: How do you come up with the topics that you cover?

Peter Knight: From seeing speakers at other conventions, or through their books. We include all aspects, such as ley lines, astronomy, sacred geometry and so forth – it’s a very broad range of subjects.

Gabrielle Pickard: What is the most interesting talk you feel that you have made?

Peter Knight: Personally, my talk about my book on West Kennet Long Barrow, as it brought together my 20 years of research methods and experience under one cover.

Gabrielle Pickard: How many people do your talks attract?

Peter Knight: Between 20 – 100, depending on subject and speaker.

Gabrielle Pickard: Why do you think your talks and organisation in general is so popular?

Peter Knight: Because people are questioning what they have been told was the truth about our history, and prehistory. People are also reaching out for ‘something’, feeling that today’s materialistic lifestyle does not make them happy. The landscape is also calling us to connect with us at this time. We all need to reconnect with what we have separated ourselves from.

Gabrielle Pickard: In terms of being perplexing and intriguing, what in your opinion has been the most ´baffling´ earth mystery to date?

Peter Knight: Crop Circles! They inspire and frustrate. They annoy and drive people into mystery. Many are man-made, but many are not. I think forces are in operation to give us landscape mystery again, an excuse to get us out there walking the Land once more.

Final Notes

Three years ago, Peter Knight left Dorset to relocate in Wiltshire and handed the post of Chairperson of Dorset Earth Mysteries Group over to Lorna Heath.

When asked what she felt the most baffling earth mystery is, Lorna Heath told Top Secret Writers:

“Why on earth are some destroying this planet? Thank goodness for caring communities and groups who care.”

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