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Ron Paul Delegates Will Make the Republican Convention Interesting

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ron paul delegates

Anyone that has followed along with my past political-leaning articles will know that I am very much anti-establishment and anti-status-quo.

I believe that too much power in the hands of too few leads to an elitist, monarchy-style form of leadership and an unhealthy flow of wealth.

At the very start of the election year, before anyone was really certain who the Republican nominee for president might be, I observed all potential candidates and found much of Ron Paul’s rhetoric to be refreshingly brave, and more “American” in essence than any rhetoric from any candidate out there – Republican or Democrat.

Yet, before any candidate had really pulled out ahead at all, the mainstream media blatantly ignored Ron Paul from the get-go.

How the Ron Paul Strategy Works

I found that to be disturbing in many ways – not the least of which that it serves as evidence that corporate-run media really does attempt to sway public opinion in the political direction of whatever mogul owns that particular media company. Both sides – the Fox News and the CBS News – seek to maintain not only their side of the power structure, but the entire status quo itself.

And yet – the legions of Ron Paul supporters and – dare I call them American Revolutionaries – have actively gone after the American political system from its very roots. Ron Paul and his supporters have bypassed the silly back-and-forth attacks and public statements, and are seeking to obtain presidential nomination by using the rules to their advantage.

Essentially, they are gaming the status quo itself – in a completely legitimate and legal way. The establishment has taken notice, and elements of the establishment are already fighting back. Last week, the Republican National Committee stripped 10 Ron Paul delegates of their status and replaced them with Mitt Romney supporters.

It appears that only after Ron Paul supporters legitimately established themselves as Republican delegates, the RNC decided that Maine’s delegate selection process was “riddled with illegal votes, lax security and parliamentary violations.” (1)

The RNC move is completely unfair, but no one said that upsetting the status-quo – essentially overturning the same-old blue-and-red political process that keeps things as they’ve always been – would be easy. Those in power prefer to remain in power.

In order to become a delegate in a particular state – with the right to cast your nomination at the Republican Convention – you must go through a rigorous delegate selection process. Anyone can become a delegate.

The secret is that delegates are informed and educated to the process of electing a candidate, and in working through the selection process, earn the right to cast their vote for a candidate. While the popular vote is important enough, it’s actually the delegates that presidential candidates want to sway. From the very start of the primaries, Ron Paul and his supporters announced, quite publicly, that they were following a “delegate strategy”. That strategy worked.

Ron Paul may not have obtained more delegates than Romney, but his delegate count is nothing short of impressive. Ron Paul obtained most of the delegates from Maine, Minnesota, Iowa and Nevada – and ultimately collected 177 delegates from all states across the U.S.

ron paul delegates

The Republican Party’s Response

Attempting to hide the fact that Ron Paul has so many supporters from around the country, the RPN convention panel decided that the states where Ron Paul obtained so many delegates must be flawed, and simply reassigned the delegates – turning the political process itself on its head. (2)

Even worse, the RPN has placed the majority of those Ron Paul delegates at the fringes of the convention floor – including Nevada, Louisiana, Maine, Minnesota and Oklahoma. The GOP appears to be concerned that Ron Paul supporters will somehow disrupt what most are calling a “scripted” roll call – set to take place Tuesday evening. (3)

The last thing the GOP wants during the convention is a “floor fight” between delegates – even though Romney has more than enough delegates to win such a fight. The challenge to the rules on the floor of the convention could prove to be extremely embarrassing to the party.

On the other hand, such a fight could also prove to be a catalyst to reform the Republican party ideology into one that more closely mirrors the concerns and issues that are important to a growing segment of the American voting public – a revolutionary segment of the American public that wants to see the country re-establish its Republic roots…with a stronger monetary system based on something of actual value, a financial system that does not hand over overwhelming control to an elite minority, and better protection of American liberty.

It isn’t much to ask. While the media and the rest of the establishment ignores the truth behind Ron Paul’s rhetoric, a fast-growing segment of the American public are not ignoring it. If the Republican Party can reform itself enough to incorporate the ideals that form the “Ron Paul Revolution”, it’ll transform the Party from one of “Conservatives” into a party of “Revolutionaries”.

That is a Party that I would want to be a part of.

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  • James

    Excellent article!!!!! I feel the same way. The Gop has one chance to get this rt. I want to become a first time and life long Republican voter but i will never with the shit their pullin

  • Anonymous

    Go Ron Paul. Romney is an embarrassment. He is even worse than W. No more wars, debt and killing innocent civilians in our name.

  • onlygoodnews

    good article, and looks like better news than yahoo, or yaboo 😉

  • Rich Bianco

    This has got to be the BEST article I’ve read that explains the Ron Paul Revolution, what we stand for, and what has really happened throughout 2012. Author should win an award for this, it deserves to go viral.

  • Ron Paul is the Only Choice

    Great article, and screw the RNC. I’m still voting for Ron Paul in 2012. Romney is a proponent of the status quo and wil NEVER get my vote.

  • Anonymous

    Musical tastes rather than economic issues will decide the
    winner of the 2012 presidential election.
    Enlightened Rockers prefer Romney over Obama. It would be suicidal to wear a tee shirt with
    a picture of Obama at a Rock concert. A recent poll of female Rockers found 99%
    would want Mitt as their next president.
    Romney accepted the endorsement of Kid Rock at the Royal Oak Music
    Theater. Kid Rock and band then performed his anthem “Born Free,”
    which has become the Romney campaign theme.

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