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3 Dumbest Dark Side of the Moon Conspiracy Theories

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3 Dumbest Dark Side of the Moon Conspiracy Theories

In the acclaimed book “A Culture of Conspiracy: Apocalyptic Visions in Contemporary America”, author Michael Barkun, professor emeritus of political science at Syracuse University, states there are three types of conspiracy theories: Event conspiracies, Systemic conspiracies and Superconspiracies (1).

We believe there is a fourth type of conspiracy theory that professor Barkun may have overlooked in his otherwise excellent publication; the “Plain Dumb” conspiracy.

There are a large number of conspiracies that fall in to this category, but what some people believe is happening on the dark side of the moon has to be seen to be believed.

John Lear, the son of Bill Lear of “Lear Jet” fame, has claimed a number of startling and ridiculous “facts” about the dark side of the moon. John says there is a civilization of humans living there, breathing air in a region covered with lakes, rivers, forests and snow-capped mountain ranges!

Furthermore, he believes the moon was towed into position by a “large” space ship, primarily to help jumpstart our fledgling civilization.

The Insane Claims of John Lear

Further on into his story, he says the moon itself is actually the spaceship, and is being used as a base by aliens to monitor our progress (2).

Wait a minute here, is the moon a spaceship or is it a moon? Are humans living on the dark side of the moon or are they aliens? As is very common with stories based on no evidence whatsoever, the inconsistencies in the narrative are as apparent as they are foolish.

As for the claims of there being an atmosphere on the moon and a climate that appears to be very similar to that of Canada, nothing could be simpler to disprove. We only need to look at the moon with the naked eye to see the large craters that exist there.

Even the most basic of telescopes reveal the myriad of smaller craters littered all over the moon’s surface. The reason these craters are visible is because there are no weather patterns on the moon that would otherwise erode them. There are no weather patterns because there is no atmosphere!

To claim only one side of the moon has an atmosphere but not the other is ludicrous in the extreme. If only he had thought it through a little more, Lear could have claimed the dark side of the moon is covered by an enormous dome or some other air-providing fantasy structure.

Naturally, John Lear provides little evidence for any of his claims. How could he – none of it is real. What evidence he does provide, in the form of fuzzy and blurry photographs of “structures” on the moon’s surface, is easily dismissed as spectacularly faulty interpretations of low resolution imagery.

Besides, these non-existent structures are mostly on the visible side of the moon – I thought the alien cities were all on the dark side?

dark side of the moon

Nazi Moon Base

The Nazi Moon Base conspiracy theory is another that can easily and quickly be filed in the Plain Dumb category.

We have already discussed this one here on TSW (3), but anyone who believes the Nazis had the resources for a secret space program when they couldn’t even keep the Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe fully supplied, might as well believe the moon is made of cheese.

Not including the impossibly vast amount of resources required for actually building a base on the moon, the manpower, equipment and materials needed for building a Nazi Germany equivalent of the Kennedy Space Center would be unfeasibly huge.

Another prime candidate for our plain dumb category is one Karl Wolf, a former sergeant in the United States Air Force. According to his own testimony for the Disclosure Project before the National Press Club in Washington DC in 2010, Wolf claims to have been assigned to HQ Tactical Air Command in Langley, Virginia.

One day in “1965, mid-1965”, whilst assigned to the Lunar Orbiter Program, Wolfe says he saw “clear structures, buildings, mushroom shaped buildings, spherical buildings, towers” in a series of photographs of the far side of the moon shown to him by an airman in a lab he was working in.

He also stated the other airman told him “we’ve found a base on the far side of the moon” (4). Wolfe is very clear on the year this supposedly happened, and also the project he was a part of. It is this clarity which also serves to show why he couldn’t possibly be telling the truth.

The Lunar Orbiter Program ran from 1966 through to 1967, but the first images of the far side of the moon weren’t captured until the Lunar Orbiter 4 mission in May 1967 – a full two years after Wolfe claims to have seen the structures and buildings! Lunar 4 photographed 9% of the far side, with Lunar Orbiter 5 imaging the rest in August that same year (5).

As with all plain dumb conspiracy theories, merely the slightest examination of the facts will quickly show the incredible is, in fact, impossible.

Now, did you hear the one about the cow who jumped over the moon…

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