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Diana Debacle Part XIIIb – Tall Tales

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princess diana conspiracy

Charitable agencies play an interesting role in some conspiracy thought concerning Diana. The La Rouche organization has long had an interest in Prince Phillip’s activities in Africa, concerning his and other Royal Families ties to the WWF group.

In 1994, their publication the Executive Intelligence Review, published “The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor”, which was a series of articles describing the organisations role in numerous sub-Saharan hotspots. (8)

While the inane ranting’s from La Rouche and his underling Jeff Steinberg concerning Philip being the central organizer of a number of genocides (with utterly no evidence) destroyed the credibility of the report.

This is a real problem for Steinberg. On one hand he can come out with some okay stuff, as seen in Part XII, I linked one of his better articles on the Diana case which discussed an odd series of break ins of prominent photograph distributors in the aftermath of Spencer’s death. But he consistently undermines his own material and that of others by going off on any number of tangents.

“The Coming Fall of the House of Windsor” is a case in point. If one can ignore the underlying paranoia, there are some four or so useful articles by Linda de Hoyos x2, Joseph Brewda and Allen Douglas in the publication, outlining the many contradictions and problems inherent in having Royalty and captains of commerce become involved in environmental issues between pages 24-39.

Indeed, this sort of problem has since been highlighted by the King of Spain being booted out of the Spanish WWF for going on an elephant hunt (9).

Hypocrites and Lowlifes

Prince Phillip himself is an avid huntsman and something of a hypocrite considering his high-ranking role in the world of conservation (10). Most importantly, it also raises the troubling specter of military and intelligence services using such organisations as covers for nefarious antics.

Steinberg, for his flaws, did a good job collating this research into the study. Yet he had another major credibility fail some years later. He claimed to authors Jon King and John Beveridge on page 243-244 of their 2005 book Princess Diana: The Evidence (retitled ‘The Hidden Evidence’ circa 2000) that an unnamed member of his staff had been in touch with Spencer 18 months before her death, and then a letter 6 months prior to Paris.

This correspondence begun in 1994 when Spencer apparently replied after Steinberg had sent out “Fall of the House of Windsor”. Steinberg’s commented that they received…

“A very kind letter, indicating that she had read the material and was quite grateful for having received it. We sent her some further material, on subjects that were clearly of interest to her based on her own humanitarian activities in Bosnia and Africa [Angola]. We received a second letter from her in the spring of 1997, less than six months before she died.”

Steinberg later said

“She was more involved in and more aware of important political activities directed against the power of the British Royal [Establishment], in particularly the Windsor’s.”

princess diana conspiracy

The Holes in the Story

Let’s list the problems here.

1) Diana Spencer received thousands of letter’s articles book’s and pictures a year. From all manner of people and groups, why would the La Rouchies be on her radar?

2) It is well established fact that technical manuals and politically orientated literature bored Spencer to tears (11).

3) Has Steinberg ever heard of personal secretaries, support staff and stamped signatures, or did his organization win the lottery with Spencer’s replies?

4) Where are the letters from Spencer and who was Steinberg’s mystery staff member anyhow? Why did the two Johns never ask Jeff for verification?

5) Steinberg is very vague and for all his ‘Diana specialist’ bluster, and quite clearly has no idea of what was going on concerning Spencer and land mines Spencer visited Angola first. She was in Angola on the 14th of January and Bosnia in early August 8th of 1997 she was dead 23 days after her Eastern European sojourn. This is obviously not ‘less than six months before she died’ it is more like a month, what kind of boob talks smack like that? Steinberg’s follow up articles to the original ‘Fall of the House of Windsor’ came out on May 24, 1996 and Aug. 22, 1997. Together he manically claims these show evidence that there is a war: “The British Empire is waging to seize the mineral wealth of the planet, and to destroy that nation-state uniquely capable of stopping the Empire’s designs: the United States”. (12)

6) How could she have sent a second letter saying ‘thanks for the heads up’ if she had not yet even been to Bosnia by Spring of that year? August is considered late summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Thus the idea that Spencer was fully aware of the Royals, involvement in Angola and Bosnia, is nothing but the imaginings of a man hell bent on destroying his own work.

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