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David Wilcock – The Self-Proclaimed Modern Day Edgar Cayce

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david wilcock

Earlier this year, I wrote an article about Edgar Cayce and the inaccuracies in his so-called prophecies. (1)

The article sparked a very interesting conversation about Cayce along with prophecies in general from both Cayce believers and skeptics.

However, out of those conversations came a tip from a reader that there is in fact a present-day Cayce walking among us. At the very least, this individual claims that he is the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce and possesses a similar “gift.”

This individual is David Wilcock.

Even though this self-proclaimed psychic and “researcher of ancient civilizations, consciousness science, and new paradigms of matter and energy” has garnered a significant following, there are also many people that consider him to be a full blown con-artist.

So, is David Wilcock Cayce a reincarnated Edgar Cayce, or a creative crook?

Predictions For Sale

On his website, Wilcock chronicles a lifetime of experiencing psychic phenomenon starting at age two and stretching into today.(2) It is also on his website, DivineCosmos.com, that he asserts that he was Edgar Cayce in a past life.

In 2004, he published a book revolving around the claims that he is Cayce reincarnated, titled “The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?”.

He has also claimed to have had an out-of-body experience at the age of five and a number of psychic visions. Over the course of his adult life, it seems that Wilcock has been able to leverage these “abilities” for a profit.

His web bio states that he has been conducting paid readings since 1998. Also, his online store sells a number of his books, audio books, ebooks, and music CDs that vary in price from about $10.00 to about $100.

However, he is hocking more than just books on his site. He also sells “Convergence Conference” packages that are about $295 for each one. These are weekend packages in various locations to attend one of his speaking engagements.

And of course, he also accepts donations, which goes to helping him continue his “research.”

Whether David Wilcock is Edgar Cayce reincarnated or not, he has certainly found a way to make a profit on the idea.

david wilcock

Different Salesman, Same Snake Oil

There are a variety of reasons that make skeptics so skeptical.

For instance, it seems that Wilcock latches on to just about every new age idea and paranormal subject matter that comes along.

Not only does he claim that he is the reincarnated sleeping prophet, but he also lectures on global changes in 2012 and the fact the gods were actually ancient aliens. Basically, Wilcock is not afraid to jump on any paranormal bandwagon and lecture on the subject . . . for a fee.

Furthermore, many of his “predictions” and theories have been flat-out wrong. The global consciousness that Wilcock states will occur this year was supposed to happen in 2000, according to his website Ascension2000. But since that did not happen 12 years ago, he is now pushing for 2012.

Further to his own discredit, he has ranted on about the mass arrest of thousands of individuals that he calls “top conspirators in finance, media, pharmaceuticals and government;” arrests, of course, that never happened nor seem to be occurring currently.

However, it is not just skeptics who have issues with Wilcock, but many of his fellow conspiracy theorists and new age gurus have even come out against him. The likes of Alex Jones and David Icke, two of the most famous conspiracy theorists in modern pop culture, have even denounced the claims of Wilcock.

Where does that leave David Wilcock in the grand scheme of things? Well, he packages his own brand of science and spirituality based on the idea that he is a reincarnated psychic, which he shares for a fee.

He makes fantastic claims that not only cannot be proven, but are often found erroneously. Not only do the skeptics believe he is a fraud, but many conspiracy theorists themselves denounce him as a fake.

Sounds like just another salesman with the same old snake oil.

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Originally published on TopSecretWriters.com

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