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Is There Any Truth Behind the Bucegi Mountain Discovery?

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bucegi mountain

In 2009, the book Transylvanian Sunrise was published, causing a stir in the paranormal research community. The book chronicles a “discovery” under the Romanian Sphinx located in the Bucegi Mountains.

The book discusses a joint effort between the U.S. and Romanian governments to explore tunnels under the sphinx that lead to rooms that possessed advanced technology. Most of the world believes the book to be a work of fiction. However, there are a select few that claim the book is true and the two governments are hiding a find that would change mankind forever.

It makes for a great story, but is there any truth behind the Bucegi Mountain discovery?

The Bucegi Mountains are part of the Carpathian Mountain Range that spans six European countries; however, the bulk of the Carpathians are located in Romania. This is where the Bucegi Mountains are located.

Today, the mountains are part of the Bucegi Natural Park near the resort town of Sinaia. Prior to the claims made by Transylvanian Sunrise, the mountains were steeped in an ancient lore of their own.

According to legend, Zamolxis, the god of the ancient Romanian people (the Dacians), made his home and sanctuary in the mountains. It was often said the god would vanish deep into the caverns to consult his oracles because “the cave must have been branched labyrinth-like.”(1) However, the modern-day myth that the book is attempting to perpetuate is a vastly different one.

Transylvanian Sunrise Claims

The books states:

In 2003, the Pentagon discovered, through the use of satellite technology, an anomaly beneath this ancient sphinx. Through the highest levels of Freemasonry, the Pentagon was able to secure an alliance with the most secret department of the Romanian Intelligence Service which is known as Department Zero.(2)

Most readers take the book as pure fiction, something akin to the works of William Dietrich or James Rollins. It has all of the elements of that genre, such as mysterious findings, government cover-up and involvement of the Freemasons and the Illuminati.

The co-author of the book, Peter Moon, claimed to have co-authored the book with an Intelligence officer with the Romani Government. (3)

Yet, the book is big on claims, but short on proof. Because of this, most of the world has pretty much written the book off as fiction, but there are others out there who claim that can “prove” this find is real.

One proponent of the book claims that the proof is in the stars. states that astrology has the means to prove the claims of the book as fact. It does this by taking various celestial positions into consideration. The site claims that these positions line up with the discoveries claimed in the book; therefore, the discovery must be true.

For example, “The Jupiter-Uranus opposition was superposed on the 3rd-9th house axis, the knowledge axis and on the nodal axis in Romania’s natal chart, determining an evolutionary leap in knowledge.”(4)

Nevertheless, astrology really cannot be considered as proof. Another proponent, Alexander Light at, offers a ton of claims that the book is factual, but once again, very little proof.

carpathian mountains

Claims But Not Facts

There is no real proof, aside of the claims of individuals who wish to make money off of the story, that the so-called discovery in the Bucegi Mountains is real.

However, there is a ton of proof that the fantastic claims made by Transylvanian Sunrise are nothing more than fiction.

One bit of evidence is the fact that the entire area is in the vicinity of a resort. The city of Sinaia is a resort town built on the tourism of the Bucegi Mountains. Furthermore, the entire area is often hiked and biked through. Tourists camp in the area and take pictures of the natural features such as the sphinx; all the while, never once being turned away by any sort of government official.

The area is also peppered with hotels inviting tourists to witness the beauty of the natural landscape. With so much activity, it would be quite difficult to hide any sort of secret exploration without someone seeing some government official or being turned away from a specific area.

Is there any truth behind the Bucegi Mountain discovery? Well, it is true there is a sphinx located in the mountains and it is true that the area contains a variety of caves and caverns; however, that is where the truth of Transylvanian Sunrise ends and the fiction begins.

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  • A Balkan person

    Wrong, it’s a true story, the claims in the book are correct and a militaristic group of soldiers is really there to protect the site from the eyes of the general public.

  • Really? Do you happen to have any photos of those “soldiers” or any other evidence to support your claim or the claims in the book?

  • Someone Interested

    I have been privately researching it for over a year now. I wanted to debunk it (just as you do) but I keep finding connections to it. Evidence changes once spoken about (I’ve seen this happen first-hand). See if you can find the changes in the 2010 helicopter crash in which all the “Israeli” soldiers were killed.

  • Haryadi Be

    so, where are all proof has gone? no photos, no map, no restricted area sign,..whye they just open it for public? is any of “them” already between u?

  • Darline Spencer

    Has even occurred to anyone how interested Prince Charles has become in recent years regarding Romania. Do the math. It is very easy to disprove if it was not real. Challenge the US by demanding satellite scans of the mountain. Why play games! Just get to the point!

  • Darline Spencer

    Their are some things in this World that are not meant to be discovered yet. Perhaps this is do to the fact that we have not evolved as a society that could handle the advance technology offered by other advance life forms. We are a very arrogant species to believe we are the only intelligent life form. We can’t even get along within our individual Countries so why would they want to expose us to a technology at the risk of producing mass destruction with advance technology. Imagine another life form
    providing us with something so powerful that if put in the wrong hands would not only destroy this planet but other planets and galaxy’s. We are living in an aquarium and being observed and studied. We can’t even learn from our mistakes in the past in order to secure our future at continuing on the human race. I might sound like i’m not grounded with what I say but if you think for a minute perhaps I am more grounded then those who think we are the superior life form. We have not even begun to figure out how simple monuments were created like the pyramids.See Ancient Alien theories (SERIES) Yeah we are intelligent! Bucegi Mountains is more real than you can ever imagine but if you choose not to believe then it won’t be and if you choose to believe then you will see!

  • Hi Darline. Thanks for the great post. I agree with you in that we has humans certainly cannot get along with each other. Also, with the Billions of Possible Earth-like planets being found in the so-called Goldilocks Zones of their stars, intelligent extraterrestrial life on other planets is a possibility. However, none of this is actual proof of Moon’s claims. You state the the Bucegi Mountains are “more real than you can ever imagine,” but what causes you to believe that? Aside from the Moon’s word and the Ancient Aliens television series.

  • Darline Spencer

    I have a very close friend from the area that grew up their. I also have reason to believe I have a family connection as well to the area and feel a deep connection. I have had multiple dreams regarding the mountain in the last 2 years. I have read Transylvania Sunrise and other books from Rudar Cinemar (Peter Moon). I believe we are suppose to protect the area from anyone trespassing. The area needs to be preserved and not manipulated by those who have self centered motives. I sense if we enter what is inside of the mountain we will awaken something we are not permitted to wake up. I also believe do to the advance technology of the area it has a mechanism in place that will destroy anyone or anything that has bad intentions. I believe their are certain individuals born with DNA that would be permitted but if the intentions are bad then they still will not be able to pass. This is a risk for anyone to enter if they do not meet the criteria. I can’t explain how i know this, I just do.

  • It’s up to the person claiming that something is true, to provide the evidence to prove it as such.

  • Hi Val. Provide your sources (via the contact page) so we can research the claims and follow up. To date, no real proof of Moon’s claims seemed to have panned out. Maybe your sources are different. Just provide us with them and we will check them out. Thanks.

  • rafael

    i am a romanian. completely agree with you /darline . Charles just became really interested in the last few years. he has plenty money involved in bussinesses in romania

  • gabriel darke

    Does someone having a financial interest in a region proof of anything other than that he or she is interested in making money there? Further, that the person is a member of the British royal family that it must mean the British government is involved in some clandestine capacity? I get the connection, but not the logic behind your insinuation. My response is ‘So, what?’ Produce an alien death ray gun that actually works and maybe you’ve got a case, otherwise don’t waste my time.

  • jaded97537

    I think you should do more research. The Millenium Report actually gave up more facts and gave the name of the Zero official you spoke of. your article seems more like a “fluff” article from a sceptic. Anytime the U.S. government gets involved to the point of suppression; theres something to it. …Top Secret Writters….B.S. your part of the propaganda, part of the problem. are there any articles that give any insightful information? great headlines but your stories leave me feeling unfullfilled; so 2 thumbs down to TSW

  • tekir

    I’m from Romania and I know very well the area. Now, I don’t say that the theory presented is true or not, but regarding the security and the restrictions imposed to the general public you are wrong. In the book there are described two possible entrance – first the Ialomicioara Cave that have an entire church built at it’s entrance, is guarded by monks 24/7 and has parts of it restricted for public visit. The second one is Ratei Cave that is completely closed to the public with metal doors and even professional speologists are not allowed to visit it. Now again I’m not saying there is something under that mountain. It can be a very well documented book or a coincidence, but it seems that the important access points mentioned are not very accessible.

  • NoMoLies

    Thanks for the thanks!

  • christopher mcneese

    I believe it’s factual, because they hinted about a few things he couldn’t mention. That these people were black.

  • Manu Fraga

    No, i thing that Bucegi mountain is a rock. Is like the virgin apparitions and so on… tourist attractions.

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