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Was the Aiud Artifact Ancient Romanian Technology or Something Else?

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aiud artifact

Isn’t it amazing what archaeology can dig up (pun intended)?

Just in the past month, archaeologists across the globe have discovered amazing finds such as a Temple to Poseidon in Bulgaria, that the Nazca Lines may have actually been a maze, and ancient Europeans may have been making cheese more than 7,000 years ago!

However, some artifacts raise more questions than answers. This is definitely the case when it comes to an artifact that was discovered near Aiud, Romania in 1974.

Even today, nearly four decades after its discovery, questions and fantastic theories surround the object that is known as the Aiud Artifact.

As the story goes, in 1974, a group of construction workers were digging along the banks of the Mures River about a mile from the city of Aiud, Romania. The workers accidently uncovered a number of fossilized mastodon bones.

Even more curious was the peculiar metal wedge that was found among those bones, lending to the idea that the metal object and the bones were roughly the same age.

The block was sent to a museum where it was stored until 1995. Two decades later, the wedge was analyzed and that analysis created even more questions.

A Host of Theories

Two separate laboratories came up with the same results. The artifact was composed primarily of aluminum.

Those results astounded researchers because pure aluminum does not occur naturally; it must be extracted from other metals. However, there were other results that baffled researchers as well.

Residue on the artifact places it at about 400 years old, but geologic evidence places the artifact in the 20,000 year old range. Furthermore, the artifact appears to have been manufactured instead of being shaped through natural processes. (1)

With all of this conflicting evidence, which theory is correct? Historians, archaeologists, conspiracy theorists and ancient alien theorists have been churning out theories since the mid-1990s.

aiud artifact

Ancient Alien Civilization

The first theory that hit the scene was extraterrestrial visitors. This is largely due to the observation of an aeronautical engineer who stated that the artifact looked like a smaller version of spacecraft landing gear similar current space vehicles of the day. (2)

Many UFO researchers ran with the idea, saying not only the resemblance, but also the fact that it is comprised of aluminum and found with mastodon bones lends credence to the ancient alien theory. However not everyone is on board with that theory.

aiud artifact

Advanced Biblical Society

There are several who believe that the Aiud artifact is proof of an advanced antediluvian society; meaning a technological advanced civilization that existed prior to the great Deluge (Noah’s flood) from the bible.

The theory being that the artifact is proof that sometime between the creation of Earth, as described in the Bible, and the Deluge of Noah a civilization existed that was capable of producing aluminum. (3)(4)

Subscribers to this theory also believe that the civilization was destroyed during the Deluge.

ancient technology

A Baffling Mystery

What does mainstream science say about the artifact?

Many scientists write it off as a fake or hoax stating that it was an object planted among the bones, making the context in which it was found unreliable.

Therefore, the theory about it being 20,000 years old would be of the question. However, there was still the residue that placed the object at roughly 400 years old, placing it in the 16th century, about 325 years prior to aluminum’s documented discovery.

The Aiud Artifact is one of history’s most baffling mysteries. Most of the information that can be found on the object has been restated and regurgitated from the same sources since the 1990s.

The two tests from the 90s is the only known analysis done on the object to attempt discover its origins; however, the results are so conflicting that they are nearly useless.

The only fact that is known about the object now, more than four decades after its discovery, is that we really have no idea what the Aiud Artifact truly is.

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