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Branton Reptilians and Other Odd Conspiracies By an Anonymous Author

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branton reptilians

Branton is the code name used by one of the most well-known, self-proclaimed whistle blowers of the alien reptilian conspiracy. His Branton reptilian books and posts found on the Internet since 1995 give a different story from other conspiracy theorists about the war some people claim is going on literally underneath our very feet.

Many people declaring various government conspiracies do so under aliases, which they view as necessary to ensure their safety. Other people believe that such anonymity destroys the person’s credibility. Code names often challenge people to undertake the mission of discovering the true identity of these incognito conspiracy theorists.

Branton became such a target and was outed in 2010 on the yahoo group, allplanets-hollow. In message 22275, Branton was identified as Bruce Alan Walton. This thread also further identified Branton as “aka Al La Bron” and goes on to question why he continues to use the code name Branton since his true identity was common knowledge among many groups. (1)

One of Branton’s first appearances was in 1995, when anonymous posts began to appear on the Internet. A letter was sent to a website, giving a link where readers could access a free book titled “The Secrets of the Mojave (Or, The Conspiracy Against Reality)” compiled by the Group and edited by Branton. (2)

CIA Black Project and the Branton Reptilians

In the book, Branton is called a sleeper in a CIA Black Project that partnered with the Greys. He explains how he believes that alien technology allowed the CIA to program a separate personality within his psyche that “can only be activated when in the presence of aliens”.

According to Branton, his true self had no recollection of these sessions and activities until he began to “awaken to his double-identity”. This is when he says that he began to recall massive underground bases and networks that covered the Earth, all under the control of reptilian types of aliens.

He references having been involved as a subject in Montauk mind-control experiments. Branton claims that the Montauk Project (Montauk Air Force Base) was taken underground and the facilities operated by not only a rogue US government faction and reptilians, but also the Thule Society (Nazi) and the alien Greys. The ultimate mission of this group is to establish a New World Order. (3)

You might recall when TSW writer Dennis Dufrene shared his research and thoughts on Montauk in an article titled Montauk Alien Time Base Theories Explored.

Other claims made by Branton include:

–> Dreamland is the code name used for the underground facilities operated jointly by this group.
–> The Grey’s main underground headquarters is near Dulce, New Mexico.
–> There are three alien types that have various sub-groups living on Earth. He claims it’s these malevolent aliens that are responsible for the various genetic experiments on unwilling humans known as abductees.
–> Not all aliens are malevolent like the reptilians; some are here to help free humans from the tyranny of the Reptiloid (also reptilian or draconian) species.

branton reptilians

The United Federation

Branton states that the Federation is comprised of human-like benevolent aliens aligned with the ancient Earth civilizations of Murians (Mu) and Gobians. This real-life federation is in “opposition to the Reptilioid species operating from the “Dulce” base network”.

He compares this Federation to the one used in the popular TV series, Star Trek. He says that “Federation personnel apparently contacted William Shatner in the Mojave desert years before he became famous for his part in the Star Trek series, and certain ideas from real life turned up in the “inspired” television series. (2)

He doesn’t explain how Shatner, just an actor in the television series, influenced the series created and written by Gene Rodenberry.

Draconian Empire

At the core of much of the Branton reptilian conspiracy are of course the many reptilian groups. This group of aliens Branton discusses are the descendants of the “ancient Alpha Draconian Antarctican (Terran) Empire of non-humanoids”. This empire is comprised of three main types of reptilians. The first is the elite Greys who are tall winged draco. This group includes pterosaurians, mothman and winged serpent types and rules over the third type of reptile.

Of the second reptile group that he claims exists, there are several sub-species. One has dark skin and resembles an iguana. He refers to them as “sorcerer priest class”. These aliens are about five feet tall. Another type is shorter between four and five feet tall and are a reptilian-amphibian species that look like lizards with frog faces, which he calls “Reptoads”. The reptilians are able to control humans by using their powerful minds to will humans to do their bidding as “mind-slaves”.

The third type is smaller and what most people think of and refer to as the Greys. This group is comprised of 22 sub-species and live off of “bovine parts and specific human parts” that are surgically removed and liquefied into a consumable protein. (4)

Branton states that within our galaxy over 21 star systems have been taken over completely by the Reptiloids very much like the Borg collective featured in the Next Generation Star Trek TV series.

He claims that the aliens feel this infiltration method via mind-control is a more effective way to take over a planet than an outright invasion.

Branton references metaphysician Maurice Doreal as confirmation of the story of an ancient war. Doreal claimed he viewed the hidden history of Earth via a hologram he played in a library repository he discovered hidden deep in the Himalayas.

Doreal revealed that pre-Scandinavians and human giants (Nephelim) fought against the Reptiles from Antarctica. Although Doreal makes these claims, there is no actual proof that the hologram exists.

The hologram supposedly told a story that:

The Nordics and Nephilim were victorious over the reptiles, driving them deep underground. Other fragments of the Reptilian army fled the planet to seek other worlds. In fact, he states that the Nephilim used a weapon aimed at the Reptiloid base in Antarctica and was responsible for shoving the Earth off its axis, resulting in the icing over of Antarctica. Some of the Nordics decided to start colonies off-world, while others remained on Earth.

branton reptilians

World Domination

Branton claims that reptilians have infiltrated all facets of government, including some areas of the military. In addition, reptilians also carry out their masquerade within the many religions of the world, finding organized religion easier to mind-control than individual ideology.

Reptiloids thrive and feed off of the negative energy that human fear and anger generate. Branton weaves a complex tapestry of manipulation and an ongoing war between the Federation and the Reptiloids.

He tells about several recent wars, such as the 1975 Groom Wars that took place in the underground Groom Lake facility. He says that the war started when a human security guard challenged the alien authority preventing him from entering the alien-controlled tunnels.

He also claims:

The 1979 Dulce War began when human scientists working on a top secret test site in Dulce, New Mexico, broke through an underground tunnel and stumbled upon thousands of humans being held in cold storage. 44 scientists were killed. (2)

Branton discusses “soul-shearing” as a process the aliens subject humans to as a form of energy harvesting. Victims report that the process feels as though their souls are being sucked out of them.

He also states that the aliens are addicted to human energy and as a means of mind-control often separate the person from his soul and either splice it with another person or completely replace the stranger’s soul, plopping the unsuspecting soul into the new body. He says the technique is practiced regularly as a means to create confusion.

In Branton’s reptilian world, reptiles also have the ability to shape shift. It’s unclear if they truly can change appearances or if it is all an illusion created by mind-control techniques. He states there is a test that can reveal reptiles disguising themselves as humans. When challenged to pronounce the word, “kininigin”, reptiles always fail to correctly repeat the word. (6)

Branton’s story about a malevolent reptilian race and secret government factions involved in underground bases was one of the first to surface. Others have come forward with similar stories, but Branton remains the most detailed and elaborate account.

Whether or not you choose to believe Branton and others who claim firsthand knowledge of these bases and aliens, to date, indisputable evidence is lacking. Until hard evidence such as an actual Reptiloid being captured and presented during a live TV press conference or indisputable video footage, it’s going to remain one of many similar conspiracy theories.

Of course, many believers argue that’s the nature of this type of clandestine operation where credibility is forever brought into question. And, while it’s important to keep an open mind, it’s equally important to have a healthy dose of skepticism whenever entertaining any conspiracy theory.

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  • Poor Branton. He seems to have grabbed every conspiracy trope and tried to mix them all together. A pathetic pastiche.

    For starters:

    > CIA to program a separate personality within his psyche

    is lifted right out of Candy Jones’ claims:

    From there it descends into Icke, William Cooper, and the frowsiest of the UFO fringe.

  • Isn’t it interesting how many Alien/UFO tales were born from the ravings of William Cooper. Seems like every other Ufology book I’ve read contains some meme lifted from the tales he told. I suppose the same is true with Icke – but Icke’s stuff is so easy to smell from miles away that it’s a much simpler matter to steer clear. 🙂

    Thanks for making that connection to Candy Jones’ claims. Reading through that material, I see exactly what you’re talking about.

  • J.Griffin

    All video footage is disputable-
    especially “live” TV press conferences!

    For that matter,
    these days many people seem obsessed with disputations&strife about EVERYTHING…

    As for Branton,
    it probably all seems real to him-
    it may well be a psyops manipulation experiment.

    It is obvious how much influence,Icke,Cooper and
    Alex Jones have had on those who are predisposed to agree with their viewpoints.

    There are a lot more people leaning their direction than there were
    20 years ago,that’s for sure.

    If their “leaders” are puppets,
    that would make them a little more manageable….

    Of course,
    they do claim that
    “puppet leader-management”
    is the world’s model so it would be ironic,at least,if their realm is no different.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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