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China is Arming Our Enemies

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chinese nuclear weapon

Despite global pressure to do otherwise, China has been selling arms to Iran and assisting their nuclear program as well.

While the US enhances its China “footprint” and dependence on Chinese financing, Beijing is arming our enemies.

This should come as no surprise as in the zero sum game of geopolitics that Beijing plays, there is only one winner. As long as the US is the top dog, it will be in China’s gun sights. Arming nations like Iran are just one piece of China’s anti-American strategy. (1)

Corporations laud China and its stellar economic growth and implore that they need to be in China. From a business perspective this is true, but does it capture the big picture? By continuing our engagement with China on their terms, are we losing more than we are gaining?

By understanding the role China is playing in aiding repressive dictatorships, it becomes obvious that China/US goals are often at odds.

Unfortunately, much of the money and know-how that we have transferred to China is used to arm those countries which may seek to harm us. (1) Although our commercial ties With China are deep, there is still an undercurrent of anti-Americanism flourishing in China. The more we understand this fact, the better prepared we are to deal with it.

Anti Americanism

China’s love/hate relationship with America runs deep. The Chinese look at the dramatic rise of such a young country with equal parts envy, admiration and angst.

While they may admire what we have accomplished, they believe the US seeks to block China’s rise. They point to the arming of Taiwan, Japan and even support of the Dali Lama as proof of this claim.

They see an American hegemony who seeks to hold them down. As a consequence, there is anger festering within the government and the Chinese people toward the USA. Whether or not this anger is well founded, one thing is certain, this belief has impacted how the Chinese view our missteps and our loss.

September 11, 2001

The day the towers fell I was at work and a colleague stoically read off a message she’d received.

“Wow, an airplane hit one of the twin towers in New York. That’s odd.’ she said with a shrug.

After a short period of time she announced once more, “Looks like another plane smashed into the towers. I think we are under attack.” A silence fell over the room.

Remember back to the days just beyond those horrible attacks. Remember the feelings of anger, sadness, recall the photos, the videos of planes smashing into the twin towers and the loss of life.

Remember how you felt at that time as you watched aid workers sifting through rubble and announcements of lives being saved and others lost? The stories of people leaping to their deaths instead of being consumed by the fire. Remember the sadness and loss that you felt?

world trade center destruction

How China Saw the Attacks

Now consider how China saw the September 11 attacks. As Americans were glued to their TV sets watching with hope as rubble was cleared, people in China too were glued to their sets, but for a different reason.

While the embers still burned in the mass of tangled molten steel that once was an American icon, some Chinese felt joy, they reveled on our misery.

A few days after the worst act of terror in America’s history, Chinese leader Jiang Zhemin commissioned (2) the state controlled Xinhua Information Agency to produce a documentary (3) called “Attack America” (4), which applauded the act of terrorism on American soil.

Filmed against a backdrop of workers searching through the cratered earth for survivors, the state sponsored video rejoices:

“This is the America the whole world has wanted to see. Blood debts have been repaid in blood.”

You read this right, following the worst act of terrorism on American soil, the communist party scrambled to make light of our tragedy and within days had produced a film called “Attack America” which extolled the massacre.

What is most disturbing about this fact is that this film, which essentially praised the terror acts, was produced by the Chinese government.

This act would be akin to the White House producing and releasing a video which mocked the death of 87,000 Chinese who died in the Wenzhou earthquake and calling it justice for building the Three Gorges Dam.

In addition, Chinese workers worked around the clock (2) to produce books, films and video games which glorified the strikes as a humbling blow to America (5).

According to sources, Chinese editors mixed real world footage of the jetliners crashing into the World Trade Center with clips of a Godzilla movie (2).

Unofficial versions of state sponsored videos even gloated:

“Look at the panic in their faces as they wipe off the dust and crawl out of their strong buildings – now just a heap of rubble. We will never fear these people again, they have been shown to be soft-bellied paper tigers.” (6)

To make matters worse, such films were a hit, and the best selling genre in China’s black markets.

The videos were not hidden but proudly sold in upscale markets in Wangfujing and across China. Rather than feel embarrassment or shame for their act, officials at Beijing Television defended the video as educational. (5)

beijing taxi

Excitement Over Tragedy

The joy at American misfortune was seemingly widespread. An American reported that after the 9/11 attack they were riding in a taxi in China. The driver asked them where they were from and they replied “America”. The driver then held up a newspaper showing the smoking World Trade Center, and laughed. (7)

Kids too, seemed overjoyed as a reports that students cheered (7) upon hearing of the attacks were widespread.

One Chinese student claimed that she and her colleagues were so excited that they could not sleep. They thought that the bombing of America had just started and hoped that more would follow. With the thought of more bombs and loss of life, she and her colleagues become even more joyful. In her own words, upon hearing that the US had been bombed, ‘A new hero had been born.” (8)

Based on this Carla McGiffert concludes that “Most Chinese college students felt excited and delighted about the events. They cheered the attacks and declared Osama bin Laden a hero…. (8) This conclusion is borne out by the fact that 90% of the Chinese polled expressed approval of the September 11 attacks. (9)

wmd world map

Supporting America’s Enemies

With that backdrop, it should not be hard to imagine why Beijing supports dictators who may be enemies of the USA.

Noteworthy examples would be Chinese support of the Taliban both before and after the 9/11 attacks and even Saddam Hussein.

What most Americans do not realize that even after the 9/11 attacks on New York, China armed Osama bin Laden’s al-Qaeda with surface to air missiles, (2) but this is a story for another occasion. Suffice it to say that Beijing not only befriends those regimes most alienated from the USA, but also wields its powers of the press to promote anti-American sentiments as well.

As a result, the people of China have a jaded impression of America and its government. This is useful insofar as it takes the shame out of supporting oppression around the globe. Beijing, after all, is only supporting regimes who have been harmed by that bad foreign power–America.

At the center of the storm right now is China’s Iran connection. Instead of respecting sanctions on Iran as per international resolutions such as Resolution 1929, China has been sympathetic to the regime.

As a matter of fact, the Chinese are the only major players in the Iranian oil space irrespective of international pressure and it gets worse. (10) Not only are the Chinese into the Iranian oil fields but they have also armed Iran and provided expertise for Iran’s nuclear program. (11) Even more disturbing is the fact that they gave Islamist extremists missiles and arms as part of the “anti-United States policies”. (11)

Rather than join the global push in nudging Iran into a more peaceful state, China has become a “Destination of Diversion Concern” according to Mark Dubowitz.

It is his belief that China has provided a hospitable environment for Iran to acquire a variety of arms proliferation-related goods. (11) What this means is that China has become the conduit for the passage of arms and tech into Iran. This tech can and has been used for nefarious purposes either with tacit or implicit knowledge on the part of China.

The upshot of all this is that China is providing an environment which aids rogue regimes in obtaining arms and know-how that pose a threat to the west. While the article did not detail numerous such exploits with other dictatorial regimes, they are numerous.

The problem this presents is that by wielding economic power, the Chinese are able to call the shots in international affairs and are allowing some of the worst dictators to remain in power. By arming countries like Iran, Zimbabe and others, the Chinese enable countries to continue their assault on human rights.

Although China is not alone in this pursuit and the US has definitely been involved in propping up dodgy governments, even they have a limit. It would appear that in its rush to maintain full employment and earn money, China’s political agnosticism has put them in the path of the worst of the worst. By choosing to support some of the worst governments on the planet, the Chinese are allowing for despotic regimes to flourish which could end up in a disaster.

If you do not believe this to be true, than just imagine how impotent North Korea would be right now without the support of Beijing. Would they be in a position to threaten the US with attack? China’s rise in certain spheres of influence have dangerous world wide implications.

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  • pip

    this article is pure propaganda! China is simply surrounded by american forces. The USA, the war’s bigger producer in the world, is giving weapons to any country that is a China enemy. The pacific is populated by the US navy. Like if China would have a Navy base in Mexico….

  • Anonymous

    Could China also be the one which comes to the aid of Americans by smuggling in arms to the freedom rebels?

  • Anonymous

    China does have ports in Mexico

  • Difficult to to counter China’s perspective. The USA continues to foment war around the world while it simultaneously destroys the world economy. However, just TRY and have this conversation with a “citizen” and see what results. The typical response ranges from “You hate America” to “Move to another country if you don’t like it here” nonsense. The reality is that we have over 1000 unwelcome foreign military bases/spy centers located in other countries. Maybe the bases are welcomed by the foreign governments but they are definitely NOT welcome by the people of those countries. The reality is that we are in the end game. The chickens are coming home to roost. God help us.

    “I tremble for my country when I reflect that God is just; that his justice cannot sleep forever. ”

    ~Thomas Jefferson

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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