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Esquire to Publish Exclusive Interview with Navy Seal Bin Laden Shooter

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osama bin laden raid

According to a press release on Monday from the Center for Investigative Reporting and Esquire magazine, Esquire is planning to run the first exclusive, full interview with the Navy Seal that shot bin Laden inside his Abbottabad, Pakistan compound.

The article was a collaboration between CIR and Esquire, and includes not only interviews with the man that will only be named “the shooter”, but also interviews with other Seal Team 6 members.

The chief investigator and author of the full interview is Phil Bronstein, the Executive Chair of the Center for Investigative Reporting, and will provide a “definitive account” of the events on that fateful night.

We’ve covered a number of these stories here at Top Secret Writers, including a fictionalized “guesswork” of events that took place during the assassination drawn from newspaper reports at the time, the release of the Osama bin Laden files, and of course the book published by alleged former Navy Seal Matt Bissonette, which we pointed out had all of the earmarks of traditional U.S. military propaganda.

However, this particular interview is very different. It is not only intended to share the details of the night-time raid that took bin Laden’s life, but its motivation is clearly to expose the failure of the U.S. government to properly honor and reward American military heroes after their service to the country is completed.

Another Account of the Bin Laden Raid

Bronstein maintained the anonymity of his source in order to protect “the shooter” and his family from attempted revenge attacks from Islamic extremists. However, Bronstein makes it clear that a large focus of the interview is to “correct the historical record” about the bin Laden mission itself.

It isn’t clear whether the details that will be revealed by “the shooter” will contradict the official record, or accounts from other Seals like Matt Bissonnette, or the account portrayed in the movie Zero Dark Thirty.

However, regardless of the fact that the media focus is primarily on the details surrounding the bin Laden raid, a part of the story that is even more important is the details provided by the Navy Seal about how the government is treating him now that he’s retired.

osama bin laden raid

Better Off Dead Than Alive

The issue that “the shooter” brings up in his interview with Bronstein is the fact that after he left the Seals to retire and get back to spending more time with his family, he realized that the Government that he has served so valiantly had decided to abandon him.

He told Bronstein that after retiring from the military after 16 years of service, he was left without any medical insurance, no pension to speak of, and shockingly he even had to wait about nine months to receive any VA benefits at all.

On top of that, he reported that despite the fact that he had witnessed numerous firefights in his career before the fateful bin Laden raid, he was not offered any “comprehensive assistance” transitioning back to peaceful civilian life, and the government offered absolutely no resources whatsoever in the form of protection for the man that killed bin Laden.

One of “the shooter’s” friends and fellow SEAL Team 6 members told Bronstein:

“If I get killed on this next deployment, I know my family will be taken care of. But if I come back and retire, I won’t have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of for the rest of my life. Sad to say, it’s better if I get killed.”

It seems inconceivable that a hero like “the shooter,” who finally took out the symbol of the “Terrorist” threat against the United States, as well as the other Navy Seals that essentially won the last real battle of the War on Terror, are treated without any honor at all.

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