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Strangest Chupacabra Images of All Time

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Strangest Chupacabra Images of All Time

chupacabra images

The chupacabra is a creature that first appeared in Puerto Rico in the 1995 and was blamed for the bloodless deaths of goats. Chupacabra images show two puncture wounds found in the animals and they were drained of their blood.

The name chupacabra literally means goat sucker. It wasn’t long before reports of the creature were being made throughout the US and Mexico. The sightings spread throughout Central and South America and eventually in Russia. (1)

Chupacabra Lady

Known as the Chupacabra Lady, Phylis B Canion of Cuero, Texas started missing chickens and over the course of two years she watched the strange animal lurking about her farm. When it was killed by a vehicle on the road near her home, she recovered the body. Eventually, she had the DNA tested and it revealed that of a wolf and a coyote.

When she came upon the body of a second creature, she also had DNA tests performed on the remains and once more the results came back that it was some kind of wolf and coyote mix. (2)

The characteristics of the Chupacabra Lady’s specimens were quite unique and included:

–> Blue eyes
–> Front legs 2 inches shorter than back legs
–> Two pouches on either side of tail
–> Only four teets (typically dogs have eight)
–> Hairless with only black fuzz along spine
–> Three front paw pads instead of four

Could it be that what’s been called chupacabra is really a new hybrid mix of wolves and coyotes?

Hoaxed Baby Chupacabra

One supposed chupacabra is actually the creation of a skilled taxidermist known as Deth Cheez, Creator of Things That Should Not Be. A Chupacabra image of the “creature” made the Internet rounds with all types of speculations and conclusions.

Eventually, it was revealed to be the creation of a talented taxidermist known for mixing various animal breeds to create some very unique things.

This faux chupacabra was made out of various animal parts and billed as “a Mummified Baby El Chupacabra Sideshow Gaff Created from 100% Real Parts”. Those parts included “a baby raccoon with the claws of a snapping turtle Chelydra serpentina used for its spines”. (3)

Road Kill Chupacabra

Many of the so-called chupacabras that are found tend to be road kills.

One such creature was discovered on the side of the road in Helotes, Texas by Drake Gifford. (10)

chupacabra images

He stated in a local TV interview that the eyes were red. The description also included large sharp fangs as well as claws that appeared to be about three inches long.

Perhaps the most disturbing feature of the animal was the opposable thumbs that were very clear in photos and the video taken by a television crew. (4)

Gallo’s Chupacabra

Frank Gallo of California claims he fired two warning shots before killing the animal. He said the creature was undaunted by his attempt to frighten it off with the first two shots. When it didn’t back down, Gallo felt he had no choice but to kill it. (11)

chupacabra sightings

It was bad enough that he had to put the animal down, but perhaps the most shocking part of his story is the sound he said the animal made when the bullet struck it. According to Gallo, when he shot the animal, it made a sound that was just like that of a small girl screaming.

There was much speculation about what the creature could possibly be and about the Chupacabra images that came from the event, but wildlife experts stepped in and identified it as a diseased young bear. Still, Gallo didn’t agree, saying the creature he shot neither moved, acted or sounded like a bear. The animal was taken away for further examination. (5)

chupacabra images

Texas Hotbed for Chupacabra Sightings

Texas seems to be a hotbed for Chupacabra sightings. One still was shot from a Texas sheriff deputy’s dash cam. Two deputies were eyewitnesses to the creature running down the road in front of their vehicle.

The officers first thought it was just an ordinary dog until it turned around and instead of a dog’s head, they saw a face that resembled that of a donkey with ears to match. (6)

Instructor Robert McDaniel of Blanco Taxidermy School was a media sensation when news spread about the odd creature he was working on. A former student, Lynn Butler, set out poison to kill the predator killing his cousin’s chickens. Neither man was prepared to find the lifeless body of a hairless creature that resembled a strange version of a coyote.

McDaniel isn’t a stranger to coyotes saying he works on nearly 20 coyotes every year in his taxidermy business. When the student brought it to him, he was amazed. He stated in an interview with a local TV station that he’s very certain that the creature isn’t a coyote.

He discussed the animal’s footpads as being bulbous and its legs several inches too long for a coyote. One of the oddest things about the specimen is unlike a coyote, the creature is hairless. But the most notable feature was its feet that had anklets of fur tufts. It’s unlike any coyote he’s ever worked with and remains a mystery to him. (7)

Whether or not the chupacabra is a new hybrid mix of wolf and coyote or some government experiment gone badly as conspiracy theorists believe, it’s clear that there are some strange animals turning up in the west.

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  • I think chupacabras are mutant individuals of known species, that look very different from the parents. But the mutations can make them very capable of hunting and running for example. But because they usually do not find any mate of same kind, they eventually die without offsprings. If the same combination of mutations occure with some frequency, chupacabras are steadily born and stroll around for some time. Becuase the mutations can occur in perhaps several species, the description of the chupacabras will vary.

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