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The White Dragon Society – Sincere Lunatics or Dubious Frauds?

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The White Dragon Society – Sincere Lunatics or Dubious Frauds?

You may or may not have heard of the White Dragon Society, a group that proposes to use humanity’s savings to rid the world of poverty, war and environmental destruction. Once such “evils” have been ended, the White Dragon Society claims that humanity can be “set on a path of exponential expansion”, free to reach attainable goals, such as increasing longevity, improving human abilities and using free energy. (1)

Ridding the world of war and poverty and improving human abilities certainly sounds like an attractive and compelling proposal and makes you wonder why you haven’t heard of the White Dragon Society before. Until, that is, you learn about the White Dragon Society’s ultimate objective, to counter the illuminati and to fight against the “military-industrial complex”.

Now you begin to suspect that the group is either another paranoid set of lunatics who believe that the world’s most powerful humans covertly control everything that happens on earth, or is out to scam people and make money.

Similar to most conspiracy organizations, which are typically headed by a dynamic and convincing leader, the White Dragon Society is run by a highly motivated and persuasive “spokesperson” Benjamin Fulford.

Although unlike the likes of David Icke, the British writer and public speaker who is famed for his conspiracy literature and in making millionaires from controversial media “honey”, who has attracted a flock of sceptics that believe the “former son of God” is a crackpot just out to make money, Benjamin Fulford’s objectives are a little more ambiguous to judge.

Fulford is a Canadian journalist who lives in Japan. For more than 20 years, Fulford was the Asia Pacific Bureau Chief for Forbes Magazine. The journalist left his prestigious role in 2005, claiming that conflicts were arising with the editors over stories that were “getting to close to the truth” of how the world really works. (2)

Fulford’s Crusade

Fulford has since been on a crusade to “peruse the truth” and claims that he was drawn into a geopolitical battle between the Rothschild and Rockefeller-led Western faction that is aiming to establish a “New World Order”, and the network of secret Asian societies that he helped to group together to form the “White Dragon Society”.

During his campaign to expose the truth and rid the world of its evils, Fulford claims that he has survived several assassination attempts. In an interview on the Jeff Rense Radio Program, this “fearless” crusader said:

“When you have 100,000 assassins backing you up, you don’t need to be chicken, okay?” (2)

With all the poverty, violence, destruction and despair in the world, there is nothing we’d like more than a shining white dragon knight to come and save us all! Whether our savior will be the Benjamin Fulford and the White Dragon Society is extremely doubtful.

For one, similar to almost all forms of “alternative media” or conspiracy groups, the White Dragon Society has no validity and no evidence to back up its claims.

The one thing the leaders of these controversial groups do manage to attract is attention. This attention they never cease to whip up, whether it is through supporters and followers of their cause or cynics and critics, inevitably generates money.

In a video published on YouTube, Fulford said, “We all want a prosperous future”. In establishing a controversial counter group to fight against the “mafia” who run our world, Fulford is certainly enjoying a degree of prosperity.

Similar to many conspiracy theorists before him, Benjamin Fulford obviously felt compelled to write a book about his knowledge, experiences and views.

Fulford claims that he knew the first two chapters of his book about Yakuza organized crime gangs and their influence and control over Japanese government “would be so explosive, he would either have to leave Japan or get killed”. After sending a couple of chapters to his publisher, Fulford claims that he was contacted by the granddaughter of Meiji Emperor, who warned him that he, “Shouldn’t get the Yakuza angry that way.” (3)

white dragon society

Big Profits in Conspiracies

An intriguing story for sure, and it has to be said that Fulford’s subsequent books were more successful. The conspiracy theorist’s book about his own view of the 9/11 attacks sold more than 80,000 copies. In fact, according to the Benjamin Fulford website, more than 500,000 copies have been sold of the 15 books he has written in Japanese. (4)

Fulford’s book titled The Yakuza Recession: Another Lost Decade costs a whopping $47.57 to buy on Amazon, and that’s second-hand, while The Secret Technology That Could Save the World, which was published in 2009, costs a comparatively more modest $19.99. 9.11 Fabricate Terrorism – The United States Continues to Deceive the World Dictatorship of Japan costs $35.28 on Amazon.

It does not take a mathematician to work out that 500,000 copies of books sold at these prices would net Fulford millions!

The anti-establishment and illuminati-detesting crusader’s proficiency in selling products does not stop at books, as you can also buy Benjamin Fulford-related CDs, DVDs and even White Dragon Society apparel!

At first glance, one might give some regard to Fullford’s White Dragon Society and their fight against the “military industrial complex” and to counter the world illuminati as a group of lunatics. However, at a closer inspection, how harebrained is becoming a millionaire through inventing an absurd solution to resolve all the world’s woes?

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  • Anonymous

    It’s funny how everything he says happens a few days or weeks after it reaches the main stream media.

  • ameer

    Funny how his predictions of mount fuji erupting do to interference from HAARP never happened in 2012. I think u and every other butt buddy follower of his r putting more faith then u should in him and every other conspiracy nut out there.

  • socal71

    “another paranoid set of lunatics who believe that the world’s most
    powerful humans covertly control everything that happens on earth, or is
    out to scam people and make money.” – hmmm, you sound just like the Germans WHILE the Nazis were rounding up jews. I don’t follow any group and I don’t follow the White Dragon society, never heard of them actually. But I do study real history and there ARE and have always been conspiracies in government (heard of Julius Caesar?) You’re the lunatic if you blindly believe that your text books on history are all the research you ever have to do and you’re also a lunatic to believe that everyone in politics is just so much more a good, honest person than anyone in some evil company because after all that nice politician doesn’t care about making a profit – of course they don’t. Why would then when they can just take your money. Lucky for me I have stopped giving a rat’s ass about people who live in the dark.

  • socal71

    So I have a question for the writer who doesn’t believe we could ever have lunatics high up in the world’s government. Why would Prince William say that if he was reincarnated he would come back as a virus to lower the world’s population? Why would the UN Head want us to live in tiny boxes? Why Stalin, Hitler, Mao? Why would the US government drop two nuclear bombs on Japan, killing innocent men, women and children when Japan had already agreed to end the war? (Oh, I’m sorry did you not learn that in your history textbook?) Yes, it is much better instead to grill someone for writing a book and charging money for it! Oh, how evil of him!

  • Victor Laszlo

    The evidence is starting to convince me that they’re for real. But, are they a true force for the betterment of humanity…we’ll know shortly.

  • Betterresearch

    Well I give him more credibility, he actually interviewed one of the worlds most powerful persons, David Rockefeller. Try to get that interview.

  • The Artist

    I agree. Conspiracy theory is starting to convert to fact. One has to ask oneself: Why should I not question powerful people and organisarions?

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    I don’t think Benjamin Fulford is making these things up out of thin air.

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    And that is the trillion dollar question…

  • Robin-Frans Winkel

    Or have even more powerful friends…

  • nomorelies

    As Lavrov might say “This is not productive”, as in not leading to anything constructive. Is Fulford correct? Is there a WDS? Is there a Cabal or an Illuminati? You have said nothing here to contribute to the truth of it. I identify with people who are tired of the well-known scams of banksters, neoCons, and elitist-appointed despots following sociopathic scripts for global tyranny. Unless you have a better plan to resist this insanity Ms Pickard, perhaps you should either follow or get out of the way.

  • Brian Phillips

    You have to dig far and deep to learn true history. You will not find it in public school text books or Wikipedia. The Khazarian mob absolutely is a real thing and they absolutely are evil. They have been a part of every war and they are behind nearly every assassination and terror attack. They also run this country and have a ton of influence throughout the world. They are also very much losing their grip on us. All true.

  • Sven

    Still resurfacing.

  • paul ducharme

    One must as most of his openings say “discernment in all things”
    Personally his ‘insider’ info is almost always incorrect, however he has somehow gotten several things right, even weeks before and years before.
    He predicted the popes abdication one year before it happened!
    He is not afraid to speak of the Zionist problem, which is forbidden and never ever seen in the Zionist controlled media, they base all on secrecy and lies.
    He has asked Rockefeller very hard questions in the interview (which were not answered by that psychopath and put him off guard )
    He predicted a head of AIPAC being arrested a week before the other non MSN news.
    He is pro Putin and anti American (politically) which is a definite no no for the Jew media.
    His connecting of dots and world affairs seems to be quite correct, so he obviously has some inside info.
    So one might ask ‘is he a ‘half truth’ er like Alex Jones the fear porn raver?
    Well, he doesn’t do fear porn at all, he seems quite stable.
    So heads or tails are definitely asked.
    If the enemy feeds on fear as some researchers claim, then Ben definitely is not trying to spread any, nor is he a Zionist shill, quite the opposite, whereas you won’t hear anything about Zionist wickedness from Alex Jones, nor any names of them.
    All in all, either he is being mislead, or deliberately lying, it is still free entertainment for those who don’t donate to him.

  • Hagbard Celine

    Well, even a broken clock is right twice a day.

  • paul ducharme

    Your naivety is without bounds

  • roninmd

    Yeah you can but that over some basmati and make it halal.

  • Hagbard Celine

    Really? Explain boundless holder of wisdom.

  • Ron Foley

    If you don’t care it wouldn’t be necessary to post fishing for acknowledgement and approval

  • SSinger



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