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What a Military and Martial Law Would Look Like After a Social Collapse

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What a Military and Martial Law Would Look Like After a Social Collapse

martial law in america

The premise of martial law in America – that the United States is on the verge of societal collapse – has not been confined to a handful of paranoid skeptics. One only has to turn on the television or pick up a newspaper to realize that the United States is not the powerful and prosperous nation it once was.

If social decay slowly sets in and American society increasingly crumbles, some believe that a martial law will be announced, with the military taking over most police functions.

In August 2012, Ignor Panarin, Dean of the Russian Foreign Ministry School for future diplomats, stated that President Obama would announce martial law in America by the end of 2012.

Referencing US bank bailouts as being proof the US is no longer the global dominating economy, and the horrific school shootings that have occurred in the U.S. in recent years, Panarin compared America to Nazi Germany, blaming the U.S. for the global financial crisis that destroyed the Russian economy.

“There’s a 55 – 45% chance right now that disintegration will occur,” said Igor Panarin in 2012. (1)

Of course the end of 2012 has come and gone, and President Obama has not announced martial law. Although judging by the amount of social unrest still prevalent in America, thoughts of the government’s use of martial law to quell the public are at the fore.

Martial Law in America and Societal Disintegration

So what would a military and martial law, which would be imposed on the U.S if the government failed to maintain order and security, look like after a social collapse?

If societal disintegration and a complete economic or political collapse were to take place in the U.S, it would be likely that states would break off.

Supporting this claim is the fact that in believing that America is tittering on the brink of a financial catastrophe, state representatives in Wyoming began advancing legislation to look at the possibilities of creating a separate mini country.

In February 2012, House Bill 85 was passed by a voice vote in Wyoming, which would allow for a state-run government continuity task force.

Not only would the Wyoming Task Force look at issues such as disruptions of energy and food supplies following the meltdown of the federal government, but it would even look into the possibility of issuing its own autonomous currency.

The official State of Wyoming House Bill 85 document, which is published on the Legislature of the State of Wyoming website, states the Bill’s objectives as being:

“Potential effects of the rapid decline of the United States dollar and the ability to quickly provide an alternative currency.” (2)

Referring to the urgency for every state to ensure it’s protected, the Bill’s sponsor, state Rep. David Miller, said:

“With the national debt exceeding $15 trillion and protest movements growing around the country, the State needs to make sure it’s protected should any unexpected emergency hit the U.S.” (3)

martial law in america

Government Control

It has also been said that in the wake of a complete economic and political collapse, government control over personal rights would get stronger. According to the Survivalist Blog, under martial law in America, the federal government would directly control most industries, utilities and the media.

“Look for a loss of Social Security for retirees and the disabled and a huge reduction or complete loss of government services such as homeless shelters and aid, road construction, and repair, etc., in most areas,” warns the Survivalist Blog. (4)

Similar to Ignor Panarin’s warnings in 2012, the Survivalist Blog also warns that it is likely that, at some point, America will see a martial law declared.

In fact, the sentiment that the U.S. government is secretly pushing for martial law as financial collapse beckons closer is surfacing fairly ubiquitously. If a martial law is declared, fears have been voiced that the military would take over state and local governments to ensure stabilization of the nation.

Speaking about the subject is Peter Santilli, a former marine who worked on the Readiness Exercise 1988, known commonly as Rex 84, which was developed by the U.S federal government to declare martial law and place military commanders in charge of state and local governments.

In the event of the President declaring America in a “State of National Emergency”, Santilli believes civil unrest will come after a financial collapse.

Part of Rex 84 plans include internment camps where all of the active or inactive military bases would be transformed into work camps and would be where anyone considered discordant would be held.

Having worked on portions of Rex 84, Peter Santilli knows, better than most, that if martial law is declared the military will take control of local governments and anyone who is deemed a “national security threat” would be detained in an interment camp. (5)

In this sense, perhaps the State of Wyoming is wise to introduce legislation that would effectively cut it off from the rest of America, as the threat of martial law being declared shows little sign of waning.

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