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The Royal Conspirators – Part Two

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princes william and harry

The facts concerning the royal finances in the wrong hands could intensify the lunacy mentioned in previous articles.

Once again, we have to distinguish fact from fantasy. There is no evidence whatsoever that they are set on ruling the world or that they are capable of doing so.

The Windsors are influential and the focus for a diverse array of powerful interests but do not appear to be the locus of them.

The real power and the new royalty in this modern age are banks and mega conglomerates. They are essentially puppets on the world stage or a fat slug on a cabbage, depending on one’s perspective.

It has been quite some time since we mentioned the stupid pregnancy angle. However, the case for conspiracy in the Spencer realm remains at least viable without it.

Yes, I said “viable”. However, what is forgotten here by adherents to the “all royals are evil” line is that the rather Malthusian viewpoints espoused by say Phillip, while utterly embarrassing for him, in reality are no different from any number of people from a wealthy, privileged and generally conservative viewpoint.

Indeed, the Rupert Murdoch’s right wing media empire, essentially built on Malthusian ideals is the mouthpiece for Britain’s top 5%. This is where perspective is called for. P

hillip and his son Charles’ public and private gaffs get large amounts of airtime (despite what Keith Allen says). Yet seldom do we hear the private views of other royals or wealthier, more powerful individuals and groups in Britain not in the public gaze.

These individuals do not have to bother with the traditions, expectations, intrusions and scrutiny that the House of Windsor does. Nor do they have to fight generational PR battles to stay relevant to the public. (1)

Living in the Shadows

This in many ways is far more sinister, because in reality the individuals in the shadows are far less accountable.

Would it not be revealing to hear their real opinions on us common folk behind closed doors? Probably, but the musings of the non-tabloid elites would not get the ratings that asinine royal opinions do.

In the Paget Report on page 810, the Queen apparently remarked to Diana’s butler, Paul Burrell, in 1997 that “there were powers we know nothing about”.

Some over imaginative people take this as a threat to Burrell. I ask the reader to recall in an earlier segment that the royals themselves had been powerless against Britain’s media and the intelligence services that had likely intercepted and aired their dirty laundry.

Indeed, it would seem the idea that the immediate nuclear family had a say via the Way Ahead Group organizing an intelligence hit with MI6 is a little dim. Would they really discuss the assassination or covering it up in front of Prince Edward, Princess Anne, not to mention Princes William and Harry? (2)

The royal family occupies a curious place in British power relations. It is this curious position which leads one to wonder what real role (if any) the immediate Royals played in a potential plot.

I put this pressing question to Magda Hassan and Jan Klimkowski, who both pointed out the Queen, Duke and Princes’ problems with all manner of intelligence networks, not to mention the press (who were quite clearly out of their control during the nineties). Their branch of the royal family as arch conspirator’s hypothesis is inaccurate and something of a red herring.

prince charles

The Red Herring

The Duke of Edinburgh is a highly implausible candidate for being the kingpin of a murder plot. Add to it the fact he may have sent some abrasive letters to Diana after her divorce with Charles (bearing in mind some of these allegations came from the utterly dubious Simone Simmons). (3)

If the Duke was the scheming and cunning killer, portrayed in Allen’s “Unlawful Killing” (4), would he have been so silly? If he was so vile, then one imagines he would have found some foul means to commandeer the said letters before the inquest, that or fake them (a point Keith Allen forgot in his zeal).

Further, he would have orchestrated a clever media blitz declaring how saddened they all were. Yet all accounts from friends (and enemies) portrayed them as stunned mullets in the wake of the news and they had no idea how swiftly the public tide of opinion turned against them.

Indeed, their indifference helped fuel rumors they were behind it, hardly the cleverest thing to do if one is an evil genius with the finest minds of British intelligence at your call.

Nonetheless, if there was a conspiracy, to dismiss the notion of the entire royal family and staff being out of the loop is likely just as naive as believing Phil, Liz and Chas were in on it up to their eyeballs.

The extended royal family is rather large and lineage outside of the immediate family becomes rather convoluted. The patronage of a royal family serving on, say, a corporate board can add much lustre, in particularly with other Kingdoms.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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