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The Royals: Who Is Running Who?

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prince andrew

When Prince Andrew became British trade ambassador, he took over the job from his second cousin Edward, the Duke of Kent, who was in the job from 1976 to 2001.

The role of “Special Representative for International Trade and Investment” sounds unassuming in itself. However, it is the job’s close links with the UK Trade & Investment Defence & Security Organisation (UKTI/DSO) (previously the Defence Export Services Organisation) (DESO) that is by far the most controversial.

The Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) has been in a long running but little publicized battle with these organizations mentioned. (1)

The Duke is the current president of the Royal United Services institute (the oldest and one of the most powerful military think tank groups in the world). (2)

Edward is thus an interesting character. He, more so than any other Royal, has extensive ties to the military, intelligence and arms deals. Indeed, he helped pioneer the ambassador role.

The Duke also just happens to be the UK’s arch Free Mason. Now Masons are hardly the arch villains of the world. Some are good, some bad, some are interesting and some are dead boring. The Duke is the latter and we shall discuss him in this installment.

Rupert Murdoch Scandal

David Guyatt and Jan Klimkowski’s excellent thread at the Deep Politics Forum clearly outlined that there was much more to the recent Rupert Murdoch scandal in the UK than the hacking of a deceased girl’s phone. (3)

It became clear that Rees Morgan, Murdoch’s chief private investigator, had incensed a number of Britain’s uber elites.

According to a June, 2011 Guardian article by Nick Davies, Morgan, an ex-policeman, was himself a Mason and it is an historic fact that British police have long had problems with corrupt officers utilizing Masonic contacts to blackmail fellow officers and public figures. (4)

The question of who is running who is another question entirely (it appears the police abuse the Masons, not the other way around as people like David Icke would like to fantasize).

Murdoch’s amoral Masonic gumshoe was investigating a number of amoral Royals’ offshore bank accounts (yes those lovely fellows at Coutts once again). Amongst them was Rees Masonic overlord the Duke of Kent. (5)

It appears there is no brotherly love in this fraternity or much respect for hierarchy. If we combine his messing with the Duke of Kent, a highly significant player in British trade circles, not to mention Murdoch’s encroachment and compromising of the Dukes pals in British intelligence, he would have encountered a number of dangerous people.

Indeed, the overall message behind the on-going Murdoch saga is the man got too big for his boots. The elites do not much like this sort of thing and, with his contacts, one gets the impression the Duke is not the sort of bloke to be jerked around.

prince andrew

More Scandals and Questions

You may that in a previous article, I discussed the La Rouche organization’s rather crazed allegations concerning Lord Rees Mogg and the Duke’s role in the Vatican Banking scandal. (6)

Despite the crazed allegations, the Duke at the time of Spencer’s death was as an extremely powerful individual whose business interests and associations clashed directly with Spencer’s.

With some of the less scrupulous Masons in tow he could well have issued a go-ahead or given the “okay” to a suggestion from some other party, for some type of operation involving Spencer.

The problem being that evidence with regard to his involvement is scant. The other is that imaginations easily get the better of common sense and in this regard, the popcorn and E-Channel infatuated Diana conspiracy nexus is terminally poor.

The Duke actually lives on the very Kensington Estate only 35 meters from Spencer’s one time abode. If anybody was in a position to monitor Spencer on behalf of military and corporate interests then they should look no further.

That Spencer never put two and two together about her neighbor is also another stark indication of where her head was. That the majority of Diana researchers have never bothered to investigate this angle mimics Spencer’s cluelessness.

Thus, I end this article with a word of caution. I advise investigating individuals like the Duke of Kent need the utmost care and caution.

As said earlier, there is currently no evidence he was involved in Spencer’s death at all.

Yet if a conspiracy, his background and associates in the military, intelligence and business worlds (and to a lesser degree his Masonic connections) personify the “type” of person one envisages being involved in such a plot.

Indeed, it is the “types of person” and organizations potentially involved that will occupy most of my final sequence of essays.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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