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Top 8 Most Compelling Masonic Conspiracy Theories Out There

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Top 8 Most Compelling Masonic Conspiracy Theories Out There

The Freemasons have been around since medieval times; and since then, there have been no shortage of masonic conspiracy theories.

Many of those theories have been debunked over time; however, many more have yet to be confirmed or debunked.

Below is a list of eight of the most compelling Masonic conspiracy theories out there.

Top 8 Theories about Freemasonry

1. Freemasons Control the World

One of the most compelling and long lasting masonic conspiracy theories is that the Freemasons’ main objective is to control the world under a one world government or that they have already established such a government.

This so-called one world government has been hotly debated for decades. The fraternity, of course, denies these accusations, but the theorists contend that the facts are clear.

However, such claims can neither be confirmed nor denied because there is no hard evidence to support or refute the New World Order theories.

2. Freemasons Worship Satan

Since the fraternity’s inception there have been claims that Freemasonry is actually a satanic cult.

Many Christians claim that to be a Freemason is to stand against god. This sentiment can be traced back to the 1730s when Pope Clement condemned the secret society.

3. Freemasons Faked the Moon Landing

Not only do some believe the Apollo moon landing was faked, but that it was created by Freemasons.

According to William Cooper:

“C. Fred Kleinknect, head of NASA at the time of the Apollo Space Program, is now the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction. It was his reward for pulling it off. All of the first astronauts were Freemasons.” (3)

4. Freemasons Are in League with the Illuminati

The Freemason Illuminati connection usually appears in different forms.

Some contend that the Illuminati evolved from Freemasonry while some believe the opposite is true.

This conspiracy is often associated with the global take over conspiracy.

5. Freemasons Are Responsible for the Occult Revival

During the 19th century there was an explosion of occult interest. This occult revival is commonly attributed to the Freemasons.

Freemason researcher, Terry Melanson, states:

“The occult revival of the 20th century can be directly attributed to Freemasonry and its peripheral entourage of acolytes: Theosophy, the New Age Movement, Satanism, Cabalistic Black Magic, Enochian Magic, Gerardian Wicca, Alexandrian Wicca and Sex Magic.” (5)

6. Freemasons Are Waging a War Against Islam

There have been some theories that contend that Freemasons are waging a clandestine war against Islam.

This theory has obtained such a following that many believe that the September 11th attacks were actually orchestrated by the Freemason to create anti-Islamic sentiments.

However, some believe this war dates further back than just 9/11. According to some theorists, all major conflicts in the Middle East can be contributed to the Freemasons and stretch as far back as the crusades.

7. Freemasons Are Waging a War on Christians

Just as there are masonic conspiracy theories that the Freemasons are waging a war against Islam, there are theories that they are waging a war against Christianity.

According to one theorist, a prime example of a battle in this war occurred in 1910 when, “Freemasons took power in Portugal with a Provisional Government by force of arms. The first act of this government on October 8, 1910 was to suppress all Religious Congregations and to expel the Jesuits.” (7)

However, the article states that the Freemasons were eventually defeated. These theories are often associated with the satanic cult theory.

8. Freemasons Control Hollywood

In order to effectively spread Freemason philosophy and dogma, Hollywood music and movies have been infiltrated by the fraternity or at least that is the theory. Subscribers of this theory, point to the imagery found in most music videos.

Though these are not the obvious square and compass, but rather a more subtle even subliminal message. They often point to such music moguls as Jay-Z, Rhianna, Nas, and Kanye West as proof of this subliminal messaging.

According to theorists, movies are no different. However instead of using subtle imagery, believers contend that movies, especially Sci-Fi films, are being used by Freemasons to introduce the idea of a one world government. The plots usually revolve around a global alien invasion that the entire world must band together to defeat.

Theorists state that such a concept is being used to indoctrinate unsuspecting movie goers into believing that a one world government is not only palatable, but favorable.

One site even states, “Like the movie Independence Day, an attempt to unite the world through militarism would unfold using ET as the new cosmic scapegoat”. (9)

masonic conspiracy theories

Is There Anything to the Theories?

None of these masonic conspiracy theories have been definitively proven or disproved. Theorists have conjecture and circumstantial evidence (at best) on their side to try to make their case.

At the same time, the Freemasons offer their word and circumstantial evidence that these theories are bogus.

However, the secretive nature of the organization is proof enough for some people that the theories are true.

Until definitive proof comes to light, and the lack of evidence is not evidence itself, the debates surrounding Freemasonry will still rage on.

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  • if both satanists deny Christ, and Islam denies Christ… why would they be at war? they would be in league against christianity… right?

  • Dennis

    Well…to answer the question, “they would be in league against christianity…right?” That would be more of an “enemy of my enemy is my friend” approach and would only be vaild if both Theory 2 and 7 were both found to be true. Even then, it may not hold water. In Islam, Jesus is not the son of God, but he is still a prominent figure in the religion.

    A Similar, but slightly differnet conclusion could be derived from theories 6 and 7. One could argue that IF both of those theories are true, then Freemasons might be striving to stamp out religion altogether. People of the Christian and Muslim faiths are the majority. Of course, there is no evidence to support such a claim or that either of those theories are true.

    Keep in mind that even though many of the listed theories overlap, it is not an all or nothing deal. One could be true. More than one could be true. Or, none of them could be true. The eveidence is just not there. The list is not to say that ALL of these theories are true, it is just a list of the more popular theories surrounding the Freemasons. Some of which even found their way into popular culture.

  • Techsupport

    What do you consider to be “definitive proof”?

  • Dennis

    By pure definition, evidence that is based on provable facts and not conjecture, circumstantial evidence, or opinions.

  • Techsupport

    Most of the Masonic organizations are incorporated with Corporate filings, minutes, rules and regulations, proceedings and publications. You can order them from many of their websites, or even visit the local groups if you don’t want to spend the money. The Attorney General of the State of Florida has ruled such as evidence and proof. Even the private ceremonies which some decry as secret can be found on the internet with basic searches. The volume of proof against all of the above eight points is huge. As a matter of fact, much the above is violative of Masonic law.

  • Dennis

    If the definitive proof is out there and so readily available, then why, do you suppose many of these conspiracy theories are still being perpetuated? Is it simply a matter of fear mongering to drive up book sales, t.v. ratings, and web traffic? I am curious your thoughts on this.

    I would love for you to send over some information about the Florida AG’s ruling concerning the proof and evidence for me to review.

    And just so our other readers are clear, you are taking the side of freemasonry because you are part of the group, correct?

  • Shipp

    You said: “Theorists have conjecture and circumstantial evidence (at best) on their side to try to make their case.”

    Sir, there is much more than conjecture and circumstantial evidence to prove that these conspiracies exist and are being perpetrated against our society. One has only to cut the cord from their influence and indoctrination for a while for it to be recognized. The evidence is overwhelming, much of which comes directly from the leaders of these organization’s mouths. Albert Pike, the author of the Freemason’s Guide – “Morals and Dogma”, did not hide the fact that the Freemason organization was Luciferian at its core.

    The elite of this world are in control of it all, the food industry, the medical industry, the pharmaceutical industry, the television industry, the movie industry, the music industry, the advertising industry, the news media, the internet, you name it, they are controlling it or attempting to gain control of it.

    And by the way, it is not only the Freemasons who are involved. It is all Lucifierians. All of the secret societies are interwoven with the League of Nations, the United Nations, the Islamic Nations and the Roman Catholic Papacy (the real leader of it all).

    Most people don’t get or at least don’t believe it, because they have been conditioned not to compare history with Bible prophecy. God is very clear in identifying these
    adversaries. The Antichrist system has been positively identified since the 12th century. Great men like Martin Luther, William Tyndale, John Wycliffe, John Calvin, John Wesley, Jon Huss, Sir Isaac Newton, King James I, and many, many others were in total agreement that the Roman Papacy was the real and true Antichrist power that is indentified in the books of Daniel and Revelation. It can be no other. It is a counterfeit church led by Lucifer himself. From it he controls the leaders of the world. If you can control the leaders of the people, you can control the people. He always uses the same tactics. There is truly nothing new under the sun. The world leaders bow to Satan’s proxy, the Pope, and kiss his ring when they go to visit him to receive their marching orders. This is not a
    game, my friend. This is a spiritual war.

  • Please.

  • Those are some pretty big claims. Have any evidence to support those claims.?

  • T

    These are all fake! None of these are true!

  • You very well could be right. None of these have been proven or disproved However, if these are fake, then why is it such a hot topic? Just look at the small sample of comments here. It seems there are very little agreement on the subject.

  • Abdul Wahid Osman Belal

    Debra you are mistaken, because Islam does not deny Christ but denies Christ as Son of God and one of the three as God i.e. Trinity and Islam believes in the Unity of God, according to the Quran

  • Mr. Mason

    Yes that’s the only conspiracy out there, that people will lie to you in order to swindle you out of your money. There is no such thing as Masonic “secrets” the only thing that’s truly secret is the modes of recognition that Masons use to know one another. It’s actully ridicules to assume you know more about Masonry than an actual Mason and even more insane that whenever a Mason tells you something that contradicts from what you supposedly know to be fact you call us liars and say we’re trying to protect our secrets. Truth is most Masons will talk to a stump about Masonry if it’s willing to listen so maybe, just maybe your ignorance of the subject is more a matter of having a closed mind and ears than a matter of actual Masonic knowledge.

  • haha…yes, that’s why you need literature written in a script only Masons are taught to understand…

  • Hi Mr. Mason. Thanks for your comments; however, I think you may have misunderstood the article or, probably more accurately, didn’t even read the article.

    In your effort to immediately support your fellow Mason you immediately make inaccurate assumptions about the article and myself. In the article, I state outright, “None of these masonic conspiracy theories have been definitively proven or disproved.” I also end the article with, “Until definitive proof comes to light, and the lack of evidence is not evidence itself, the debates surrounding Freemasonry will still rage on.” Therefore, if you would have read the article, you would have seen that I do not support the theorists or the Masons.

    Also, my questions did not insinuate (nor did I blatantly say) anyone was a liar. The questions I posed to TechSupport was to truly get his side of the debate. Furthermore, the request for proof of the AG decision was exactly that; a request for proof. TechSupport made a claim, I wanted him to cite his source so I could research and follow up.

    In addition, I ask if TechSupport was a Mason because I saw that he made comments on other message boards supporting Masonry and stating he was a Mason. Asking if he was a Mason would establish his credibility in this forum as an ad hoc spokesperson (at least in the comment section of this article) for Masonry.

    Finally, your accusation that I claim to know more than an actual Mason is unfounded. I never once made that claim. I simply presented the various theories that are circulating. When a claim was made, I responded with a request for evidence. Did you bother reading the responses to the other comments here? When far-fetched accusations were made by commentators (e.g Shipp’s comment), I requested evidence to support that claim. Additionally, when comments in support of Masonry (such as T’s and TechSupport’s), again I ask for evidence. It’s called getting both sides of the story.

    You see Mr. Mason, TechSupport was actually trying to have civilized conversation about the subject based on credibility and evidence, which he was participating in quite well. Unfortunately, you chimed in with your blind accusations and poor assumptions because someone did not agree with your stance. Though I am sure you thought you were helping. This did little to further TechSupport’s cause here. It was actually more detrimental to it in that your unresearched comment and accusation about myself and the article made you come off as simple blind follower of the group. Now, if you would like to continue with a true discussion about the subject, we here at TSW are always open to that.

    To encourage discussion I will leave with this question, as a Mason why do you believe theories are solely money motivated; especially considering that many of the people circulating these theories are not profiting from it?

  • Fishman

    Number 2 is a known centuries old hoax, search for: “The Confessions of Leo Taxil”.

  • Fishman

    Number 2 is a known centuries old hoax, search for: “The Confessions of Leo Taxil”.

  • Hi Fishman. Funny you should mention Taxil. HAve you read my article about his hoax?

  • Shaggie Dog 33

    I have to laugh when I read the so called “Conspiracy Theories” put forth by uneducated pundits trying to sell fear, and are completely bereft of logic.
    Fact…..There are 50 Grand Lodges in the United States, and each one operates independently. Some State Grand Lodges don’t get along with others, so a unified Masonic infrastructure is nonexistent. Try putting 50 cooks in a kitchen and getting a unanimous and cohesive dinner.
    Fact…..Masons spend millions of dollars a year operating homes for the aged, schools for kids with dyslexia (Scottish Rite) and hospitals for burned and crippled kids (Shriners). Don’t forget that your local Masonic Lodge probably supports Little League baseball, Girl Scouts or other community interests. An organization taking over the world should spend much less time and money on these “distractions” to cover our real purpose!
    Fact…What makes you a Mason, isn’t a word or sign or supposed secret….it’s what is in your heart, and how you live your life. You can look up every supposed secret we have on the internet, but until you experience the initiation yourself, you are as clueless as Alicia Silverstone.
    I could sit here and spit out fact after fact, but why waste time trying to convince people who are unable to practice open minded thought.
    As a Master Mason for 41 years, and a 33rd Degree Mason for 2 years now, I will ask, why should the Masons have to disprove fabricated myths?
    Here’s one….the core of Mars is made of cream cheese…..It can’t be proved or disproved, therefore, it’s a viable theory…right?
    I suggest the Masonic Conspiracy believers find a more logical cause to pursue. The “Flat Earth Society” might be a good fit. After all, just like the moon landing was staged, so was the Columbus voyage.

  • Hey – you’re the ones using the convoluted “secret language” and symbols stolen from Ancient Egypt. And you wonder why people question it? 🙂

  • Shaggie Dog 33

    Hey Ryan………subis, doang futah rae ma ma seah leal!!! Figure out that convoluted secret language and you have cracked the code!! The is the Masonic secret code that confirms at least 4 of the above theories. Please don’t tell any other Masons you saw this…..I don’t want to be burned at the stake! Thanks Ryan.

  • Shaggie Dog 33

    As a Master Mason for 41 years,a 33rd Degree Mason for the last 2 years, and someone who has garnered many titles within our organization, I can answer all of these accusations, not from the standpoint of books or quotes from supposed experts, but from my personal experiences. I have a vast knowledge of the internal workings of our fraternity.

    1. Masons control the world…..What an illogical absurd statement. No one controls the world, and why would Masons want to do such a thing? There is no end gain for the fraternity.
    2. Freemasons worship satan….Oh my, what another illogical myth. So that means 14 presidents were devil worshipers, All of those veterans from WWII came home and joined a devil society. That makes a lot of sense in a late 40s lily white America! Do ya think they would have tolerated that??? Masons have to believe in a supreme being, as there are no atheists in our fraternity. I guess a Pope from the 1700s who wanted to discredit Masonry for whatever reason is definitive proof. Doesn’t pass the smell test.
    3. Freemasons faked the moon landing….How do I respond to that? The head of NASA got hundreds, if not thousands of agency workers to go along with this, right? The Sovereign Grand Commander of the Southern Jurisdiction, is not GIVEN by anyone, but elected from within. Once again, no end gain for the Scottish Rite Masons, and by the way, only about 30 percent of Masons belong to Scottish Rite, so not representative of the fraternity as a whole.
    4. The Freemasons are in a league with the Illuminati. Never heard of them, but only through wild claims made by nut bags who think the world is one giant conspiracy theory.
    Once again, what is the end gain?
    5. The Masons are responsible for the Occult revival. What??? Masons worship a God of their choosing, an Occultist worships a human being posing or speaking as a God. Simply absurd.
    6. Masons are waging war on Islam. We wage war on nobody. Masons are patriots, and are expected to support their country’s laws. We have proudly fought and died in every American War, and will always do so as good Americans.
    7. War against Christianity …That makes a lot of sense for the same reasons previously listed. Those Christian hating founding fathers like George Washington, Paul Revere, John Hancock, Ben Franklin and a bunch of other signers of the Declaration of Independence and the U.S. Constitution just hated Christianity, Right? Auuuuug!
    8. Masons control Hollywood…..What?? I thought Liberals control Hollywood?

    I really take issue with the premise that since not of these theories can be proved or disproved, then they are viable. If someone says “Masons live on Mars”, do we have to disprove that? Only a charlatan make a claim, and says….”It can’t be disproved, so therefore its possible.” Solid facts backed by corroborating evidence is how real investigating reporters operate. Alex Jones, Jim Maars, John Ankerberg and host of other Masonic bashing loons sell false and completely illogical ideas for profit, to closed minded fringe ideologues. Why don’t you fringe believers investigate the supposed “Good” side of our fraternity. Look up Shriner’s Hospitals for burned and crippled kids. Look up Scottish Rite Schools for dyslexia that help kids to read. Look up Masonic homes for the aged, there might be one in our area. Find out if a local Masonic Lodge supports Little League, or the Girl Scouts, chances are they do. Ask yourself if the above theories fit this mold.

  • Bryan

    Well Islam does not actually deny Christ, he is see as another prophet who spread the words of God

  • MrG.

    Hey RD,

    Why does it take a MM for 41yrs to become 33rd for only the past 2? = Fraud

    Meanwhile there are more degrees than a 33rd for which many will not encounter or privileged to know; it is during indoctrination that there are only 33degs. between the Scottish or ?…

  • tw

    was hitler a mason?

  • tw

    go to the Fatima “our Lady is God” site. Pretty interesting site,as I said “theres reason to give pause”.This site have secretly taped videos on Masonic rites going on.The New World Order Catholic Church at its finest

  • tw

    the answer for viable truth lies in their very own ceremonies which were breached by a undercover spy.Like I said visit the site I mentioned earlier, and see for yourself. also all the masonic books they have listed. pretty good stuff

  • Shaggie Dog 33

    Hey Mr.G….You are dumber than you think, and the male version of Clueless. A man can be a MM for 80 years and never be a 33rd. It is a Scottish Rite honor, and only about 35 percent of all MMs are Scottish Rite, so only a small number of those qualify for that honor.
    As for so called “extra secret” degrees above the 33rd…..”BEAM ME UP SCOTTIE’!! I know bunches and bunches of 33rd Degree Masons…including the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction…..and no such degrees exist!!!!!
    MrG + Logic =…..fringe loonie!!!

  • Shaggie Dog 33

    Hitler a Mason? Heck no…in fact he probably hunted down masons as enemies. He didn’t tolerate any so called secret societies.

  • angel

    Crazy most masons don’t even know a 33rd degree mason exists lol. You believe in god but not in Jesus. If your a 33rd degree mason and most masons don’t know you exist that may mean that the god believing base foundation of your frat is probably a really smart cover so far more educated theorists don’t investigate your comedian ass

  • PaMason

    Well Angel, you officially belong to the “Clueless Club”, along with the other narrow minded idiots, who think they know something about something, they know nothing about. ALL Masons know a 33rd! Just about every Lodge has them, and they are prominent figure heads in the fraternity. Hundreds of Masons from 70 or 80 lodges in my area know me as well. In fact, whenever I attend a function, sometimes with hundreds of Masonic Brothers, all 33rds are introduced and be recognized…….daaah!
    FYI…I am a Christian, and do believe in God AND Jesus. As for “Far more educated theorists”….they are more than welcome to investigate my comedian ass, but the real investigation should be the LOGIC police investigating your dumb ass. By the way..I am Shaggie Dog 33, not PaMason, but that is obliviously a subversive tactic used by all 33rds to hide our real identities so when we take over the world, mass confusion will reign supreme!!!

  • PaMason

    Angel…you are officially a member of the clueless club, and dumber than a box of rocks when it comes to Masonic knowledge, so let me try to educate you…if that is possible. ALL Masons know a 33rd Degree personally, or of a 33rd Degree. We are not some secret sect within the fraternity that hides in the shadows. At social functions, or meetings or whatever, we are usually recognized and introduced, and if you enter a Scottish Rite facility, you will probably see pictures of 33rds, or plaques honoring local 33rds. Outside groups that rent our building also see the same thing. Our newsletters, magazines and bulletins all list local 33rds….so your assumption that most masons don’t know a 33rd, is an example of your ignorant stupidity. As for “far more educated theorists”, which excludes you, they are more than welcome to investigate my “Comedian ass”, but you should hope the logic police never investigate your “Dumb ass.”
    PaMason…aka Shaggie Dog 33 and have a nice day!

  • Corruption Killer

    Master Masons and Masonic Childrens Charities are the F.B.I.’s 2010 largest organized philantrophic underage sex slavery ring with over 18,000 identified highest degree master masons in over 192 lodges and shrines of all rites. A special Indianapolis based secret shrine called Jesters managed the over 192 masonic pedophile sex brothels. Convicted of Mann Act ( white slavery), non profit status revoked Shriners and corrupt masons censored the crimes from mainstream media. Not to mention masons of all degrees are allowed to distribute drugs for their governing lodge as Masons allied with the Mexican Zeta drug cartel are the largsst most violent drug cartel in the U.S. straight from the hirses mouth D.E.A. 2012 Virtually all state police are masonic……corrupt

  • Ahhmazing Amanda

    To pamason – or salty dogg 33- whatever- what are the freemasons doing to protect America from the UN Agenda 2030? Or the recently released hack on NASA confirming contrails aka chemtrails, or how about the fight against monsato and gmo’s? Don’t those PROVEN facts scream a dire need for intervention? What is This all mighty, great for the people, franchise/ society, doing about that? Nothing? Helping these institutions to execute further? Gtfoh stating how great you are because you donate $ and a couple low degree volunteers to uphold your community image.

  • Johnny Martin

    It is kind of Ironic that you say…”until definitive proof comes to light…”
    That’s all….just Ironic. Mr. Dufrene, do you yourself travel east very often?

  • Johnny Martin

    Shipp… you need a role model…or a hug or something! My guess is you need to put the pipe down, maybe some counseling? As one of those….lol…”Lucifierians”, let me be the first to say, Maybe you need Jesus Christ in your life, God is 100% in control, not the media, or the actors/actresses…they may think they run the show, but it is all in Gods plan. Now, can I ask you…does that sound like something a Devil Worshiper would say….Follow Jesus and allow him in your heart? Grow up fella…Let it go!

  • Johnny Martin

    lol…wow. That is right off the Bat-Shit Crazy Chart there. WOW.

  • Johnny Martin

    You really think that there is ANY title bestowed in FAAM that we as Brothers are not privey too?

  • Johnny Martin

    Pretty sure he would not make the cut…

  • A Mason

    So first I am a master mason. Thuth be told, that is the highest degree in the free masons. Once there you can hold different officer seats, in your local lodge or at the state level. Beyond that there are coordinate bodies that require you to be a mason first. Truely two primarily that i know of the scotish rite and the york rite, which both have there own fourth degree. The york has only 10 degrees while the “mystic” 33rd degree is only in the scotish rite.

    As for all of the pro/anti religious beliefs you have to believe in A supreme being, God, Jesus, Muhammad, Buddha, Zeus, I really don’t care if it is an alien. Because as the president of my lodge, I wont let it be talked about in our meeting or politics, because peace and harmony are more important and both topics are not conducive to peace or harmony.

    Far as being secretly ruling the world, we are lucky if things are consistent across the state, they are different across the country, and confident different across the globe.

    For the illuminati and hollywood “theories” don’t those two contradict each other? Hell for that matter the new world order too. If we ran hollywood, would we let movies be made with the illuminati in them? If we ran the world would you know who the illuminati are? With all of our “secrets” if we were illuminati would you know of them?

    I will leave my comments with these “secrets” of our organization (yes I use quotes on secrets because most things can be found with Google) bikes for books is a program of the scotish rite, and Schriners (i.e. Schriners Hospitals) are freemasons. Both programs seem truely horrific (yea sarcasm look them up and see how horrible they are). Then while you are searching here is one final “secret” to look into “2B1A1”.

  • PaMason

    Salty dog here, or shaggie dog, whichever you like. You are right about what the Freemasons are doing about all these dire catastrophic problems you mention. Because WE DON”T CARE! I suggest you get the other 50 or so people in the world who think like you and take care of the problem.
    Salty dog aka PAMason

  • PaMason

    Hey Johnny
    Corruption Killer forget to mention that we also kidnapped the Loch Ness Monster and keep him in a holding tank in Montana, next to the National Treasure…..OOPS, I guess I let that secret out of the bag. Don’t tell anybody brother, and have a nice day!

  • quantumcipher

    It’s also worth noting the 33rd degree is exclusive to the Scottish Rite, and not found in other rights or appendant bodies.

    The only exception would be the Egyptian Rite / Rite of Memphis-Misraim, it having 97 degrees, however a rite which is no longer recognized by mainstream Masonry as it was in the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • quantumcipher

    The title Master Mason corresponds to the 3rd degree, which is universal to Masonry. Any degree above would correspond to a particular rite or appendant body, hence one can be a Master Mason (3rd degree) for years, decades, a lifetime, and never attain the 33rd (Sovereign Grand Inspector General), itself an honorary and entirely symbolic degree, the 32nd (Sublime Prince of the Royal Secret) being the last workable degree within the Scottish Rite not found in other rites (excl. the clandestine esoteric Egyptian Rite / Rite of Memphis-Misraim having 97 degrees).

  • quantumcipher

    I’m surprised you had never heard of the (historic) Bavarian Illuminati, not to be confused or conflated with the “Illuminati” referred to in contemporary conspiracy theorem. You may also be interested to know the Bavarian Illuminati was neither the first nor the last order to bear such a name.

    Historically and preceding the Bavarian Illuminati, you have the following: the Alumbrados / Illuminati of Spain, the Illuminati of Avignon / Swedenborg Rite and the Fratres Lucis / Brotherhood of Light, Asiatic Brethren / Knights and Brethren of St. John the Evangelist (an esoteric order with Masonic, Gnostic, Rosicrucian, Hermetic, Lurianic & Sabbatean Kabbalistic influences).

    And since: the “Illuminati” grades within the Hermit Triad of the O.T.O. / Ordo Templi Orientis, along with the Third (inner) Order of the Silver Star / A∴A∴, the two being the closest match to what others refer to as the “Illuminati” of today, along with the “Illuminati Section” within the monographs of the AMORC / Ancient and Mystical Order Rosæ Crucis, and the countless diminutive and largely irrelevant orders (found via Google) who use the name solely to scam would-be initiates out of dues.


    Oh really Master r u Master of lies Masons take an death oath to hide lie and conceal everything so WTF you R lying now, do you know how I know it is an ancient no mystery you sir are a liar never believe or trust a liar


    Oh really a honest mason, You take a death oath to keep all of your secrets jack. You sir R a Liar


    The female mason star is a satanic star (star of set the oldest form of Satanism) with color and some more distractions added. Masons Worship Satan and Moloch the blazing star is the star of Moloch, and the eyeball in the triangle is the eye of Moloch. I took no death oath, I will tell the truth and piss every one off.


    How would any one know, you take a death oath to lie


    You are a member of the Satanic, Moloch Liars club.


    Note the fact that the eastern star, also called the eastern star in the oldest form of Satanism is a satanic star with colors a crown, wheat and some other distraction.


    The most evil cruel horrible thing that has ever existed Freemasonry, you have to know you worship Satan, look at your eastern star of female devil worshipers and then look at the star of set, the lamb of god and the holy angels will be present while you are tormented for ever when U die and are cast into the lake of fire, you R part of the beast and even Jesus hates you. My prayer for you is die, a horrible death and then you will have a chance to suffer as you and the other masons have made other people suffer.


    Masons R a criminal organization built on demon and Satanic worship they worship Moloch, the eye in the middle of their triangle and the blazing star is the star of Moloch. The eastern star of female masonry is the Star of Set (Oldest form of Satanism) the devil worshipers took the star of set and added colors (oh look at the pretty colors now you worship Satan) They are behind every evil since their creation.


    Hello devil worshiper I have a degree it is 300 degrees in hell which is where you will go when you die. See I will tell you the truth no lies needed Masons are the Beast from Revelations, when you die you will go to hell straight to hell, do not pass go and collect 200 dollars. The lamb of god and the holy angels will be their to watch as U R tormented forever. Masons are evil cruel destructive and will get their just rewards in hell, oops I mean the lake of fire, which is in hell.


    I have cracked the code you sold your soul to Satan Moloch and only god knows who else for money and power.


    You need to read the bible Masons are involved in the same nonsense that tormented and killed Jesus that’s why he preached to prostitutes and lepers. Jesus hates you and he will be there when you arrive in hell to be tormented forever. I know all your nonsense King Soloman was worshiping other gods, you need to read your bible.YOU HAVE A DEMON INSIDE OF YOU.


    You sir are a devil worshiper


    Look at your eastern star and then look at the star of set.


    Look at the eastern star of female masonry and then look at the star of set


    Islam does not deny Christ he is well regarded as a prophet of god, Masons pervert and warp the teachings of Christ putting symbols of demons and Satan in their teachings. During the time of Jesus the Cabal were in force and they followed all the teachings of freemasonry, they targeted Jesus tormented him and then crucified him, this current freemasonry is the same nonsense, with a different name they worship the same demons and Satan. Jesus preached to prostitutes lepers and the lowest of the low, why? Because the majority of the people worshiped demons and Satan, which even with nice clothes and money makes them the lowest scum of the world and there is no redemption for them. Masons slowly corrupt all that is good and replace it with evil, look at their symbols, the eastern star of female masonry is the star of set with colors, wheat, crown, and some other nonsense to distract people from the fact that it is the star of set, which is the oldest form of Satanism. Moloch has a star also it is the blazing star and they put the eye of Moloch on everything, even the U.S. dollar, Moloch is a demon read your bible people when Moses left the Israelites to get the ten commandments of god guess who they where worshiping, if you guess same demons and Satan just like the masons you are right.

  • PaMason

    SAIDTHELIAR…..Your name describes YOUR words very accurately. There is no female “mason star”, unless you are referring to the ladies organization called the Eastern Star, which is somewhat associated with Masonry. There might be some female masons in California, but 99% of our fraternity does not recognize them. We do not worship Satan….another lie in your words. The eyeball in the triangle represents knowledge…of which you have little on this subject. And the so called ‘death oath”, is a blatant exaggeration of some SYMBOLIC phrases we have…which are specifically stated as symbolic to all Masons. They have been kept in our rituals as a reminder of a time when free thinkers…which excludes you…could be locked up in a dungeon, or burned at the stake for expressing opinions not accepted by the norm. And by the way SAID, your are doing the exact opposite of pissing me or any other Freemason off. Your ignorance and stupidity of the subject actually is sad, but quite entertaining for us…so keep up the good work!

  • PaMason

    Hey Quanty
    I have heard of the Illuminati, but have no clue who they are. I guess they are some ancient organization, which may or may not have existed, just like all the other orders you have mentioned. If 10 guys in historical past, get together and call themselves whatever, does that make them relevant? Today’s Masonry has absolutely nothing to do with the Illuminati. No references or anything….but I am sure our friend..SAIDTHELIAR would disagree and tell you they have offices in every state capitol….in the dungeon room of course.

  • PaMason

    Hey SAID…..It’s a shame you insult thousands of God worshiping women who belong to the Eastern Star organization. These women including mothers, grandmothers and great grandmothers have worshiped God all their lives, and would probably forgive you for your insane ignorance and stupidity. And by the way, if the eastern star is the oldest form of Satanism, they why did the 3 wise men follow it to the baby Jesus in the Old Testament? You are a real piece of work! LOL

  • PaMason

    SAID…you need to get back on your medication

  • Wendy Peterson

    Well, Shaggie Dog – aka PaMason – if you and the Freemason organisation are so pure and innocent, why do you present as so arrogant and abusive? You don’t give a good account of yourself or the org you supposedly represent. Those who are in any way enlightened know that it doesn’t matter what is said about them or done to them, it is only how they react that defines them. Hence the way Jesus went to His death, not blaming anyone but asking His Father to forgive them as ‘they do not know what they do.’ We don’t define Jesus by the way He was judged and rejected by those in authority, but by the way He reacted in every situation leading up to and including His death.

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Why Banning Alex Jones Will Only Help His Cause

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