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Chupacabra Video Clips You Have to See to Believe

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Chupacabra Video Clips You Have to See to Believe

Chupacabra stories poured out of Puerto Rico in 1995 and have since then swept the world with reports of the goat sucker.

The nocturnal red-eyed creature is said to attack goats and suck their blood, leaving their bloodless bodies littering pastures in the creature’s wake.

Here are a few of the most compelling Chupacabra videos of dead and alive creatures dubbed as “El Chupacabra”.

Most Compelling Chupacabra Videos

#1 “Chupacabra” Caught on Tape?

In Cuero, Texas, one late evening in August 2008, a bizarre creature was caught on video via a deputy sheriff’s dashcam.

Corporal Brandon Riedel recorded this creature just before sunset. The dog-like creature about the size of a coyote has an odd appearance. It seems to be hairless, snout nosed and has shorter front legs than hind legs. (1)

#2 Close-ups of the Cuero Chupacabra of Dr. Phlyss Canion

Dr. Canion’s find and Chupacabra video has been featured on National Geographic, History and Discover channels.

This video is made by Redneck Archaeologist Jackson Burns and doesn’t reveal the actual creature until 1:14 into the video. At this point, the viewer is able to see the taxidermy chupacabra close-up.

It’s one of the best video close-ups of one of two creatures Dr. Canion has found near or on her property. (2)

The chupacabra video shots completely reveal all parts of the creature without any type of censoring and the viewer gets a complete idea of the size and appearance of this particular specimen.

#3 Hospital Employees Capture a Chupacabra

In August 2011, employees at Prince George’s Hospital Center in Prince Georges County, Maryland lost their smoking area when the hospital went smoke free.

The smokers found a retreat in the park across the street. It was here that they began to encounter an unusual creature that baffled their scientific minds.

So, they did what any good scientists would do, they set a trap, captured it and then tried to figure out what it was.

According to X-Ray Technician Joe Livermore who was interviewed by a local news crew, it was determined by the workers that it was a kangaroo dog fox with a deer head and rat tail.

No one knew what it was and after much interest and debate, they turned it loose in the park once more. (3)

#4 Taxidermist Displays Chupacabra Carcass

Taxidermist Jerry Ayer reveals what many believe to be a chupacabra that one of his students found in Blanco County, Texas.

Ayer points out the common characteristics associated with the legendary creature – shorter front legs, fangs and hairless body. (4)

#5 El Chupacabra Finally Caught on Camera

This chupacabra video was allegedly shot in the desert of Saudi Arabia by a sheepherder who came upon what he first thought were three men walking in the night.

According to the video, the sheepherder approached the men, only to discover they were not men and that they were fighting each other.

In the wake of the confrontation with the creatures, the sheepherder shot and killed one.

The man was later hospitalized, suffering emotional and mental trauma over the incident and afraid that the other two creatures would return to seek revenge against him.

The creature in the chupacabra video is dead and looks like other ones said to be chupacabras. (5)

#6 Helotes, Texas Chupacabra

In June 2011, another chupacabra corpse was found in Helotes, Texas.

It’s a classic red eyed, gray skinned, fanged creature, but its hind feet were most disturbing since they have opposable thumbs. (6)

What Are These Dead Animals?

Many people maintain that these animals are severely mange-riddled coyotes, bears, raccoons and other types of animals.

The DNA for the now famous Cuero Chupacabras of Dr. Phlyss Canion have both been analyzed with the results stated on her website:

“The Cryptid is ALMOST a match for a common coyote, but it is actually a greater percentile for a common terrier and a Saint Bernard. Does that mean that it is either one of these? The answer is NO.

“After I acquired the second beast, I submitted tissue for DNA extraction and quantitation was performed according to established protocols. Once again, we have an animal with DNA consistent with wolf and coyote mixture. After speaking with scientists, biologists, veterinarians, and ranch owners, the conclusion is the wolf populous has dwindled dramatically and very few are seen-especially Mexican Wolves. With continuing DNA, we hope to determine, through scientific evidence, that perhaps this animal we call the Chupacabra is in fact a hybrid. Only time will tell.” (7)

References & Image Credits:
(1) Cuero Chupacabra
(2) rtcosmin via photopin cc
(3) bigyahu via photopin cc

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  • Chris Thomas Wakefield

    The quote from “Dr. Phlyss Canion” is completely wrong, no doubt a cover-up product.
    These animals are off-Earth or exterrestrial animals who are used on Earth for a very weird purpose, hardly believable, but are being used to frighten humans into giving over to fear upon death, at which time they are taken by the handlers of the chupacabras to be enslaved in their next life time. Earth is at a unprecedented juncture before the crustal shift, another even more unbelievable fact is that the veil between the 3rd and 4th dimension has been thinning for many years, hence the ease of these visits, but a far more important world wide inner event is happening which explains the uptick in mass killings by these criminal degenerates: they are choosing which direction they are spiritually moving, to the light or dark; this is in preparation for new lives on “prison planets” next life time as Earth is destined to be a home for more evolved Souls. (info from ZetTalk)
    **Editor’s note: Removed personal blog link**

  • Great post – thanks for sharing your personal experiences dealing with these. I tend to agree with your assessment about people that look at these things as alien creatures or something mystical.


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