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Debating the Conspiracy Theories about the JFK Assassination

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jfk assassination

Almost 50 years ago, an American tragedy unfolded. The shock waves have been felt for generations.

The assassination of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy on the 22nd of November, 1963, is recognized as the most influential murder of the second half of the 20th Century. Indeed the JFK assassination has become a cultural phenomena, in the way the murder of Arch Duke Ferdinand in the first half never has.

Forget UFO’s Earthlings, forget 9/11… The brutal murder of JFK is the well from which serious modern conspiracy thought sprung.

Some exceptionally intelligent, articulate and credentialed Americans view the 22nd of November, 1963 as the catalyst for the decline of the United States reputation at home and abroad.

These people are not kooks or cranks, and those still alive are definitely not the sorts of easy targets incompetent academics like Michael Barkun and Daniel Pipes want to attack and who figures like Noam Chomsky run from.

Here is but a small sample of people whose opinions on the JFK assassination I recommend one take a peek at.

–> Gerald McKnight, PhD

–> Niall Ferguson, PhD

–> Donald Gibson, PhD

–> George Michael Evica, PhD

–> Mike Parenti, PhD

–> John Newman, PhD

–> Jefferson Morley

–> David Talbot

While there is much pointless discussion about JFK’s personal life, the reality is that, while Kennedy was no saint, he was less of a rake than first made out. Indeed, he was in many ways ahead of his time, and the image of Kennedy as a sex crazed “Cold warrior” is a huge myth. (2)

As we have discussed verbatim here at Top Secret Writers, false paradigms are present all over any conspiracy debate. As a researcher and writer, it is my duty to try to give you, the reader, the best research and insight available to make up your own mind.

Pass the Nuts Please

The “nutty” no JFK conspiracy line runs roughshod over most of the mainstream media. Despite the plethora of credible voices available to debate in the media, what serious JFK researchers often get landed with is the latest kook of the month.

While digging into the Diana mystery, I found that bar the fine minds at the Deep Politics Forum, all the so-called serious researchers in that case were awful. Hence it was no surprise that notions of conspiracy in that case are widely derided.

In the more politically astute Kennedy assassination circles… Sure, there are embarrassments like Jesse Ventura (utterly rudderless without co-author Dick Russell), Jim Fetzer and their lunatic pals running amok. Yet, there are also some extremely well researched rational people in the “serious” JFK assassination zone.

These are individuals whose views about conspiracy deserve a voice. Yet, those voices will sadly be drowned out by both the nay sayers, and the cranks in the mainstream media.

JFK assassination

Bugliosi Bails

In 2009, an important four-hour debate occurred between Jim DiEugenio of CTKA and professor John McAdams of Marquette University. The venue was Len Osanic’s Black Op Radio show.

In conspiracy circles, it is often extremely hard to get any sort of universal agreement. Yet, in the JFK zone DiEugenio’s work meets with near unanimous approval even by the kooks in the community who loathe him.

Even staunch “Oswald did it” advocate Vincent Bugliosi was a fan of DiEugenio’s earlier publication PROBE. Indeed, he and DiEugenio were once friends.

Thus, it was good for Bugliosi that he did not front up for a debate. DiEugenio had amassed a long list of Bugliosi’s sins to which he never replied. (3)

This is not surprising when challenged by a conspiracy pee brain like Jesse Ventura. Who, with one simple question, had Bugliosi call off an interview merely for discussing Oswald’s background. (4)

After seeing this, a fan of Bugliosi wrote on Youtube:

“Come on Vince WTF? I almost bought your book. I won’t now. You’re a crock of bull.” Beezy2127

DiEugenio’s opponent John McAdams once had the largest web presence of any JFK assassination site. He has also been involved in nefarious arguments with critics. (5)

DiEugenio had to wait months for a reply from McAdams, whose allies Gary Mack, Dave Reitzes and a fellow called David Von Pein refused to pick up the baton for their cause.

Von Pein is the most bizarre of them. After a DiEugenio’s debate with McAdams, he was the only member of the non-conspiracy group to promote the debates (John McAdams does not – I’ll leave it up to the reader to decide).

He then offered to debate Jim DiEugenio, yet without the proper and balanced terms McAdams agreed to.

McAdams had some time earlier engaged with researcher Tom Rossley. Rossley, though a sincere man, was not in the same caliber as DiEugenio. The debate turned into a pointless free for all. Oddly enough, this was the sort of worthless debate on the JFK assassination that Von Pein had wanted.

The JFK Assassination Debates

jackie kennedy panics after president is shot

Thus, Top Secret Writers, is proud to help bring to light a debate that genuinely needs a rational voice, from the critical side.

However, the DiEugenio vs. McAdams debate, is not the only good one. Additional contemporary debates took place in the sixties between Mark Lane, a pioneer of the early Warren Commission critics and its defenders like William F. Buckley, Jr. and Warren Commission attorney Joseph Ball.

Part 1 A-B of BOR-442: Jim DiEugenio vs John McAdams

Part 2: A of BOR-443: Jim DiEugenio vs John McAdams

Part 2: A of BOR-443: Jim DiEugenio vs John McAdams

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  • Thomas Southern

    I am not any kind of expert into this conspiracy but I do have a view that I like. It is based on what I could find but again, I am not any kind of expert.

    1. Due to the “magic bullet” and how it contradicts the initial, “incompetent doctor’s”, assessment of JFK’s injuries.

    2. There is a lot of evidence that Oswald was working, possible as an “independent contractor”, for both the KGB and the CIA and there are photo’s that make it hard for him to get to his shooting window if those pictures do indeed show him with a bottle of coke in his hand. If this is true then then he was picked up for the act, he would instantly realize that he was the needed scapegoat and that his life was forfeit.

    3. Oswald was assassinated by a mafia hit-man Jack Ruby.

    4. While pulling out of Vietnam early was estimated to came cost the military industrial complex upward of 1 billion in profits, it has been estimated that loosing Cuba to Castro cost the Mafia upward of 5 billion in the first decade in pure legal profit.

    5. The last thing the US government
    would want in the middle of the cold war would be to even hint that the Mafia was capable of assassinating a US President.

    My tin hat conclusion is that our American Italian Mafia assassinated JFK because of the Bay of Pigs and that there where two shooters to make sure the job was accomplished. Also, Oswald was assassinated because the Mafia could not take the chance that he would plead not guilty and that might result in exposing the Mafia. The cover up by the government at first was to control the information but later to save face in front of the enemy, the USSR.

  • Mick Coogan

    No I think Jim DiEugenio gives by far the best overview of an assassination of JFK. His voice is deservedly the best. Unlike others it provides a valid counter point and insight.

“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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