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Keep an Eye on Suspects With Network Spy Remote Monitoring Tool

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Keep an Eye on Suspects With Network Spy Remote Monitoring Tool

network monitoring

It seems with the Snowden case being constantly reported in the news, digital spying is at the top of the list of hot topics.

However, such spying is not just limited to governments or major corporations. There is network monitoring software out there that can give the rest of us the ability to digitally spy on others, although on a much smaller and much more limited scale.

Nevertheless, if you are a small business owner or a concerned parent and feel the need a network monitoring solution, then there is software out there that can meet your needs. And, in many cases, this software is free of charge. One such application is Network Spy by Anantya R&D.

Digital Spying’s Bad Rap

Recently, digital spying has gotten a bad rap with the recent claims made by Snowden against the government. Whether you choose to believe Snowden’s claims or not and aside from your personal position about Snowden’s actions, there are times when digital spying is warranted.

These circumstances usually present themselves on your personal network to protect your children from cyber bullying or Internet predators.

In addition, if you are a small business owner, you may feel the need to monitor the productivity of your employees. Keep in mind that studies show that employee micro-breaks, such as a few minutes catching up on news or social media, actually improve employee productivity. However, there is always that one employee that abuses your company’s internet access.

There may be other, more unfortunate, circumstances when spying software is needed. Maybe, you suspect your spouse is cheating on you. Or maybe, a so-called friend or relative is accessing one of your computers without permission. Or even worse, a roommate is using one of your machines for some nefarious/illegal reason.

There are countless reasons why someone would legitimately need to using network monitoring to keep an eye on the computers connected to the network. When these circumstances arise, it may behoove you to look into some spying software for your network.

Popular Network Monitoring Software

A quick to install and easy to use spying application is Network Spy. This lightweight application allows the user to monitor other computers on the network by snapping a screenshot of the other user’s desktop and making it available to the administrator.

This provides the administrator with the exact view of the screen as the user being monitored. The program is available for download, free of charge, from SourceForge (1) or directly from Anantya R&D’s (2) website.

network monitoring

Once the application is downloaded, the user receives and must install two executable files. Though this sounds daunting, there is nothing really to it. Ntsserver.exe must be installed on the computer that will be monitored (which we will now call the server computer), while ntsclient.exe must be installed on the computer that will do the monitoring (which we will now call the client computer).

There are some pieces of technical information that are required to use the software, such as UDP Ports, IP addresses, and Port No. However, all of this information is easily obtainable. For more specific instructions see Anantya R&D’s (2) website.

Using the network monitoring program is even easier. After the initial setup and the configurations are saved, the server computer can be monitored in secret (or spied on) by the client computer with relative ease.

The user interface is quite simple in that all the user has to do is click “Connect” to receive a screenshot of the desktop from the server computer. Furthermore, the program allows the user to save the screenshot in any Paint program. If another screenshot is needed, simply click “Disconnect” and “Connect” again to receive it. It’s that simple.

Now, don’t get me wrong, there or other more advanced spying programs out there, but to meet the needs of most personal networks, Network Spy is the way to go when we need to protect ourselves, our children, or our business. Simple, effective and free, Network Spy is the monitoring application for the average computer user.

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