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Mysterious Skin – Scientists Stumped by Morgellons Blame the Mind

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morgellons disease

People are reporting that their skin is irritated. They itch. They scratch. And, they pull strange fibers often described as wiry, discolored or fuzzy from these lesions that never heal. Is it a physical disease or is it a mental illness as the CDC maintains?

If it’s a mental illness, then why does it strike otherwise very mentally sound people? Why would it be so difficult to ascertain whether or not a disease is physiological or psychological? Why would an apparent illness be so controversial? Possibly, because some people have connected it to chemtrails.

Chemtrails is a highly debatable conspiracy theory that the government is ecoengineering the planet by spraying chemicals into the stratosphere under the guise of natural contrails (vapor from jet exhaust condensation in cold temperature). Many believe that Morgellons Disease is the result of these chemical sprayings.

In 2001, Mary Leitao noticed a fiber sticking out of her son’s rash on his lip. The doctors dismissed her claims of subsequent fibers and diagnosed common eczema.

Undaunted, Leitao, who had a biology degree, purchased a cheap microscope and began examining the fibers, but couldn’t identify them. She founded the Morgellons Foundation. (1)

She took the name from Sir Thomas Browne’s 1674 account of similar fiber-producing conditions he found in children. In 1682, Dr. Michel Etmuller drew microscopic pictures of the fibers – similar to fibers found in today’s victims.

In 2005, Oklahoma State University Foundation (OSUF) began researching Morgellons Disease. Leitao turned over her funds and research to the OSUF and deactivated her organization. (2)

According to OSUF, Morgellons Disease affects adults and children equally. “Multiple members of a family can have symptoms. It is not known, at this point, if the disease is contagious or inherited.”

Morgellons symptoms include:

–> Appearance of blue, black or red fibers and granules beneath and/or extruding from the skin

–> Attention Deficit, Bipolar or Obsessive-Compulsive disorders

–> Depression and feelings of isolation

–> Fatigue

–> Impaired thought processing (brain fog)

–> Sensation of crawling, biting on and under the skin

–> Short-term memory loss

–> Spontaneous erupting skin lesions

Although cases have been reported in all states, California, Texas and Florida have the highest incident. Cases were found in Europe, Australia, Japan, The Philippines, Indonesia and South Africa.

The OSUF reports that some patients have suffered for 20 years “Most were diagnosed with Delusional Parasitosis and/or obsessive picking of the skin”. (2)

CDC Blames Delusional Parasitosis

The CDC refers to Morgellons Disease as “Unexplained Dermopathy”. It wasn’t until January 2008, after years of US citizens demanding the CDC investigate Morgellons, that the agency undertook a study.

Partnering with Kaiser Permanente (KP) in Northern California and the Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, the CDC released the results in 2012.

The study examined KP’s existing patients suffering from “abnormal skin sensations or sores along with the presence of fibers in the affected skin areas”.

The report cited “chronic scratching and picking” as the cause of the sores and that the fibers were “mostly cellulose, compatible with cotton fibers”.

In other words, the fibers were embedded into the skin as a result of the sores coming into contact with clothing. (3)

Neuropsychological testing was also conducted and revealed “a substantial number of study participants” scored highly for “one or more co-existing psychiatric or addictive conditions, including depression, somatic concerns (an indicator of preoccupation with health issues), and drug use”.

The CDC’s conclusion was, “This comprehensive study of an unexplained apparent dermopathy demonstrated no infectious cause and no evidence of an environmental link”. The CDC advises that patients should be helped through psychiatric treatment to relieve symptoms. (3)

When a government institute comes out and basically says your illness is in your head, people will often turn to other sources for assistance.

While some sufferers report seeing fibers move underneath their skin, the majority find crystallized seed-size foreign particles expelled from the lesions. When placed underneath a high-powered microscope, the fibers are revealed and appear to be alive, moving on the slide.

morgellons skin

Independent Research for Answers on Morgellon’s disease

Morgellons sufferers have formed support groups, such as the Morgellons Support that offers a discussion forum and video uploads. Most of the videos are made by members showing fibers viewed under high magnification of video camera lenses. (4)

Besides OKSUF, independent studies are being conducted by concerned scientists, such as The Carnicom Institute. This non-profit research group does not perform any medical diagnosis or prescription of therapy, but is purely a research organization. (5)

The Carnicom Institute has identified an organism in those suffering from Morgellons Disease, and has concluded the:

“Organism(s) thrive in an acidic environment in the presence of the hydroxyl radical and oxidizers in general. These bacterial-like forms comprise two of the four primary components that have been repeatedly identified as being distinctly characteristic of the so-called ‘Morgellons’s condition’.

“The existence of the bacterial-like (chlamydia-like and mycoplasma-like) forms can only be established with certainty at sufficient microscopic examination (approximately 10,000x).” (6)

Further research revealed a way to combat the organisms with “the application of a set of specific antioxidants that inhibit the growth of the organism(s) in the presence of the hydroxyl free radical and the creation of a more alkaline environment.”

The strategy is to transform “the growth environment to a more alkaline condition along with adding specific antioxidants that are directed toward the scavenging of the hydroxyl radical.”

The institute’s research into Morgellons disease is adamant that this treatment won’t kill the organism, only force it into a state of dormancy. The institute clearly states that it isn’t offering any medical or treatment advice just its research data. (6)

Medical Community Pitfall

When the CDC tells those suffering from this ailment that their illnesses are imagined, the patients tend to lose hope, especially when the medical community falls in line with this official stance. The patients see the established medical community as dismissive. And, the medical community fails the public’s needs.

This has been very evident in the uphill battle to get the medical industry to acknowledge Lyme Disease. Even with a wealth of proof that Lyme Disease was real, it took decades to get the medical community to change its stance, although some hardcore disbelievers still exist. The OSUF hypothesizes that Morgellons may be related to Lyme Disease since there are shared symptoms.

Closed-minded scientists harm more than just the advancement of medicine; they go against the very Hippocratic oath they took of “never do harm to anyone”.

Many Lyme Disease patients suffered needlessly thanks to stubborn medical mindsets and it’s possible that those suffering from Morgellons Disease are following that same path.

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