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Art Bell Makes a Comeback on SiriusXM Radio

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art bell

Paranormal researchers and hobbyists may be happy to hear that longtime paranormal radio talk show host Art Bell will be returning to the air waves. However, he is not returning to AM radio.

Bell’s new radio program, Art Bell’s Dark Matter, will air from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m. on SiriusXM radio.

Bell has been in radio for more than three decades. He has tried to retire a few times prior to this last attempt to retire in 2010. However, it seems that the late night radio waves call to him and he will resurrect his paranormal-themed listener call-in show.

About Art Bell

For those of you who are not familiar with Art Bell, he has been on the radio since the early 1970s; however, gained paranormal notoriety during the 1990s with his show Coast To Coast AM with Art Bell.

It was one of the few programs that openly discussed conspiracy theories, ufology, and just about anything else that could be described as paranormal. The showed gained quite a following and by 1997 was in syndicate on 500 stations across the country. The Washington post described him as “America’s highest-rated late-night radio talk show host” (1), as he was heard by about 15 million people nightly.

Bell netted so many listeners because he provided an outlet for callers to voice their paranormal experiences or conspiracy theories without the threat of ridicule. His radio program relied heavily on listeners calling into the show. For most of his stint on the show, those calls went on the air unscreened, providing listeners equal opportunities to get on the air.

Even though Bell did not always believe every caller or agree with every conspiracy theory that made it on air, he patiently discussed the topic at hand. Bell’s interviewing technique gave these subjects a platform for serious discussion.

art bell in studio

Paranormal and Conspiracy Topics

For those listeners who are familiar with Art Bell, it seems that you will also be quite familiar with the format of his new show, Art Bell’s Dark Matter.

Sirius representative, Scott Greenstein, told the Associated Press (AP) that the show will be “uncensored, unrestricted, uncluttered and utterly unique.” (2)

However, AP describes the program as, “He’ll talk about things like UFOs, ghosts, near-death experiences and weird aspects of science. He’ll do interviews and take calls from viewers.” (2)

Sound familiar? So, those who already understand Art Bell’s style and overall genre will be happy to know that he will resurrect his old format.

More details about Art Bell’s Dark Matter can be found on his website; where he not only posts information about his show, but also posts news from around the world.

These posts are prime examples of the topics that can be expected on the radio program. His site offers stories like using an iPhone to talk to ghosts, cattle mutilations, and the existence of Bigfoot.

Stories such as these should bring back some memories from when Art Bell hosted Coast to Coast AM, and for those who have never heard his program, the site should provide a taste of what is to come.

According to his website, “Art Bell will be returning to broadcast radio via SiriusXM on Monday Night, September 16th, 2013. He will be on channel 104, Indie Talk.” (3) The site also posts the following schedule:

LaunchMonday September 16th (if no
LIVEMon-Thur 7-10 p.m. Pacific
(10pm-1am Eastern)
ReplayedAll Night Until 3 a.m. Pacific, 6 a.m.
ReplaysFriday – Best of the Week,
Weekends TBA
ChannelIndie Talk Channel 104 (8

Art Bell is synonymous with paranormal talk radio. When he announced his most recent retirement, many listeners were saddened and disappointed. However, they should be delighted to know that Art Bell will be back on the airwaves with more paranormal and conspiracy theory talk.

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  • Seamus Coogan

    I wish he had never come back one or two okay guests. However, the rest is utter bunk!

  • Him yelling “Newark has been Nuked!” on air when the Texas Eastern Transmission Corporation Natural Gas Pipeline exploded in New Jersey back in 1994 did not help with his credibility either.

  • Seamus Coogan

    ROFL!Hell I didn’t know that one! I guess the guy has entertainment value. Generally though I steer well clear. I mean Dick Hoagland? Sheeeeesh!

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