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Entertainer Uri Geller Now Spinning Tales About a Past as a Spy

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uri geller

Uri Geller fans and his detractors have never understood one question. Geller played the world in the seventies, yet who was really manipulating the unwitting Uri Geller?

The CIA’s dabbling in the telekinetic field began in 1952 to 1953 and around the same time they began pumping MK Ultra. Their interest in telekinesis eventually changed focus to unseen objects in faraway places.

This was termed “Remote Viewing”. Their dabbling in this area led toward the creation of the odd “Project Stargate”, which was active in one form or another from 1972 to 1995.

However, the agency (as they always do when they get tired of their toys) handed the project over to the United States Air Force (USAF) in 1975. The USAF then passed it on to the Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) in 1980 and it was kept there until the program was cut in 1995. (1)

It was Geller’s trip stateside (bought and paid for by the CIA) in the latter stages of 1972 that would give him enduring credibility in some circles. In early 1973, Stanford Research Institute (SRI) scientists put him through five weeks of testing. Geller impressed two CIA sponsored doctors, Hal Puthoff and Russell Targ, with his ability to detect hidden objects and to recreate unseen drawings among other things. (2) (3)

When you Wish Upon a Farce

Nevertheless, this is where it gets interesting. If Geller were only a fraction of the psychic he said he was, then he would have been a very big deal. Thus, we have to ponder the following points in the aforementioned “The Secret Life of Uri Geller – Psychic Spy?”

–> If Geller had served Mossad as he claimed, why was Mossad not keeping him under their watch? Surely, if of interest, he would have been secretly visited by U.S. officials in Israel or escorted to the U.S. on the down low by a bevy of Mossad agents. Apparently, he turned up in the US with only his sidekick Shipi Shtrang in tow.

–> The documentary conveniently overlooked the CIA’s gradual evolution into remote viewing. Hence, the ridiculous claim that Geller influenced the creation of the Stargate initiative is rubbish. They were off the mark by almost thirty years.

–> Geller claims that Mossad knew of his talents and used them prior to his departure to America. However, Hal Puthof claims that Mossad became interested in Geller only after the experiments, and he says so in the very same show. How the director Vikram Jayanti or his editors or the BBC failed to note this was dismal.

–> The CIA likely read Israeli newspapers discussing his being sued by disgruntled attendees of his shows in 1974. A year later, the CIA cut their funding to Stargate and the program transferred to the Air Force. This little detail does not make it into the documentary.

–> Jon Ronson wrote in “The Men Who Stare at Goats” when Geller told him he had been reactivated by U.S. intelligence in 2001 by “Ron”. Ronson’s subsequent investigation went on to lift the lid on some of American intelligence’s more embarrassing voyages into the psychic realm. (4)

–> Even so, Geller makes no mention of being reactivated in 2001 in the documentary.

–> Geller’s work for the CIA had been well known long before these new revelations. What is the big furor about? Indeed, Ronson in his book was covering the partial reactivation of Stargate type individuals as late as 2004, however, as we shall see, this reactivation guff is grossly misleading.

bending spoons with mind

Factions and Fictions

It is illegal for anyone to claim (particularly in public) non-existent operational status for just about any intelligence agency I know of. (5) Why is Geller not being prosecuted?

Well, folks it likely has nothing to do with the agency fearing his telekinetic powers. The tests performed on Geller at SRI were later denounced as unprofessional by various review panels of the Stargate project (6).

It is little known that intelligence agencies and operations have different factions. They are also compartmentalized for security reasons. The faction within the U.S. intelligence community that have supported Geller were the people involved in a little section of the Stargate one.

Despite the hype, people forget this was a little and non-influential group. It was where the CIA’s resident space cadets congregated.

For example, when Geller says he was reactivated by “Ron”, he invariably meant one of his fans “Ron Pandolfi”. Ron eventually made himself a laughing stock in real intelligence fields. Thus, Geller’s reactivation by Ron would probably mean nothing more than the two having a plastic spoon bending session at Starbucks.

The genuine individuals who were reactivated were for the enjoyment of curious generals and hardly represent serious operations (7).

To say that the entire CIA were deeply engrossed in Geller’s pre-cog skills is untrue. The CIA were likely more curious in the earthy facets of Geller’s act. Their analysts would have noted Geller’s success was due to his razor-sharp observation skills, and incredible recall.

It is also important to mention the fact that the two scientists and Kit Green (the contract CIA person who dug him out of Israel) wanted Geller to be real. They lost their objectivity, got sloppy and to a trickster of Geller’s skill level, it was all he needed. (8)

His sucking in two CIA affiliated scientists and fan boy agents should have been rather alarming to the brass. However, the people in the CIA’s counter intelligence apparatus (who were likely running the unwitting Geller) knew this. Thus, the beauty of Stargate is that some of it was a clever “dangle” operation. The CIA knew Geller was a braggart; and he would have attracted the attention and wasted the resources of foreign spies and domestic cranks. The CIA’s observations of Geller’s skills were just a useful by-product.

How a Psychic Blinded the World

However, let us hit the key point. What is the main reason Geller and his deluded fans in pseudo intelligence circles are allowed to blow hard about hanging with the CIA without fear of prosecution? It is because the CIA and NSA would rather you discussed Vikram Jayanti’s worthless documentary and the skeptic response to it than the real issues behind the Snowden case, for example (9)

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