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Is the US Becoming a Vassal State to China? – Part II

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China’s historical belief of greatness was logical in light of the fact that they were a preeminent power for a few hundred years. Long ago the Chinese invented things like gunpowder, money and paper and in the 15th century their navy was second to none. Aside from their naval prowess, their economy was also huge.

Buoyed by their economic success, the Chinese had little use for foreigners. Those who did not come from China were seen as second class citizens whose culture and inventions had little value. Consequently they treated foreign dignitaries as little more than bothersome serfs who did not merit equality and Chinese consideration.

One of the ways they exhibited this scorn was by exacting tributes in order to come to the “center country” or China. Interestingly enough, little has changed since then. China’s economic rise has compelled them to once again see us as unworthy and in some way inferior.

In Macartney’s time as in today, the world seems to agree with China. Based on the collective reaction of the most countries, our kowtowing to Beijing proves that we subjugate ourselves to their whims.

“Don’t meet the Dali or you will offend Beijing.” (1)

Make a movie, “Be sure that the bad guys’ are not Chinese.” (2)

Want to produce in China, “Make sure and hand over your secrets (3) if you do.” (4)

China’s has set an incredibly high bar to enter their markets which is eerily similar to that of their past.

Just How Big Is the China Tax?

But what about the vassal-state thing? Remember that I said China is stealing us blind? Well it’s true. Consider the fact that each year China steals up to an estimated $300 billion dollars from us. (5)

Numbers like that are too immense to understand easily, so let me break it down for you. If the Chinese are in fact stealing that much, then each year the Chinese steal US secrets worth as much money as General Motors and General Electric make in a year – combined! (6)

As a matter of fact, if you took the value of all the secrets Beijing pilfers from our companies and made a country out of it, that country would be tied for the 33rd largest in the world. Imagine that, each year China walks off with a “Venezuela’s GDP” worth of our technological know-how.

chinese luxury

Even More Problems

Interestingly enough, our government has been too bashful to tell us about this until now. I guess they can imagine the furor Americans would feel if they knew the truth.

Think of it like this, if China had committed this theft in the real world, it would be just like them sending red Army soldiers into Nebraska, Arkansas and Washington D.C and taking every penny those states earned in revenue for an entire year. (7) Scary thought, isn’t it?

Although this is troubling, the problems do not end there. Not only is Beijing stealing from us, but taking jobs as well. It’s been estimated that those $300 billion roughly equate to 2.1 million jobs lost for American workers as well – talk about double dipping. Not only do the Chinese steal our technology but displace our workers as well.

What many might not realize is that this China threat was on Washington’s radar screen over 13 years ago (8), but then we took our eye off the ball. Blinded by the promise of 1.34 billion customers big business could not wait to downplay China’s nefarious ways.

Fortunately for Chinese, as China was pushing for entry into the WTO, America was attacked. With our attention diverted to terrorism, China was able to fly below the radar and rob us blind. What we see today is a manifestation of how severe this China threat now is.

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“The thing about the truth is, not a lot of people can handle it.” -Conor McGregor

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