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Robert Hastings: Scam Artist or Ufology Expert Misunderstood?

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Robert Hastings: Scam Artist or Ufology Expert Misunderstood?

Robert Hastings has been doing the UFO beat for some time now. Indeed, it would be fair to say that within the “ET’s are real” club, he is one of their most respected researchers.

While his interpretations of some official documents and commentaries are questionable, he has not fallen for many of the bogus documents his contemporaries have.

In my personal dealings, I have found him to be a polite and apparently honest man. He simply believes what he believes about ET visitation.

This is markedly different from the image presented by his main opponent James Carlson of Robert Hastings as an immensely corrupting force in the UFO field. While I ultimately agree with Carlson’s point of view after taking a long look, I do not see Hastings as a calculating schemer, but more of a stubborn son of a gun to the point of his own detriment.

Self-Promotion: Not a Good Idea

Hastings went to a company PRNewswire to publicize a press release concerning UFO’s in 2011. This found its way into the mainstream and Reuters.

Reuters offered the caveat that they could not accept the source’s validity. They should know once something flies on Reuters it regularly goes through the stratosphere.

Sure, some publicity is useful and some friends or fans posting links to your articles are all par for the course. However, using a PR company for a press release is over the top considering that his press release contained many of the same points he has always made in the past, without offering anything new. It also ran contrary to Hastings cool “take it or leave it” stance he had maintained in the eighties and nineties.

Anonymous Sources: Always Dodgy

The researchers I mix with use anonymous sources rarely, if ever. Nonetheless, the UFO scene abounds with bogus invisible witnesses.

Quality control is next to non-existent, and while I sincerely believe Hastings has genuine sources, what are they actually telling him and for what purpose? The situation seems ripe for disinformation and misinterpretation by Hastings.

Hastings’ excuse that during Watergate Woodward and Bernstein also had anonymous sources is disingenuous. There is now evidence that Mark Felt “Deep Throat” was leading the reporters away from other issues to the relatively tame Nixon one. Carlson, in his blood lust, forgot to challenge Bob on this point.


UFO’s and Nukes

Hastings’ claim to fame has been researching all manner of potential ET goings on in and around U.S. military installations. For the record, he does dig up some decent material concerning Cold War concerns, and his insights into the daily operations of such bases are useful.

However, the benign UFO-ET angle he advocates greatly undermines his efforts. Malfunctions at nuclear weapons facilities are always just cause for alarm. In particular, when the U.S government’s propaganda promotes their weapons systems as infallible and under diligent maintenance. These sorts of screw-ups cost people their jobs if leaked and undermine public faith.

A far better way to cover up incompetence is for counter intelligence to attach a UFO angle and trivialize a serious matter. Nonetheless, incompetence may only explain part of the problem. If Hastings’ witnesses did indeed see a UFO, I believe is far more plausible that they were likely experimental aircraft interfering with weapons systems. This could either be intentional or a by-product of said experimental machines.

Carlson’s refusal to acknowledge these factors in his critiques of Hastings were a serious flaw. Counter intelligence can be a cunning creature, and it is worth noting that Hastings’ benevolent alien line came out at the same time as the Stargate operation. That Carlson and Hastings overlook this potential manipulation or potential links here is strange.

Nevertheless, like Carlson, I struggle to see the supposed ET’s benevolent intentions in causing havoc with the U.S and Russian nuclear defense systems.

If they had studied us for any length of time, they would soon note that we humans are not that bright. We are frightful creatures, and we do not take subtle warnings. Their briefly disabling the weapons systems of any super power in clear sight could cause immense human suffering.

Clearly, if they are visiting us as Hastings believes, then the aliens are not very smart. Nuclear weapons, as terrifying as they appear, mask even more sinister mass death devices. If aliens were truly concerned about humanity, they would surely have the technology to look beyond any walls and see what horrors the planets psychotic military super powers are cooking up.

My Final Words on Bob

As said, Hastings believes in what he does and is passionate about it. Mr. Carlson and I agree that Hastings’ publicity methods are questionable, and his overall conclusions are greatly lacking. Nonetheless, Hastings has done some good work in other areas of ufology in the past. This puts him in a tiny minority of Ufologists who have actually contributed anything worthwhile. For that, he has my respect, and I hope that he can find a way to reverse his publicity tactics and weak ET-hypothesis conclusions of today, and get back to doing the sort of solid research that he was doing years ago.

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