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Google Project Loon Triggered the 2012 Kentucky UFO Sightings

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Google Project Loon Triggered the 2012 Kentucky UFO Sightings

ufo kentucky

One of the greatest mysteries in the modern age is the origins of UFOs. Depending on who you ask, these objects in the sky are top secret government projects, natural phenomena, or visitors from outer space.

People from all walks of life research the subject and the disagreement over the origins of UFOs create some pretty heated discussions right here at TopSecretWriters.

Apparently, this mystery could have been easily solved if we would have just asked Google. Well, not every UFO mystery has been solved by the company, but Google has taken responsibility for a 2012 sighting that occurred over Kentucky.

According to Google, the culprit of the 2012 Kentucky UFO sighting was their very own Project Loon; however, some witnesses are just not buying it.

Witnesses Spotted Lights in the Sky

In October 2012, witnesses saw what appeared to be two giant fluorescent light bulbs floating over Kentucky. The odd object looked to have shone brightly, then dimmed to the point of invisibility.

An amateur Astronomer described the object this way:

“It would get so bright they would seem to merge, and you could see it very clearly with the naked eye. Then, it would dim down almost invisible … It wasn’t anything I recognized.” (1)

The object seemed to hover over Pike County, Ky. The Pike County Police Department was inundated with calls from eyewitnesses reporting the peculiar object. However, authorities had no answers to provide public.

balloon illustration

What Was the Unidentified Object?

The hovering object has sparked a variety of theories that include alien visitors, chemtrails, drones and the list goes on. The story was plastered all over the web on just about every alternative news outlet and was eventually picked up by the mainstream media.

However, not the media (mainstream or alternative), the local authorities, nor the government could provide the witnesses, or the public at large, any answers as to what was the mysterious object was over Pike County, KY.

Shortly after the news broke of the sighting, Google held a news conference to tell the public they knew what the object was; it was a balloon…their balloon.

According to Rich DeVaul of Google, the UFO over Kentucky was a solar-powered balloon that was part of Google’s Project Loon. With the tagline “balloon-powered Internet for everyone”, the project’s website describes it as “a network of balloons traveling on the edge of space, designed to connect people in rural and remote areas, help fill coverage gaps, and bring people back online after disasters”. (2)

The idea is that the balloons would be very similar to orbiting space satellites; however, instead orbiting in space, the balloons would float around the earth in the stratosphere out of the way of airplanes and weather. The balloons would then create a network that people could access via special antenna. It seems that project was publicized as starting on June 2013. Yet, officials with Google state that the project has been in the research phase since 2011.

The news of the project was met with mixed feelings as some people believed that Project Loon is a cover story for something else. stated:

“Many questioned the assertion that this UFO was a mere solar balloon, and people were left wondering about the object’s true identity.” (3)

As these balloons drift over foreign countries, the leaders of those countries may want proof that this is not an attempt at international espionage. Recon Analytics analyst, Roger Etner, told the Telecom Ramblings, “That will be very interesting, how the American government can alleviate the fears of foreign governments that basically their data is safe.”(4)

Basically, it seems that Google may have cleared up one mystery, but in the process, created the means to a plethora of conspiracy theories. Just as with the Google Street car case and Google’s association with the PRISM project, Project Loon may quickly become the focal point of many conspiracy theories to come.

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