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Billy Meier and His Odd UFO Publicist Michael Horn

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billy meier ufo

When I got this assignment, I had to smile. I remember coming across Billie Meier (a bearded Swiss guy) in my youth via some pictures entitled “Hasenbol, Switzerland, March, 1976”. The photo, depicting a gleaming UFO hovering near the Alps, got a lot of currency in “Mysteries of the Unexplained” style magazines and documentaries in 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. (1)

The man is a hustler for sure but, as far as a concept artists go, the man deserves credit. His forced perspective imagery and the composition of some of his images took UFO forgery to a new level. As did his use of a rubbish bin cover (the infamous wedding cake UFO), and children’s books for dinosaurs (Meier traveled back in time apparently). (2) (3)

A personal favorite is his taking pictures of blonde, Plaedian/Plejaren alien babes via technologically advanced communication screens (in reality a television screen depicting Dean Martin show singer/dancers). (4)

Men in Black Planting Information?

Meier adherents explain these frauds away as planted information by “Men in Black” to discredit Meier. Nevertheless, the joke is on the true believers because the Nordic alien angle has some serious credibility issues for starters. Indeed, it stinks of George Adamski style unoriginality (or CIA style manipulation of early contactees – an issue Meier’s disciples and sceptics ignore). (5)

Furthermore, the Meier UFO’s have dated considerably in appearance in comparison to what filmmakers now consider alien type craft. (6)

Meier claims he has been seeing UFO’s and meeting with aliens since he was five years old in the early 40’s. He eventually made the big time with his photos in 1975. Since then, he has expanded his repertoire with a whole list of them and 26,000 pages of wisdom. (7)

He even had Lt Col Wendell Stevens join up in the 70’s (coincidentally while Stargate was still cool) and spend his life promoting Meier and his Plaedian wisdom. The endorsement from a crazy ex-government employee gave Meier a lot of credibility and support. (8) (9)

Indeed, thanks to Stevens’ tireless support and that of people like him, Meier’s affiliate organizations have grown internationally. The Canadian branch describes the FIGU moniker as…

“An acronym for the German words “Freie Interessengemeinschaft für Grenz- und Geisteswissenschaften und Ufologiestudien” which means Free Community of Interests For Border and Spiritual Sciences and Ufological Studies.” (10)

The organization has since come under criticism from Meiers’ son Methi, and his ex–wife Pepi. (11) (12)

billy meier

Michael Horn Vs. Kal Korff

Michael Horn became a fan of Meier’s stories in 1979. Since then, he has been at the forefront of selling and promoting everything Meier. Horn ignores and evades pertinent questions from critics like Steve Broadbent. He harasses people via e-mail and then publishes their angered replies.

No one has been at odds with Billie Meier and Horn more than Kal Korff has. Korff’s assessment of Meier was a fair appraisal and lauded by Stanton Friedman. (13) However, Korff is a character every bit as controversial as the man he despises. Indeed, it is an old scrap I have no interest in refereeing.

Because of TSW’s neutral approach to the ET equation, people expect us to be critical of Meier. Thus, this article and my endorsement of skeptic Derek Bartholomaus’s humorous site dedicated to Meier will likely fall on deaf ears to a believer. (14) Therefore, it is to the “UFO’s piloted by ET’s” sector I will head for a final word.

After all, Meier decorated their patch with his groovy UFO artworks. Stanton Freidman, and Whitley Streiber line up with more hard edge figures like Don Ecker, Kevin Randle, Barry Greenwood and Bob Hastings who reject Meier.

However, I do not think anyone, skeptic or believer, will refute Billy’s aforementioned artistic skill and invention. He should have done SFX for 60’s 70’s era “Doctor Who”.

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  • > Randell

    should be Randle

  • No comment by Michael Horn yet? How will I get my daily dosage of over under sideways down logic?

  • I know – I’m counting down the minutes until the arrival of the illogical Meier PR hound.

  • Thanks for the catch Terry.

  • Danny

    Seems as though people keep turning over the same rock of mediocrity again and again. This seems to be a common habit of those who have literally run out of ideas.

    Let me ask you people here a question. One i ask every person who denounces this entire Meier “case”.

    What have YOU investigated?? And not just the usual hijacked dribs and drabs from Google and Youtube, i mean which one of you have gone through ALL the material, that is if you even know how much if it there is, to know for certain with ultimate conviction worthy enough to tell other human beings, that your “assumptions and judgements”, as that is all they are this point, are eligible and valid?

    And instead of trying the typical ignorance deflection methods, don’t even try it, it will not work. People like myself have stufdied a lot of this nail and tooth and have done a darn sight more than what the “debunkers” have done.
    Unless you are in possession of ALL the details, not some random internet fables from people you don’t know and from people twisting and falsifying things for their own devious agendas, i mean real details that YOU yourselves have acquired from every form of material that exits.
    Until then you will have absolutely zero justification to slander or denounce a damn thing about Meier, Horn or the “believers” as you so ignorantly assume us to be!

    And any unscrupulous attempts at mocking, slander, abuse or other pretentious derogatory remarks to shield ignorance against me will result in the inevitable. You all mock Michael Horn but oblivious that the joke is on the fool who tries to call something a lie yet does not even know why as he cannot prove a thing he says in any way shape or form.

    So, bring forth everything YOU yourselves have acquired in your OWN studies of every piece of material. No one elses but your own, the old internet drivel has been broken apart so many times already but the relentless liars just will not give up their chase because it’s all they have and all they ever will have. All because they are too lazy, too afraid and far too threatened that if they go anywhere near the 99%, they will lose immediate credibility because then the mountainous questions apply to everything they’ve inducted their minds into, and it is a significantly large quantity.
    But they don’t want that, as long as they have their 1% which mostly isn’t even Meiers, then that is all their ignorance ever needs to use to promote the theory, the accusation, the defamation. Like a conspiracy theorist, never relies on facts or real life information that has accountability, and defies all truth because he’s too lazy and too incompetent to acquire it, so fetches everyone elses opinions and beliefs and molds them into his own, then preaches it as truth, HIS truth like a Human Dictaphone. But, like all false faced liars trying to be bigger and more than what they truly are, they are called to account but up jumps the gremlin and exposes every last one of their fiddled accusations, baseless opinions and beliefs because he possesses more explanation of his own than the prat he stole it off!! Which gets significantly less each time it gets tattooed on a new victim.

    So, bring your own investigations of it all, All of it.
    Are you capable? Are you willing?

    If not, then turn around and walk home. When we put in the hard work for the long haul, Especially Meier to whom you have no idea the extent of what he has done for mankind…..AND Michael for his hard work on being the voice of truth, voice of reason, knowledge and explanation to counter the fallacious slander that comes from the religious and ignorant soothsayers, martyrs, charlatans and deniers, then we have every right to call you people to account for your claims….. and you people browse a few unestablished photos of unknown origin then judge the ENTIRE thing as a hoax and lies, then with sheer cowardice, dismissal and elusiveness to save face, say you don’t have to investigate the whole thing if you already believe these photos, which by the way are hijacked from the lost world of the net, are fake so thus completely putting up an intentional barrier of stubbornness between yourselves and what you are required to do to be any kind of honest dignified investigator.

    So. What’ll it be?

  • Exposed the Rick Doty UFO/MJ12/Serpo hoax, I was on the investigative team that uncovered the Source A hoax (which involved the FBI in the end), wrote a research series on the authentic illuminati history w/Author interview, Interviewed the FBI Boston head of cybercrime for a feature piece on child predators on the Internet, I was interviewed on Canadian TV as an expert on potential threats/dangers from germ-research labs and end-of-world biological scenarios….just to name a few past projects off the top of my head. Your turn. Or are you a Meier one-trick pony?

  • Don’t even bother Seamus.

  • Danny

    4 words, of rejection based dismissal. That is the reply i expected!!


  • You’re using a sock-puppet. I distinctly remember your writing style when dealing with you at RealityUncovered along with Stephen Broadbent. The fact that you feel the need to cloak yourself behind a fake persona just proves how idiotic and juvenile anything to do with Meier is.

  • Danny, you are ignoring that several people have demolished Meier’s claims, have reproduced his unreproducable images. And this isn’t the opinion of so-called debunkers.

    German UFO mags have listed Meier as a fraud.

    Italian UFO mags have listed Meier as a fraud.

    Meier’s ex-wife admits he is a fraud

    Even Meier proponents have admitted his fraudulent actions

    Finally, UFO historian Jerome Clark lists Meier as a hoaxer (The UFO Book, p 297). That should be the final word.

  • Matt

    Every single argument above, against the authenticity of the Meier case, is false and/or ignores the facts. Too long to list here, I would recommend that serious people spend more than a day Googling ‘Billy Meier’ to come to their own ‘fair and accurate’ conclusions, based on the scientific investigations, as this approach is not evident at all in this report.

  • I am so tired of hearing responses like this to every article believers disagree with. What you’d like people to believe is that there are scientific investigations and evidence proving the authenticity of the Meier case, yet no one in the entire world has bothered to publish anything at all about it online. No, because there are no “scientific” investigations regarding Meier – and the conclusions of the experts listed in this article (and mentioned again by Terry) are the closest anyone will get to a professional analysis of this case. If you know otherwise, please send me the contact info of those people who supposedly conducted “scientific investigations”, as I would personally like to interview them, if they exist.

  • I prefer these more credible sources:

    You will note in that last link that replies from anyone within the Meier Cult nearly ALWAYS use the same line: “The opinions of persons who have never bothered to investigate the case and who are willing to accept negative statements concerning it without investigation are totally worthless”…

    Despite the fact that SO MANY have investigated it and discovered it to be an outright fraud.

  • You were allowed one diatribe. Further baseless attacks against the writer from the Meier-cult camp will not be published. Attempts to insert/spam the TheyFly website into comments simply to boost up your rankings will be auto-deleted as well. However, Any posts that focus on the story itself and provide clear scientific evidence in support of Meier, presented like a mature human being will be automatically published.

  • Danny

    terry the censor


    Ryan Dube

    Do you both have conclusive results from YOUR OWN extensive investigations from ALL the material? And do you have accountable evidence & explanation from these investigations to justify any of your claims?

    You name the books you’ve studied. The literature you’ve read through. The publications, reports, photos, films etc.

    3rd party stuff is unacceptable because you do not own it neither were they any of your doing.

    So, the answer is simple, as will be the explanation if you say yes. Because you will be called to account.

    I await your response!!

  • How many times do I have to explain this – the burden of proof is on the person making the claim. You claim Meier is authentic, provide the proof – stop wasting all of our time asking us to prove it for you. As I mentioned in this thread already – you’re stalling by just attacking people rather than talking about the actual story itself. Focus on specific claims of Meiers that you believe are true, and do what people throughout the scientific community have done for ages – proving a claim, not wasting everyone’s time demanding that other scientists disprove their claim. You say there’s plenty of evidence and “facts” to support Meier – fine. Provide an example of one of Meier’s claims and then present the rock-solid, conclusive supporting evidence that shows without a shadow of a doubt that it’s true. BTW – unvetted witnesses that are impossible to contact or even confirm that they are real does not constitute scientific evidence.

  • James Moore

    Hey guys I thought I was being very polite with my previous post. Please be a gentleman and approve it. Its good to collaborate civilly. Thanks.

  • Hi James – the only thing you posted was a comment with a spam link to Michael Horn’s TheyFly website.

  • > witnesses that are impossible to contact or even confirm that they are real does not constitute scientific evidence.

    So Hatonn’s endorsement of Meier is out? Shoot! (Science is hard!)

  • newinitiation

    You know but the unbelievable thing about the Billy Meier case is that it has been proven beyond the reasonable doubt that it is all true and that Billy has been telling the truth all these number of years.
    We just lacked the wisdom to figure out for ourselves because of our arrogance and egotism.

  • David Guerra

    It most surely does, yes. And if I were to take pictures of a TV screen, you would probably become convinced of their authenticity since it is based on what you see there that you decide what is real or not.

  • James Moore

    Oh well my first post must have gotten lost then. Nevermind, all it basically stated was that there are the 120 witnesses to various types of events such as seeing Meier being beamed out or in; briefly seeing the ETs, outside and within the Semjase Silver Star Centre; seeing the beamships flying around; crashing a car into one of the beamship’s forcefields and several other types of events. Also Methusalem Meier did indeed criticise his father and others however he is adamant in his acknowledgement of his father’s ET visitation’s. Surely this type of evidence is worthy of inclusion in sceptical articles such as this one? Witnesses are, after all, vital in criminal and civil court cases, are they not?

  • Seamus Coogan

    Are you serious? Nanu, nanu, to you and good day.

  • someone who has been there

    Well Seamus Coogan, the tone of your acerbic ridicule is louder than your flawed criticism. Since you are a “long time conspiracy theory researcher”, since you are no doubt serious enough about your research to even publish your findings, let me ask you this: have ya ever been there?

    Have you ever been to the SSSC to talk with people there, to test them in what they know, to find out who they are and they whether are lying to you? Have you ever been there? For something so important as this, you might wanna go visit before you spout off as just another arm-chair researcher who pretends to know something.

    Seriously, figure it out for yourself. Or not.

  • Tom Clarke

    Thank you for the post alot of information to take in. Area 51 Aliens

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