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SyFy Investigator Proves German Night Vision UFO Video Was Faked

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SyFy Investigator Proves German Night Vision UFO Video Was Faked

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Out of the thousands of so-called UFO videos that are posted on the Internet, there are some which go viral and take the globe by storm; however, viral status does not validate these videos as true.

A prime example of this fact is the post made by UFOFilesTV of a night vision video allegedly depicting three UFOs, two triangular objects and a circular one. After reviewing the footage, at least one UFO researcher believes that the video is a hoax, viral status notwithstanding. What exactly is the video showing?

Grainy Video

A little more than two weeks ago, UFOFilesTV posted a grainy green video that they allege show two triangular and one circular UFOs flying over Wittenberge, Germany on 09/18/2013.

In the video’s description, UFOFilesTV states, “These UFOs are also known as TR-A or TR3-B.” (1) The description goes on to claim that the aircraft are not piloted by aliens, but rather Americans.

UFOFilesTV claims that these are US Air Force spy planes. By mentioning the two project numbers, TR-A and TR3-B, the channel appears to imply that these “aircraft” are classified government experiments said to be focusing on next generation avionics.

Note: Neither one of these projects are officially recognized by the U.S. Government.

However, there is one UFO research who disagrees with the claim and believes the entire film is a hoax.

Video a Fake

About a week after the video was posted, Ben Hanson, former FBI agent and lead investigator of the Syfy Channel’s Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files, told Huffington Post that the video was likely a ruse. Hanson tells the Huffington Post:

“The video has signs of night vision fakery.” (2)

Moreover, Hansen is even doubtful that the video was create with an actual night vision camera. When he compared the UFOFilesTV film with footage shot with an actual night vision camera, there were considerable difference. The most obvious being that the entire film was too dark.

Hanson is inclined to believe that the video was shot in a room in total darkness. Afterwards, night vision effects were added to the film via a computer. Additionally, the fact that the filmmaker has not come forward to take credit for his discovery gives the video even less credibility.

The YouTube channel claims that it only posts real UFO videos. “Our goal is it to upload real UFO sightings because with today’s modern Computer technology you can fake many things.” (3)

With that being said, it appears that the only videos they do post are grainy, unclear videos that have a high probability of being a hoax. Many of them have the earmarks of being digitally enhanced with lights or obscure objects to make them more compelling.

Whether UFOFilesTV knows these videos are hoaxes or not is a little unclear. Nevertheless, they continue to claim that these videos are real. Furthermore, the fact that the channel retains full ownership of all of the videos posted on there lends some credence to the idea that UFOFilesTV might be creating some, if not all, of these videos in house. It is interesting to note that UFOFilesTV did not respond (to date) to the accusations made by Hanson.

Videos and claims such as the ones found on UFOFilesTV actually hinder any real research into the UFO phenomena. They tend to draw attention away from the real researchers that base their investigations on solid facts.

Whether these lighted objects in the sky are alien observers or part of some sort of top secret project, researchers will never come to a real conclusion if they are constantly bombarded with fake videos and reports.

Do you agree with Ben Hanson? Is this video an obvious hoax or an eyewitness account of something in the sky? Tell us below.

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