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Five Most Mysterious Places on Earth You Have to Check Out

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Five Most Mysterious Places on Earth You Have to Check Out

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From mysterious islands to lost cities, Egyptian pyramids to underwater ruins, our planet is teeming with wonderful places. The mysterious and wonderful spots offer travelers remarkable, mind-blowing experiences.

We’ve all heard of the wonder hotspots that attract millions of visitors each year – the Colossus of Rhodes, the Great Pyramid of Giza and Stonehenge immediately spring to mind.

It is perhaps the less well-known, the sparsely photographed and the yet to be weathered by an incessant tourist trail wondrous places on Earth that offer the most in terms of providing an astonishing experience. If you fancy experiencing the almost inconceivable, then take a look at the following five most mysterious places on earth you simply have to check out.

The Tunnel of Love, Ukraine

There’s nothing quite like green, leafy landscapes to capture feelings of tranquility and contentment. The undulating hills of Ireland, the so-called “Emerald Isle” of Europe, have long been a favorite for tourists seeking solitude within stunning rural surroundings. However beautiful and scenic leafy, verdant scenes may be, if you want to experience a place that resembles an opulent dream, then head to the Ukraine.

tunnel of love, ukraine

Situated not far from the town of Kleven, the Tunnel of Love is a long, leafy tunnel deep in the heart of the Ukraine forests. A train that provides wood for a local factory runs through the tunnel, which measures 1.8 miles long.

With emerald leaves every way you turn, the Tunnel of Love is an exceptional example of man-made structures and nature being in harmony.

This green passageway has to be one of the most unusual railways in Europe and beyond. If you are lucky enough to visit, just remember to take your camera. (1)

Salar de Uyuni, Bolivia

salar de uyuni, bolivia

Salar de Uyuni has been cited as being one of the “world’s largest mirrors”. Located in south-western Bolivia, this breath-taking place is the largest salt flat in the world.

The Salar de Uyuni was formed when a prehistoric lake dried up, leaving in its wake a salty crust. This mysterious site becomes especially mind-boggling and beautiful when it rains and the salty crust becomes one huge mirror.

If you are a fan of sunsets or photographing sunsets, then a trip to Bolivia’s Salar de Uyuni simply has to put on your “must see” list. (2)

The Lost City of Atlantis

lost city of atlantis

A lost city that has never actually been discovered has to be deemed as being one of the most mysterious places on Earth. For centuries speculation about whether the Lost City of Atlantis really exists or is just a legend has baffled and intrigued scientists and common folk alike.

Earlier this year, Top Secret Writers reported that Japanese scientists claim to have found the Lost City of Atlantis.

According to legend, Atlantis was a developed civilization that sank into the sea some 12,000 years ago. A manned research submersible owned by the Japanese found a large piece of granite on the ocean bed off the Rio de Janeiro coast. The discovery led the Japanese to ascertain they have discovered the fabled lost world of Atlantis.

If you are really intent on discovering the world’s most mysterious places, then perhaps journeying to the site off the Rio de Janeiro coast where Japan allegedly made its discovery will bring you close to what is perhaps the most mysterious place in the world. (3)

Hitachi Seaside Park, Japan

hitachi seaside park, japan

When you think of seaside settings, sand, water, waves, towels and ice-cream springs to mind. Hitachi Seaside Park in Japan is a 190 hectare spot of idyllic floral splendor.

Hitachinaka is a city in Japan with a population estimated at almost 160,000. The city of Hitachinaka might not be the most interesting city in the world but what is infinitely more intriguing is the Hitachi Seaside Park. This simply stunning location features a vast carpet of blooming flowers all year round. With 4.5 million Nemophila, commonly known as baby blue-eyes in bloom in the spring, the millions of translucent-petaled blue flowers naturally attract tourists. This fascinating park also features more than a million daffodils during the spring.

This dazzling array of color, life and fragrance provides a stark contrast to many of the urban areas of Japan where emissions of carbon monoxide are present. Augmenting the almost irony of this breathtakingly beautiful park is the fact that it shares its name with the electronic manufacturer founded in the same city. Urban life, pollution, auto manufacturing and technical wizardry couldn’t be further apart from this stunningly beautiful seaside park – A mysterious place on earth you simply have to check out. (4)

Leshan Giant Buddha, Leshan City, China

leshan giant buddha, china

The Leshan Giant Buddha in Sichuan was carved out of a mountainside in the 8th century during the Tang Dynasty. At 233 feet high, this statue of Maitreya in a sitting posture is one of the largest images of Buddha in the world. The statue of a stout monk, with a broad smile and with his naked breast on view, sits at the confluence of three rivers. The giant Buddha is the most renowned scenic spot in Leshan City and its surroundings.

The fascinating sculpture took the people of the Tang Dynasty more than 90 years to carve. The biggest carving of Buddha in the world, the Leshan Giant Buddha is featured in songs, poetry and stories. In 1996 this contemplative site was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. (5)

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